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Heartwarming / Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

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Even Hiyoko performs in the victim's memory.
  • Despite the fact that he agrees that Teruteru wasn't justified in committing murder, when Teruteru's door is examined after Chapter 1, Hinata still makes a promise to his friend that he will find out what happened to the Hanamura Diner and come back one day to tell him.
    • Similarly, while Mahiru never got along with Teruteru, and also agrees that his actions weren't justified, she knows perfectly well how he feels about his mother, since she believes that "your mom is your most important family." The cast might bicker and be driven to murder one another, but that doesn't mean they don't have sympathy for each other.
  • Hiyoko, who is a pain in the ass to pretty much everyone sets up a memorial for Mahiru after the latter has been murdered.
    • Then in a bonus scene after her initial attempt flops, she arranges for Hajime to photograph another memorial service where she, Chiaki, and Ibuki perform in Koizumi's honor. Hajime also takes the moment to think about all those who have died so far — victims and killers alike.
  • Despite everyone being justifiably not fond of Nagito, when he catches the Despair Disease in Chapter 3 and appears to be dying, the other students show genuine concern for him. He sadly never learns about it.
    • Related to the above, Mikan shows why she's the Ultimate Nurse by tending to the ones afflicted, not even hesitating despite the large risk of being infected with it as well. It's implied she didn't sleep for 2 days while caring for the dying Nagito non-stop. Unfortunately this is how she gets the Despair Disease herself.
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  • Akane's happiness when Kazuichi gives her the miniature Mecha!Nekomaru toy. Made even sweeter that for the rest of Chapter 5 she carries him around with her, and he would at times shout out some phrases or words that correspond with whatever Akane is saying.
  • Monomi's speech at the end of Chapter 5 right before her and Chiaki Nanami's execution; in the midst of several characters' crises concerning talent, worth, and self-sacrifice, it's the sweetest and most uplifting case of Be Yourself.
    Monomi: There’s no need to be a hero. You don't have to force yourself just to make people acknowledge you. When you do that, you end up blaming yourself, blaming other people...and feeling jealous of everyone... But doesn't have to be like that. Even if people don't acknowledge you, you just have to be someone that you can be proud of! yourself are your biggest supporter! If you can learn to love yourself... That love will continue to support you for the rest of your life.
    • And an earlier, brief moment in Chapter is her response to Nagito's Self-Deprecation and very scathing self-descriptions. While the students don't ever seem to know how to react to them due to their rather justified mistrust and dislike of Nagito, Monomi is perhaps the only character in the game not to let the character's personality and cruelty get to her — she responds by earnestly insisting that the things they say about themselves aren't true and that no human being is trash.
    • When Monomi asks Chiaki where she got her kindness, Chiaki responds, "From my father, I guess...and my brother." The next chapter implies that this refers to Chihiro and Alter Ego.
      • Even more heartwarming: The English translation has her say "our dad and our big brother". Chiaki is confirming that Monomi is her sister in every sense of the word! Aww!
      • A bonus scene in the first chapter has more Heartwarming in Hindsight, as Chiaki invites Monomi to the girls' dessert-making party, and in the following CG they're sharing a plate in the background.
  • The fact Makoto used the 11037 number as a code to save the remaining students, the number which Sayaka Maizono, the first victim in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, used to save Makoto from being framed as the culprit in the first trial. Makoto explained to Hajime that the reason he set 11037 as the code was because a certain person left that number behind to save him from trouble, proving that despite the fact Sayaka took advantage of Makoto's kindness and tried to frame him in the beginning, Makoto believed Kyoko's theory and remembered her dearly as a friend.
    • Not to mention that it's also a tribute to Leon Kuwata himself, since he was pushed into becoming the first murderer in the first game and seemed to get along okay with Makoto. Especially if the manga's turn of events was canonical and his fatal stabbing of Sayaka was actually completely accidental after all.
    • The whole simulation redemption plan is really sweet. Sure, Usami was really corny and saccharine, but in the pre-Monokuma part of the game she tries so hard to make the students feel safe, treat them with kindness, and encourage them to have fun and make friends. That's the worst Ultimate Hope has for his worst enemies.
    • It's even more heartwarming when you consider these are loyal followers of the person who forced him and 15 of his friends to kill each other, not to mention they're responsible for plenty of horrible things themselves during the Tragedy. Yet instead of letting them die or taking revenge himself, he instead chooses to give them a chance for a new start through the rehabilitation program. Even after everything he's been through, Makoto still sees the best in people.
  • As Gundam lays dying at the end of his execution, his hamsters watching, all of his departed pets descend from the sky and carry him into Heaven. An animal lover's faith in his pets is rewarded.
    • Made even more heartwarming by the fact that he thought he was going to hell. Although, perhaps for an Evil Overlord wannabe like him, that is Hell.
  • In the Grape House in Chapter 4, you can see a statue of Sakura Ogami, though it is only labeled as "Ogre". Then you look at it and no one knows what or who it is supposed to be. This means that not only did the Future Foundation go out of their way to memorialize their dead friend in their rehabilitation program, but despite Monokuma vandalizing everything else on the islands (including turning Monomi's home into a haunted house), this statue alone is completely untouched.
    • It's implied that Monokuma created the entire Funhouse himself, which means he's responsible for the statue, not the Future Foundation. Looks like he has some serious (if begrudging) Villain Respect for the one whose Heroic Sacrifice united everyone towards defeating him the first time.
    • Gets even better with the killer in the chapter, oddly enough. It's all but outright stated that Gundam was aiming to kill Mechamaru to save everyone from starvation. Mechamaru could tell that he was aiming for his life but instead of running or calling for help: Mechamaru decided to treat it as a Duel to the Death which Gundam seems to reciprocate. In essence, they were agreeing to a mutual suicide pact to save their friends. Which is exactly what Sakura did in the first game: Killing herself to save her friends. It could be said that both Gundam and Mechamaru were carrying on her spirit.
  • Near the end of the game, much like how Hajime had a vision of Chiaki to help him break out of his despair, Fuyuhiko had a vision of Peko to help him break out of his.
    Fuyuhiko: I'm well aware it might be an act of suicide. There's no telling how this'll play out... But... [smiling] I... I heard her voice. In fact... I think it was the first time she ever yelled at me... Heh, I can't stand on my own two feet if she keeps treating me like a damn kid!
  • While this also doubles as a Tear Jerker, the fact that none of the survivors can bring themselves to hate Chiaki for being The Mole, with Sonia even insisting that Chiaki is still their friend.
  • Near the end of Chapter 6, Hajime is forced into a Sadistic Choice and goes into a Heroic BSoD. The person to break him out of it is the memory of Chiaki, who helps him move past his despair and stop playing Junko's game.
    • Best said with his final statement.
    Makoto: Hajime... everyone... thank you.
    Hajime: I'm not... the one you should be thanking.
  • Like in the previous game, the Island Mode endings often have characters coming to terms with their personal problems, especially when they weren't able to do so before they died. This includes Byakuya admitting to being the Ultimate Impostor and Peko deciding to help Fuyuhiko reach his goals as an equal, rather than a tool.
    • Akane tells Hajime he helped her to realize that people need to connect in order to have the hope that makes them human.
    • Byakuya confesses that he's actually the Ultimate Imposter but Hajime says he wants to understand him better and he doesn't have to disappear. The Imposter thanks him for making his existence absolute.
    • Chiaki says she wants to learn different things from Hajime.
    • Fuyuhiko says he's not going to run from anything anymore and that he and Hajime are together.
    • Gundham calls Hajime his slave/manservant/sacrifice/housekeeper/friend.
    • Hiyoko tells Hajime he reminds her of her dad and that she won't cry anymore so that she can protect him and Hajime.
    • Ibuki considers that Hajime may be her destined one and if that's true, she'll never have to feel despair around people.
    • Kazuichi says he never thought about the future and felt excited about it before he met Hajime and that Hajime will ride in everything he makes.
    • Mahiru thanks Hajime for finding her and that she likes him.
    • Mikan asks Hajime to stay with her forever after he promises to marry her.
    • Nagito says that Hajime taught him hope was inside from the very beginning and asks Hajime to be his friend.
    • Nekomaru says that Hajime is someone he can invest all of his passion into.
    • Peko thanks Hajime for being her first friend and says she'll rely on him.
    • Sonia says she can't give up Hajime when she returns to her kingdom, calling him her hero, saying she believes in him and that he's more important to her than anything else.
    • Teruteru says he wants Hajime to meet his mother and experience eating at the Hanamura Diner.
  • Peko's execution, in a tear jerking way. She resolutely tells Monokuma before it begins that she refuses to feel the kind of despair at dying that he so wants from her, and he responds by saying everyone gives in to despair in the last moments of their life and that she'll be no different. Nearing the end of her execution, she legitimately believes she's committed the worst crime a samurai can commit in slaying her master, which makes it seem like Monokuma was right as she cradles a badly-bleeding Fuyuhiko in tears. Then in the next chapter, Chiaki surmises from Fuyuhiko's injuries that Peko must have put everything she had into keeping him safe while her body was being torn apart. Even until the very end, Peko never gave up on fulfilling her duty, holding onto the hope that he'd be safe no matter how unlikely it seemed: she proved Monokuma wrong.
  • The whole notion that the six survivors of the original School Life of Mutual Killing ended up joining the Future Foundation. The Headmaster wanted them to go on to preserving hope for humanity's future, and despite everything that Enoshima did trying to break that hope, that's exactly what they did.
  • Chiaki's room and the movie theater feature a Poster showing Komaru Naegi attacking a Monokuma with the Hacking Gun. Looks like Makoto wanted to include a reference to his sister's time in Towa Town.
  • The epilogue hints that not only did the survivors make it out of the Neo World Program with all their memories, but that their comatose friends could be revived as well. It's a small chance, but the possibility is there.
  • Sonia and Gundham's relationship, especially considering their pasts. Sonia lived a very sheltered life in Novoselic and never had a close friend, while Gundham is Not Good with People and has an easier time understanding animals. Both share an interest in the occult, with her asking to accompany him on a trip to an amusement park in hell. She's also the only person who manages to make him blush when complimenting his hamsters. Gundham refers to her as "the dark queen," saying she has great power yet to awaken. Considering this is Gundham, this is likely a massive compliment on his part. When Gundham is deemed the culprit in Chapter 4, Sonia refuses to believe it and even pleads with Monokuma to spare him, but Gundham convinces her to let go. His parting words about never giving up on life are also what inspire her to survive without any more killings.
  • The fact that Kazuichi of all people is the first person to legitimately suggest considering Monomi an ally in chapter 5, when up to that point every single character had constantly treated her as an enemy and an annoyance even as she put herself in danger to fight off the monobeasts keeping the students from opposing Monokuma.
  • Ibuki trying, in her own way, to help Hajime remember his talent. Even though he doesn't, she still encourages him to be happy with who he is, since, with or without one, he's still the same person she likes spending time with.
    • Similarly, in Chapter 5, Hajime has to explain that he was never a part of Hope's Peak's Primary Department, meaning that unlike everyone else, he doesn't have an Ultimate Talent. The reaction of the survivors could be summed up as "That's it? Who cares?".
    Fuyuhiko: ...Is that all?
    Kazuichi: What. That's it? Dude, don't ever scare me like that.
    Chiaki: Cheer up, Hajime. It doesn't matter if you're from the Reserve Department.
    Sonia: She is right! No matter what, you are our friend!
  • Despite having a stalker crush and being a bit shallow, there are some times that Kazuichi genuinely likes Sonia. He does call her “Miss Sonia” out of respect due to her status, would listen to her claims, and defend her if somebody accuse her of murder or doubts and would often demand that they apologize to her and threaten them.
  • As big of a Jerkass as Hiyoko is, it's cute whenever she's genuinely moved to tears by Hajime's kindness and cries, and tries to pass it off as her usual Crocodile Tears.
  • In chapter 2, Chiaki teaches Mikan to play a video game and battles against her, leaving Mikan overwhelmed with happiness that she got to play with a friend.
  • Everyone currently alive riding the roller coaster in Chapter 4. After everything they've been through, they get a break and have a moment, however brief of actual enjoyment. The scene shows all of them (except Kazuichi as he gets motion sickness) legitimately having a fun time. Some even had so much fun they wanted another go.
  • During Peko's Free Time events, Hajime helps her open up more emotionally by helping her learn to smile again. As he gets to know her, he develops feelings for her and is visibly heartbroken when she is oblivious towards the way he feels. Despite this, Peko still cares for Hajime very much, and after thanking him for helping her remember what is most important to her, he says that although he's a bit jealous of the person she wants to ask out (strongly implied to be Fuyuhiko), he's still okay with them being just friends. Although she does not feel the same way, it's sweet that Hajime cares for her enough to be a part of her life in any way he can.

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