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     Confirmed/Jossed Theories 
We haven't seen the player character yet
As the title implies, the three characters we have seen so far are not, in fact, the player character. There isn't much evidence to back this u except that one of Robokoto's argument's looks like it is getting destroyed in a trailer, and that including him there is a second character with an ahoge. (Seen only in the silhouettes at the very end.)
  • Confirmed. A second PV show that the protagonist would be Kaede Akamatsu, a character that hadn't previously appeared. She does have an ahoge.
    • Original theory of not seeing the player character in promotional material yet is confirmed, but Kaede Akamatsu being the protagonist is jossed. She is executed in Chapter 1 after her supposed "murder" of Amami Rantarou.
    • The true protagonist is none other than the supposed Deuteragonist, Shuichi Saihara.

The "cyborg" character's talent is...
  • Ultimate Teacher. He might be an upgraded version of Alter Ego, and serve a similar role to Usami from the second game in trying to reform the students under his charge.
  • Ultimate Astronaut. He's not actually a robot, he's just wearing some sort of futuristic space suit.
    • Jossed. Kodaka's official statements state the character is supposed to be a robot.
      • "Astronaut" and "Robot" are not mutually exclusive; it could still be possible!
  • Ultimate Cyborg. Simple and to-the-point.
    • Mostly confirmed (his actual talent is SHSL Robot).
  • If he's the protagonist, then he might be the game's Lucky Student or ??? character.
    • It's not likely there will be a lucky student, as the game takes place in a prison.
    • Jossing this whole point since Kodaka never said that the character was a robot. He said he was some human who wore futuristic stuff to fit the environment.
      • He is confirmed to be the SHSL Robot
      • But Jossed to being SHSL Hope. This is later un-jossed.

The pigtail girl's talent is...
  • If she's the protagonist, she might be this game's Lucky Student or ??? character, though they've done these before. If they go with ???, a new spin on the concept is if she claims not to have a talent at all, adding to the mystery of what she's doing here.
  • Ultimate Mystery Writer. "Mystery writer" might be an useful talent for trials, since writing mysteries for a living would translate well to solving them.
  • Ultimate Lawyer. This is a series about trials, so having a bona-fide lawyer available would obviously be helpful.
  • Ultimate Something Related To Music. You can see in her character design that she has a treble clef hair clip. Usually character designs match up with their talent.
    • We already have an Ultimate Musician. Perhaps an Ultimate Composer?
    • She definitely has the air of a composer.She seems to be strict might possibly be a perfectionist
    • Ibuki's "Ultimate Musician" title is actually a mistranslation. In reality, her title should be "Ultimate Light Music Club Member". So anything is possible.
  • Alternatively,based on her character design,she could be the Ultimate Florist considering she has a flower pin on her blouse.
  • Actually, her talent seems to be SHSL Childcare Worker or SHSL Nursery School Teacher
  • All jossed. She lies about being SHSL Nursery School Teacher to deflect suspicion from herself and is actually SHSL Assassin.

The goatee dude's talent is...
  • Ultimate Thief. He seems to have the right amount of smugness and shadiness to pull the concept off. Thief would make for an useful talent for investigations(being able to get into places he's not supposed to be).
  • Ultimate Lawyer. For similar reasons as above.
  • He seems to be the SHSL Astronaut.

The girl with the pigtails is the actual protagonist.
In the silhouettes depicting the new cast, she appears to assume the central position, while the other assumed protagonist (robo-Naegi) is off to the side. Also, after two games where the protagonists were the "normal" students in a cast of over-the-top talented students, an obvious robot seems like a bit too much of a departure. Maybe the "robo-Naegi" character is a Decoy Protagonist, and might even end up as the first victim, after which the real protagonist takes over. She doesn't have the protagonist hair, but if there's an Ultimate Barber/Hairdresser in the cast, she might end up having an Important Haircut.
  • Except this is pure nonsense seeing how the cyborg looking student isn't even a robot as confirmed by Kodaka and his ahoge would give him more a chance of being MC over the pigtails girl. The reasoning for her on how she would be the protagonist is baseless speculation and honestly pure nonsense, More evidence goes towards the cyborg looking student being protagonist for now.
    • To this point, the protagonists haven't stood out among the rest of the cast, and they've been the least over-the-top. Why would they suddenly make the protagonist of the next game stand out?
  • To end this debate before things get out of hand:
    • I am squarely on the side of those who believe the theory is baseless. The cast silhouettes are very likely non final in positioning and even then it's not like they add to anything, are you suggesting that the muscle character is a main character? Because I find that hard to believe.
    • The evidence towards the Robo-Naegi not being protag is pretty bunk as well since the new set-up is made to show the protagonist he's front and centre on the promo art on the site, has the most promotion and, as always, has an Idiot Hair. Given everything, I'd honestly be surprised he isn't protag.
    • Are you forgetting that the novels' protagonists and their quirks? Or the dozen or so other main characters in the franchise with their own traits? Honestly, considering what happens to Naegi and Hinata at the end of their games, I'd say the only 100% "normal" protagonist is Komaru.
  • Chill. It's wild mass guessing for a reason, there's no need to try and "prove" a theory as "nonsense" or "baseless". Since DRV3 is the beginning of a new act, it's not impossible that it will break previous series conventions. Especially in a series like Danganronpa that loves to surprise the viewer.
  • Jossed, the protagonist was revealed in another PV, it's Kaede Akamatsu, who hadn't appeared yet.
  • All jossed. The protagonist is Shuuichi Saihara.
    • Well, jossed from our perspective. In universe, Kiibo is technically the protagonist, being the audience surrogate for this game.

Guessing about the Talents
So, due to the students this time hardly dressing as student, it might be harder to try and guess, but who knows can be right? This is just a wild guess.

  • Kaede Akamatsu
    • Ultimate Composer. Due to the musical theme on her, and the fact that a Musician already exists.
    • Ultimate Musician, because technically, Ibuki is the Light Music Club Member, not Musician.
      • Alternatively, she could just be good at a particular instrument.
      • Confirmed. she is the SHSL Pianist.
  • Key-bo
    • There's already a WMG for him.
    • Later revealed to be the SHSL Robot.
      • Later Jossed as SHSL Hope
  • Maki Harukawa
    • There's already a WMG for her.
    • Later revealed to be the SHSL Nursery Teacher.
      • Later revealed to be lying about her talent to avoid suspicion; she is actually SHSL Assassin.
  • Kaito Momota
    • There's already a WMG for him.
    • Later revealed to be the SHSL Astronaut.
  • Miu Iruma
    • Ultimate Aviator. Due to the glasses she is wearing.
    • Ultimate Dominatrix. A weird talent, but matches the accessories she is using.
    • Ultimate Daredevil. Would also fit with the goggles.
    • Ultimate Mad Scientist/Roboticist. In this promo art she seems to have a backpack with robot arms coming out the side.
      • Almost. She is the SHSL Inventor
  • Korekiyo Shinguuji
    • Ultimate Assassin.
    • Ultimate Surgeon. The mask and bandaged hands might fit into this.
    • Ultimate Ninja. Looks sort of ninja-esque.
    • Ultimate Actor, on the box art he holds a second mask, this one covers his face, it could be possible that he is just in costume.
    • All jossed. He is the SHSL Folklore Specialist
  • Kokichi Ouma
    • Ultimate Chess Player. Due to the scarf.
    • Ultimate Escape Artist, he appears to be wearing some kind of tattered straight jacket
    • Ultimate Racer. The scarf could also fit a race car driver.
    • Ultimate Lunatic. If the straight jacket isn't for show.
    • All jossed. He is the SHSL Supreme Ruler.
  • Ryuuma Hoshi
    • Ultimate Smuggler.
    • Ultimate Thug, just for the sheer hilarity of it.
    • Ultimate Mime. Under his jacket he appears to be wearing a striped shirt and pants. That and the pale face might suggest a mime.
    • Ultimate Lockpick. He's got what might be a makeshift pick in his mouth, the logo on his hat looks a bit like two keys, and the chain around his ankle might be some bizarre thematic element.
    • Ultimate Tennis Player, in the box art it looks like he his holding a tennis racket and the symbols on his hat resemble them as well. Considering his size, it would be pretty funny if he was.
      • Confirmed.
  • Tenko Chabashira
    • Ultimate Ninja. Her pinwheel kind of look like that 4 sided huge kunai, but that might be a long shot.
    • Ultimate Skater. It's hard to tell her talent from her appearance.
    • Both jossed. She is the SHSL Aikidou Master.
  • Gonta Gokuhara
    • Ultimate Bug Catcher. Due to the compartment he is holding.
    • Ultimate Entomologist. Which might make more sense.
      • Confirmed.
  • Angie Yonaga
    • Ultimate Painter. She seems to be wearing brushes on her skirt.
      • Almost. She is SHSL Art Club Member.
    • Ultimate Survivalist. A wild guess, but originally, I thought the brushes were blades of some sort, combined with the coat, she seemed like a survivalist to me.
    • Ultimate Lifeguard. Due to wear a bikini, a bright colored coat and a SHSL Swimmer already exists, a lifeguard seems to be the closest to it.
    • Ultimate Sand Sculptor. Would combine the apparent beach and artistic themes.
    • Ultimate Marine Biologist.
  • Himiko Yumeno
    • Ultimate Occultist. Simply due to the fact that witch would be weird.
    • Ultimate Cult Leader. On the theory of the group actually have all criminal talents.
    • Ultimate Magician. Maybe she's a stage magician that dresses like a witch.
      • Confirmed
    • Ultimate Cosplayer. Or she's cosplaying as a witch character from an anime. These games usually have someone to fill the "nerd" archetype, after all.
  • Tsumugi Shirogane
    • Ultimate Librarian. She looks similar to Touko, so I'm guessing a literary talent.
    • Ultimate Falsifier. If they all have criminal talents.
    • Ultimate Forger. Again, if all talents are crime related.
    • All jossed. She is the SHSL Cosplayer.
  • Kirumi Toujou
    • Ultimate Maid. A maid is different than a Housekeeper, so I'm guessing that from the headband.
      • Confirmed.
    • Ultimate Seamstress
  • Shuuichi Saihara
    • Ultimate Guard. Since his clothes look remarkably like a Japanese guard.
    • Ultimate Soccer Player. He could also be wearing an athletic uniform with a cap.
    • Both jossed. He is the SHSL Detective.
  • Rantarou Amami
    • Ultimate Surfer. He seems to be wearing clothes fitting of someone who spends a long time in a beach.
    • Jossed. He is our SHSL ??? for this round.
      • Later revealed to be the SHSL Survivor, who has survived two killing games before this one.

Tsumugi Shirogane will speak in shout-outs
Bonus points if she has several shout-out costumes and her changing outfits indicates changes in her personality.
  • Confirmed, she does quotes her favorite shows
  • Confirmed also for changing clothes.

Guessing about the Voice Cast
Please note that we are not guessing who's going to voice Monokuma in both Japanese and English, as we all know that Tarako is taking over for Nobuyo Oyama, and, well, I think we can safely assume that Brian Beacock will reprise the role in the English version. We are also not guessing who Kaede Akamatsu's Japanese voice actress is, as we already know that it's Sayaka Kanda.

Kaede's music notes have nothing to do with her talent.
Instead it's just a reference to her voice actress Sayaka Kanda, who sings the OP and ED of Dangan Ronpa 3 Side:Future
  • Jossed. She is the SHSL Pianist.

Iruma and Ouma were already friends/coworkers
Perhaps as magician and assistant. I cannot think of any other practical reason for their getup... well, besides the obvious...
  • Jossed due to Yumeno being the Magician. It remains to be seen if Iruma and Ouma have some other connection, though.
  • Actually Confirmed. Just like Dangan Ronpa 1, everyone know each other before being mind wiped by the Big Bad
    • Sorry, Jossed... possibly. Depending on interpretation. The flashback lights made them think they knew each other before the events of the game. Tsumugi claims that they all auditioned to be part of this, but we don't know for certain how much we can believe her words. As such, we can't say for certain if they auditioned or not, or even what their real pasts are. As such, we don't know whether they knew each other or not.

This game takes place in an Alternate Universe where the Despairing Incident didn't happen.

Perhaps Danganronpa 3 will end with Naegi going back in time to prevent the Despairing Incident from happening. This game might therefore take place in a new timeline where Ultimate Despair failed, and the creation of this new school might be a consequence of that failure. The creators did cite Back to the Future as an influence in the new game during interviews.

  • Jossed unless we missed some scenes.
  • The alternate universe part is confirmed but not in the way you would think.
  • Now jossed since the idea is confirmed a false information. It was more like still unknown. Based on the current ending it is confirmed for alternate reality; jossed for what happened (i.e.: nothing to do with the Despairign Incident, BUT with the possibility that explaination itself is a lie.

Alternatively, the maid girl is named Munakata, and she's the descendant of Kyosuke and Chisa
Given that they were from Class 74, it's not outside the realm of possibility that the two had a child before the final killing game. The maid girl also appears to have gray hair, and if she's an Ultimate Maid she would have a similar talent to Chisa's.
  • Jossed. Danganronpa 3 most likely doesn't take place in the same universe as V3 because, according to the mastermind, all of Danganronpa 1, 3 and everything in between is fictional.

The talent designator for the students is not "Super High School Level".

Gifted Inmates Academy is explicitly said to be the Spiritual Successor to Hopes Peak. Going off this logic, it be...a bit odd, to say the least, if they retained the SHSL designator the talents. Furthermore, changing it would help push forwards a concept that the creators want to push forwards, that this is a new scenario and setting. Of course, that raises the question of how the localization would handle it...

  • Going solely from what we have the title might be "Gifted XXX" like, "Gifted Mechanic" or "Gifted Robot". But then again the SHSL and, on a lesser level, Ultimate title are one of the symbols of the franchise, so they might not give up on it.
  • Appears to be jossed, the students will have Super High School talents (though they haven't been revealed yet).
  • Jossed, their SHSL talents were announced.

The characters will be Ultimate Criminals
We've already had an ultimate Biker Gang Leader and an Ultimate Yakuza. Because the characters seem to be in juvenile detention, I believe they all will have criminal talents- e.g., an Ultimate Hacker, Street Racer, Cultist, Con Artist, etc.
  • Jossed, they're all still Super High School Levels, and their talents don't really have anything to do with crime.
  • Not only that, their talents were just implanted to their brain.

There'll be a new game mode just for lies
Lies are one of the bases of the new game's ideal, so there'll be a separate game mode during judgement to fabricate lies, but i have no idea how that mode would work out.
  • Jossed, lies will be used in the Non-Stop Debate, by pressing a certain button, a Truth Bullet becomes a Lie Bullet, you don't need to actually fabricate the lie.

     Settings/Timeline related 
This game is not a complete Continuity Reboot, but takes place in the future.

Since Danganronpa 3 will be wrapping up the stories of Hope's Peak and Naegi, I'm guessing this game will take place in the future after the world has recovered enough from the Despairing Incident for a new school for talented students to open. Some of the new students here might be descendants of characters from the last two games.

  • Jossed. Just like many thing Team DR claimed, not a Continuity Reboot itself is a lie.

The game takes place on a timeline where The Tragedy never happened, but someone wants it to happen
This is a pretty wild guess, but what if the plot takes place on a timeline where Junko never fulfilled her plans, possibly, never became the Ultimate Despair. Maybe Kaede is actually the Junko from that timeline, but she never fell in despair, and the game is meant so she would.

Following the line, maybe the characters are alternate timeline versions of the Student Council, since the Tragedy never happened, they wouldnt have killed each other, and the mastermind believes that is the way to restart the Tragedy on that timeline. Plus, I believe the mastermind would be that timeline's Mukuro who wants to create a Junko to lead the world into despair.

  • By the ending it is a mere alternate universe with no relationship to the Tragedy, but even then there is a possibility the explaination is a lie itself. Not confirmed nor jossed.

The Gifted Inmates' only "crime" is having talent
In a future following The Tragedy, humanity still remembers who was responsible. That one young woman with an exceptional talent decided it would be fun to end the world. If Junko Enoshima and the kids of Ultimate Despair proved anything it was that anyone with any talent, no matter how harmless it may sound, could use that talent to make others suffer. And so, despite the best efforts of groups like the Future Foundation and the new Hope's Peak Academy, society decided the only safe thing to do was take everyone with talent and lock them away where they couldn't use those talents to hurt normal people. Thus, Gifted Inmates Academy.Alternatively, thanks to people fearing those with talent, the Gifted Inmates Academy was founded by a new group (possibly Hajizuru and the Remnants of Despair). They take those who society fears because they possess talent and bring them to the school with the intent of training them to use that talent to help mankind ala the Xavier Institute from X-Men. And then Monokuma happens...

The students are in the academy because they used their talents to commit crimes
We know we are dealing with prison, but since the previous theory that the students are SHSL Criminals was jossed, the truth might be that the group is stuck there, because they used their talents to commit crimes. For example: Tsumugi might have disguised herself to commit an assault, Miu might make killing machines, Himiko for thievery using illusionism, Maki might be a serial killer that uses kids as victim or bait and so on.

The group was brought there to rehabilitation, the reason why the Killing Game started though, I have no theory. Most likely someone decided they don't deserve redemption.

  • If that's true, Kaede might have composed a Despair Song, similar to Mitarai's Despair Video.
  • Semi-confirmed. Ryoma kills mafia members with tennis. For one.

The Gifted Inmates program exists to prevent the rise of a second Junko
The inmates aren't imprisoned solely because they possess talent or because they used them to commit crimes. In the future, Japan may have moved into an Orwellian level of control to prevent the Tragedy from ever happening again. As a result, while they reinstated the system of collecting high school students with talent, it now has a secondary purpose of filtering out troublemakers. Knowing that Junko Enoshima was not only insane, but also completely unrestricted by a school obsessed with researching talent, they've taken what they see as the necessary steps to ensure someone like her never rises to power again. That means scanning the country for talented high schoolers for admittance to the new academy. If any of them show signs of being problem individuals, they're imprisoned without trial inside a dome, possibly forever.

The game is set in a One-World Dictatorship
There's never been any kind of specification about where V3 takes place, only vague names like "the state" and "the nation." Kirumi was also selected to be the bodyguard of the "head" of the nation. Perhaps the future of V3 has a One World Order ruled by a single leader. This could play a major role in the students' imprisonment.


The first murder will be an accident.
Going with the tradition. Leon killed Maizono on accident, and Teruteru killed the wrong person.
  • Confirmed. Kaede Akamatsu accidentally kills Rantarou Amami while she was trying to kill the Mastermind.
    • Subverted. Kaede is framed by the true killer, the mastermind.

The first victim will be a character you wouldn't expect to be victim
Also going with tradition, Sayaka was made out as the main love interest of the game, and Fauxgami was supposedly a survivor of the previous game.
  • My guess is that the first victim or killer will be robo-Naegi.
  • Depend what you mean by "unexpected". Amami is the "victim", and the "protagonist" Kaede is the Culprit and executed.

Saihara will be a murderer
And not just and murderer, he will be the first one to kill someone. However, starting from the prologue and all the way up until near the end of the first trial, Saihara will be not exactly close to Kaede but helpful and will help in the trial. While letting Kaede take the lead, he will help her with recalling evidence, however he will only talk about evidence that leads suspicion away from him and brush aside anything incriminating before he accidentally hints that he is the real killer.
  • Jossed. In fact you play as him.

Either Amami, Suuichi, or Kaede herself are the Sayaka Maizono of the game.
Which is to say, they're made more important than they actually were in-story, and all the time building them up to be important, main characters will be just to throw another curveball at the audience so they can pay attention to the real star of the show:
  • In Amami's case, it's like the other WMGs describe as setting up his talent and then doing jack all with it by the time he gets murdered in the first chapter. Character-wise, most people would think he'd be important because he looks similar to Komaeda and carries his mysterious air, only for that too to be ignored in favor of other survivors.
  • Suuichi's case is the same— bring back an established and long-surviving SHSL talent, and then have that person become irrelevant or on the wrong side of the case in the early stages.
  • In Kaede's case, she might be the viewpoint character for a Chapter or two before she gets killed, is a murder, or dies somehow.
  • You could probably add Kiibo, Maki, and Kaito to this list, the teaser images made them all look really important, with Kiibo, and to a lesser extent, Maki, serving as Decoy Protagonists
  • Confirmed. Amami is the first victim, while Kaede is the first culprit and got executed. Then Amami is discovered to be actually alive.
    • Jossed. He's truly dead.
    • Amami is also not as important as he's made out to be, despite his ??? talent, so that is at least confirmed. Jossed however on all other accounts.

If she isn't a murderer, Kirumi will be an accomplice
As a maid, Kirumi would be very good at cleaning this, so she could tamper with the evidence. This makes sense if she was a killer, or from a killer's perspective finding a way to get her to help you without her giving you away would be a serious help.
  • Confirmed. Culprit of Chapter 2

Ryouma Hoshi will survive the game.
Both to subvert the "Non-Standard Character Design character dying" tradition, and to fulfill the "dumbass that survives mostly due to pure luck" position.
  • Jossed.

The loose "formula" the previous two games followed will be subverted
It seems like the thing they'd do for it. My guesses are:
  • There will be a character who gets a bunch of Character Development in the first chapter, and we'll all expect them to die first. They end up not dying/being the first murderer.
  • The third case will appear to be a double murder, but will possibly end up being 2 people killing at once OR a murder suicide.
  • The fourth case will involve the big guy, however if he is the victim, he was killed out of malice, or he's the murderer.
  • The main trio of the game does not involve the protagonist- it's Robo-Nagito, Twintails, and Purple Guy, and the members of Kaede's trio will be early victims.
  • Depend on your point of view... Jossed. It followed the Advertised Extra, Self-Sacrifice led to culprit, Chapter 5 brutal corpse disposal, Chapter 3 double murder...
    • Not entirely Jossed. Chapter 1 has Kaede as the killer, and Saihara survives. Chapter 4 does have the big guy as the killer, so that's confirmed. And he got the main trio two thirds right: except instead of Kiibo, it's Saihara. Also, to add to this whole idea of subverting tradition, Ultimate Hope isn't part of the power trio and dies, the rival isn't part of the power trio, and only two of the power trio survive (as opposed to all three in the first game, and only one in the second).

The murder cases in New Dangan Ronpa V3 will not follow the "formula" of the murder cases we've seen in the previous two games.
Or at least, not in the same order as the previous games. E.g., the first murder victim will not be an unimportant character initially set up to be important (to be honest, this one specifically I'm not so sure on), the second murder case won't involve serial killers in any way, etc. It's just a hunch, but seeing as how DRV 3 is supposed to be the start of a new saga, I do hope that the writers use the "setup" of the previous games as an opportunity to exploit players' expectations and completely throw them off.
  • Jossed. In fact it fits to the Tee.

Tsumugi Shirogane, the Ultimate Cosplayer, will at one point disguise as another of the students
Would be a clever use of her costuming skills. Maybe she'll dress as someone else to try framing them?
  • Jossed. She's the Mastermind of the game.

Someone will use Kiibo to commit murder
Someone, most likely Iruma herself or someone using her tech, will hack Kiibo and force him to commit murder. Once this is revealed in the trial I can see a few things happening:
  • The player will discover this fact, figure out who hacked Kiibo, and execute them, since unlike with Peko, Kiibo would only be seen as the murder weapon, not the murderer. After helping Kiibo, Kaede will help him out of some Herioc BSOD and they'll join forces to discover the mastermind
  • The player will be forced to execute Kiibo since he'd still be considered the killer, and the following chapter will be about the characters growing distrust of each other since one of them was the one who used Kiibo to kill someone else.
  • Either Kiibo or the hacker will be considered an accomplice, resulting in the death of who ever was considered the blackened and extreme punishment towards the other.
    • Half Jossed, Half Confirmed, it was revealed that Ki-Bo was used but not as a weapon of murder but as a Cameraman. But he was unaware of it, until the mastermind told him on the 6th Trial.

Predictions for the first victim:
In the first two games, the first victim has been someone surprising; a person who seemed to have Plot Armor and a bigger role in the story. It's likely that the third game will continue the trend. Some possibilities as to who dies first:
  • Kaede: The biggest twist would be to introduce a Decoy Protagonist - the person who you thought was the protagonist actually dies first, and the real protagonist was someone else. However, I don't think this will be the case for Kaede, given the focus her abilities have gotten in the previews.
    • Confirmed, sorta. You do play as her for the Prologue and Chapter 1, but she's later revealed to be the culprit and is executed.
  • Shuuichi: As this game's Ultimate Detective, his abilities will prove invaluable during trials. His talent is very likely to elevate him to the position of deuteragonist if he lasts very long. So, having him die early would be quite the twist.
    • Jossed. He becomes the main protagonist after Kaede dies.
  • Rantaro: Likewise, the position of Ultimate ??? has always turned out to be important in this series. So it's possible this will get subverted by killing Rantaro off before his talent is revealed.
    • Confirmed.
  • Keebo: Keebo has gotten a lot of focus in the previews, which is often a sign of the Red Herring character that dies first.
  • Maki: Like Keebo, Maki got a lot of focus in the previews, but the focus on her isn't as strong now that the other characters have been revealed. Either she's going to be important to the plot, or an early victim.
    • Jossed. Ki-Bo is the last person to die and Maki is the survivor.

Predictions for who will kill/be killed/survive/be the mastermind
  • Survivors: Kaede (after all the BS with Aoi and Kyoko in DR3, I doubt Kodaka has the balls to kill off the main protagonist), Maki (probably going to end up The Lancer), Gonta (his personality is too kind for murder, but taking him out would be another case of Big Guy Fatality Syndrome - boring!), Miu (no logical reason, I just like her design), Ryouma (Badass Baritone and ugly design scream killer, but he'll probably turn out to be innocent and eventually make it through)
  • Murderers: Tsumugi (cosplays could easily be used as a disguise), Angie (I dunno, something's just off about her), Tenko (will probably kill a dude after thinking "Oh, he's going to grope me" or something), Kaito (will probably be a subversion of the Butt-Monkey who proves too unimportant to kill off), Shuichi (subversion of the intelligent lancer, sorta like Nagito was)
  • Victims: Kokichi (subversion of the jackass who turns over a new leaf and survives), Korekiyo (someone will feel threatened by his incredibly off-putting appearance and waste him), Ki-bo (someone will think What Measure Is a Non-Human?), Kirumi (I feel like she might stumble on a murder or preparations for the same and get He Knows Too Much pulled on her), Himiko (will piss off everyone with a poor attitude, and someone will decide to ice her)
    • Some are confirmed, most are jossed. Kaito was a culprit, Kokichi was a victim, and Maki survived. 18.75% success rate - that's worse than Hagakure!
  • The Mastermind: Rantaro (he pretends to be helpful, but is actually your lunatic enemy)
    • Jossed. It's Shirogane.
    • Alternatively: The multiple Monokumas are because there's multiple masterminds; going by the initial reveal poster, it's going to be Maki (her "deep love" capacity is warped-she thinks the Warriors of Hope had the right idea, and most adults deserve to be killed), Kaito (his weirdness is a cover for his disgust for humanity), and Kii-bo (he's long decided that Humans Are the Real Monsters).
    • Jossed. He's the SHSL Survivor and saves the students at the end of the game.
    • Double Jossed. He didn't survive and Ki-Bo sacrificed himself to save the students to finally end the game at the cost of his life.
  • Jossed. Kaede died in the first chapter.

The survivors based on third trailer.
Going by this image from the third trailer. It looks like Kaede, Tenko, Shuichi, Ki-bo, Himiko and Kokichi will survive, or at least be the final six. These six people do fit the "formula" of the usual survivors. However, please keep in mind that Danganronpa is made by a Trolling Creator, so its safe to Never Trust a Trailer. But on the off chance they slipped up, here is why these characters have the strongest chance of surviving:
  • Kaeda: Being the protagonist usually means your likely to survive.
    • Jossed.
  • Tenko: Like previous survivors Aoi and Akane, Tenko would fits the "athletic girl" criteria.
    • Jossed.
  • Shuichi: Being the V3 version of "Kirigiri" (who survived 2 killing games).
    • Confirmed.
  • Ki-bo: Well he basically looks like "Robo-Makoto", and Makoto tend to survive these kind of things. It would also be a subversion of the Token Nonhuman being killed off, like with Chiaki, Gekkogahara, and Nidai (when he was turned into a robot).
    • Confirmed.
    • But Jossed in the end.
  • Himiko: She seem to be shaping up as the "Hiyoko" so the group, and remember Hiyoko was originally planned to be one of the survivors in DR2 before her spot was given to Fuyuhiko.
    • Confirmed.
  • Kokichi: Like Byakuya, Fuyuhiko, and Munakata, Kokichi would be the "jerk" character that survives.
    • Jossed.
    • I don't think so. In the trailer, it pans up and continues until Monokuma pops out, just like he did in the previous games. It's probably the panning shot of his introduction at the beginning of the game, just cut weirdly so we don't see the other students.
  • Survivor: Shuichi, Himiko and Maki

The first victim will be Amami, the deuteragonist will be Ki-Bo, based on the demo
On the demo, Makoto and Hajime take Amami and Ki-bo's places on the class trial, meaning that there's a chance one(or neither) of them took part on the first Class Trial, and could be substituted on the demo. The fact that a Deuteragonist for this game has never been specified might also be connected. On the demo, Makoto was the closest thing Kaede had to an investigative aide, meaning that the deuteragonist is yet undefined.

My belief though that Ki-bo is the deuteragonist and Amami is the Sacrificial Lamb comes from the fact that Amami is the sole character that doesn't have a sprite specific for the Scrum Debate. You can see in the images that the sprite used for him in the Scrum Debate is actually a sprite he has normally while everybody else has personalized sprites. This means that they didn't bother making one, because they knew they wouldn't use it anyway. Besides, Amami has been so heavily advertised that it's starting to get suspicious, while Ki-Bo has appeared in the cover for the special edition, which is makes his role of importance in the plot more cemented, like how Nagito was in the cover for the OST of SDR2 and Chiaki had a special place in extra material.

  • Confirmed for Amami being Chapter 1 victim. Also correct for KI-BO

Angie will be like Celeste/Mikan/Ruruka and commit an unsympathetic murder halfway through the game
A Recurring Element within the franchise is how a female tends to commit an unsympathetic murder halfway through the game. I kinda feel like Angie may do it as she may commit a murder because "god told her to". She stated that the sacrifice truck comes twice a week to collect blood hinting that she may not the most morally good character.
  • Jossed. The third culprit isn't female.
    • The third culprit is Korekiyo Shinguji.

If Himiko commits a murder, one detail of it will never be properly explained and it will end in the player questioning whether she really used magic
  • Jossed. Himiko is a survivor.

Predictions for the Mastermind
Post 'em if you got 'em, preferably with reasoning.

  • Rantaro: His talent will be something like Ultimate Psychologist, and he's running this as an experiment.
  • Miu: She's a Mad Scientist who built the Monkuma Cubs.
  • Angie: Because it's always the cute, demure ones-the god she worships is a God of Evil.
  • Korekiyo: He started the killing game specifically to test his pet theory on humans.
  • Jossed for all. It's Tsumugi

    Character related 

The protagonist will be the one student who is innocent of any prior wrongdoing, or has no idea why they ended up at the inmates' academy.
The reasons why they ended up there will be one of the mysteries that will be important to the plot.
  • Adding evidence to this, the teaser trailer shown at TGS 2015 shows a trial of 8 Kurokuma, 7 Shirokuma and one Monomi. How very suspicious. Of course, it could be just part of a twist that one of the students is innocent, not the protagonist.
    • But then again, I've seen Kurokuma being used as stand in for males and Shirokuma for females, if there are equal number of males and females in the game, then the Monomi might represent the pigtail girl. Then again, it could also mean any given character of the plot.
      • It is now likely, going by the colors and how there's only one Monomi, that Monomi represents Kaede.

Cyborg-kun is a prison guard.
And he's not the only cyborg skulking about, but for whatever reason, he was the only one to be captured or spared. The unfortunate situation hasn't shaken his contempt for the inmates (indeed, it may have worsened it), and he initially has little interest in cooperating with them, since his job is to keep them out of "civilized society" no matter the cost—and death is very effective at that.
  • Jossed, he's also caught in the killing game.
Cyborg-kun's primary character arc will involve overcoming this contempt and realizing that, prisoner or no, the inmates are still human beings worthy of compassion and don't deserve to be put through mutual killing.

Kaede Akamatsu and Rantarou Amami knew each other before the game started
  • Each game features two and only two characters that knew each other prior to the game starting (Naegi and Maizono in DR1, Kuzuryuu and Pekoyama in SDR2). As pointed out here, Amami's birth flower is the maple, which is "Kaede" in Japanese. I refuse to believe that this is a coincidence and am going to guess that the two knew each other beforehand.
    • We already seen a screenshot of Akamatsu telling Saihara "This is the first time I'm meeting another Super High School Level"
  • confirmed. That's why the Big Bad wipe their mind, and even then it didn't stick.

Two of the students are siblings.

The silhouettes depict two girls who are clearly wearing witch hats and are standing next to each other. This suggests that these characters are related somehow. They possibly might be sisters, with the shorter one being a Child Prodigy that was able to skip grades.

  • Looking at the silhouettes again, while the shorter one to the right is clearly wearing a hat, it's less clear with the one to the left. Though the head might look vaguely hatted if you squint right, those could also be hair spikes. That doesn't mean they may or may not be siblings, though.
  • The silhouettes were Yumeno and Chabashira, it was just that the latter's bow looked like a hat.

Amami's actual talent is...
Since he's this game's "mystery student", his talent will be revealed to be:
  • Ultimate Thief. Since a previous mystery student turned out to be an Ultimate Detective, making him an Ultimate Thief would be a nice contrast. It may also serve to create a rivalry between him and this game's Detective.
  • Ultimate Survivor. He gained this title from surviving a previous mutual killing game. But did he beat the mastermind, or did he graduate?
  • Ultimate Assassin. Because that's not the sort of talent you'd want to be up-front about.
  • ???. Because we always expect the mystery student to be important, they subvert this by killing Amami off before we learn his talent. Neither he nor his talent turn out to be of any importance to the story. He's the Ultimate Red Herring.
  • Ultimate Zero. Amami claims to have no talent at all. He's actually part of an anti-talent terrorist organization who blames talented people for the Tragedy and seeks to wipe them out. They'll be suggested early on as a possible culprit for the identity of the mastermind, but turn out to be a red herring.
  • confirmed for Ultimate Survivor. Got it by involving in both DR 51 and DR 52 game.

Ouma is actually president of a soda drink company
Unlike most of the other characters who have a bunch of props showing their talent, Ouma just has a cape and a bottle of grape soda. While the cape make sense, the Ultimate Dictator holding some soda makes no sense until you remember that his title could also translate to president. Possibly, his could just be in charge of a very successful company but due to eccentric dreams of grandeur he would call himself a dictator just because he could.
  • It's worth noting that he's holding a Panta. Its real life counterpart, Fanta, was invented in Nazi Germany. It's tenuous, but there there is a connection.
  • Jossed, he's the leader of a prankster group.
One of the students is lying about their talent.
Because of the new mechanic of Lie Bullets, and deception apparently being an important aspect of the story, it would be an interesting twist if someone was lying about what their talent really is. The revelation of their real talent will be an important plot point. They've sort of done this before with the Ultimate Impostor, but it was only revealed posthumously.
  • Or the talent is a derivative of their true talent, such as Ultimate Analyst becomes Ultimate Fashionista
  • Confirmed. Maki is actually Ultimate Assassin. And to be honest, aside from Amami, eveyrone is actually just good, but not SHSL

Ouma will have an underling in the Killing Game
Ouma's dictator status might mean that someone in the group is already under him.
  • Partly confirmed. In the fourth trial a glitched Gonta avatar works for him but outside the simulator nobody really likes him.

Ouma's true talent is to turn the environment he is in into a dictatorship
Ouma can't be a dictator anywhere and still be in the game, the most likely thing to happen is that he can make the environment he is into a dictatorship. For example, if he is in the student council, he can manipulate and control people around him to depose the current Student Council President and give him the head position, and rom there, make everybody follow his orders. He would be able to make this anywhere he is in, including a classroom, he would try to do it in the Killing Game, but as previous installments showed that talents aren't foolproof, Kaede's stronger influence than him stops him from doing the same on the Killing Game, similar to what Byakuya and Makoto did in the first game. For that reason, and the fact that influence-related talented characters always survive (Byakuya was the son of a influent family, Fuyuhiko was the successor to a big mafia family and Sonia was a princess), I believe he will make it to the end of the game.
  • Jossed.

Kirumi has a prior relationship with one of the other students.
Kirumi's stoic demeanor gives off a similar vibe to Peko from DR 2. Perhaps, like Peko, she serves as the maid/bodyguard to one of the other students, and their relationship figures into the plot later on. My guesses for her "partner" would be either Ouma or Tenshi.
  • Jossed.

Angie will turn out to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing
In the recent famitsu scan Angie, Tenko, and Himiko are all simultaneously declaring themselves not the murderer. Himiko and Tenko are getting angry/scared by these allegations while Angie upbeat. Considering that she might now have a 1/3 chance of being a culprit, maybe she plays up being cutesy to make people think she wouldn't be capable of killing someone.
  • Jossed.

Kiibo will be the Kirigiri/Nanami of the game
In the sense that he will help Kaede with the investigations. After a rough start, the two will bound and he will put his recording functions to use to keep careful track of alibis to help her solve the case.
  • Jossed. He is the Naegi of the game.

If Kaito is a culprit at some point, his execution will seemingly start out as a Call-Back to the "Space Journey" execution from the first game, but it'll turn out to be a Bait-and-Switch.
  • Confirmed.

Kokichi isn't really a dictator- he's just insane
The fact that his attire consists of an undone straitjacket could suggest he's just a mentally ill student who has a delusions of himself as a tyrant.
  • This would fit the idea that he's similar to Gundham
  • Gundam Tanaka wasn't accepted into Hope's Peak Academy for his chuunibyou eccentricisms, he was accepted in for his animal breeding talent. If Ouma's talent as a dictator is merely a delusion, then why would he be in the Gifted Inmates Academy? Unless maybe everyone in the Gifted Inmates Academy is delusional and don't actually have any talents.
  • That isn't what's being said. They said that it would fit the idea that he's similar to Gundham personality-wise, in that he's an eccentric individual with delusions of grandeur. Nothing's being said about his talent, but about if Ouma is insane.
  • Slightly confirmed. He is actually a group of pranksters and not a dictator. However, he isn't actually insane as he was more or less pretending to be insane.

Saihara is a female
His voice sounds too feminine and soft.
  • Not to mention his eyes and eyelashes, which have been noted as the most feminine in the entire cast.
  • Jossed.

Saihara is an expy/reference to Naoto Shirogane of Persona 4
  • Related to the above theory but this has been circulating on Tumblr for a while. Both look similar in appearance and are both detectives. In a similar respect to Naoto, he might be hiding that he's a girl.

Hoshi is a reference to the MC of Prince of Tennis
  • Though they look nothing and probably act nothing alike, they same first name and both tennis players. Interestingly enough, the nickname for Echizen is chibisuke/ochibi (due to his height compared to his teammates) whereas Hoshi is actually small tennis player.

Rantarou genuinely isn't suspicious, but an actual nice guy
The fanbase has been suspicious of him for ages now, between his ??? talent, his uncanny resemblance to Komaeda, and (most recently) him saying he's not a suspicious guy in the trailer. Kodaka's been deliberately dropping all these sledgehammer-subtle hints about him being evil to keep the fandom's eyes on him—and away from whoever the real traitor/mastermind/suspicious one is. Because if Rantarou is as shady as he seems, no one's going to be surprised, and this is a series which loves twisting your expectations.
  • It's worth noting they did this before with Nagito—they played him up as a Makoto Expy, then pulled the rug from under the fandom by revealing him to be very different. So they might similarly be setting up Rantarou up for part of another bait-and-switch.
  • Jossed. Despite the similarities to Komaeda, Rantarou is genuinely benevolent.

Rantarou's (The Ultimate ???) talent has something to do with luck
It's the only talent we're missing from the line-up. In keeping with this being a change-over to a prison rather than a school, however, Rantarou's talent will be that he's the "Ultimate Unlucky Student."
  • Jossed. He's the ultimate survivor.

Himiko Yumeno will be sawed in half.
Extremely likely if she is a murderer and thus get executed.
  • Personally may as well as go the whole shebang — you know, flame, sword to barrel, etc, etc.
  • Jossed. Himiko survived.

Amami is a Red Herring
He will be the Sayaka/Twogami of the game, be built up as important and then die first. What his talent was would resurface towards the end of the game as a plot point.
  • Confirmed. He is built as important, but dies in the first chapter, but his title of SHSL Survivor and his death is what used to discover the mastermind.

Kibou is a Synth from Fallout 4.

Miu is a Genius , hence her title as Ultimate Inventor
Come on, I can't be the only one who thought this, it just makes so much sense.

Ouma holds a bottle of Panta because
It is a reference to Jonestown, hinting that in his "secret society" as well as how he gains followers is he lures people in with a sense of hope while escalating to extreme measures that he himself will believe.
  • If this is true, he could be one of the final culprits, and after spending several chapters trying to gain followers he will try to convince everyone that voting incorrectly is the right thing to do.
    • Jossed. He is the final victim, not culprit.

The role of the three originally released characters
So, Red Kirigiri, Purple Komaeda and Robo-Naegi are not the protagonist, confirmed with the reveal of Kaede, based on the Danganronpa standards created so far, here's possible ideas for what happen to then.
  • Twin-tail girl will become the Deuteragonist, she is also probably the one who will be behind the lying system the game promised and teach Kaede to lie properly during class trials. She probably lies a lot herself and Kaede becomes her Only Friend.
    • Alternatively, she is the Token Evil Teammate, who pushes Kaede on making the harsher decisions and is a bit like Togami in the first game. She and Robo-naegi would often butt heads on how Kaede should deal with the situation at hand.
  • The Ikemen is the irrelevant one. He was played up as important and his resemblance to Komaeda made a lot of people think he will be a protagonist, but I think he'll be offed in the first chapter. Not as the victim though, he would be the first killer.
    • Alternatively, he is either the first victim, or the last one. Frankly, I can't guess a lot from him.
  • Robo-Naegi will be the one to take up the role of Token Evil Teammate. I believe he will go full Knight Templar and is withholding information about the others and their situation, and even turn against Kaede and twin tail for lying. He would also be on the frontline of accusing anyone, including Kaede in every case, again, similar to Komaeda, but also like Munakata, he is trying to get rid of any source of evil, ultimately, becoming an antagonist.
    • Alternatively, he is the Deuteragonist, and plays Token Good Teammate, not going full Knight Templar, but tries to make Kaede believe in her friends and makes big speeches about the Power of Friendship.
      • Depending on how you view it after Kaede's death, Ki-Bo is the SHSL Hope and became the final main character to play.
    • Alternatively, he is the first victim.
      • Jossed for the victim part.

There will be two power trios this time around.
The first will consist of Kaede, Rantarou, and Shuuchi, and the second will have Maki, Kiibo, and Kaito. Kaede's trio will be a more crafty one, using lies to catch the killers, whereas Maki and her gang will go the more traditional route of exposing lies and presenting evidence to catch these killers. Kiibo being a robot will probably help, as he has audio recording functions and can probably replay voice clips to expose lies.
  • Jossed. The Power Trio were Kaede, Shuichi, and Ki-Bo as the three "main" characters.

The Monokumars as a group
They're obviously a team of 5, that much is clear. But as for their roles, other than Monotaro, we know nothing. My personal guess at their roles are as follows:
  • Big Bad: Monotaro, forming a Big Bad Duumvirate with Monokuma. Either this, or he's The Dragon to Monokuma. I believe this because his bio indicates he's The Leader, however he also shares a lot of traits with Masaru Daimon, so it's possible that this will end up being subverted.
  • Evil Genius: Monosuke's wearing glasses, and holding what seems to be a calculator. This leads me to believe he's the smart one in the group.
  • The Dark Chick: Monophanie. Do I really need to elaborate on this?
  • The Brute: Monodam is shown on all fours in the official art, leading me to believe he may act like a Beast Monokuma from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.
  • This leaves Monokid as The Dragon to Monotaro... which I can't really support at all, other than it's where he fits.
I can't wait to see how wrong my guesses were when an English translation for the game is released!

The new Monokumas will serve as the jury.
  • Jossed. They serve no special role or purpose during the trials.

The Ultimate Lucky will be Saihara
He mentions having solved crimes by chance. Meaning that he, by luck, crossed paths with evidence or a witness so he could solve a crime. So his luck was working with something that he wanted. He wanted to solve cases, so he got lucky and solved them.
  • Jossed. There's no such thing as Ultimate Lucky Student.

Guesses for the Deuteragonist
Kaede has been confirmed as the protagonist, but due to that, it's really hard to point the importance of the other characters that had an early introduction. So far, the 4 most likely to help Kaede solve murders are:
  • Ki-bo: He has been played as an important character, as he appears in the cover of the special edition. This does not necessarily means he is the deuteragonist, though, as Komaeda, who played the Token Evil Teammate / Tritagonist was in the cover of the OST. It might mean that Ki-bo is important, but not necessarily on your side, but for me, at least, he is the most likely one.
  • Maki: She was thought to be the original Deuteragonist, and some even think that Kaede will die so Maki can be the real protagonist. It sounds plausible that she would help out Kaede, considering the Official Art that implies them to be rather close, but considering that, it's just about as likely that she will be the Sacrificial Lamb of this game.
  • Shuichi: He is the Ultimate Detective, meaning that he might follow Kyoko's footsteps in helping Kaede. One of the preview images has him showing support to Kaede and telling that she is the only that can do it during a class trial, similar to what Kyoko used to do to Makoto on the first game.
  • Amami: He is portrayed close to Kaede a lot. He is the second character introduced on the first Character Trailer, following Kaede, he was just in her front on the preview showing all characters and there are a lot of screenshots of them interacting. Although it's impossible to trust danganronpa previews, there is the fact that, in the Scrum Debate, he was on the opposite team than Kaede. He is my guess to Tritagonist, though.
  • Kaito: Completely out of the left field, but it could happen. I think that the lack of focus on Kaito might be even proposital exactly for this. There's a theory that V3 might actually be a prequel or some sort of time-traveling related and Kaito is really Jin Kirigiri. Another small detail that might even be completely coincidental, but the deuteragonists Kyouko and Chiaki both had purple as their Color Motif, something shared with Kaito. Besides, Kaito is implied to be kind of funny and a bit of a dork, it would match the Contrasting Sequel Protagonist thing that Danganronpa is doing with Kaede.
Well, Shuichi is out, except he took up the spot of Protagonist after Kaede got executed.And Ki-Bo was a temporary Protagonist in the finale.

Angie is Hawaiian
Given her Ambiguously Brown appearance, the seashells used in her design, her worship of the "god of the island," and her official artwork showing her sculpting what looks like a tiki head, it's possibly all (somewhat stereotypical) references to her being Hawaiian.

Every student has a Dark and Troubled Past, on a similar scale to the cast of Super Danganronpa 2
During the intro sequence in the demo, every character's shadow has glowing magenta eyes, similar to the color of blood in the previous games. The first game's plot twist involved memory suppression being used used to trick a group of True Companions to kill each other for a goal that didn't exist. The second game uses the same trick as the first, and also reveals to the cast that each and every one of them was a group of demented terrorists that are guilty of bringing about The End of the World as We Know It. Following Serial Escalation further, the twist this time will be that each of them is guilty of crimes on the scale of terrorism (and were Not Brainwashed, as opposed to what Danganronpa 3 revealed) and they were given amnesia and put into the Gifted Inmates academy as a form of capital punishment.
  • Though, if this is the case, I wonder why Ryoma's crime was the only one revealed(he's a vigilante that took down a mafia organization). Unless he did something even worse in prison.
  • Or perhaps that's the default level; the Reveal will be that they're all Sympathetic Murderers:
    • Kaede used Magic Music on someone who was threatening her, driven them to suicide,
    • Miu discovered one of her clients was a horrible person who planned to use her invention for evil, and sabotaged it to blow in their face,
    • Ouma killed someone he actually liked to protect his organization,
    • Ki-Bo was forced to be an assassin by Iidabashi,
    • Gonta had to kill someone during his ten-year exile for food,
    • Suichi went full Vigilante Man on someone he couldn't convict
    • Tsumugi discovered one of her favorite authors raped a friend of hers and killed them in a rage,
    • Korekiyo silenced someone who was exploiting a native tribe,
    • Tenko killed the reason why she's so prickly,
    • Kirumi was ordered to kill someone by a corrupt employer,
    • Maki is a serial killer of Abusive Parents,
    • Ryoma you already know,
    • Kaito...I dunno,
    • Himiko and Angie are both schizophrenic, and they killed someone who was blackmailing them both to protect their medical histories and avoid being thrown in asylum.
      • This will all be a good red herring for the truly major reveal...

None of the Gifted Inmates are the Mastermind.
Monokuma is being controlled by Iidabashi as part of some mad scheme to warp Kii-Bo's personality.
  • Jossed. The mastermind is a participant: Tsumugi.

Ouma will be a Rival character to Kaede as well as a Foil
I feel like Ouma will be a Rival character in a similar manner to Byakuya and Nagito. One of the biggest themes of the games are truths and lies and with him outright stating he is a liar, he seems to be a character with importance. In addition, with Kaede being a Consummate Liar as well (if the player chooses so), then Kaede could be a foil to Ouma with Kaede being more of a Nice Girl while Ouma is a bit of Jerkass. In addition, Kaede decides to take the position to lead others making her a Leader of possibly a group of good people while Ouma claims to be a supreme leader making him a Leader of a group of "bad" people.
  • Confirmed but to Shuuichi Saihara, not to Kaede because she is not the protagonist.

Kaede is The Dragon to the real Mastermind...and her sweet personality isn't an act.
It will turn out she lied to herself well enough that she doesn't consciously know she's the second-in-command. She was sent into the Gifted Inmates as a personal agent of Monokuma to ensure they never tried to escape or to ensure only people the Mastermind wanted to survive did. However, the best lies contain an element of truth, and so fake Kaede is how Kaede actually wants to be; she's such a good actor because she isn't really acting, he evil face is the act. It will be revealed she loathes herself, which is the basis for Multiple Endings: in the Good Ending path, after her true persona awakes, she realizes she likes her friends and decides that she doesn't want to go back to the backstabbing spy she was and helps with uncovering the Mastermind (because you just know they're paranoid enough to not actually tell her who they are) before moving on from her past. Bad ending, though, she just isn't close enough to the other Inmates to feel brave enough to go on her own, killing them and slinking back into her old role as Monokuma's spy, now with even more self-hate,] and miserable forever.
  • Jossed.

The Mastermind is an Anti-Villain Knight Templar
As a full Contrasting Sequel Antagonist to Junko, the Mastermind will turn out to be obsessed with creating the "perfect vessel for Hope", with the prison system being supposed to be there for "rehabilitation"-transforming the surviving student(s) into a warped version of The Paragon (if the above WMG is true, Kaede was chosen beforehand as the favorite). Perhaps they suffered greatly in the Tragedy, and have ended up losing faith in humanity, so afraid of another Junko that they've decided to create an anti-Junko. The Gifted Inmates, as it turns out, all were Well Intentioned Extremists of some type or another, hence why the Mastermind chose them to nurture that seed into a full Dark Messiah. This will lead to both a better and worse mode of interactions with the the Inmates; better, because the Mastermind wants them to be better people and won't try to pin the murders on innocents-they want the Inmates to stay until one is the perfect vessel. Worse, because they aren't doing this to entertain themselves, and thus No Challenge Equals No Satisfaction does not apply; the Mastermind cheats.

Oma's crime was killing most of his own organization to stop an evil scheme of theirs
He actually was in charge, or at least very important, in the order...but he's actually an Affably Evil Noble Demon who discovered they were planning something that horrified him. So he manipulated part of his organization into a civil war to stop them, killing many of their members. His Card-Carrying Villain habits are the result of him going mad with guilt; he tries to insinuate he's not trustworthy, because he doesn't think he is, and he wants people to stay safe from vengeful survivors.
  • Jossed.

Shuichi Saihara is Obfuscating Stupidity
As the SHSL Detective, Shuichi Saihara knows that his talent makes him a threat to anyone that becomes the blackened. To make himself less likely to be targeted, he pretends that he is incompetent and only got his title through circumstance.

KI-BO's name will be localized as H0-P3
While most of the Japanese names are left intact, this feels like one of the cases where they might deem a change necessary, as players without knowledge of Japanese wouldn't get the Meaningful Name (Kibou means hope). Plus, H0-P3 sounds like a robot name.
  • Jossed, but close. It's K1-B0.

Tsumugi Shirogane is NOT the Mastermind
While she might believe and be able to make a reasonable case for it, she's just as brainwashed into believing that as everyone else is brainwashed into believing their respective stories.

Kokichi's real talent is Ultimate Analyst
And he's lying about being the Ultimate Supreme Leader (or if he does have an organization, it's just as a cover like Junko had Ultimate Fashionista). He talks a lot about how he doesn't want to be bored; he's incredibly smart and cunning, to the point he can correctly predict Kaede's Fatal Flaw, Tenko's death, and everything about the Fifth Trial, in a short amount of time; and he tells Shuichi he finds him the most interesting person there because he doesn't know what to make of him. In short, he hates being bored, can almost perfectly foresee events around him, and takes an interest in something or someone he can't predict. Sounds an awful lot like Junko and Izuru.

Shuichi's Idiot Hair is a tribute to Kaede
Shuichi never takes off his hat before chapter 2, and he only does that because of Kaede's wish. It's possible he styled his hair similarly to hers for the same reason.

The characters' personalities before the killing game (Barring Tsumugi)
Assuming that Tsumugi told truth in that the students were completely different people before the killing game, this is what they might have been like:
  • Shuichi was a psychopath who took glee in watching others suffer.
  • Kaede was an uncaring teenager who was tone-deaf.
  • Kaito liked tearing other people down by telling people how worthless they are and thought that space travel is a waste of tax dollars.
  • Kokichi always told the truth and hated disorderly conduct.
  • Rantaro hated traveling and was an only child.
  • Ryoma was very unathletic and had never been to prison.
  • Kirumi was a selfish and lazy woman who refused to do anything for anyone else.
  • Angie was a stanch Atheist who couldn't even draw a stick figure.
  • Tenko was a boy-crazy pacifist.
  • Himiko was a hard-working realist and thought of magic as childish.
  • Korekiyo was a xenophobe but was otherwise a normal person who wasn't a crazy, incest-practicing, seesaw-loving serial murderer.
  • Miu was a prude who couldn't even solder two wires together.
  • Gonta grew up in the city and hated bugs.
  • Maki hated children.
  • Keebo was a combat robot and lacked the mundane features he had during the killing game.
    • Kiibo was made by Team Danganronpa for the killing game, and Tsumugi implies that at least some the students actually did have some proficiency in their Ultimate talent (also implied by Kaede saying in the prologue that she has an interest she devotes herself to, presumably piano). Here are my guesses:
      • Kirumi worked part-time as a maid to support her family and was the leader of her school's cooking club.
      • Kokichi was a Shrinking Violet and a proficient chess player.
      • Gonta was a delinquent who secretly had a soft spot for bugs.

Angie is an in-universe case of Fake Nationality
Inspired by this, considering Angie has a Japanese surname and wore a Japanese school uniform before the killing game, it's likely she was a dark-skinned Japanese girl (possibly hāfu [biracial]) cast as an Ambiguously Brown foreign cultist because she "looked the part".

    Relation to other Installments 

Maki was placed here because she was framed by Chisa Yukizome
This is a prison school, and thanks to Danganronpa 3, we know that there's a group of small children who were killed by Chisa Yukizome. Obviously, Chisa was never arrested for it, so she must have pinned the blame on someone. Who better than the class's teacher, and Ultimate Nursery School teacher, Maki Harukawa?
  • But it was made clear that they didn't know who did it.

The Maid Girl is Togami's descendant
Just a wild mass guess, but she looks similar to him (Tall and thin, with the same shade of hair).

Incidentally, if this theory is true, and Munakata doesn't survive the end of DR 3, this person would be a good candidate for a potential mastermind. While Despair probably isn't hereditary, it's possible the despair-ified Chisa left behind something that would make her child think that Naegi had killed her parents to take over the Future Foundation, and thus manipulates her into becoming the next mastermind.

The New Monokumas are inspired by the Warriors Of Hope
From left to right:
  • Robokuma is Monaca, due to the whole robotics theme.
  • Glasseskuma is Nagisa, due to the intellectual look.
  • Monotarou is Masaru, due to the whole leaderly look and color scheme.
  • Flowerkuma is Kotoko, due to the color scheme.
  • Rockkuma is Jataro, due to being the last one out.

At least one of the new students is the child or descendant of a character from the previous games
So far, for a game that is supposed to come out late in 2016, we've gotten very little information on the cast other than pictures of three of the characters(and we don't even know their names yet). By contrast, we have plenty of information on the cast of the DR3 anime. I'm thinking there might be a reason for this.

It might be because one (or more) of the new characters in V3 is the child of a previous character. They might not want to reveal this before the anime comes out because the presence of a character's descendant would spoil that their parent will survive the events of the anime.

Nearly all the new characters are the descendants, or maybe even children, of the surviving characters of the Hope's Peak Saga
This is one of the more popular theories going around. Although descendants seems more likely due to the characters' last names. This is list of who you think in a descendant/children of a particular pairing:
  • Shuichi Saihara: Well he is the new Ultimate Detective who happens to have an ahoge, so he is a good candidate for the possible child/descendant of Naegi and Kirigiri.
  • Mitsu Iruma: Likely the child/descendant of Kazuichi and Sonia, her talent is Ultimate Inventor, she wear flashy clothing like Kazuichi, and her appearance is pretty similar to Sonia.
  • Korekiyo Shinguji: Possibly one of Gundham's and Sonia's. His appearance is a bit similar to Gundam's, like the bandages around his arms. Plus what better way to have someone interested in folklore than being the son/descendant of a princess? Although this could make Korekiyo the half-brother/cousin of Mitsu.
  • Himiko Yumeno: The Token Mini-Moe with red hair, possible Mahiru's or Hiyoko's descendant.
  • Kaede Akamatsu: Bringing up a fairly popular theory here: Kaede being a descendant of both Makoto and Kyoko, and Byakuya.
    • Alternately, she's a descendant of Junko. Would explain the voice actress, and the Japanese version of SDR 2 did mention that one of the Remnants implanted Junko's womb into herself to try and have her kid.
      • Or she's a clone, like another WMG on this page suggests.
  • Kiibo: His similarity with Makoto may be done in purpose, as he is a continuation of Izuru Kamukura project, but done using an AI/Robot and based upon Makoto who is the face of the Ultimate Hope. (Similar to Star Trek's Soong-type Android is derived from the Augment project in concept)
  • Gonta Gokuhara: Possible descendant of Nidai and Akane? His wild haircut looks similar to Akane's, and he has a massive build similar to Nekomaru.
  • Rantarou Amami: Descendant of Nagito and an unknown woman. His laughing portrait is exactly like Nagito's, his hair is similarly messy, and they both have green color schemes.
  • Maki Harukawa: Maki's background says that she was raised at an orphanage. This makes her ripe for a twist where she turns out to be related to a past character. Hajime, perhaps? The black hair and red eyes seem a bit reminiscent of Izuru.
    • Another possibility is Takumi Hijirihara, who is also a protagonist with black hair and red eyes. It'd be a good way of tying a gaiden manga into the main games, too.
  • Kokichi Oma: His purple hair and eyes are practically the same shade as Mikan's, he wears all white like her, and he seems to have an... interesting mental state, also like her. Could be a descendant.
  • Angie Yonaga: Possible descendant of Hina/Hiro? She seems a bit loopy like Hiro, and has a similar skin tone and beach theme to Hina.
  • Kirumi Tojo: Her character seems to be reminiscent to Peko, though in an opposite direction (a servant type who's secretly badass, in contrast to a badass who's secretly the bodyguard of another character). Maybe she's a descendant of Fuyuhiko and Peko.
    • Earlier entries have also suggested a descent from Togami or Munakata.
  • Ryouma Hoshi: Descendant of Teruteru? Can't really think of anyone else for him.
  • Kaito Momota: It's possible he's another Makoto/Kyoko descendant, since people seem to be seeing a resemblance to Jin Kirigiri in him. Hagakure is another possibility.
  • Tsumugi Shirogane: Possible descendant of Toko?
  • Tenko Chabashira: Not really sure who she'd be descended from. Maybe Ibuki, but that could be a bit of a stretch.

Though I'm not expecting that everyone will be descended from a past character. Maybe one or two of them.

Munakata will make a cameo of some sort in this game
He sorta just walked off at the end of Danganronpa 3, and if this game doesn't take place in the distant future, I think it would be cool to see him show up somehow. There's no real reason for this other than I kinda want to see him again after Side: Hope
  • The biggest problem with this is that Kodaka said that it wouldn't have anything to do with the Hope's Peak saga, which Munakata was a part of. But he is the only one without a happy ending......
  • Jossed

The game is related to the cover up of Final Killing Game
At the end of the first V3 trailer, there is a phrase with two possible translation: one is "The world can be changed by a lie"; the other is "A world that lies can change". At that time, we assume it was merely referencing to the lying bullet mechanism. Now, however, we know that the the entire Hope's Peak Arc (and The Tragedy apparently) is ended by the Class 77B taking the blame for Tengan's Final Killing Game in order to prevent the fall of Future Foundation — in short, a lie that ended the Tragedy. What if the phrase refer to that? And the mastermind actually want to expose and/or punish either Class 77B (for starting the cover up) or the Future Foundation (for accepting the cover up)? Do keep in mind that Nagito's Special episode is suppose to bundle with NDRV 3.
  • Jossed.

The mastermind is still Junko
Kodaka said no old characters would be returning but since Tsumugi is a cosplayer, what if she at some point cosplayed Junko and created the new killing game just to stay in character. So in a way, Junko would still be the mastermind without having her actually come back.
  • Confirmed. She's the 53rd Junko.

Monaka is the mastermind.
In DR3, all she said was that she was done with hope and despair. She's still evil and sadistic, so nothing's stopping her from engineering a killing game for other reasons. She knows how to make Monokumas, and the new Monokuma units do kind of resemble the Warriors of Hope. The whole space NEET thing could have been meant to throw us off.
  • Jossed.

Kodaka has been known to mess with fans, so I don't trust him when he says no old characters will be returning.

  • Adding onto this, the 5 Monokumas have a similar color scheme to the Warriors of Hope.

The first one to be executed will be Makoto Naegi.
Just like in the first game V3 will start with the execution of Hope Peak's headmaster. This would also mark the official end of the Hope Peak arc and beginning of the Gifted Inmates arc by killing of the main character of the first arc.
  • Jossed. NDRV 3 doesn't even happen in the same universe/timeline as DR and SDR 2's.

The Hope's Peak saga really did happen.
The main reason everyone realizes something's off about their memories related to Hope's Peak is that they don't match up with a book on the subject. But if Hope's Peak never existed to begin with, why would those inconsistencies exist? Combine that with the contradiction of Tsumugi's cospox triggering when dressed as the "fictional" Kaede and it seems likely that Hope's Peak happened after all. Team Danganronpa was simply attempting to cover up the real events by turning them into fiction, thereby taking full control of the battle between hope and despair.


There will be a party mechanic.
Students who are on your 'Party' may help find evidence in the Crime Scene and have special talents during the Trials. Also, the player will have to convict a party member some time during the trials.
  • Jossed.

The player character will rotate
There are no less than 3 people with Idiot Hair. Since I don't think there's ever been a time where a character with an ahoge has not been playable in Dangan Ronpa, it stands to reason that they're all playable
  • Are we forgetting Hifumi? He had an ahoge. And Akane has one as well.
  • Confirmed. Shuichi become the new protagonist after Kaede was executed. Kibo become playable in Chapter 6

The Game will be more forward with LGBT themes
  • This is more of a hope than anything else. But Super Dangan Ronpa really enticed the fans with the increased LGBT tease. The series has been pretty open so far, having Nagito, Junko, Mikan and Teruteru as bisexual(or at the very least Ambiguously Bi) characters, so maybe on a Dangan Prison mode they'll be more straight forward in case a same-sex relationship is possible.
    • Then again, it's a Japanese game, and I can't remember this ever happening so it might not happen at all.
    • In addition, maybe one or more of the kids will be unambiguously transgender.
    • Considering that the protagonist this time around will be a girl, even if it's not possible to outright date, I predict a good amount of Les Yay between her and the twin tail girl. Maybe enough to even leave an Ambiguous Ending on their relationship and both being possibly Ambiguously Bi / Ambiguously Gay.
    • Considering that they make Juzo Sakakura, one of the important characters in Danganronpa 3, into a homosexual in a non-stereotypical way, more LGBT themes may not be out of the blue.
    • Jossed. There is no confirmed same sex couple in the game.
    • Actually, I'd say that was confirmed. Many Love Hotel scenes strongly imply the existence of homosexual romance between the characters, and some of them directly delve into sexual elements. If that's not considered forward enough with LGBT themes, I do not know what would be considered as such.
      • There is also the fact that Tenko has a very obvious crush on Himiko.

There are multiple playable characters
Specifically: Kaede, Shuuichi, KEEBO, and Miu, because all of them have ahoges. Every character with an ahoge in this series has been playable (Makoto, Hajime, Nagito, Toko, Komaru). It wouldn't be a surprise if this was the same.
  • This WMG has already theorized and it has been pointed out that Akane has an ahoge, but wasn't playable. I know this doesn't actually Joss your theory, multiple player characters could be possible for a variety of other reasons, I'm just bringing it up.
  • This is helped by the fourth trailer showing Kaede in the field.
  • Confirmed except for Miu. Kaede is playable in chapter 1, Shuuichi is playable from then till he has a Heroic BSoD, during which KI-BO takes over.

The main character either is still not revealed, or will be switching around (post Kaede reveal)
I got this from Omega Valwin's video, who referenced to Bing Bong — that Pink represent lies, and many famitsu scans use pink for Kaede, not because she is a girl, but it's a lie that she is the main character. What fuelled this is the special edition box, which features Ki-Bo instead of Kaede. Of course, this can merely be hints that he is likely to be the Kirigiri/Chiaki character.
  • Confirmed. Shuichi became the new protagonist once Kaede is revealed to be the first killer.

The game will have several possible murderers and outcomes
With the new lie bullets and "scrum debates," it's possible the old proposed system from the Distrust beta will be implemented. V3 could have multiple possible characters who could be murderers, which might be determined by which side you take and who you decide to lie to during the previous trials. These might be tied to a similar trust/distrust system, which could influence who might die in the following chapters of the game. As a result, the game's story could change drastically and have Multiple Endings.
  • May also explain why there are quite a lot of characters with Ahoges.
  • Jossed

The Game Will Use Unused Elements from the Prototype, 'Distrust'
Particularly, a character's survival being dependent on how you interact with them. Since the game will be on the PS4 and Vita (where as the first two games were merely ported to the latter from the PSP), it may have the disc space for it.

    Plot and Twists 
The game will make a reference to Part 6 of Jojos Bizarre Adventure
The series has been known to drop references from JJBA (Mondo's "Crazy Diamonds" gang, Junko posing like DIO, Teruteru talking about licking sweat to tell if someone is lying, among many others). Since the characters are implied to be prisoners this time, what better Jojo arc to make gags out of than the one about escaping prison?

The Gifted Inmates academy is a reform school created to avoid a repeat of the Despairing Incident.
Like the name suggests, the new academy is designed to house those students whose talents are dangerous to society, or who have histories of criminal behavior, mental instability, or general delinquency. The founders of the new school may have recognized the inherent danger in letting these kinds of students mingle with the sane, law-abiding ones, and quarantined them out of fear that they might be susceptible to falling under the influence of another Ultimate Despair.
  • Jossed. The Tragedy never took place in the universe of Danganronpa V3. Some characters have done terrible things, though. Like murdering or defraud...
    • but all these terrible things are fake memories implanted in their mind.

There might be a sister school referenced somewhere for the talented students who aren't considered dangerous.

  • Building on this, may be this explain why Makoto is the headmaster of Hope's Peak instead of Munakata. Munakata himself started the Gifted Inmates instead, as his talent is better suited for "troublesome SHSL"
  • An update to the official website almost makes it seem like the Academy was built for the purpose of the murder game, as the school isn't specifically mentioned in relation to the Gifted Program. It only mentions the Monokuma-enforced rules we're all familiar with. However, this doesn't quite gel with the overgrowth, which implies that the building was abandoned and re-purposed by Monokuma. On the other hand, there's a research room for each of the cast's talents, presumably taking the place of the dorms and cottages, which had to have been individually made for each of the students, and it doesn't make sense why Monokuma would make a research room rather than just provide basic housing for the participants, which implies that the facility was prepared for the students by someone who didn't have murder in mind for them, and my brain hurts.

Kaede will commit a successful murder and win the Killing Game in V3's final class trial, though it won't be obvious to the player initially
Considering that lies and deception are now an important theme and mechanic in the game, it'd be plausible that Kaede could commit a complex murder and then spend the entire class trial misleading the remaining students (and the player) into believing that another student is the killer. To preserve the dramatic impact of such a reveal, the player would be kept in the dark until either the end of the trial or after the votes have been tallied.
  • This would be a good way of showing what would ever happen if any characters ever did lose, and if they're all executed at once or separately, but it's not the most likely of theories. Now if it was an alternate ending...
  • Maybe as a possible Bad End that the player goes if he uses too much lies or something. We don't know exactly how the morality of the game is going to be. In the two firsts, the groups were pretty much all friends until something forced them to kill.
    • Jossed. Kaede faked being a culprit, failed to defend herself, and was executed.
      • Double jossed. Kaede didn't fake being a culprit but it turns out she wasn't the real culprit to begin with and was framed by the mastermind/the real killer of the first trial.

Kaede Akamatsu is related to Junko or a Remnant of Despair in someway
Dangan Ronpa frequently pick voice actors for specific reasons: they picked Nobuyo Ōyama to voice Monokuma as a "dark Doraemon", and picked Kanata Hongō, the Stage!Makoto, for Mitarai, who we found out to worship Makoto and is similar in many outlooks. So why did they pick Sayaka Kanda, who played Junko in the stage plays?
  • The official English subtitle "Killing Harmony" does not look good for the only musician of the game either.
  • Jossed.

Kaede is a clone of Junko Enoshima
Going off the above WMG, perhaps the big twist is that someone cloned Junko in the attempt to create another Ultimate Despair. If the theory that Kaede is an (supposedly) innocent student who got accidentally stuck in the Gifted Inmates Academy is true, perhaps the true reason why she's there is due to being Junko's clone. No one would take the chance that she wouldn't end up following in her "mother"'s footsteps.

However, despite the mastermind's best attempts to make her embrace despair, she will reject it in favor of hope, refusing to become another Junko.

To support this, usually these characters with similar thing with their actor/seiyuu would usually be the antithesis of the role they're famous for. Doraemon is a good-natured cat, while Monokuma is a sadistic evil bear, Makoto has two: Nagito who is batshit insane in terms of hope (both are voiced by Megumi Ogata AND Bryce Papenbrook after all), and Ryota who attempts to spread hope by brainwashing the entire world. If the 'reverse' will happen in this, Kaede actually has a chance to turn out not like Junko, accepting hope instead of being a despair/suffering-inducing evil girl.

  • Jossed. Junko does not physically exist in the universe V3 takes place in.

Possible Motives Set by Monokuma
  • The Blackened Will Live, Even When Proven Guilty: For one trial only, Monokuma will allow it. When the killer gets caught, the rest of the students will turn against for the rest of the game (or until they die).
    • Jossed.
  • Monokuma Will Tell Them That a Fellow Student Wronged Them in Some Form: That's if these students will have their memories erased like in the first two games, Monokuma will use revenge as a motive.
    • Jossed.
  • Monokuma will reveal personal details, lies, or something sinister about all the students background. (assuming it's another Laser-Guided Amnesia moment)
    • Confirmed, but there's a twist: the videos with the personal details on them are shuffled around so that every student gets the video of someone else. Except Kirumi, that is.

The central motive of the Gifted Inmates' Saga is going to be Truth vs Lies
Like the motive of the Hope's Peak academy saga is Hope vs Despair, the motive of the newest saga is going to be truth vs lies. The first game might reveal a 'harsh truth' about the world they're living in/about themselves and the students might react in various ways (e.g. "It's a lie" or "This has to be true"). And all the games in that saga will show the positive and negative aspects of both truth and lies. Badly worded, I know, but the reason I'm thinking it is because of the new lying mechanic.
  • Confirmed.

Guesses about the Traitor
The traitor angle hasn't been mentioned yet, but it's likely that there will be another one. To wit, our last two (not counting Gekkougahara) were female, lovable, were "benevolent" traitors who had everyone's best interests in mind, and who were only outed as the traitor shortly before their death. Some guesses:
  • The traitor will be male this time, and he will not be a "benevolent" traitor. As for whether he's likable or a complete jackass, I'm willing to guess either way.
  • He will be one of the first to die and will be revealed as traitor much later on.
  • When they find out the traitor's identity, they will also learn of something that he was able to accomplish before he died that royally screws them over (and preventing it from getting them all killed will be the end goal of that chapter). Alternatively, they find out his identity because of whatever he did.
    • A lot of this WMG works well with previous ones about Amami, specifically the ones about him having Ultimate Luck, and dying first since we always expect the ??? character to survive.
  • Jossed, there's no traitor this time around.
    • Double Jossed, there is a traitor but not the one as people sees. It's Ki-Bo.

Kaede is not the real Kaede Akamatsu
The previews have suggested that the game will open with a surprising twist. Perhaps the twist is that the protagonist is not actually Kaede Akamatsu, but another girl impersonating her. You find the real Kaede's dead body at the very beginning of the game, and the protagonist is forced to assume her identity (perhaps she's lost her memory, like Rantaro claims is the case for himself).This would tie in well with the thematic of lies, since it gives "Kaede" something she's forced to conceal from the start. If this twist happens, I'm also guessing that the real Kaede will be discovered in the endgame, and you'll be forced to find her murderer in a class trial. But is it possible the protagonist herself is the blackened?
  • Technically confirmed. All of the students were given fake memories and personalities.

One of the Monokuma Cubs will pull a Heel–Face Turn
Most likely Monodam due to his constant bullying by Monokid, or Monofunny, who's actually rather gentle by nature and bad with gore and cruelty.
  • Confirmed. Monodam pushes Monokid into the area of Akamatsu Kaede's execution, crushing him to bits.
  • Monotaro also briefly joins the students' side in the Chapter 4 investigation due to his amnesia.

The Final Trial will include a scrum debate of the survivors against Monokuma and the Monokids
  • Jossed. Scrum Debates never happened in the final trial.

Rantarou will end up being just a red herring.
The demo makes him out to be a bad guy, but he truly will not be a bad guy in the main full release.
  • Confirmed.

The mastermind is Professor Iidabashi and he's using Kibo as The Mole
Iidabashi being the mastermind isn't a brand new theory, but still think it could be possible.
  • Jossed. It's Tsumugi, but she does use KI-BO as a mole. Specifically he's the TV Camera.

Kaede Akamatsu will be a Decoy Protagonist, Shuichi Saihara will be the true protagonist for most of the game
As per Dangan Ronpa tradition, the one of the most heavily advertised characters among the cast is killed off early in the game. Kaede is easily the biggest contender for this. Going with the theme of lies, Kaede is actually lying about her status as a protagonist. At some point Kaede is killed and Shuichi takes her place. Evidence to support the theory:
  • Shuichi Saihara fit the description of a typical Dangan Ronpa protagonist, a prominent ahoge and a lack of confidence in themselves.
  • During the trial in the demo, Shuichi's stand has him facing Monokuma, a stand normally reserved for the protagonist.
  • On one leak sound clip, Angie ask Shuichi to be her husband, a request normally given at the end of a free time event.
    • Interestingly, the trophies for the game have Saihara in there with his hat off instead of Kaede anywhere at all, and the award showing the survivors at the final Trial has Saihara, Tsumugi, Himiko, Maki, and Kibo in the elevator. So it's more than likely that Saihara is the true protagonist.
  • Confirmed. He took over from Chapter 2.
  • While Kiibo temporarily took over Shuichi's role in Chapter 6.

Kaede Akamatsu will be a subverted Decoy Protagonist
Continuing from the theory above, Kaede will be technically be the "playable protagonist" but will be control one of the other students or disguising as one of them after she is "killed". Like Junko

Every murder in the game was planned by Tsumugi, except Kokichi's.

So I was thinking a bit about how in Chapter One, nobody guessed that there might be another way to sneak into the library besides the secret entrance and the group conclude it must have been Kaede's trap. However, I noticed something interesting and have a theory that Tsumugi actually manipulated each victim's death because they were posing a huge problem for her in-game. Let's break it down:

- Rantaro was the Ultimate Survivor and he already understood the rules of the Killing Game and could have ended it very early had he lived longer. Tsumugi took advantage of the fact he was alone in the library (and the death trap planted by Kaede earlier) and killed him, thus eliminating the one person who understood the situation fully and, as an added bonus, killing Kaede not only put the spotlight on the far more weak-willed Shuichi, but it shattered the previous unity of the group. In short, Kaede was being too competant as a leader to be allowed to live. If she had continued to rally the students, they might have been unlikely to want to kill.

- Hoshi was the only person who pointed out that Tsumugi had an opportunity to kill Rantaro, but his line of questioning is shot down because nobody knew about the passageway in the girl's bathroom. However, this is the only time in the trials Tsumugi is ever put in the hot seat and she couldn't allow the participants to notice her too closely or they might start to get suspicious. So, it's likely that Tsumugi specifically made Hoshi's motive video blank in order to push his depression into a Despair Event Horizon, making him too apathetic to fight back. Like with Kaede, killing Team Mom Kirumi was also a bonus because Kirumi was another person the other students trusted and relied upon, so adding enough pressure to make her snap turned another seemingly-trustworthy person into a killer, thus driving everyone closer to despair.

- Angie was trying to revive Rantaro, and while it would have been impossible, it proved a problem because everyone was obsessed with the séances and finding out the truth. Not to mention, Angie's cult was adding extra rules to prevent murder and Tsumugi couldn't have that. Also, Tenko was an extra addition from Korekiyo, but Tenko showed Shuichi and Himiko she could read people's emotions by throwing them. Supposing Tsumugi was afraid of Tenko doing the same to her and discovering her emotions were fake?

- Miu was the one who always fixed Kiibo, the camera into the Killing Game and she improved him several times over the course of the story. There was an increasing likeliness that either Miu would realise what Kiibo was really in the killing game for, or she might have ended up tampering with Kiibo's Restraining Bolt antenna. Plus, her know-how with computers and ability to have total control over her surroundings in the Killing Game's virtual simulator mean that had Miu not decided to target Kokichi, she could have killed Tsumugi effortlessly and end the game.

Kokichi is the only victim who chose to die and browbeat Kaito into helping him, with his explicit intention to throw the Mastermind off and make an unsolvable murder. And even this worked to Tsumugi's advantage as Kokichi was the last remaining person, besides Shuichi, who could have exposed her as the Mastermind.



     Danganronpa 4 Speculation (SPOILERS FOR V 3 INSIDE) 

Rantaro will come back in Dangan Ronpa 4.
The game will appear to be a prequel to V3, and expand more on what is actually going on in this universe. As such, we'll learn more about what Rantaro's deal was.

Or, in keeping with the series tradition of killing off characters we don't expect to die first, Rantaro gets killed early again. Monokuma then makes a joke about how he's supposed to be the Ultimate Survivor, yet he keeps dying. And since we've already had the protagonist as a victim, the next step up is someone whose survival looked like a Foregone Conclusion.

The potential mindfuckery of this twist would be enormous. Was one of the Rantaros an Ultimate Imposter? Is this really a prequel? Or is it possible to use memory shenanigans to clone a dead student?

Danganronpa 4 will make references to the controversies in Danganronpa V3 and have Kaede as the protagonist
So, the whole reality show saga is heavily relying on leaning the 4th wall so hard you can see it leaving marks in the wall, so in the next game, they will be making meta references to the Broken Base the fandom faced when V3 got released. The audience of the show would have the same complaints the fans had when they first reached the ending of the game, and the reality show in danganronpa 4 would be based on trying to Win Back the Crowd by Pandering to the Base, so they will do things the most annoying fans complained about and wanted done.

They'll in universe Retcon Kaede's death. Kaede will have become a popular character and people watching the show will be unhappy she was killed, so they decide to bring Kaede back and make her the protagonist. How? Kidnapping someone who looks like her(probably her sister, the game would imply that it is Kaede's sister but never outright confirm who the body she is using belongs to) and forcing Kaede's memories and personality into her. They will also create a Saihara Expy in the second game and make him the first victim to answer to Saihara haters complains and make an Ouma Expy(or an Amami one) the deuteragonist, as a nod to his popularity.

Danganronpa 4 will appear to be a prequel to V3.
To amalgamate the theories above: The end of V3 suggests that if Hope wins, two of the survivors will carry over to the next game. Thus, the next Danganronpa game will appear to be a "V2" game, with the "returning" players being Rantaro and Kaede (technically, they'd have carried over to V3).

Of course, since this appears to be a prequel that would mean Rantaro and Kaede would be guaranteed to survive. So one of them will be the first to die. This would, of course, raise further questions.

Perhaps, as the above theory suggests, the "Kaede" in this game is a fake: another person who's been given her memories. As a further Mind Screw, they might make Kaede the Ultimate ??? for this game. It would seem pointless since we already know Kaede's talent, but if she really isn't Kaede, then it's possible her real talent is something different.

Danganronpa 4 will be a re-filming of Danganronpa V3
Killing what would be the equivalent of the show host and letting the survivors escape freely into the world while destroying their base is not something you want to show to your viewers, so the Danganronpa Team decides to make a bunch of Expies of the characters and delay the release of the 53rd season, giving them time enough to film what would be Danganronpa 4 and pass it as the 53rd season in hope that no one would ever see what happened in the end of Danganronpa V3
  • Can this be considered Jossed already? The whole point of Kiibo was audience participation. That means V3 was aired live, with no chance to delay its release. This should've been clear after Chapter 6 when we, you know, perform Argument Armament against the audience?
Danganronpa 4 will feature Team Danganronpa and the mastermind will be Kodaka.
The real mastermind will be Kodaka while the other team members will be loosely based off of the real life Danganronpa team. It will also reveal that Kodaka is done with Danganronpa and that fans should move onto other games

Danganronpa 4 will NOT be done by Kodaka, thus becoming a standalone game.
The man behind it would be the Danganronpa Kirigiri author, Takekuni Kitayama. Kodaka said V3 would be his last game to make(can't find source at this moment) and it seemed as if he encouraged somebody else to step up and make the next game in the series. Spike Chunsoft likely knows the game is a hit in Japan and would want more.

Dangan Ronpa after NDRV 3 will be Lighter and Softer, or at least not based around murder mysteries.
After Saihara and co. convince the audience that they don't need any more killing games, Dangan Ronpa will shift gears into something drastically different.The Monokubs in the Space Mode also say that audiences now prefer dating sims. Of course, that mode is just an alternate reality.

Of course, Dangan Ronpa turning into a flat-out dating sim is highly unlikely, but it was just a thought. When was the last time anyone actually listened to and followed (for more than a week) the morals of a story?

The ending of NDRV 3 leads to an in-universe Broken Base as divisive as the real world's.
Which, if there will ever be a future installment for the series, would be a point in the next game.

If DR 4 is an Alternate Continuity, there will be a Discontinuity Nod to the Ending
One of the students will wonder if they're just in some crazy reality show after finding out they're in the killing game, only for Monokuma to dismiss that as a "really stupid plot twist."

The next game will Ret Gone V3 or instead Retcon it.
Just so the fandom can be put at ease, but Kodaka (if he does the next game) is not the type to do so. He wants the player to feel the despair and have no hope.

Tsumugi's "Cosplay Pox" was a bluff to hold up The Masquerade of fictionalizing Hope's Peak.
In Chapter 6 the crux of the reveal of the supposed "illusion" comes upon the argument that Tsumugi's ability to imitate the Hope's Peak students is only possible due to her inherent inability to use her cosplay abilities to replicate non-fictional characters. Of course, throughout the entire story, the only time this handicap comes up is her attempt to replicate Kaede's look to rule her talent out as a potential murder method. Come Chapter 6, Tsumugi pulls no punches in hammering home that the students of the Academy were themselves fabrication, asserting that "Kaede" herself was fictional which casts tremendous doubt whether this "Cosplay Pox" is even a real thing or just yet another work of disguise on her part which then adds additional doubt to the authenticity of the audition tapes themselves as well.

Danganronpa V4 will have two survivors.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc had 6 survivors. Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair apparently had 5 before the anime. Similarly, we were initially led to believe at the end of Side: Future that only 4 people survived the killing game. New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony had 3 survivors. Why not continue the trend? Maybe, due to the new rule introduced in this game, every except two people will die and they will be released.

The next game will be called "Danganronpa IV".
The "I" will be stylized to resemble a number 1, so it will be impossible for the audience to tell whether the title means "4" or "15". Just to mess with the audience yet again.
  • Alternately, IV won't be a number at all and instead represent the series dying, but being kept barely alive as if by an IV drip.

Danganronpa 4 will reveal that V3's big reveals were a lie.
There are a lot of versions of this theory drifting around, but the simplest explanation is that Tsumugi was a psychotic fangirl who, in a desperate attempt to emulate the game she witnessed in Danganronpa 1, kidnapped 16 random students and forced them to participate in a killing game of her own.After all, what could be more despair inducing than the Tomato in the Mirror? It would be something like this, "You're not innocent victims and I'm not a villain. You volunteered for this. All the death and pain is your fault, You Monster!." Is it any wonder that Shuichi Saihara tottered on the Despair Event Horizon? Perhaps she wanted to take Junko's idea and do some post-modern meta spin on it.

The game will also explain how she got the resources to do this, possibly as a result of ties to Junko (remember, that second AI from Ultra Despair Girls hasn't shown up yet...), and show Shuichi and the other survivors interacting with actual Hope's Peak Era characters.There might even be a scene where the three survivors encounter Future Foundation members as they leave the area of the school. It will be something like this:

One of the survivors: "I thought you guys didn't exist!"
Future Foundation member shows a badge or something:" I'm pretty sure we do."

There will be no more installments of Dangan Ronpa
Not in Dangan Ronpa, and not in real life for us.
  • As much as V3 seemed to be indicating this to be the case, jossed - they've already confirmed a new action game (like Despair Girls).

There will never be a Danganronpa 4, but...
Because Danganropna 4's logo is shown in V3 and is the beginning of the franchise's hypothetical descent into what it became in V3's world, actually continuing along those lines (especially after V3's "We will end Danganronpa!" ending) would be incredibly hypocritical and make V3's message pointless. However, a new action game has already been confirmed, so perhaps Danganronpa will continue under a totally different path that doesn't follow the same patterns that have been used up till now. V3 represents saying goodbye to the series' past hangups, such as hope and despair, Junko, etc. by showing a Bad Future in which they never let go. Now OUR world will proceed along a better timeline, and future games in the series will break new ground.

The in-universe Dangan Ronpa series was based off in-universe real events...
... but were radically fictionalized, like how some movies are "based off true events". At the end of the sixth trial, Tsumugi calls herself a "copycat" and a "cosplaycat criminal." Perhaps something similar to the Hope's Peak saga did happen in the "real world", and the "Dangan Ronpa" games were based off that event. However, characters like Enoshima Junko, Naegi Makoto, etc. either: 1.) do not exist and are completely fictional, or 2.) did exist but the "Dangan Ronpa" characters based off of them are completely different from the "real people" involved in the event. This is why Tsumugi is able to cosplay as the 78th class.

The events of Super Dangan Ronpa 2 and onward, however, are completely fictional.

The upcoming Spin-Off game will feature Kaede's twin sister trying to sabotage the Danganronpa reality show.
It will take place before or concurrently with V3, and like Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, there will be other family members of killing game participants who are opposed to the killing game and want to save their relatives (whether they actually volunteered was ambiguous, seeing as Kaede and Shuichi both remembered being kidnapped). The other protagonist could be Korekiyo's sister, who is actually alive and was never in an incestuous relationship with him.

The outside world has the ability to bring people back from the dead at the cost of another person's life.
Considering the world has the technology to completely change a person's personality, abilities, and memories just by shining a light in their eyes, and having VR headsets that can hurt or kill the wearer despite having no surgical connection, it's not out of the question that they would have the ability to bring people back from the dead. If Angie had successfully completed the ritual in Chapter 3, Rantaro would have indeed been resurrected, but they would be given, say, an hour to kill someone as a sacrifice, or else one of them would have been killed at random by the Exisals.

The Gifted Inmates Saga will be a trilogy... going backwards.
Considering that the Academy was destroyed at the end, if the saga were to continue it would have to focus on the killing games that happened before V3. Perhaps the next main series game won't be focusing on season 52, but season 51. That way we get an entirely new cast of characters, but have some buildup toward Rantaro and season 52 near the end. Perhaps the cap to this trilogy will be the first season of the Dangan Ronpa TV Show, or at least early in it's life. This last game will answer any unanswered questions left by V3 and the hypothetical prequel, but makes you wonder what happened in-between.

Rantaro escaped one of the killing games he participated in by graduation.
If the next game in the series is a "V2" game, this seems like an obvious twist for the Ultimate Survivor. We haven't really seen what happens in the event that the blackened wins the trial. Perhaps Rantaro will be The Atoner in the V2 game, and chooses to win via Hope as a result of his experiences in the V1 game. I also expect that Monokuma will reveal that Rantaro graduated as part of a motive in order to try to turn the other students against him.


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