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Heartwarming / Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

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Warning! All spoilers below are unmarked.
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    Main Game 
  • Despite her abrasive personality, Kaede jumps to Miu's defence in the first trial when everybody starts ganging up on her because she's the one who made the cameras for Kaede and Shuichi's trap.
  • Kokichi's reaction to Kaede's execution was crying over her death. It's unknown if they are genuine or if it's actually plain Crocodile Tears, but Kokichi at least had a certain fondness to the pianist.
  • After the first trial, Shuichi is in a massive Heroic BSoD over Kaede's execution. Tenko, of all people, takes the time to tell Shuichi not to be too hard on himself and try not to blame himself for her death. It's sweet she'd put aside her dislike of "degenerate males" when Shuichi is clearly absolutely heartbroken he had to pin Kaede as the culprit.
    • Tenko also defends him if she thinks the others are being insensitive about his grief over Kaede's death.
  • A minor one, but Kaede's portrait is always on Shuichi's side during the Debate Scrums.
  • A Pre-Character Development Himiko agreeing to put on a magic show to cheer everyone up after the first trial.
  • Even after Kaito and Kokichi refute Kirumi's The Needs of the Many utilitarianism, before anyone can get mad at her, Kaito sticks up for her and urges her to run away.
    Kaito: Enough! She was just trying to stay alive in her own way. Nobody can blame her for that!
  • In the third chapter, when Monokuma shows up while everyone is examining Maki's lab, the students freak out and Gonta tells everybody to get behind him.
  • In Chapter 3, after Tenko flips Shuichi over, she smiles warmly at him (despite her hatred against men) and tells him that she can sense his lack of self-esteem and doubt over his strength. Then she offers to help him work on that.
    • Also despite claiming it's tiresome, Himiko still comes with Tenko to check out her new laboratory. She might not have reciprocated Tenko's feelings but it's sweet that Himiko does seem to like spending time with her, even if their interests are totally different.
  • Tenko offering to be the conduit so that Himiko can say goodbye to Angie, especially when you take in how jealous she was of their friendship earlier on. Sadly, this act of selflessness comes at the cost of Tenko's life.
  • After the Chapter 3 trial, Kokichi reminds Himiko to take Tenko's advice and she cries until she's exhausted. Gonta gently carries the sleeping Himiko back to her room.
  • Himiko's speech about living positively from now on at the beginning of chapter 4.
  • Even though he forgets about it shortly after, it's actually kind of sweet to see Monotaro defending his "mommy" (Miu) during the trial. Hell, the fact Miu was actually pleased at being called "mommy" is kind of cute.
  • Though his behaviour afterwards is a Broken Base, Kaito leaping to Gonta's defence and willing to get into an Argument Arnament with Shuichi is sweet.
  • Kokichi giving the antidote to Kaito and allowing himself to die so that Maki wouldn't get executed for killing them. This was the first unarguable hint that this rotten little guy has a heart in there, somewhere.
  • Kaito dying peacefully in space instead of being brutally executed, having finally achieved his dream and saved Maki's life.
  • Maki volunteering to sacrifice herself along with Ki-Bo so that Shuichi and Himiko can survive the killing game. She's come a long way from her Aloof Dark-Haired Girl persona from the beginning of the game.
  • Ki-Bo's final smile before pressing the Self-Destruct Button in the final execution.
  • Ki-Bo's and Miu's friendship is surprisingly cute at times, especially since they are treated like outcasts by the rest of the students (Ki-Bo for his robotic nature and Miu for her rude and vulgar personality). Some moments include:
    • If Shuichi meets up with Ki-Bo after Miu preformed maintenance on him, Ki-Bo happily wants to show Shuichi his "improved performance" even though Shuichi doesn't notice a difference.
    • Ki-Bo and Miu excitement in showing off Ki-Bo's flashlight that Miu installed to the other student during the investigation in Chapter 3.
    • When Ki-Bo's Ultimate Research Lab opened up, Miu was very excited give Ki-Bo more upgrades, saying he would look so pretty with them and that she wants him to make lots of cute noises. Ki-Bo responds by blushing and tell her not to mention that in front of Shuichi.
    • Double as Tear Jerker. After Miu's death, Ki-Bo still speak fondly of her despite knowing about her attempt to murder Kokichi and escape, showing that he has forgiven Miu for her actions and clearly misses her. He wistfully talks to Shuichi about how genuine Miu was with machines, and that she had natural innocence she hid deep inside her. This possibly indicated that Miu showed her true self more openly in Ki-Bo's company.
    • It's worth mention Ki-Bo is one of the few students that Miu doesn't give a derogatory nickname. Also, Miu is one of the very few students that Ki-Bo never accused of being a robophobic, and was surprisingly willing to let her remark in the 3rd trial of him technically not counting as "people" slide, a courtesy rarely gave to the other students like Kaede or Shuichi when they are Innocently Insensitive. Then again, he may be somewhat aware of the fact that Miu is Robosexual.
  • Himiko admires her master so much that she gets visibly angry at the idea that anyone could be better than them, even if it is herself. Keep in mind that this is before she has her Character Development and starts showing her emotions. That's just how intensely she feels about it.
  • Tenko gradually warming up to Shuichi during her free time events despite her irrational distrust of males, with her going from knocking Shuichi out cold in her first event to trusting him enough to tell him all of Neo-Aikido's secret weaknesses in her fourth event.
  • Generally speaking, all of the students attempted to save everybody who received an official execution (except for Korekiyo).
  • Tenko and Himiko's entire relationship arc, although the latter only takes an opportunity for etiquette after the former dies.
    • In Chapter 1, Tenko casually expresses obsession over Himiko without reconsideration, and Himiko expresses her disgust and apathy over her actions.
    • In Chapter 2, Tenko becomes overtly protective of Himiko, guarding the tank and Himiko herself unsolicited during the magic show, once informed about the presence of piranhas.
    • In Chapter 3, Himiko finally decides to wholly accept Tenko's sentiment and forms a bond between them both. Just before Tenko's unanticipated demise, Tenko gives Himiko a word of emotional advice by telling her she should not be afraid to express herself. Himiko's passive response to this action is "I think you've trained too much," and Tenko laughs ecsatically in response to this, saying "Hahaha, I probably have." In response to Tenko's demise after this moment, Himiko suppresses herself continuously after, presenting an internal moment of going mad from the revelation that Tenko is dead.
      • The trial for this chapter, involving Tenko's death too, has Himiko trepidatiously and relentlessly defending Tenko post-mortem, demanding that her killer is identified before Angie's.

    Bonus Modes 
  • Some of the Love Hotel scenes are this.
    • Kaede's event is easily one of the most heartwarming out of the Love Hotel endings. In her fantasy, she apparently sees Shuichi as the same exact person for her "ideal partner", the only real difference being that they've been a couple for a year. The way Kaede explains their relationship honestly isn't much different to what it was like in canon, just a little more intimate. The scene ends on a pretty obvious Sexy Discretion Shot, whereas the most of the other Love Hotel scenes end on a more ambiguous note.
    • Sure while Miu's has some Black Comedy in it, you got to admit that Miu can be quite adorable when she shows her real self. Also it might depend on someone's opinion, but her reasoning for doing what she did there can be quite touching. Though this scene is mostly Played for Laughs rather than emotion.
    • Ki-bo's is also heartwarming to watch because he doesn't understand what love is. He asks Saihara to help teach him, leading to him saying more and more intensive love lines before Saihara tries to calm him down. After realizing he hurt Ki-bo's feelings by accidentally rejecting him, Saihara agrees to hold Ki-bo's hand. Ki-bo is not very good at that either.
    • In Kirumi's fantasy, she sees Shuichi as the heir to a rich family that she's been serving. She admits that, in taking care of him and seeing him grow and experiencing his kindness, she's fallen in love with him, but plans to leave so her feelings don't become a hindrance to him and his destiny. Shuichi rejects the idea that her feelings could ever be a bad thing and that she shouldn't talk down to herself. In the only time outside her execution, the ordinarily calm and confident Kirumi breaks down crying as Shuichi holds her. She asks to stay with him forever, which Shuichi gladly accepts.
    • Ryoma's event is both heartwarming and tearjerking. His ideal fantasy is someone who won't give up on him.
  • Just like the past two games, seeing the ending of Love Across the Universe where Everybody Lives is quite heartwarming.
  • In Love Across the Universe, Shuichi can spend Free Time Events with Kaede. In her final event, she finally gets to play Clair de Lune for him like they both wanted.
  • Love Across the Universe endings:
    • Angie wants Shuichi to marry but Shuichi says he wants to learn more about her first and she complies.
    • Gonta calls Shuichi the truest gentleman there is.
    • Himiko tells Shuichi he's the only one who understands her magic and makes him promise to watch when she and her master are reunited.
    • Keebo is afraid his modifications will make him into a different person but Shuichi assures it will go well and they'll still be friends if it doesn't.
    • Kaede wants to keep teaching Shuichi about piano.
    • Kaito tells Shuichi he's glad he met him and asks if he'll always be his sidekick.
    • Kirumi says she looks forward to the day she serves Shuichi.
    • Kokichi tells Shuichi to stay by his side in order to learn more about him.
    • Korekiyo thanks Shuichi for being his friend (although he does say he wants Shuichi to meet his sister...)
    • Maki makes Shuichi promise to fix problems before assassinations can occur so she won't have to be the Ultimate Assassin anymore.
    • Miu says she wants to be with Shuichi forever.
    • Rantaro tells Shuichi that he's only the one who understood how he felt about looking for his family and Shuichi promises Rantaro they'll find his sisters.
    • Ryoma says he's glad he met Shuichi.
    • Tenko asks Shuichi to master Neo-Aikido.
    • Tsumugi says she looks forward to working with Shuichi in cosplaying (though he notices her façade slip for a split second...)
  • The interaction Gonta and Chihiro had in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan around Christmas time is extremely heartwarming and cute. Read it for yourself and try not to die from cuteness.
  • Really, the Ultimate Talent Development Plan in general has a lot of these (and funny ones too):
    • The last interaction between Miu and Kiibo has him worrying about what he'll do after graduation, since she won't be around to perform repairs on him anymore. She nonchalantly says that won't be a problem, because she plans to stay with him after. Awww.
    • Izuru and Chiaki's events are very sweet. The first one has her inviting him to play video games. Though he beats her, she says she doesn't mind losing because she likes spending time with him, and he agrees to do it more. The second one has him accepting her invitation to a Christmas party, where she and Usami take the chance to point out how much he's changed over the years. It's hard to tell, given that it's Izuru, but he almost seems touched by this.
    • Fuyuhiko and Kazuichi planning to throw Hajime a birthday party is just a great callback to their friendship in the second game and a nice gesture overall.
      • This gets a Call-Back in another event, where Hajime asks Chiaki if she'd like to come to the party. Seeing her blush and exclaim how happy she is he invited her, and his surprised but pleased embarrassment that people are making a big deal about his birthday, is pretty cute.
    • A really touching one from a really unlikely pair: Ryoma and Mahiru. In their third year, he commissions her to take photos of his classmates. When she asks him why, he says it's because he doesn't know what'll happen to him after graduation, so he wants them "just in case". He then follows up with this:
    Ryoma: I don’t intend on letting this be the last time [I see my classmates]. I spent 3 years in this academy… Now I also have many things I don’t wanna leave behind. I never thought I would… have things like this again. Your photos clearly portray their smiles. Now I don’t think that was a bad time. Those are good photos that will reassure me of that anytime.
    • Let's not forget the final Christmas scene between Ryoma and Fuyuhiko. Though Fuyuhiko didn't have the chance to talk to Ryoma the last three years, but he still offers the Tennis Player to come talk to him if he has nowhere else to go after graduation, because looking out for guys like Ryoma is his specialty.
    • Mikan and Tenko is one of the most uplifting things you will see. Tenko, kind she is to fellow women, tells Mikan that she is wonderful and thanks her for her help in the heath committee, and Mikan, who has only known abuse and torment from everyone she's known, is so floored by her kindness, that she nearly breaks into tears.
      • Mikan and Mondo have a really adorable interaction where Mikan is chasing after Mondo (because his hand was bleeding everywhere, which he didn't notice), only she keeps tripping and falling and apologises repeatedly. Mondo yells at her to calm down, leading Mikan to start crying and pleading with him not to hit her. Mondo, of course, says he'd never do anything so pathetic and apologises for shouting and promises he's not mad at her. When Mikan calms down and asks him to come to the infirmary so she can treat his injury, Mondo says getting his hands all scraped up from fights is no big deal to him, but he agrees anyway so Mikan won't cry anymore. Aww!
    • The conversation between Shuichi and Kyoko has Kyoko give Shuichi an uplifting speech and encourage him to be proud of his title of Ultimate Detective.
    • During his conversation with Kirumi, Leon mentions he's buying his cousin a birthday present and asks Kirumi for advice on what to get her. It's pretty obvious he's talking about Kanon and though it's probably not doing anything to diminish her obsession with him, it's really sweet that Leon still cares enough about her despite her stalking ways to try and get her something she likes.
    • Kokichi and Mikan have a scene in Bonus Mode where Kokichi is faking being sick to get out of doing the sports festival. He doesn't fool the Ultimate Nurse, but when Mikan points out he doesn't seem to be sick, Kokichi starts his usual trolling. However, when Mikan starts to panic and gets upset, thinking she's hurt Kokichi's feelings by calling him a liar, he backs off on teasing her, agrees to go to the sports festival and compliments Mikan on easily seeing through his lies.
  • At the end of Gundham's Ultimate Talent Development Plan, his Four Dark Devas of Destruction have had hamster babies and become the Twelve Zodiac Generals, just like in the anime.
  • If Gundham cleans the cups during the Christmas party, Kazuichi approaches him and has a surprisingly heartwarming interaction with him, asking him to help him throw a birthday party for Hajime on New Year's. Aside from using the party as an excuse for Class 77-B to get together one last time, Kazuichi also wants Gundham to come because it'll make Sonia happy. Not only does this show that Gundham and Kazuichi do see each other as friends deep down in spite of (or maybe even because of) their desire for Sonia's attention, it's also the first sign that Kazuichi really does care about Sonia despite his Stalker with a Crush tendencies, as he's willing to invite Gundham knowing full well Sonia likes him more than himself.
  • An oddly mean-spirited example that manages to still be touching in its own way: upon hearing Junko make fun of Gonta, Kokichi slides into frame and immediately starts insulting Junko back on Gonta's behalf. Kokichi never drops his carefree persona, but a palpable sense of malice radiates from behind it. Kokichi is many things, but even he's sickened by Junko's pointless cruelty.

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