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Nightmare Fuel / Danganronpa Zero

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  • Even knowing what's coming, the novel as a whole has an uncomfortable sense of dread. With the Tragedy of Hope's Peak having taken place and The Parade in full swing throughout the background, the first dominoes that will lead to the The Tragedy are already in motion.
  • Hope's Peak Academy, originally portrayed as a beautiful utopian school in the first game, is put on full display as the corrupt, greedy, elitist establishment that it truly was. Under the tyranny of the Steering Committee, they treat Reserve Course students as cashcows and segregate them from the Ultimate students; they have no trouble covering up murders that take place on school grounds, and even force some of their own students to solve the situations for them.
    • At one point, they try to pressure Matsuda into interrogating one of the survivors of the Tragedy of Hope's Peak. When he asks what happens if he refuses, the Committee members laugh and say he doesn't have a choice, even threatening to have Ryoko expelled if he doesn't comply.
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  • Ryoko herself at times. Do NOT try to keep her away from Matsuda.
    I wanna meet Matsuda-kun. I wanna meet Matsuda-kun. I wanna meet Matsuda-kun.
  • Ryoko receives a letter that tells her to come to the Central Plaza at 1 AM if she wants her old memory notebooks back. When she does, she sees someone standing by the fountain. She asks if they're the one who called her there, but gets no reply. When she gets closer to see if something's wrong, she gets a look at the man's face. His eyes are bloodshot and his tongue hang limply from his mouth. As the wind picks up, she also notices he's not standing. He's hanging from a rope around his neck. Underneath him is one of her missing notebooks.

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