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  • During Team Dark's intro, as Rouge forces the other two to join hands, Omega's "eyes" widen in surprise, while Shadow looks away in an annoyed way.
  • The Chaotix's client accidentally revealing himself.
    Vector: There you are, you mustache moron! He's the one right?
    Client: Mustache moron?! I'm the world's greatest- Ahem, take him out. Quickly.
  • Eggman getting repeatedly stung by Charmy. You know that, Eggman got beat up by a six-year old honey bee.
    • Also, in the ending, Team Chaotix suddenly remembering they never got paid. For extra points, Eggman is trying to sneakily tiptoe away when Vector realizes this.
      Vector: That slime ball!!!
  • Rail Canyon, with Team Sonic, with their first encounter of a bullet train.
    Tails: Sonic, look out!
    Sonic: WHOOOOAA!!! (first genuine loud freak out)
    • Similarly in Hang Castle, near the end of the level. Team Sonic falls off of a rail into what appears to be nothing, accompanied by one of the "death by fall" clips.... then you hit one of the reversing switches, and sometimes you'll get Sonic giving a hilariously timed Flat "What".
  • During the Egg Hawk cutscene with Team Chaotix, this little exchange occurs.
    Espio: That's the evil scientist, Dr. Eggman!
    Charmy: Dr. Who?
  • The end of Team Sonic's story has Knuckles teasing Sonic, claiming that he couldn't have made it through the venture alone. Sonic... agrees and thanks him for the part he played. His expression is priceless.
  • Omega gets a pretty funny line if he pulls off a large kill combo.
    [bonus points appear]
    Omega: Worthless consumer models!
  • This gem from Charmy during the Metal Madness fight.
    Charmy: Incomplete freak!
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  • If you leave any of the members of Team Chaotix idle for a bit, they'll usually get in a chuckle-worthy line.
    Vector: Darn, I forgot to pay the electric bill for the office.
  • Team Chaotix's Team Blast. They play music so badly that everyone explodes.
  • Someone discovered the unedited lines of what Team Chaotix sing during their Team Blast. The result is priceless.
    • On top of the fact that all three of the Chaotix are Dreadful Musicians, all their styles clash horribly with each other. No wonder all those robots explode upon hearing it...
  • After defeating Team Dark, Team Sonic arrives to Hang Castle. Tails feels frightened of the castle, and Knuckles teases him into thinking that they saw the "ghost" of Shadow.
  • The Team Rose vs. Team Sonic fight. Not only is the reason for the fight hilarious (Amy tells Sonic "This time there's no way out of marrying me!" Cue fight), but winning the fight as Team Rose with Amy as the leader gives us this line — it's the delivery that sells it;
    Amy: Sonic! Let's go on our HONEYMOOOOOOOOON!
    • Alternatively, winning as Team Sonic with Sonic as the leader:
      Sonic: Marriage?! NO WAY!!!
    • During that team battle, there's Knuckles teasing Sonic by asking him if he's been playing with Amy's heart again.
    • What makes the battle even funnier is that when playing as Team Rose, Team Sonic's AI usually commits suicide immediately and jumps off the platform, giving the effect that Sonic is just that desperate to get away.
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    • After the fight, there's this dialogue between Amy and Cream in Team Rose's story before Casino Park:
      Cream: I can't believe he did that just so he could get away. Mr. Sonic must be really...
      Amy: *Glaring angrily at Cream* Really...what?
      Cream: Ah...nothing... *laughs nervously*
  • There's the dialogue in the Bullet Station stage with Team Sonic when the team saw the internal mechanism of the giant cannon:
    Sonic: Hey, let's try firing that thing!
    Knuckles: Hey, come on now! Don't do it, Sonic!
  • Sometimes after the Robot Carnival fight, Tails might utter this gem...
    Tails: Making robots is the same as breaking robots!
  • There's this dialogue from Amy before the Egg Emperor boss fight:
    Amy (to Eggman): It's your fault that Sonic and I aren't together!
  • During the Team Dark boss battle, defeating either Shadow or Rouge while Omega is still active could lead to Omega uttering this line:
    Omega: Well, that's a load off my back.
  • While playing through Lost Jungle, Omega may say this line after witnessing a robot be destroyed by a giant fruit that fell off the vine:
    Omega: Beaten by fruit. How weak they must be...
  • This corny but hilarious rebuttal that chains off Team Rose's conflict with Team Chaotix:
    Vector: Excuse me miss, I was wondering if I can ask you something.
    Amy: *walks off uninterested* If it's about a date, it'll have to wait.
    Vector: *indignant* A DAAAATE?!? You think this is a joke, you lil' brat?!
    • Following that team battle, if you play as Team Chaotix, they're noticeably embarrassed from the blunder. Charmy, however, has a really hilarious line towards Vector.
      Espio: Man, talk about a major misunderstanding...
      Vector: Yeah, sure made fools of ourselves...
      Charmy: Nothing new for you, Vector~
      Vector: What?! You were the one who suggested we jump at the chance!
  • The commercial for the game. The commissioner rushes to the headquarters of the League of Superheroes and tells them that the city is under attack, only to find that every member of the League of Superheroes is too elderly to do anything heroic. The announcer then says, "It's time for some new heroes.".
  • Omega's reaction to a ghost appearing in Hang Castle or Mystic Mansion.
    Omega: Does not compute. Illogical.
  • Team Chaotix's reaction to a ghost appearing in Hang Castle or Mystic Mansion.
    Espio: I sense something...
    Charmy: [singing] I see where you are!
    Vector: What are you singing about?
  • This dialogue whenever Team Chaotix are avoiding being spotted in various missions.
    Espio: Hey, they're asleep. So stay quiet and move slowly...
    Charmy: (loudly) OK!!!
    Vector: (even louder) Whaddya doing?! Be quiet!
  • In Casino Park as Team Dark, Omega is so focused on going after Eggman that he tells off Shadow for sightseeing the casino.
    Shadow: Cool city.
    Omega: Our top priority is Dr. Eggman. Don't forget that. No time to waste.
    Rouge: You're too serious, Omega.


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