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Nightmare Fuel / Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

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"Malice. His entire body, nothing but raw and unfettered malice."
V3 is even Bloodier and Gorier than the rest of the series, so it should be expected that there should be plenty of terrifying moments to be found.

Warning: as per Nightmare Fuel policy, all spoilers below are unmarked!

  • A few of the murders are even more horrific than the previous two games...
    • Ryouma is drowned by Kirumi. Not especially gruesome, except for the way she disposes of his corpse: she hides it in a piranha tank, and when Himiko uses it for a magic show, his body is dropped into the water and almost immediately devoured by the starving fish, reducing him to nothing but bones in a matter of seconds! Not to mention, she knocked him unconscious first, then Ryoma woke up when she stuck his head underwater - imagine how frightening that was for him, knowing that Kirumi, the mature and calm Team Mom of the group has given into Monokuma's motive, and though Shuichi determined Ryoma struggled thanks to all the scratchmarks his handcuffs left on the sink, Kirumi overpowered him.
    • Angie is knocked out by the sharp corner of a wooden beam and has her neck slit by a katana. For additional creepiness, when you enter the room, the statues she was making the previous night (which look even creepier now thanks to the lighting) are now hung upside down around the room, with the katana stuck in Kaede's chest. When you first see it, it looks like the resurrection ritual went horribly wrong. Special mention goes to Ryoma's statue, which is staring directly at the player with his blank gaze.
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    • Gonta only killed Miu because he learned from the Flashback Light that the world was a lifeless, airless wasteland, and that the students were all that was left of humanity. It broke him to the point that Kokichi (who led him to the Flashback Light in the first place) was easily able to convince him that the best option was to Mercy Kill the other students, as part of a counter-plan he came up with to avoid being killed by Miu.
    • Kokichi's death rivals Nagito's in terms of sheer gruesomeness. He is shot twice with crossbow bolts, one of which was poisoned, then he willingly lies under a hydraulic press, which slowly and completely crushes him until not even the normally near-omniscient Monokuma can recognize him. It's bad enough that we get to see several times a video tape which shows the exact moment Kokichi was crushed followed by a massive blood splatter. Special mention goes for the discovery of Kokichi's remains. The crime scene is a total mess and there's literally blood everywhere. The initial shock is so great that it takes a while before Shuichi and the rest even realize that someone's crushed remains are inside the press. And even then they believe that the body belongs to Kaito since his coat sleeve is dangling from the press.
      • In an incredible use of Nothing Is Scarier, at no point do we ever actually see the body itself - all we see of Kokichi's remains is the giant pool of blood that had spurted out of the sides of the press. As part of the plan to make the culprit and victim unidentifiable, Kaito broke the power chord for the hydraulic press so that the press couldn't be opened - Shuichi finds this out when, after trying his best to gain the courage to open the press and inspect the body, he finds he can't do it. Shuichi (and pretty much every person playing the game) is understandably relieved at not having to look at the state of that body, despite how much it complicates the investigation.
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  • Some of Kokichi's facial expressions are more than a little terrifying. This one in particular, however, takes the cake. Not to mention, Kokichi's expressions get gradually worse during and after the fourth trial which is often accompanied by a mad laughter. This confirms that he has gone almost completely mental because of both the guilt of manipulating Gonta into becoming the blackened and the sheer stress of the killing game.
  • Gonta's predicament during the fourth trial. Because Gonta mixed up the two wires he was supposed to plug into his headset when they went into the virtual world, he had no memory of anything that happened within it upon logging out. All he remembered was going to sleep, and when he woke up, Miu was dead. And then during the trial, Kokichi reveals that Gonta was the one who killed Miu and keeps pushing Gonta to use a better argument to defend himself if he really insists he's not the culprit, even though Gonta really can't come up with anything better than repeatedly insisting he doesn't know what is happening because he really doesn't know.
    • Kokichi's reveal of Gonta's guilt falls into this too. When Shuichi triggers his Berserk Button by lying to him, Kokichi is pissed and goes chillingly serious, confessing the whole setup without any hints of his normal Troll behavior, because he knows that giving everyone the truth they want so much is the perfect revenge.
    Kokichi: [Chillingly serious, with a Nightmare Face portrait] Now then... the culprit is Gonta.
  • The executions are back as usual, and this time around, they're arguably the most absolutely brutal and agonizing executions in the franchise to date...
    • Chapter 1's execution, "Der Flohwalzer". Our first culprit of the game is none other than Kaede Akamatsu. Yes, you read that right; this is Kaede's execution. For the first time in the series, the protagonist is executed by Monokuma, and following the trend of first chapter executions, it matches Leon and Teruteru's executions in terms of cruelty and brutality. Plus, after seeing it, you'll never hear the Flea Waltz the same way again. Monokuma hangs her by the neck, and then the Monokuma Cubs use a pulley system to play a giant piano with her body. Through all of this, Kaede is struggling with the rope around her neck until her face is blue. The execution is drawn out to make her suffer as much as possible, and any sense of dignity is thrown out the window when an audience of Monokumas starts booing and pelting her with tomatoes. Once the show is over and Kaede has gone limp, the iron maiden style keyboard cover slams shut on her and Monokid, reducing her body to unrecognizable paste, and decapitating Monokid. And in the final chapter, we learn the truth: Kaede was innocent. Tsumugi was the one who actually killed Rantaro, meaning Kaede's execution was ultimately pointless and unfair. If this was the first game, Game Over the Blackened got away with it. Everyone except Tsumugi gets executed and the official game ends here.
    • Chapter 2's execution, "Strand of Agony", is possibly one of the most brutal and torturous executions in the entire franchise. This time, Kirumi's up on the chopping block, and unlike most of the other culprits, she actually makes an effort to escape... before she gets surrounded by an angry mob. She's given the option of climbing a rope to safety... except the rope is a thorny vine that cuts her hands every time she grabs it. And that's not even getting into the buzzsaws whirling around the rope, shredding her clothes and her body as she climbs, screaming in immense pain. Kirumi narrowly survives the Death of a Thousand Cuts and nearly reaches the escape hole... but this is Monokuma we're talking about, so the "hole" is just a childish drawing taped to the ceiling. As she realizes that there was never a chance for her to escape, the rope snaps, and Kirumi falls several stories to her death, crushing Monosuke in the process.
    • Chapter 3's execution, "Cultural Melting Pot". Compared to the last two executions, this one has a few elements of Black Comedy, but Korekiyo's fate is no less painful-looking, both in the physical sense and supernatural sense. After being spun around really fast by Monotaro and Monophanie, a samurai slices the rope binding him, dropping him into a large cauldron that starts boiling rapidly. After Monodam runs into the flames, causing the flames to intensify, Korekiyo dies from the sheer heat, as his spirit flies up into the sky reaching towards his sister, but before he can reach her, Monokuma suddenly jumps in, and he and Korekiyo's sister proceed to sprinkle salt all over Korekiyo's spirit. The salt part is made more disturbing by how it works: it melts his spirit, and you get a Gross-Up Close-Up of his melting face.
    • Chapter 4's execution, "Wild West Insecticide". A fair word of warning for this one: if you have a crippling case of entomophobia, you will not like this execution, as poor Gonta ends up facing the darker sides of entomology in the most extreme fashion Monokuma can think of. Tied to a post with no chance of escape, Gonta finds himself being shot at by Monokuma, using robotic wasps as ammunition for a custom-made tommy gun, and each wasp that hits him stings his face to the point that he looks horribly swollen and deformed by the time Monokuma stops firing. To make matters worse, Monophanie is writhing on the ground in pain the whole time with her body steadily getting more and more swollen until a giant, unsettling clawed insect bursts out of Monophanie's stomach and slices Monotaro in two the moment it pops out. It then flies over to Gonta and gores him on one of its claws, piercing the laptop tied to him, his chest and the post he's tied to. Monokuma then finishes the job with a flamethrower, engulfing Gonta and the insect in a fiery blaze as he walks away in satisfaction.
    • Chapter 5's execution, "Blast Off! Second Ignition". Thanks to Kokichi being mistaken as the mastermind of the killing game, Kaito ends his role in the killing game as being one of the last participants to be executed. In a Call-Back to the very first execution seen in the series, Kaito is put into a rocket to go on a space journey, just like the headmaster did all those years ago... except this time, the rocket goes through the Earth, subjecting him to not just the same G-forces that reduced Jin to a skeleton, but intense heat as the rocket burrows through the core of the Earth and comes out the other side, launching Kaito into space. However, prior to the execution, Kaito was infected with a terminal illness, meaning he's slowly dying as the execution progresses... and indeed, he perishes while in space, having achieved his dream of reaching the stars moments before his death. With its guilty party dead, the rocket ceases to function and plummets back through the Earth before landing back in the classroom, the debris knocking Ki-bo's ahoge off his head as he moves to shield everyone. It's not quite as brutal or cruel as the previous execution... but Monokuma's Death Glare as he sits behind the students is... very unsettling, to say the least, especially since Monokuma has never looked so calm and angry at the same time...
  • Korekiyo Shinguuji. At first glance, he seems to be the Gundham-analogue for this game; unsettling appearance but mostly harmless. However, Chapter 3 kicks in and not only does he murder both Tenko and Angie in cold blood, but he lets out one of the most repulsive motives in the entire series. And if his execution is to be believed, even Monokuma finds him disgusting. The way he acts in his trial is more than off-putting, alternating between him and his split personality based on his sister once he is caught, and actively relishing the feeling when being found out. Also worth noting is how he sees absolutely no wrong in his actions, justifying his quest of killing 100 females with his great love for his sister. And before his execution, his only regret was that he died so close to the 'promised number' of 100 friends for his sister. Meaning that his number of victims almost reach three digits. To top it off, his Love Hotel scene has him ready to rape Shuichi, all for his pet theory of human beauty. Not even in the bonus modes does this let up since being in love with his sister and a serial killer is still very much canon in both the Talent Planner and Space dating sim. His ending in the latter even seems to indicate that he might make an exception to his no boys rule and murder Shuichi so "Sister" can meet him after all.
  • Everything to do with the reveal:
    • The entirety of NDRV3 is a widely-acclaimed reality show based on the first few Dangan Ronpa games/animes, which are smash hits in-universe. Oh, and the V3 in the title stands for 53, meaning that, assuming the "Ultimate Real-Fiction" started on DR4, there have been 49 seasons of teenagers killing each other. Assuming all the seasons had 16 participants each, and keeping in mind each goes until there are two students remaining or a blackened successfully gets away with murder, that means that the show is responsible for at least 686 deaths.
    • For starters, all of the characters we came to know throughout the game? Kirumi's unfettered determination? Tenko's hatred of men? Miu's raunchy personality? Korekiyo's... eccentricities? Completely fake, implanted upon them by the producers.
    • The mastermind reveals that Maki falling for Kaito was also all part of the script. She was brainwashed into falling in love with someone. What makes matters worse is that this isn't the first time it comes up in the game in hindsight. The Love Hotel mechanic is, as how it's described and plays out does line up with at best drugging which may or may not lead to sex between otherwise unwilling persons (even ignoring dubious consent seen in the scenes themselves) or at worst a sort of short term brainwashing. And then you remember that, as this is a show and Monokuma controls your access to this area, the cameras are likely still rolling for all of them. Then you can throw in the implications of this "show" being able to control these teenagers like this for some extra "fun".
    • Kaito's terminal illness was given to him by Tsumugi as part of his character. She gave a random applicant a terminal disease that killed him slowly and painfully, just because she thought it would create a more interesting character.
    • Same with Ryoma. Everything about his family and lover being dead, him murdering the mafia for revenge, and getting sent to death row? You know, that stuff that drove him into such a deep depression that he willingly allowed himself to be murdered? All fake.
    • It's rather disturbing to see the audition tapes of Shuichi, Kaede and Kaito play out showing how they were before being brainwashed and had less then noble goals for wanting to participate. Special mention goes to Kaito outright saying that he was only interested in killing people. Shuichi might be the most horrifying, as not only is he planning a gory murder just because an Ultimate Detective has never been a culprit before, he's also gleefully imagining his own Execution.
  • Ki-bo was hacked by the Danganronpa audiences. Along with the Occult Blue Eyes and the Voice of the Legion, it's incredibly disturbing that the player was going against "Ki-bo" while telling themselves at the same time that the person they're fighting wasn't really Ki-bo at all, but rather, the audiences controlling him. The health gauge doesn't even have Ki-bo's name, instead consisting of a glitchy, illegible mess that signifies that they're not only fighting against one person, but a million people who wanted Danganronpa to continue. It makes the BTB with Junko in the first game look completely normal in comparison.
    • Instead of "Ki-bo" saying the traditional Argument Armament lines like the previous chapters, most of the lines spilling out are various reactions from the audience about how Danganronpa shouldn't end at all.
    • The Madness Mantra includes the crowd chanting for "hope!" and "despair!", and the Voice of the Legion gets increasingly harder to understand when they're saying things at the same time.
    • Ki-bo's "armour" is him in 3D with numerous chains surrounding him. The disturbing part was when those chains showed that Ki-bo was trapped in a puppet-like fashion and being controlled by the Outside World. The poor robot couldn't catch a break.
    • Ki-bo's screams are both heart wrenching and horrifying at the same time. It hurts even more when you realize that the Argument's really against his will when he got hacked in the first place.
  • Tsumugi's Love Across the Universe ending. In contrast to the endings of other antagonistic characters in the series, none of her darker sides have been curbed. In fact, she slips up and refers to Shuichi himself as a cosplay, not a person, with the Occult Blue Eyes of Mastermind!Tsumugi. Her final words tell the audience that she's not done with the killing game business, while Shuichi notices something off about her attitude, but remains oblivious to what it is.
  • Speaking of Tsumugi, she can be incredibly unsettling during the final trial, especially when she cosplays as characters from the previous games and talks about the game's "Truman Show" Plot, the outside world, and everyone suffering and falling into despair. It's even worse when she cosplays as characters like Makoto and Chiaki.
  • The (fake) reveal at the very end of the Chapter 5 trial. In the aftermath of Kaito's heartbreaking execution, Shuichi manages to draw strength from the fact that Kaito and Kokichi's sacrifices weren't in vain: the group has drawn ever closer to exposing the true mastermind. And then, without any warning, the screen fades into an unknown location, where a giant Monokuma head (with half its covering apparently ripped off) is floating in a tank of liquid... and in front of it stands the silhouette of a familiar teenage girl. She then declares (as "New World Order V3", normally the protagonists' theme, begins playing) that as long as she exists, the killing games will never end, but will repeat over and over, before imitating Monokuma's trademark laugh and declaring "Such despair." Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" from the players. The revelation in Chapter 6 that it's not the real Junko only slightly lessens the impact.
  • Maki can be kind of creepy at points, but when she gets really pissed, she gets some sprites where her hair flies up behind her and (on occasion) her eyes glow. Sometimes she even brandishes a knife at the camera. It's really not pretty to look at. Although, depending on who she's threatening, it could cross over into Creepy Awesome.
  • Per tradition, each night the player is given a short Monokuma Theater, with shots of Monokuma reenacting iconic movie scenes in the background. The Jaws scene has Monokuma relaxing on an inner tube, with the shark being replaced by a massive Junk Monokuma. They also show up in their normal size as the "Zombies" when he parodies Night of the Living Dead (1968). This is perhaps one of the few times Monokuma's left half looks creepier than his right.
  • During the Ultimate Talent Development Mode, one event square has Monosuke offering you two presents: a small one and a big one. If you pick the small one, it turns out to contain despair, which is released all over the world in the form of ghost sprites. Several ghosts fly out of the box... and then one flies up close from the bottom of the screen. It's much more surprising than it sounds. Though there is some Nightmare Retardant if you've seen the other event where you can defeat ghosts just by punching them or yelling "The power of Christ compels you!" at them
  • The "reveal" of the Gofer project and the outside world. It almost makes you glad the whole thing was a fabrication.
    • The world was threatened by a series of meteor impacts so severe that the Earth's destruction seemed unavoidable. The nations of the world came together and came up with the Gofer Project, selecting the 16 students to send into space in order to colonize a new planet. At the same time, a cult arose that believed that the meteors heralded the end of days and that mankind deserved extinction. They tried to put a stop to the Gofer project and began hunting these students across every corner of the world. With no other choice, the Gofer project's leaders spread misinformation that the students had died and covertly sent them into space. Unfortunately, the cult's leader had already infiltrated the group and set about sabotaging their mission as they went into cold sleep.
    • And when the survivors finally open the door and get a look out at the outside world? All that's awaiting them is an utterly desolate wasteland. There's no life, no oxygen, and nowhere left for any of them to go. Everyone they've ever known and loved has been dead for hundreds of years. All the deaths that they dealt with? Absolutely pointless. And now the last remnants of the human race are a mere seven people aboard a ship with no way back into space. Many of the survivors fall far past the Despair Event Horizon and begin contemplating suicide.


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