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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Team Dark seem to get the most enemies coming for them, while Team Sonic's in the middle and Team Rose doesn't have too many. This may seem odd at first, until you realise this: Let's say you had some hidden treasure in your base that you don't want stolen, and a professional thief just so happens to find a way to break in and take away what you had in there. Of course Eggman's going to send more troops after Team Dark! He's trying to take back what (or rather, who) Rouge stole. Team Sonic's got the next most enemies because... well, it's Sonic. Team Rose are just looking for their pets or trying to impress Sonic, so Eggman's not going to care too much. And the Chaotix... well, they are caught in the middle of the crossfire while doing their own thing.
  • After the Egg Albatross fight, Vector implies that he knows that their client is Eggman, and reveals at the end of their story that he'd known all along. With that in mind, his "moustache moron" remark prior to the Robot Storm fight may actually be a calculated attempt at provoking Eggman into revealing his identity. It almost succeeds.
    • Knowing in advance that Vector was figuring it out beforehand really puts his behavior in earlier scenes into a new light.
  • Metal Sonic copies Chaos' data from Chocola and Froggy. Chao are very closely connected with Chaos, and Froggy was once possessed by Chaos. When Metal Sonic enters his One-Winged Angel transformation, he does so by merging with one of Eggman's battleships. This is because he copied Chaos's shapeshifting powers, but while Chaos is made of water, and thus merged with Station Square's reservoirs, Metal Sonic is made of metal, so he used a battleship to gain mass.
  • The incredibly catchy theme song that Team Chaotix has makes more sense when you realize that the song is an advertisement for their detective agency. They're trying to make a memorable impression on potential customers.

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