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"N-No way there's a curse! Don't screw around!!!"

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In general:

  • Regardless of what you think about Tenko, some of her sprites can be pretty funny.
  • Himiko's various excuses for why she can't cast any magic.
  • Miu Iruma in general. She is an eccentric Large Ham who often makes several funny and/or lewd comments.
    • Speaking of Miu, this sprite of her (which according to Word Of God, was meant to be used whenever she got furious) got leaked a few days or so before the release. You're not getting a description here, it must be seen to be believed. (Warning: NSFW)note 
    • Some of her voice acting is pretty funny, like the sped-up, high-pitched little cackle she does if she's feeling sneaky or saying a Double Entendre.
  • Tenko tends to get overly excited whenever Himiko does or say anything, especially if it's related to pee...
  • Monokuma and his interaction with his children. In particular, his way of showing love is by picking them up one at a time, licking them, then casually tossing them and doing the same thing to the next. Monophanie even licks him back.
  • This game introduces a new mechanic in order for the player to obtain Monocoins in the overworld-slapping objects. You can go into someone's Study Lab and slap away most of their things while they don't seem to bat an eye, or you can slap things at the worst possible times-such as investigation time.
  • The refute system can lead to these kinds of moments if you are snarky enough.
  • Some of the love hotel events are actually pretty funny, especially since all the characters that Shuichi met up with apparently see him as their "ideal partner" (e.g. Childhood Friend, Heterosexual Life-Partner, Not Blood Siblings, etc.). During each event, Shuichi plays along with their fantasy, even when he finds some of the scenarios to be downright weird. Here are some notable mentions:
    • In Miu's fantasy, Shuichi realizes that This Is Gonna Suck right from the very beginning, but contrary to his expectations, it starts off as a surprisingly sweet (and rather sad) Childhood Friend Romance fantasy, in which Shuichi has been caring for Miu ever since they were kids and she offers herself to thank him. Then, it all goes downhill when Miu reveals a Baby Trap plan and tries to coax Shuichi into getting her pregnant. If that does not kill the moment and derail her fantasy into Black Comedy shenanigans, then her immensely offended reaction to Shuichi turning down her advances and her subsequent planning to wring his dick like a sponge most certainly will.
      • Subbed Version:
        Miu: "You have a dick don’t you!? If you don’t use it now, when else are you gonna use it!? Shut up and make some kids! Come on! Squeeze them out until you're done!"
        Shuichi: "Hey, w-wait!"
      • Dubbed Version:
        Miu: "You motherfucker! If you're not gonna use that dick of yours now, then when huh!? You know what, fuck it! C'mere, Shuichi! I'm gonna squeeze every last drop outta you!"
        Shuichi: "Huh!? W-Wait a minute!"
    • At the very end of Angie's fantasy, Shuichi's reactions could best be described as a strangled yelp after getting 'punished' by Angie.
    • During Kokichi's fantasy, Kokichi fantasizes about himself as the legendary thief, while Shuichi is the detective that has been hunting Kokichi for years and just recently captured him. Unfortunately, since they're in a love hotel, Kokichi plays up the Foe Romance Subtext, unnerving Shuichi and he manages to "escape" in the end.
    • Himiko's fantasy involves her having to punish Shuichi... by forcing him to pet her.
    • If there's one person Shuichi is afraid to enter it's Korekiyo's fantasy. Turns out his instinct is right since Korekiyo's into bondage... and Shuichi is not prepared for how explicitly Korekiyo wants to tie him down. Shuichi tries to leave the hotel but doesn't get that far...
    • Ki-bo's fantasy involves him learning about romance. It's as Adorkable as it sounds.
    • Also Adorkable: Gonta's fantasy, which involves him trying to get ready to go to some kind of a party by enlisting Shuichi to roleplay as his date. Like Ki-bo's, it's all simultaneously funny and cute, but one highlight on the former front is Shuichi trying to piece together what's going on in the fantasy, and guessing that based on one of Gonta's comments that he's actually a woman in it (when in fact he's just meant to be roleplaying one to help Gonta practice treating women in an appropriately gentlemanly way)... only for him making another comment reflecting this getting met by Gonta being surprised, asking if Shuichi actually is a woman, and apologizing that he didn't realize on his own if so.
  • In the previous games, the text in Nonstop Debates only zipped onto the screen and sometimes shook around a bit. In this game, the text is a lot more dynamic and moves in different ways relating to what a character is saying. This can make for a fairly amusing moment or two. Some examples:
    Ryoma: It's not like it started rollin' on its own... (the text moves downwards and the word "rollin'" spins in circles the whole while)
    Miu: Just admit it, ya shit-eating worm! (the text crawls off-screen like a worm)
    Himiko: While we were all singing the song... (the word "singing" wobbles back and forth)
  • Say what you will about Tsumugi's English voice acting in general, but the fact that one of her Voice Grunting lines is "It's from that one thing!" is pretty funny.


Chapter by chapter:

    Chapter 1 
  • Kokichi asks Kaede how far she has gone with Shuichi... in exploring the school.
  • Kaede and Shuichi talk to Ki-bo, who is wondering what is behind a mysterious door. Kokichi appears out of nowhere and butts in to suggest that Ki-bo flies over the wall.
    Kokichi: Robots have jet packs or whatever under their feet, right?
    Ki-bo: ...
    Kokichi: Whaaat!? You...don't...?
    Ki-bo: ...No, I don't.
    Kokichi: ...Have a dick?
  • Gonta lifts up the manhole cover with just his thumb and forefinger. What does he say when he lifts it? "Upsy-daisy"!
  • In the library, Kaede climbs up a ladder to check on the air vent. She realizes too late that Shuichi can see up her skirt.
  • Kaede attempts to ask Tsumugi for her alibi, but Tsumugi keeps ignoring her. Kaede then starts to lift Tsumugi's skirt and threatens to let Shuichi see. Shuichi is horrified, while Tsumugi is completely nonchalant and more concerned about ruining Shuichi's innocent eyes.
  • Tsumugi having an allergic cosplaying as real people.
  • When Kaede investigates the A/V Room she finds a movie poster of "Ultra Despair Girls 2" and calls it a lame Spinoff after reading the synopsis.
  • During the interrogation, Kokichi at one point mentions Miu could have done it because she knew about the camera blindspots, flustering Miu. When Kokichi comments she's all sweaty and nervous, she has this to say:
    Miu': "I'm always wet! I'm just feelin' extra sensitive, like these big boobs of mine..."
  • Miu calling Kokichi a "lyin' little abortion" for accusing her, to which Kokichi responds with melodramatic Crocodile Tears. He switches back to his usual demeanor about ten seconds later.
  • Kokichi does not let up when it comes to Miu:
    Kokichi: Aww, Tsumugi is so nice! She's waaay better than Miu!
    Miu: Well, fuck you too!
  • Himiko's interrogation of Gonta in the A/V Room.
    Himiko: If you don't answer honestly...I'll change you into a girl with my magic.
    Gonta: Huh? Gonta no can become girl-Gonta! Then Gonta never become gentleman!
  • If the player decides to poke around the A/V Room during the investigation, Kaede and Shuichi could possibly examine the movies on the shelf, which leads to Kaede gushing about one of them. As she peruses them further...
    Kaede: (I grabbed a movie off the shelf, and the case was covered with pictures of naked men and women.)
    Shuichi: ...Find any movies over there?
    Kaede: Oh! Um, nothing suspicious over here! Let's go look somewhere else!
    Shuichi: What's wrong? Did you see something?
    Kaede: I-I said it's nothing! There's nothing here but a bunch of moobies! I...I mean, movies!
    Shuichi: ...Kaede, you're panicking. It's OK if you found a clue, you can tell me. Here, let me look...
    Kaede: No! D-don't come over here!
    (A couple minutes later... We were both looking down at the floor with beet-red faces.)
    Kaede: I told you...
    Shuichi: ...L-let's investigate something else.
  • When you go to one of the classrooms to ask Korekiyo for his alibi, he says that he was in the cafeteria eating dinner prepared by the Monokuma Kubs. Their dish was apparently called:
  • Later on, when Kaede asks Kokichi for his alibi, he claims that he was in the library smashing Rantaro's head. As per usual, he was lying.
  • Kokichi stated that he knows about the culprit when the trial began. Monokuma reacted in shock and stated that if Kokichi is right, then this will be the shortest class trial in killing game history.
  • Following Monokuma's return after everyone supposedly thought he was dead, Monokid decides to celebrate by overindulging on honey, complete with some...interesting side effects. He remains like this for most of the chapter.
  • This line from Tenko:
    Tenko: Don't thrust the blame onto me! You degenerate males and your...thrusting! Ugh!
  • While everybody is discussing how Kaede killed Rantarou from a different floor, Miu says "What if Rantarou's corpse moved on its own!?" and the white noise covering it says...
  • Miu gets sick of the debate, yelling, "Who's the culprit, for fuck's sake!?"
  • When the group tell Gonta he needs an alibi, he promises to get one, and then asks where he can find an alibi.
  • When Tsumugi gives her alibi for the case (she was in the dining hall, but at one point, left to use the restroom), Monokuma comments on it:
    Monokuma: ...Oh? Did I hear that right? The restroom, you say? Excellent! I was waiting for this moment! I'm getting so excited right now!
    Tenko: Ew! Why!?
    Monotaro: Did you take a firm dump!? Or was it a soft one!?
    Monosuke: Why're you assumin' she was droppin' a deuce in there?
  • Kokichi indirectly referring to Kiibo as a "walking talking Roomba." Kiibo then says that can't be him, because he has several custodial functions.
  • At the end of the trial, Kokichi stated that the entire class will get Monokuma next time in which Monokuma responded that he has a feeling that Kokichi may last for a long time. When Kaito basically stated the same thing, Monokuma then stated that Kaito won't be able to last long enough to do it. Slightly Hilarious in Hindsight when Kaito actually outlived Kokichi albeit for a little bit.
  • As horrifying and brutal as Kaede's execution is, it's a little funny to see Monodam unexpectedly shove Monokid into the death trap at the last second and kill him along with her.

    Chapter 2 
  • After Tenko makes yet another unsubtle advance, Himiko asks if she is "playing for the other team."
  • If you use the commemorative medal set to unlock the optional event at the casino, Miu greets Shuichi with his actual name before correcting herself to "Pooichi."
  • When you look at the shower room in Ryoma's research lab, Miu is very quick to interject.
    Miu: A shower room! Why don't you boys go in and give each other a good scrubdown!? You're already the perfect height, Ryoma! You'll be lined up juuuuust right when you turn around to face Shuichi!
    • Ryoma doesn't even say anything, he just gives her a Death Glare, which breaks Miu's fragile haughty exterior yet again.
  • Hilarity Ensues once Gonta lets out a bunch of bugs in the entomology lab after Kokichi lied about everybody hating insects.
    • Prior to that, Kokichi described that room as "hell".
    • What Shuichi thought in his head during that time was pretty hilarious as well:
      Shuichi: [thinking] "When I had first woken up... Kokichi told me this was hell. It appears that wasn't a lie."
    • In one of the CGs that follows, you can see Himiko's boot sticking out of a swarm/pile of insects in the background.
  • While the victim discovery moment is quite dire, the tension of the situation is slightly alleviated by the sight of Tenko and Gonta throwing Ki-bo against the piranha tank as a make-shift hammer, especially the hilarious yelling noise he makes.
  • This line from Miu:
    Miu: Today, Ryoma is fish food. And tomorrow, he'll be fish shit.
    Tsumugi: Don't say such things...
  • At the beginning of the trial, Kokichi tries to say that Himiko is the most suspicious person, but Tenko keeps interrupting him. While they are arguing, Angie butts in to say exactly what Kokichi was trying to say.
  • Miu's response to Himiko repeatedly insisting the trick was "magic":
    Miu: We heard you the first time, Titless! Nobody cares!
  • When Himiko keeps saying her trick is magic, Gonta keeps trying to say that maybe magic is real and both times Maki tells him to shut up.
  • There is a back route early in the trial where Shuichi can play along and confirm that Himiko really used magic to escape the water tank. In this case, Himiko will be completely caught off guard and struggle to play along while Tenko accuses Shuichi of white knighting. Maki and Angie will point out that if Himiko really did use magic, then it makes her even more suspicious, and that she could have simply swapped places with Ryoma. This scares Himiko so much that she breaks character for a moment before she points out the actual contradiction in the Nonstop Debate. Tenko will then accuse Shuichi of manipulating Himiko into telling the truth.
  • This line from Kokichi when Himiko explains the glass:
  • Miu comments it's suspicious that Kirumi was in the gym by herself and decides (correctly, as it turns out) she's the culprit. Gonta protests it's too early to decide and they should hear everyone out. Miu's response? "FUCK THAT NOISE!"
  • After the last chapter where Miu had no idea what an alibi means, she ended up looking that word up in the dictionary.
  • This exchange:
  • Kokichi confirming Kirumi's alibi leads to this:
    Kirumi: This information could have been told to us beforehand.
    Kokichi: Sorry! Forgot! I definitely didn't keep it a secret to make the trial more interesting!
  • In the trial, Kokichi testifies that he saw a silhouette of a woman only in her underwear. Kaito, who doesn't have a strong alibi, argues that silhouette can be anyone, even a guy (read: Kaito himself). He was shut up when it's pointed out that a guy running around naked in a woman's underwear is another crime altogether.
  • During the Mass Panic Debate, Kaito claims that he ran and hid in various places to avoid being captured by Gonta, including a girls' restroom. Tenko immediately calls Kaito a "filthy male pervert". While drooling. Then Kaito claims that he later got tired and went to sleep, and Tenko assumes that Kaito fell asleep in the girls' restroom.
  • Kaito protesting that he isn't the culprit and neither is Maki, arguing he has a hunch that they are both innocent. (He turns out to be right, but still.) The stunned reactions of the others sell it:
    Kaito: don't get it...this isn't just any hunch. This is an official hunch from *the* Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
    Kokichi: You're totally not serious. You can't be *that* stupid, right?
    Tenko: No, he might actually be that stupid.
    Miu: Damned idiot!
    Angie: (cheerfully) Atua-damned idiot!
  • Kaito tells everyone to stop calling him an idiot. Because it hurts his feelings.
  • Miu calling Kaito "dickcheese".
    Kaito: D-dickcheese!?
  • When Himiko points out Gonta could have chucked Ryoma through the window into the piranha tank, Gonta says he couldn't do that because "gentlemen not chuck dead bodies!"
  • Miu being fixated on the idea that Ryoma was drowned in the toilet.
  • Kokichi decides to talk to Miu the same way she talks to everyone else. It culminates with her enjoying it a little too much, if her expressions have something to say.
    • Exhibit A: In the Non-Stop Debate about where Ryoma was killed, Kokichi has enough of Miu's insistence of Ryoma drowning in the toilet, and responds "Shut your mouth, you noisy sow". The funny part comes in when you see that you can agree with her reaction.
      Kokichi: You think she's a useless noisy sow, too, don't you, Shuichi?
      Miu: Gh... Even Shuichi is ganging up on me! *sob, sob*
      Kokichi: Okay, that's enough messing around. Let's get back to the debate.
    • Exhibit B:
      Miu: They handcuffed the body to the rope and slid it from one window to the other like Tarzan!
      Kokichi: The body would reach the gym window, but it wouldn't land in the piranha tank. Stop making such dumbass comments, and keep your smelly breath in your dirty mouth.
      Miu: Ahhhhhhhhh, ah-ah-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
      Tsumugi: Tarzan!?
  • When the trial seems to hit a dead-end, Maki points out that everyone was stuck on an irrelevant topic. Shuichi thanks her for the insight, only for her to reply with Brutal Honesty.
    Maki: I can't believe you didn't notice that. I guess that's why you're still an apprentice.
  • Miu, who has been insulted over and over by Kokichi, asks if Kokichi could be the culprit. Kokichi's response is a jaunty, "Ah-hahahaha! How rude."
  • Kokichi starts bugging Kirumi like a small child after Shuichi wins the Rebuttal Showdown:
    Kokichi: Oh? What's wrong, Kirumi? What's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong?! Hey, what's wrong?! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!?
  • Every single joke about Kirumi being the Team Mom of the group.
    • At the start of the chapter, Kokichi literally asks Kirumi if she could be his mother in which Gonta ended up asking her as well.
      • Even better is that Kirumi takes this literally, and starts scolding Kokichi, lecturing him about his friends and bad behavior when she encounters him near the gym at night.
    • Shortly after the students went to talk about the Kubs Pads, many went up to Kirumi to ask her to do a crapload of tasks for them. Even funnier, some of them do so after complaining about the others relying on her too much.
    • When Angie wonders Was It All a Lie? after Kirumi is revealed as the second killer, Kokichi adds his own variation:
      Kokichi: (crying) "You mean she's not my mom!?"
    • Each character was given a relationship chart in the V3 artbook. In Kokichi's relationship chart, all that Kirumi stated is that "I'm not really his mother, though?"
    • It helps that being called a mother by people of the same age is the only thing to ever visibly frustrate her in her Free Time.
  • In the English dub of Kirumi's motive video, Monokuma reads the prime minister of Japan's request to Kirumi to "make this country great again" in a Donald Trump-esque voice.
  • When Kirumi runs like hell to escape her execution, the "Game Over" screen, which usually features Monokuma dragging away the culprit, instead has Monokuma running after her.
  • Perhaps in the darkest of Black Comedy, but there's something amusing about the way Kirumi's voice cracks when she screams "I WILL NOT DIEEEE!"

    Chapter 3 
  • While Kokichi and Shuichi are checking out Angie's research lab:
    Kokichi: Ooh... Look Shuichi, the ceiling here is pretty unique.
    Shuichi: Ah, yeah... Exposed beams.
    Kokichi: I wonder... Is it supposed to be like this? Or did they just not finish it in time? Those cheap knock-offs are useless. Like the time they mixed up the Kubs Pads.
    Angie: I don't care. This kinda bare ceiling doesn't matter to me. Even Atua says it's more sensitive with the skin peeled back.
  • Korekiyo gets very excited and very melodramatic about the artifacts in his lab. Shuichi is speechless.
    Shuichi: ...This is getting weird...I think I should just...end the conversation.
  • Tenko is ecstatic upon discovering her lab. When Shuichi points out that she doesn't have a sparring partner, she flips him. Tenko then asks Himiko if she'd like to participate, and Himiko starts to say that it's too much of a pain before Tenko flips her, too.
  • Miu brings Ki-bo to her lab for a while. Shuichi's narration really sells how he feels.
    Subbed: I remained silent... and quietly closed the door.
    Dubbed: ...I closed the door without a word.
    • Afterward, Shuichi decides to believe that Miu is just doing repairs on Ki-bo, and nothing else.
  • After using the flashback light and receiving vague memories of a group funeral of the 16 students, this exchange happens:
    Kaito: Stop saying stupid stuff! Look at me, I'm alive! Hale and hearty!
    Miu: Hardy? Cuz you get a hard-on every time you see me?
    Tenko: Oh, I heard males can tell they're healthy by how hard they get in the morning! Is that true?
    Miu: [nervously fidgeting] Hey! St-Stay in your lane, bitch!
  • When everyone is gathered in the gym and Angie starts hugging Gonta and talking about Atua, she says Atua is like a gentle grandmother. When Miu points out she said before Atua was a handsome man, Himiko says Atua changes his form depending on the person. Kokichi then snarks, "Well, that's not suspiciously convenient at all."
  • After Tenko's death, Kaito notices that her fatal wound is similar to Angie's. Kokichi suggests that Tenko died because Angie is haunting them, causing Kaito to panic and latch onto Maki in fear. Kaito is crying Tears of Fear and Maki is blushing furiously as Kaito has her in a Bear Hug.
  • During the investigation:
    Maki: This wooden statue is pretty heavy...
    Shuichi: Kiyo said it was about 175 pounds. That's about the weight of two girls.
    Maki: ...What do *you* know about girls? Have you ever actually touched a woman besides your mother?
    • He never denies it.
  • "Cunt Fu", one nickname Miu invents for Tenko. Used right after Tenko's death.
  • When Shuichi and Maki walk out into the hallway, another corpse discovery cutscene occurs, complete with a shaky camera and ominous music, only for the supposed victim to spring up when Shuichi gets close. Turns out Kokichi accidentally injured himself to near-death and just rolled with it.
    Kokichi: It's a lie!
    • Also note that Kokichi was suffering from blood loss, head trauma, and potentially a concussion. Despite all of that, he still decided to troll whoever came across his body.
    • During the class trial, when Shuichi calls upon Kokichi to back him up by recounting the incident, Kokichi is asleep when the camera cuts to him.
  • This exchange when Kokichi admits he lied that he murdered Angie:
    Miu: You and your fuckin' lies! Go sit in the corner and play with yourself!
    Kokichi: (cheerfully) Okay! I'll start right now!
    Miu: Alright! So, who's the asshole who set up this locked-room mystery?!
    Kokichi: Miu...I can't hold it up anymore...
    Miu: What's the matter?! You goin' soft on me now?!
    Kokichi: Who made the locked-room mystery doesn't matter, since anyone could've done it. (completely deadpan) Don't you even understand something as basic as that, you filthy cum dumpster?
    Miu: C-Cum dumpster...!? Finally...! Someone... finally called me a cum dumpster!!!
  • Miu calling Tenko "Tencrotch" and once again, actually being correct when she points out Tenko died during the séance and whoever was there during that time is suspicious.
  • Ki-bo's upgrade in Chapter 3. When Ki-bo provided evidence during the class trial, nobody was listening to him. His only solution to get attention was to use the upgrade that Miu gave to him. Kaito was really not happy about Ki-bo's upgrade being overused.
    Ki-bo: Hey! May I have your attention!? [flashes his light]
    Kaito: Augh! I said cut that out! It's too bright!
    Ki-bo: I apologize... I just wanted everyone to listen to me.
  • Miu starts a Nonstop Debate when Gonta suggests Tenko wasn't killed during the séance, then when everyone is figuring out the timing of Tenko's death, Miu gets so heated up by the theories being thrown around she apparently orgasms. No-one comments on this.
  • In one of the Nonstop Debate sections, Shuichi can lie and say that Miu Iruma's emergency light upgrade for Kiibo is defective and blinds Kiibo when he uses it, but Kiibo can't convincingly play along with the lie and Miu has this to say to him:
    • Subbed version:
      Miu: So then, Shuichi... you were just trying to fuck with me, huh... I won't forgive you! I won't stop licking you until you cry!
      Shuichi: Um...umm...that...
    • Dubbed version:
      Miu: Well, Shuichi... Tryin’ to make a fool outta me, huh? Lemme put on some makeup, cuz I wanna at least look pretty before you decide to fuck me!
      Shuichi: Ah, um, th-that’s uh...
    • Before that, Miu tries to defend herself.
      Miu: ...Wait, what? There's no way a genius like me would make that kinda rookie mistake!
      Gonta: make mistakes a lot...A whole lot...
      Miu: Hey! If you're gonna fuck me in front of everyone, at least buy me dinner first!
  • Miu proposes a theory and is shot down twice, leading to this exchange.
    Miu: Then... I messed up again? How could this happen? I'm so embarrassed...
    Kokichi: [Cheerfully] No worries Miu! Everyone already knows you're an embarrassment to the human race!
    Gonta: Yeah! No worries!
    Miu: Heeeeeee! embarrassing!
  • When it's suggested that Tenko could have committed suicide, Miu points out that if she did, the murder weapon would still be inside the cage. Kokichi's response?
    Kokichi: O-Omigod. Miu actually said something smart!
  • During a later debate, Miu claims to be the only one who's on the ball. Cue Kokichi saying it's not like she has much experience with balls. Her response? "Me and balls are the best of friends!" What sells it isn't the line, but the fact that it's a possible Agree Point.
    Miu: Wh-what!? You got some new "friends" you want me to meet, Shuichi...?! Here? Now? C-cut it out...!
    Maki: ...
  • Ki-bo's ability to produce an image from his memory proves to be crucial in figuring out how the murderer carried out their plan, but Miu apparently added it for a different reason...
    Miu: O-Oh... To be honest, the purpose of that image recording function is to monitor my health... Specifically, I make Keebo use that function every day to... *sigh*... analyze my turds...
    Tsumugi: Your what!? Why!?
    Miu: Sh-Shit is a great indicator of intestinal health and gut bacteria quality! Plus, taking a satisfying shit does wonders for a woman's natural beauty, so... S-See! You're all grossed out! This is why I didn't wanna tell you about my plan!
    Himiko: Quit talking about your poop! No-one cares!
  • When Korekiyo admits to killing Tenko, but says if everyone votes for him, they will die, Miu responds in an oddly deep voice:
  • In the Closing Argument of the case, several frames are shown of the characters singing the "Caged Child" song for Korekiyo's ritual. Himiko, Kokichi and Korekiyo's singing seems earnest... while Shuichi's face says "Oh God, can we be done with this nonsense already."
  • The picture of Korekiyo and his lover was already rather disturbing, made even worse when he reveals that she's his older sister. However, after that reveal, a little pink disclaimer appears in the upper left corner of the picture: "No physical connection."
    • When Korekiyo says he was motivated by his love of someone, Miu yells at him for 'bragging about his perfect love life'. Then:
      Korekiyo: The one I inside.note 
      Miu: D-Don't look at me! I'm not his lover!
      Korekiyo: My dearest Sister!
      Miu: D-Don't look at me! I'm not his sister!
      Kokichi: Well, duh. If you were his sister, he would've killed himself already.
  • Near the beginning of the chapter, Monodam forces the other Monokubs to join him in a Hostile Show Takeover against Monokuma, who is left partially bald and completely unresponsive. Monokuma is left in charge of the morning announcements (where he just stares at the camera until the announcement turns itself off), while Monokuma Theater is replaced with the Monodam Theater, where Monodam is the one reenacting scenes from famous movies. Of course, when a murder occurs later on in the chapter, we find out that the real Monokuma had in fact gone on vacation, and the broken and powerless animatronic was just a part-timer that Monokuma brought in to cover for him.
  • Many people often overlook the Black Comedy of Korekiyo's execution solely because of Monodam's suicide.
  • It's very disturbing in context, but there's something kind of hilarious about the expression on Sister Shinguji's face while she's helping Monokuma exorcise her brother. It almost makes her look like she's high as a kite.

    Chapter 4 
  • After Himiko gives Shuichi the honor of petting her for being reliable, Gonta says he wants to be useful as well. Maki says that Gonta can become a meat shield when the time comes, and Gonta cheerfully hopes that time comes soon.
  • Monotaro decides to designate Miu and Ki-bo to be his new mom and dad. Ki-bo responds by coldly refuting the Monokuma Kub, and states that he isn't Monotaro's father, resulting in a disappointed reaction from Monotaro. Miu, surprisingly, actually plays along with this, as she finds being called "mom" to be oddly heartwarming. She even refers to herself as the Monokuma Kubs' "mommy" at one point, much to Himiko's chagrin.
  • Miu tells Shuichi to retrieve a signboard for a makeshift bridge because he's a masochist. It turns out almost everyone thinks the same.
    Miu: Yeah, but I'll ask the masochist to go get it! He just looooves bein' bossed around!
    Himiko: Yeah. You're a total masochist.
    • And when Shuichi talks to them individually:
      Tsumugi: I see... So you're like that, Shuichi...
      Shuichi: [inner dialogue] Is this... pity I'm sensing?
      Ki-bo: I, um, did not know you had such... unique proclivities. Should I re-evaluate how I perceive you?
      Shuichi: Th-That *won't* be necessary!
      Shuichi: Maki, is *that* how you see me?
      Maki: Because you always look so pleased when Kaito's giving you orders.
      Shuichi: Pleased!?
      Maki: But you seem happy as the sidekick. Maybe you're just into that sort of thing.
      Himiko: Well? Get to it. Savor the joy of carrying out orders.
  • Later, when Shuichi examines Miu's map to determine what it leaves out, Himiko surmises that Shuichi looks at maps in his spare time in lieu of talking to people. Everyone else readily believes it.
    Himiko: I understand... Looking at maps makes you feel calm, doesn't it?
    Shuichi: Huh?
    Himiko: You're the type of kid who stares at maps alone instead of playing at recess, aren't you?
    Shuichi: Ah... I never did anything like that...
    Kaito: Don't forget we're here for you, bro!
    Ki-bo: You're not alone any more.
    Tsumugi: You don't need to withdraw into a shell, you know?
    Himiko: *sob* I'm so proud of you... You made friends with real people... not maps...
  • The cause of Miu's death? She was strangled to death with toilet paper.
    Himiko: It was... a fitting end for her...
  • Monokuma seems to not be a fan of a certain video game character.
    Subbed: Wow, she crashed and all her items went flying, just like a hedgehog from some game... I-I hate him-! I hate his worldwide fame-!
    Dubbed: Just like that hedgehog who loses all his rings whenever he crashes into stuff... I... I hate that guy and his worldwide fame and his stupid games and... I! Hate! That! Hedgehog!
  • When Miu advises everyone not to mess up the wire's position, Yumeno desperately needs to remind herself which side is right and which is left. The scene gets a Cerebus Call-Back because it makes Gonta mess up due to being left-handed...although it arguably becomes funny again if you consider the fact that the entire reason Case 4 happened as it did was because not one person in this school full of Ultimates considered the possibility that Gonta didn't know what he was doing and took Himiko too literally.
  • During the Class Trial, Gonta gave a heartwarming dialogue about how Miu was not a bad person and how if things would have been different, they could have been friends. Unfortunately, he forgot about Miu's status as The Friend Nobody Likes and was immediately shot down by the more cynical members of the cast.
    Gonta: Killing game bad, not Miu. Miu not bad person. Gonta think we coulda been friends, if things different.
    Himiko: That... might have been difficult. Even without this killing game.
    Maki: That wouldn't happen.
    Kokichi: Nuh-uh. No way, Jose.
    Gonta: Huh?
  • Himiko constantly going on about how Monotaro is raising death flags in this chapter.
  • Shuichi can make the deduction that Miu called Kokichi to the roof while carrying a hammer because Miu was going to confess her love for Kokichi.
    Shuichi: Miu was going to confess her love for Kokichi, and brought the hammer in case he rejected her.
    Tsumugi: Confessions on top of a roof or under a tree are the best! ...But I don't think that's what happened here.
  • When Shuichi lies about Kokichi's whereabouts in the virtual world, everyone believes him...except for Tsumugi, who knows he can't have checked on Kokichi since he would have had to get past her. Then she shrugs and decides she'd rather believe Shuichi over Kokichi anyway.
  • While the line is definitely serious in context, Kokichi expressing his anger at Shuichi for being lied to is unintentionally hilarious in both wording and delivery in the English Dub:
    Kokichi: You got some balls lying to me. I’m gonna take away your fun for pissing me off, Shuichi.
  • The final part of the trial is a real Tear Jerker, but seeing the cartoonish animations of the avatars in the Closing Argument does still bring a chuckle or two nonetheless.
  • At one point in the trial, Kokichi loudly demands to know who everyone will believe, him or Shuichi? Cue the entire cast choosing Shuichi, with Maki even saying 'The one who's not Kokichi.'

    Chapter 5 
  • In this chapter, the culprit hides inside an Exisal during the entire trial. Hilarity Ensues when they make absolutely sure that nobody knows who they actually are. On top of that, the culprit is also given a book from the victim on how to properly impersonate them while inside the Exisal.
    • Even funnier when you realize that it was Kaito impersonating Kokichi, even going so far as to sing Frank Sinatra's "I'm Gonna Live Till I Die" at the beginning of the trial. As if impersonating Kokichi wasn't hard enough.
    • At one point, the question comes up if anyone could pilot an Exisal:
      Culprit: It's surprisingly easy. If you use both hands, both feet, and both nipples, you can do it.
      Himiko: (with a hand over her chest) Nipples, too!?
    • In a later Non-Stop Debate, a character asks if it's really that difficult to control an Exisal. A line of white noise then appears:
      "Nope! You just gotta use your nipples!"
  • When Shuichi tries to prove who shot Kaito, Kokichi says it's a complete mystery. The corresponding white noise:
    Cheeky little...
    I won't give into despair!
    Playtime is over!
  • Himiko then says that nobody could go into the hangar, since the alarm system and electric barrier were in the way. Cue the barrier of white noise of "BarrierBarrierBarrier".
  • Later on in the class trial, when the discussion turns to Himiko going into the machinery bay, she asks for a reason why she would do that. "Kokichi Oma" (who is actually Kaito Momota) responds with "because you like me". Yumeno angrily denies the accusation, only for Kokichi to reply "But I like you", to which Himiko blushes. She believes him.
    Himiko: Don't bully the person you like!
  • In the Nonstop Debate when Himiko admits to delivering the crossbow to Kaito but truthfully insists that she didn't use it herself, she is undercut by known liar Kokichi (again, actually Kaito) agreeing with her every time.
    Himiko: Nyeh! Get out of my head!
    White Noise: Yep! It's all my fault!
  • "Monokuma joins your party." This is proceeded by Monokuma getting his own introductory screen like all of the other students (Ultimate Despair Headmaster), and him becoming an active participant in the trial.
    • There's also some black comedy later when Himiko confidently notes that, as "extras" in Monokuma and Kokichi's game, they won't get killed for voting wrong-
      Monokuma: No, I'd still kill you all. Don't put Kokichi's words in my mouth.
    • Himiko's really shocked by that, given how 'friendly' he'd been getting with them up 'til that point.
  • After Maki is discovered to have gone to the hangar, everything starts to get serious. Then Monokuma proceeds to narrate, ruining the moment:
    Monokuma: And so Maki began telling the truth. A truth that would leave us all in shock.
    Himiko: Don't just start narrating things! You're ruining the mood!
  • The Monokuma and Cubs Theater segment starts up as normal after the Intermission. It consists of Monokuma saying that, since all the cubs have now been destroyed, he can't hold the Theater anymore. It then ends.
  • When Shuichi tries to pinpoint the problem with the footage of Kaito being crushed, Ki-bo mentions that the hydraulic press stopped for a brief moment. If Shuichi uses the wrong truth bullet on that statement...
    Ki-Bo: The hydraulic press wouldn't stop when I lay underneath it. But it did stop for Kaito... This is obviously robophobia! I'll never forgive that bigoted hydraulic press!

    Chapter 6 
  • Going into Kokichi's room during the investigation, you can find Rantaro's statue, which was built by Angie in the third chapter, tied up on the ceiling of the bedroom. Why did Kokichi do that? The world may never know.
    • You can even find a horse mask with a crown on it in his room. Note that Ouma translates to "king horse."
  • Himiko discovers that the secret room behind the library bookshelf links to the girls' restroom via a secret passage, and shows it to Shuuichi. Shuuichi leaves the girls' restroom by himself and runs straight into Maki, who promptly regains her "seriously pissed off" sprite. As if being caught exiting the girls' restroom isn't bad enough, Himiko then exits the same girls' restroom, complaining that the earthquakes are scaring her so much that she can't pee properly. Maki isn't amused, and Shuuichi is too flustered to give a proper justification.
  • The first Rebuttal Showdown of the trial... is against the Monokubs. It starts as irrelevant as you'd expect.
    Monotaro: A bloody Monopad is disgusting! You should wash it right away!
    Monophanie: That's not a real rebuttal!
  • The Monokubs being brought back, only to be killed off one-by-one as the trial progresses, in what is possibly an in-universe Take That, Scrappy! and Shoo Out the New Guy moment. Especially Monokid's destruction.
  • The in-universe trailer for V3, which also flashed back to other fake Danganronpa:
  • After it's revealed that V3 is actually 53, "Leon" makes a Call-Back to how letters looked like numbers in his case.
  • Even though it's just Tsumugi cosplaying, it's somehow hilarious to see Leon and Mondo, who arguably got some of the most cruel and unusual deaths in the series (until this game, at least), be so casual about it:
    Leon: It was rough for me too, y'know?
    Mondo: It's a killing game! The fuck you gonna do?!
  • The various audience comments which appear on the screens throughout the case, all of which appear to be based on stereotypical internet comments. The entire case puts some serious strain on the fourth wall, but nowhere is it more obvious than here. Some standouts include:
    Danganronpa 25 was the best.
    It's actually 54.
    Sakura is my muscle waifu!
    This is why I wish Kaede had survived!
  • During the Mass Panic Debate after the Mastermind's reveal, the player will be able to bear witness to the brief return of Monokuma's ridiculously muscular form.
  • When Tsumugi is trying to persuade the survivors to stay in the academy, she cosplays some of the more popular female characters from the first two games. And Chihiro.
  • During the final Argument Armament against Keebo (representing Danganronpa's audience), the first Final Strike argument you have to face is "no way fiction can change the world lol."
    • Even better? That line is actually spoken. Keebo says that line out loud, including the "lol."
  • As another Fandom Nod similar to the above, Keebo channels a significant portion of the fandom's complaints during the second phase of the final Argument Armament.
    Man, I was rooting for the detective. This guy should have died instead of Kaede!
  • Tsumugi claims her reproductions of past characters are so good she can even imitate their voices perfectly. But, at least in the English dub, a good few of them sound nothing like the actual character. And most of them share VAs with this game's cast, so The Other Darrin can't be used as an excuse, it's just Tsumugi not being as good as she thinks she is. Rantaro sounds more like Hajime than "Hajime" does.
  • In the last Non-Stop Debates, Monokuma is focused on the issues that really matter:
    Monokuma: It can't be! If Danganronpa ends...I'll be unemployed!


    Free Time Events 

  • In Kokichi's fourth free time event with Shuichi, both of those boys ended up playing a game of Rock, Paper, and Scissors together and there was a tie for every single round.
    Kokichi: Rock, paper, scissors!
    Shuichi: The same again...
    Kokichi: Ugh! I'm bored now! This is the bajillionth time we tied! Shuichi, please just finish it up!
    • Even funnier because Kokichi later hints that he's cheating to tie. So he's basically just messing with you the whole time.
  • As usual, the characters giving you their underwear is very hilarious but Kiibo's "underwear" takes the cake as he gives you his belt instead.
    Description: Parts built in to Keebo's waist. They protect delicate parts of his body from temperature and humidity. They need to be changed daily, but can be reused after being washed.
  • Angie's first free time event with Shuichi had him guess on Angie's hometown. One of the options was God's public bathhouse. That's right. Shuichi can guess that Angie lives in a bathhouse.
  • During Kaede's second free time advent with Angie, Angie ask Kaede to do a "paint-and-piano jam session" with her. Kaede agrees, and ask Angie what song she would like to be played for her. Angie asks for a song that makes her feel "divine while listening to it". Kaede plays Angie a lively song on the piano, only for Angie to fall asleep in the middle of the performance.
  • Kokichi spends almost an entire event roleplaying Seto Kaiba. It's as hammy as it sounds.
    • The localization makes it arguably better by replacing it with the infamous 4Kids dub memes.
    • The event ends with Kokichi Leaning on the Fourth Wall while promising to kill him someday:
      Kokichi: You only have three events in your life, so you better entertain me until then!
      Kokichi: Nee-heehee!
      Shuichi: (Three events? What three events?)
      (Event ends, report card status shows 2/5 completion.)
  • When Shinguuji invites Shuichi for tea, he takes his mask off... only to replace it with an identical "eating mask", that can somehow phase food through it. Shuichi is crazy to know how that works.
  • All of Miu Iruma's Events qualify. Some highlights:
    • In her first free time event with Kaede, Miu taunts Kaede for having small boobs, which leads to a dialogue tree. If you choose the option "My boobs are pretty big too!", Miu will respond by trying to grope Kaede so that she could see for herself, but Kaede responds with a punch. After this, Miu asks Kaede if she is using pads, stuffing, or silicon, but Kaede insists that her boobs are real.
    • In Miu's first free time event with Shuichi, she takes him to her lab and shows him three of her inventions: her "Hookup Counter", her "Auto-Puncher that Punches You for Telling Terrible Dirty Jokes", and her "Goin' Commando Gun". While talking about the auto-punching machine, Miu makes a lewd remark about Shuichi masturbating; the machine does its job and punches her.
    • In Miu's second free time event with Shuichi, she assumes that Shuichi is, um, frustrated, if you'll pardon the expression. Miu being, well, Miu, decides to help him out by giving him a box of fap material. One of the contents is a pair of sunglasses with built-in porn videos that appear behind the lenses; she mentions including a video of herself as a bonus, because of course she would do something like this. Another is a recording of her moans; she then remarks that "a virgin like [Shuichi] would never have the chance to hear this voice". Shuichi's reaction perhaps sums it up best:
    • Her fourth free time event, wherein Miu has a very wild Love Epiphany because previously Shuichi barely managed to stop her from disembowelling herself in an attempt to prove that she is an augmented human and went to check on her afterwards. Miu tries really hard to insist that Shuichi is in love with her... even though it is obvious that Miu is lovesick for Shuichi, as she strips herself and tries to get Shuichi to do the same and outright admits that she is falling in love with him:
      Miu: Ahhhhh! I mean...! Wh-Wh-What I meant was... ahhhhhh!
      Shuichi: A heartache... I see, so that's what's wrong.
      Miu: Y-Y-Yeah! I'm fallin' for you!
      Shuichi: What!? Me!?
      Miu: You said it first. That you're so worried about me... cuz you're in love with me.
    • She certainly plays up the Black Comedy in her last free time event with Shuichi. Having now adjusted to the fact that she is in love with Shuichi, she tries to give him a pie with her hair in it. She also baked cookies with her fingernails and made chocolates with her blood as ingredients, because she wants the person she loves to eat her. Shuichi declines the food by pointing out how unhygienic it is, and that if he were to get sick they would not be able to treat him with no hospitals around. Miu reluctantly agrees and promises to make a clean meal next time, but insists that she should give him a gift. She then uses her "Goin' Commando Gun" on herself, which teleports her panties to Shuichi's hand, and asks Shuichi if he can feel her "residual heat". She then tells Shuichi that he has earned the right to date her and that he will date her once they escape. Shuichi reluctantly accepts the gift and accepts Miu's date proposal with a grimace, but at the same time, he is happy that he has managed to make this connection with Miu. The event then ends with Shuichi listening to Miu's delusional date ideas, as he put it.
    • After Shuichi spends some time with the other students, he says to himself "X and I grew a little closer today." With Miu, on the other hand, he says, "I somehow ended up growing a little closer to Miu...", as if to suggest that he cannot believe that he is befriending a person like her.
  • Every time Shuichi tries to say that her tricks aren't magic in Himiko's FTE, Himiko ended up stating this.
  • Pretty much all of Keebo's Free Times qualify, but by far the funniest is the fourth one. After realizing he has no future as a singer since all he does is make an awful whirring noise, he and Shuichi discuss other career options, and Shuichi suggests caretaking. Skeptical that he'd be good at that, Keebo requests that you role play a care taking scenario with him, and attempts to pick Shuichi up and take him to bed, only to crack his back in the process.
  • Tsumugi's first free time event with Shuichi quickly devolves into a comedy routine, with Tsumugi constantly giving extreme examples as to how plain she's found by people which always ends with her saying "Cuz I'm plain!" Shuichi even thinks to himself that "Cuz I'm plain!" is quickly becoming her catchphrase.
  • Tenko's free time events:
    • In her first free time event, Shuichi realizes he made a mistake by approaching her. He then puts his hand on her shoulder to calm her down, and he realizes he made a second mistake as she starts throwing him around mercilessly.
    • In her fourth free time event, Shuichi makes her realize that her master is male. She does not take this well.
  • In Kaede's second free time event, she's giving Shuichi a piano lesson and has a moment where she's completely oblivious to the fact that she's... a little too close to him. Shuichi then has the option of revealing this little fact to her or keeping it to himself.

    Bonus Modes 
Ultimate Talent Development Plan

  • As a nice Mythology Gag to this image, Celeste and Nagito invite Makoto and Jin Kirigiri to a game of mahjong. This game only confirmed Jin lost badly.
  • Ibuki recruits Kaede and Sayaka for a musical revolution. The two victims realize too late that the song and lyrics will be composed by Ibuki.
  • Chihiro is somehow chosen by Atua.
    Angie: Hmm... "Someone who's like a small animal." Since Himiko's in the same scavenger hunt... Okay Chihiro, let's go. Atua has chosen you to join me.
    Chihiro: Wait, A-Atua? Huuuh? Um... Religion is complicated, so I don't really understand,, what should I do?
    Angie: Don't be afraid. You'll be fine as long as you follow me. Atua is a gentle god, watching over you like a doting father, Chihiro.
    Chihiro: But having a god like that watch over me is a little...
    • In the same event, Makoto has to find someone who's shorter than him. He is quite obviously not happy at the reminder of his height.
  • In one event, Chiaki and Hajime start playing games together, only for Monokuma to show up and say he has to supervise both of them since it's unwholesome for them to be alone together. He comes off exactly like a mix of Shipper on Deck and moment-killing Troll.
  • Yasuhiro refers to the Ultimate Imposter as "Togamicchi that’s not Togamicchi".
  • In one event, Gundham at first booms to Kokichi that they'll never get along...only for him to continue talking and inadvertently imply it's because he's secretly jealous of Kokichi actually being a supreme overlord.
    • There's also (in a separate event) Kokichi asking him "why are you being such a hater?" when Gundham calls him on always lying.
  • When Hiyoko meets Miu, Miu spares no time calling her the leader of the jailbait brigade. Hiyoko responds by calling Miu a "pig woman", and to her discomfort, Miu actually gets aroused by the insult and notes that it's not bad.
    • Teruteru is also involved during this whole conversation. It goes as filthy as you'd expect.
  • Kokichi and Celestia surprisingly get along very well with each other, despite both of them constantly making up some pretty absurd lies to trick one another, like Kokichi lying about Hifumi inflating and popping like a balloon.
  • Ryoma may be The Eeyore, but Ultimate Talent Development Plan reveals that he has a mischievous sense of humour and is not above pulling pranks on his classmates:
    • When Ibuki buys a bunch of cream puffs from Ryoma, he warns her that one of them is a wasabi puff he secretly snuck in there. She immediately gets the wasabi puff as the first one she eats.
    • Leon invites Ryoma to a mixer and they get into a discussion about their talents. Ryoma is decidedly unimpressed with Leon's reasons for not pursuing his talent (he doesn't like getting dirty and sweaty, he refuses to shave his hair, etc.), lecturing him on letting his skills go unused. Leon calls him out on this, calling the former tennis player a "busybody". Ryoma's response?
      Ryoma: Oh, I'm not being a busybody. I'm just trying to annoy you now.
  • After Alter Ego talks with Shuichi about the AI's father, Shuichi pretty much realizes that Chihiro may be lying about his gender. Afterwards, Shuichi states this to Chihiro:
    Shuichi: Ah, it's nothing. I've learned a lot today, thank you.
  • Junko's story is that she was invited to Hope's Peak Academy, but didn't want to go to a hope-themed school, so she sent Mukuro in her stead... only to get immediately bored with her own plan and start attending classes as well. Mukuro never stops disguising for unknown reasons.
  • Izuru is so quiet and antisocial that, according to Kokichi, some of the people who see him wandering the campus actually think he's a ghost.
  • Byakuya is visibly annoyed by the person openly impersonating him, and compares him to Tsumugi and her cosplaying, which the impostor points out that both he and she would take offense to. This conversation goes on for a while without actually getting a concrete answer why he does it, to which Byakuya makes it clear that he really doesn't care... Right before suggesting that his impostor should lose weight.
  • When Kokichi asks Gonta if a rude blonde bitch is bothering him, referring to Junko, he comments that they already have Miu running around. Junko's immediate reaction is to say that being compared to Miu is pretty depressing.
  • Himiko finally manages to find a person who respects her magic and treats her seriously as she discusses it. Sadly, said person happens to be Gundham Tanaka, which causes some mixed reactions from her being happy someone understands it, while at the same time being confused trying to figure out just what the hell Gundham is saying.
  • Gundham and Hifumi decide to create a backstory for Keebo. The latter objects at first, but then decides to roll with it, because he finds that version of him cool.
  • Miu and Teruteru's whole interaction, especially when Teruteru commissions Miu to invent some dirty products. Miu offers to do so if he would squeal for her like a pig. He turns the offer down, saying he doesn't need them that badly. Remember, this is Teruteru we're talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, we finally found a level even a shameless pervert like him is not willing to sink to.
  • One of Miu's interactions with Toko has the two trading insults with one another. At one point, Toko calls Miu a "blonde bitch", and Miu gets off on the insult, leading to an awkward Beat. In turn, Miu calls Toko a doormat, leading her to protest and then fantasise about being a doormat for "Master Byakuya" and having him wipe his feet on her. With that, Miu, of all people, tells Toko to keep her weird fantasies to herself. Perhaps there are some things which are too much for the kinky inventor.
    • Hilariously, this overlaps with Hypocritical Humor on Miu's part, as Toko calls her out on it and claims that Miu gets off on weirder fantasies than hers.
  • Miu and Kaede try to sit at a table with Byakuya, who dismissively tries to send them away. It leads to Miu and Byakuya volleying insults at one another, with poor Kaede trying to act as a mediator, but with evidently little success. Eventually, Byakuya calls Miu a "disgusting woman", and Miu, being... Miu, gets off on it. Kaede, disturbed, then apologises to Byakuya, who says that he hates that he got used to reactions like this. It ends with Miu saying that it is not half bad that the two are now ignoring her.
  • Kokichi calling Fuyuhiko Boss Baby, much to the latter's ire.
  • A knife is thrown past Mukuro during night. Mukuro easily deduces where Junko threw it from.
  • Makoto, Hajime, and Shuichi all gather together to talk about the gifts they give to their classmates, and also wonder what the hell they were thinking if they give a wrong present.
  • During the Fall School Festival, Miu decides to show off her inventions.
    • She uses the Hookup Counter on Mikan and is stunned speechless by the result.
    • Teruteru is greeted by the invention that punches people for making terrible dirty jokes. Miu insults him for it and gets punched herself. According to the end-of-scene text, this pattern continues.
    • Miu uses the underwear-teleporting ray gun on Gundham, but it doesn't work on him. She quickly figures out that he's Going Commando, but he insists that her astral level is too low to perceive it. They receive numerous noise complaints from the surrounding classrooms.
  • After Byakuya gives a speech during the talent festival, Kaito comes to ask whether the Togami Corporation can fund space travel. After confirming this, Kaito offers to make Byakuya his sidekick. Byakuya, being Byakuya, gets royally pissed.
    Byakuya: ...If you say that again, I will kill you.
  • Hiyoko unknowingly saves her own life by annoying Korekiyo so much that he no longer considers her a worthy "friend" for her sister.
  • During the Sports Festival, Toko (as Genocide Jack) finds both Byakuya and Yasuhiro. Poor Hiro is then ordered to detain Jack by Byakuya, much to his dismay.
  • During the Winter Seasonal Event, one of the possible options that Byakuya have is this: Byakuya tries to have a peaceful moment to drink coffee inside a quiet classroom... only for Jack to find him. The Oh, Crap! moment that pops up when Byakuya found out that Jack is there is priceless.
  • Kyoko and Peko meet in the bleachers to cheer on their respective teams. They manage about as well as you'd expect.
  • Poor Mikan seems to can't catch a break here:
    • On the Winter Seasonal Event, Mikan meets Toko and tells her the importance of taking showers often, which makes sense given Toko's reputation as someone who Hates Baths. Then Mikan nervously tries to tell Toko about what would happen if Toko stays dirty... right as Toko sneezes and transforms into Genocide Jack.
    • Mondo tries to meet Mikan to cure his bloodied, injured hand. Mikan, panicking after seeing the amount of blood that is dripping from Mondo's hand, proceeds to trip twice before she even got to ask Mondo about the condition of his arm.
    • She also got the receiving end of a Jump Scare by Monokuma during the Sports Festival.
    • Hiyoko also still bullies Mikan, calling her "pig barf" during the events when they met together.
    • The School Festival is also not kind to her. In there, Mikan ends up in charge of the reception desk of the haunted house. Let's just say that her attempts at advertising the haunted house ended up being a massive Epic Fail. Only Sayaka's event at the haunted house went well for her. Meanwhile for the rest:
      • When Kirumi arrives there, she wants Mikan to guide her through the haunted house. She ends up panicking and causes trouble when she tripped down yet again.
      • While Keebo does have a prior engagement that makes him unable to enter the house, the words that she says to Keebo made him think that she discriminates against robots.
      • When she invites Toko, Toko's own lack of social skills rubs her in the wrong way and she proceeds to just leave as a result.
      • Finally, she offers Kaito to enter the haunted house, not knowing that Kaito's biggest fear is ghost-related. Unsurprisingly, Kaito gets sick and Mikan had to treat him as a result.
  • Mukuro, as the captain of one of the basketball teams participating during the School Festival, notices that Toko is missing. Later she finds out why Toko is missing: she had turned into Genocide Jack.
  • Apparently Izuru having really nice hair is canon now, as Genocide Jack can't help admiring his "long, luscious locks" and saying she's turned on a little.
  • Korekiyo and Genocide Jack have a discussion in which they each decide that the other isn't worthy to be murdered by them, and are about to move onto a chat about said murders when Sakura breaks them up.
  • Kyoko walking into Mukuro and Himiko arguing when the latter is preparing for her talent show. Mukuro getting tired of Himiko claiming her magic is real and asks Kyoko to prove otherwise, much to her annoyance.
  • Akane trying to challenge Mukuro to a fight with the latter asking if it's like a modelling match. However, once she works it out, Mukuro tries to get away with Akane chasing her down.

Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team (Space Mode)

  • If you choose the best possible choice ("Good, it looks like we both had lots of fun") on a date with Kokichi, he will state that he actually had a bad time... until he states that he was lying, as he actually had a great time.
  • When you go on a date to the gym, one of the options could be to take off your clothes. What is even better is that can be the best option for you to do in some paths (such as Kokichi and Miu). Some highlights:
    • While Ki-bo gets flustered at the suggestion, Shuichi will wonder if Ki-bo exposing his internal circuits counts as him getting "naked".
    • Tsumugi will say that her specialty is in putting clothes on, and then imply that Shuichi is only saying that because the player made him say it.
    • Kokichi will not strip, but he will approve anyway and suggest that Shuichi gets Tenko as a stripper.
    • Kaede will get flustered and state that it's something Shuichi should say after taking her out on a date, before catching herself and getting even more flustered.
    • Miu will go along with taking off her clothes in the gym, but she will also be very uncomfortable doing so and tell Shuichi to stop staring at her.
    • If you decide to take up Kokichi's schmuck bait for this, Tenko will say that Shuichi has revealed his true colors and tell him to strip so that she will show his body to the internet.
  • Shuichi can suggest that he and the student he invites "read a dirty book". Some of the funniest reactions include Kaito nonchalantly agreeing since they're both guys, Angie agreeing to watch Shuichi "exercise", Kokichi asking Shuichi if he needs to get laid and then offering that he join his secret organization (claiming that food, sleep, and sex will be given to him), and Miu making a dirty pun about "gettin' turned on around bitches in heat". There is also the fact that 7 out of 15 students have positive reactions to the suggestion.
  • A lot of Miu's responses tend to be her Comically Missing the Point in some way, usually, but not always, in the form of misinterpreting a clearly innocuous suggestion as something sexual. Some highlights:
    • Miu will take your suggestion that you and she "get [your] bodies moving" to mean that both of you go to the gym storage room and see what happens next.
    • If you tell Miu that you're getting "sleepy", she will think that you want to sleep with her and get nervous. In a similar manner, you can tell her that you're getting tired, and she will think that you want to fall on her in the hopes that one thing will lead to another.
    • You can suggest that you and she "get some fresh air". She will then get the idea of making an air purifier that makes the air taste like her musk.
      Shuichi: (to himself) ... That'd be the opposite of an air purifier.
    • You can suggest that you and Miu "drink something", but she will say that she is not thirsty. She will then panic and think you want to drug her and rough her up.
    • You can suggest that both of you "have a sword fight with rolled-up posters", but she will think that you want to punish her for making you angry and beg for mercy.
    • You can suggest that you and she burn the gym to the ground. Miu will assume that you want to use her "Instaburn" invention, which is, as she describes it, "for burning up social media accounts owned by ugly bitches who take too many selfies". That invention, however, will not cause burning anywhere else.
  • Just the fact that "Getting horny after a meal" is even an option for something that Shuichi could say. The other student's reactions are hilarious. For example...
  • Any time you select one of the more perverted choices (getting horny after a meal, taking off all your clothes, etc.) with Maki, the result is predictable, yet hilarious.

Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test


  • Despite disturbing qualities of it, this edit showing Celeste, Mikan and Korekiyo all doing their Madness Mantras ends with the mantras all being said at once. The effect ends up sounding like Mikan and Celeste are two bickering children while Korekiyo sounds like an exhausted mother trying to break them up.
  • This video featuring the V3 cast "singing" (or rather being matched with appropriate voices) "Rolling Girl" is mostly just beautiful...until it gets to Miu, who is inexplicably rapping.
  • The comedic, non-canon manga, Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gaki Comic Anthology, is generally hilarious throughout, but special mention goes to the chapter where Kokichi, thinking Maki is not maternal enough to be the ultimate child caregiver, somehow talks Gonta and Korekiyo into acting like babies. Or at least, Gonta had to be talked into it- Korekiyo is apparently "helping out of the kindness of his heart". The entire thing is hysterically bizarre, from Korekiyo getting too into it and calling Maki "nee-san" with a lustful expression (resulting in her slamming his head into the floor), Maki being such a good caregiver that Gonta, Kokichi, Tenko and Himiko all end up regressing and listening to her read a picture book, and in the English translation, Himiko flat-out saying "It certainly looks like ageplay." Keep in mind, while the manga is non-canon, it is still officially licensed and published by Ichijinsha, meaning quite a few people had to sign off on what seems like an artist inserting their fetish into the project.
  • In one chapter of a manga anthology, Angie keeps popping out of increasingly weird locations to ask Ryouma to discuss God with her, only to be ignored. This escalates to her clinging to the ceiling of his room and peeking over the stall when he's trying to use the toilet to get him to talk. They decide to settle things with a tennis match, which results in several students being knocked unconscious by flying balls. Furthermore, Angie doesn't know how to play, is using a paintbrush as a racket and had Miu create vibrating cardboard cutouts of her to help win the game. Shuichi is nearly hit by a ball and killed while entering the gym and discovers the ref is Kokichi, who is allowing the blatantly illegal moves because he thinks it's funny and has no idea what the rules are.
  • Some of the birthday tweets are pretty funny:
    • Miu complains very rudely that she didn't receive much fan mail, only to become shocked when she hears that doing so is unlikely to endear people to her, so she immediately agrees to do anything as long as they celebrate her birthday.
    • One of Kokichi's birthday tweets has him explaining he'd like to start a tech company so he can fix Kibo. It is somewhat unclear whether it's an insult or he actually broke Kibo.

From the demo:

    From the Demo 
  • Kokichi asking if robots have dicks or not.
    • This becomes even more hilarious as the Danganronpa V3 Anime Expo Panel ended up having "Ki-bo" give an answer to that question ("Ki-bo" did not give a "yes" or "no" answer, but he did say that he has to charge his batteries somehow).
  • After Tenko and Gonta stated that they are innocent, Miu went on to state this:
    Miu: We've already ruled out half the suspects? Shit, this is gonna be fuckin' easy!
  • When Himiko stated that she could use her magic to determine the culprit but her MP was not high enough to do that, Tsumugi asked if Himiko could recover her MP by sleeping at the inn only to realize that the class trial would have been over by then.
  • After Kaede went back to her room, Monokuma made Hajime and Makoto sleep there as well, claiming that their room is the "Protagonist Room". When Kaede objects to this since she is a girl, Monokuma goes on to ramble about boys and girls sleeping in the same room together is the dream of every middle school student.
    • People have already started to make doujins involving Kaede and 3P/4P. Speaking of which...
  • When Miu and Kaede talk about how they never met Yasuhiro before, Miu assumes that he was hidden from the other students because of this reason:
    Miu: Most likely sex! It must be considering his seedy looking appearance!
    • While we're on the subject of Miu, she also gives us this wonderful analogy beforehand:
    Miu: If ya ask me, solving this case is easier than... making a virgin cum in his pants!!
  • Himiko's introduction:
    Himiko: Prepare to be amazed. Fall to your knees. I am Himiko Yumeno, the Ultimate Mage.
    Kaede: …
    Makoto: …
    Himiko: … But… I'm officially called the Ultimate Magician.
    Kaede: Oooh, so you're a magician. You should've said that from the start. I mean, it makes sense though. Since magic doesn't exist.
    Himiko: ... Nyeh… Magic does exist.
    Kaede: Huh?
    Himiko: Because… I'm a mage.
    Kaede: You’re just a magician, right?
    Himiko: … Only on paper. I'm known as a magician, but that's just a ruse. I'm actually… A mage.
    Kaede: J-Just a ruse?
    Himiko: A group trying to hide magic's existence from the world labelled my magic as tricks. Because of this ruse, I became famous all over the world for performing tricks. But… I'm not a magician… I'm a mage… Nobody believes me…
    Kaede: There, there, don't be sad…
    Makoto: W-well, you could show us your magic? Then we would believe you…
    Kaede: Oh, that's right! Help us out with your magic! Take us back to when we originally-
    Himiko: Magic is not all-powerful. I can only do so much.
    Kaede: I-I see… Then… What can you do?
    Himiko: I can choose the card you picked, pull out coins, and release doves. Nyeh, if I get serious, I can even saw someone in half.
    Kaede: (Those are just ordinary magic tricks!)
  • Yasuhiro is the victim in the Demo, "dead" in the bathroom. Again. Monokuma even went on to lampshade how that was the "second time" Yasuhiro got killed.
  • Sometime during the class trial, both Hajime and Makoto ended up yelling a Catchphrase that they both stated in their games around the same time:
    Makoto: No, that's wrong!
    Hajime: Yeah! You’ve got that wrong!
    Monokuma: Oh? The two leads just said their catchphrases! Finally, this is getting exciting!!
  • When Kokichi stated that he has decisive evidence for determining the culprit, it leads to this dialogue:
    Gonta: You know who culprit is? That means everyone not have to get punished!
    Angie: Then after we hear Kokichi's statement, we can take the rest of the day off.
    Himiko: I can finally go back to my warm, familiar bed in the dorm.
    Tsumugi: Huh? You're used to it already?
  • When you are asked about the people who were fighting inside the protagonist room one of the incorrect answers was that it was Kaede and Shuichi in which a conversation of where everybody thought those two people were lovers ended up happening.
    Shuichi: ...What?
    Tenko: Um, so that's what they call...
    Kokichi: A lover's quarrel!
    Miu: You got quite a pair of ladyballs to start sluttin' it up when my life is on the line!
    Shuichi: N-No, that's not true! Kaede, why are you...?
    Maki: …What a waste of time. Hurry up and continue the discussion.
  • Kaito and Miu's banter during the trial. Kokichi's commentary makes it even funnier.
    Kaede: Of course, it was Hiro and the culprit.
    Kaito: Huh!? Really!?
    Miu: Who else would it be, dumbass!? You got shit for brains or somethin'?
    Kaito: Who you callin' a dumbass?! I’m Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
    Miu: Heeeeee!!! D-don’t raise your voice like that...
    Kokichi: Hey, you two idiots over there… Stop chit-chatting and keep this discussion moving.
    Miu: Hey! Don't lump me in with that idiot! You're talkin' to the gorgeous girl genius, Miu Iruma!
    Kokichi: Yup, you two should be lumped together. Your statements are on the same level.
  • When the Monokuma Cubs first show up, Kaede is still confused about how they keep referring to her as a protagonist. She asks Monodam about it, but Monodam doesn't say anything and they basically ignore her.
  • The ending of the demo reveals that Makoto and Hajime were in cahoots with Monokuma.
    Makoto: Hey, how was... our acting?
    Monokuma: Puhuhu! Not too shabby! I especially liked how you wasted everyone's time!
    Hajime: I was a little worried about the end there... Hope it was exciting enough. Welp, since we got through it smoothly, that's it for today!
    Monokuma: Smell ya later!
    Makoto: Good job everyone!
    Hajime: Good Job! See ya!
    ** Beat**
    Yasuhiro: Heeey! Wait for meee!