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Fridge Brilliance

  • For as much crap we all like to give this series, I do have to give one very spoilerific kudos. The twist that Yui was adopted actually makes sense (albeit very cliched) considering how her father was a Catholic priest, who in real life cannot marry unlike in other anime thanks to the celibacy vow. Especially notice how her mother is never mentioned at all, not even for a cliched "my mom's dead!" backstory. Sure in the process we have more Oedipal symbolism than Neon Genesis Evangelion and there are still bits of Anime Catholicism ("Blood of Eve", anyone?), but still.
    • Actually speaking of Evangelion....they're both named Yui. I wonder if that was an intentional Shout-Out or not?...Or they could be ripping off Evangelion, that works too.
  • Going with the game routes, the Sakamaki brothers have one of the Seven Deadly Sins Motif going around. Given their backstories to how they act the way they are.
    Shu: Sloth (Lost any motivation to be anything after the loss of his first friend)
    Reiji: Envy(Envious of the attention that Shu has and wished to take it)
    Laito: Lust(Thought sex as a form of love due to his twisted relationship with his mother)
    Kanato: Greed(Wishes for his mothers attention)
    Ayato: Pride(Thought that being the best is the only way that his mother will look at him)
    Subaru: Wrath(Anger at the circumstances of his birth)

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