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Nightmare Fuel / Diabolik Lovers

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Some of the endings. With Cruel Twist Ending and And I Must Scream, indeed.

  • ALL of Kanato’s endings fall into this trope.
    • Kanato’s Good End: Yui becomes a total sub, often being drugged and forgetting what time it is as she slowly starts turning into a vampire. They then get married and move into the vampire castle together and he promises to give her “human bait” she can suck blood from now that she’s officially been turned into a vampire.
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    • Kanato’s Normal End: Yui kills the rest of the Sakamaki brothers in order to prove her love for Kanato.
    • Kanato’s Bad End: Kanato and Yui become a couple, but then he gets jealous thinking everyone is taking her away from him. He then goes batshit, sets everyone on fire and kills them except Yui.
  • Reiji’s Bad End: Cordelia takes full control of Yui’s body and after Ritcher kills Reiji, she dumps him, much to his surprise.
    • Reiji’s Normal End: Reiji successfully kills Ritcher, but by now, Yui’s personality becomes one with Cordelia and starts treating Reiji as her slave. Well, except for the last line delivered by Yui. Makes you think if Yui is becoming like Cordelia or if Cordelia took control over her.
      Yui: My blood, with Cordelia’s heart, is like a drug to the vampires. He can no longer endure without my blood. That Reiji is under my control. My...prisoner. Mine for eternity...! Ah, it feels good! Living freely is wonderful! Fufu…ahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!!
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  • Ayato's Brute End in Dark Fate: Ayato is killed by Carla and Yui, refusing to accept this, is tricked by him with a spell that makes her believe that Carla is Ayato. He then proceeds to rape her in a daily basis, both figuratively and literally, until she ends up producing a child.


  • In the second season after Ruki locks Yui in a room where she passed God knows how much time (according to Kou she is there for more than a week). She didn't understand why he was doing that, but what makes it worse is that, even though Yuma, Kou and Azusa shows concern over her situation even after biting her, Ruki demanded them to drink even more blood. That made me keep on wondering how scary was the fact that they entered that room where she was, they feed from her, gave her food and maybe talked for a while before leaving, but think about it? The room was completely dark, which means that being privated even from Sunlight would make even her Anemia gets worse.

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