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  • Narm aside, this game has a very heavy friendship and teamwork theme compared to the rest of the series.
  • We Can is a very feel-good song that expresses Team Sonic's dynamic pretty well, being a song about how its members bring out the best in one another and become stronger as a result. Unlike the Last Story's Narmful presentation, this is how you talk about friendship in Sonic.
  • "Follow Me," the Team Rose song. Another feel-good song, this time about determination, feelings about the most important people in your life, and falling in love. Heck, the bridge of the song is the most heartwarming part.
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  • There's the part where Sonic thanks Tails and Knuckles for helping him throughout the adventure in end of Team Sonic's story, showing how much he appreciates his friends.
  • In the end of Team Rose's story, there's the team reuniting with Froggy and Chocola.
    • The team actually get a lot of moments, especially Big and Cream. Big comforting a scared Cream at the start of Mystic Mansion for example.
    • Look carefully at the group shot as Metal Sonic transforms. Big is hugging Cream tight.
    • Big's inclusion in Team Rose to begin with. After Sonic Adventure portrayed him as living alone with just Froggy by his side, here he actually has a team he can count on to help him out in his time of need. It's kind of a shame that the fans only care about his debut game's Unexpected Gameplay Change.
  • Team Dark's ending. After Rouge finds the room full of Shadow Androids that Eggman had kept, she sees Omega walk in as he declares his desire to annihilate the entire contents of the room. She tells him about exactly what's in the pods, and is clearly worried for Shadow, both existentially and at the thought of Omega turning on him. Omega then proceeds to offer her a single phrase as he moves in to wreck up the place.
  • At the end of the game, after Metal Sonic is defeated, and Sonic delivers the "Because we're Sonic Heroes!" line, all of the other characters go about their business with each other and leave Metal Sonic lying on the ground alone...except for Omega, another robot himself, who stops to pick up Metal Sonic.
    • Shadow stands there with him and they exchange a glance. Seeing as these two were at each others' throats at the beginning of the game, this is a fairly sweet (and somewhat sad) moment.
  • When Sonic is about to take on Metal Sonic solo, what do Tails and Knuckles do? They step right in to help their teammate/friend with no hesitation.
    • "The three of us are unstoppable". Knuckles of all characters delivers this line after you win with him in one of the boss battles.
    • In fact, a lot of in game levels and the cutscenes prove just how tightnit Team Sonic are
  • Upon seeing someone else in danger, Shadow's first reaction is to save them.
    • Even more so, due to Shadow's amnesia, Rouge is a complete stranger to him at this point.
  • One of Rouge's quotes in Frog Forest is wondering if Shadow is ok. Considering she's usually thinking about jewels when she's idling about, this is a sweet moment.


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