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Tear Jerker / Diabolik Lovers

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The Bad Ends are quite the Tear Jerker. Mainly because all the suffering Yui has to go through. But expecting from the Sakamaki siblings and their twisted personalities, you never can get a whole happy end with them. It is either a Bittersweet Ending or a Nightmare Fuel.

  • Ayato’s Bad End:On Ayato’s route, The S choices are particularly hurtful because, as you learn later, the S choices are basically “Cordelia” choices. They are times when Cordelia takes over and Yui says something mean that she wouldn’t have normally. That’s why Ayato goes crazy in this Ending if you pick all S choices, because he can’t separate Yui from his mother in his mind and he feels that the only way to get rid of his mother (again) is to stop Yui’s heartbeat, which sounds the same. He isn’t actually meaning to kill Yui, he’s just delirious and confused, not realizing that stabbing his mother’s heart will kill Yui, as well. He even says “Now I can be with you without having to remember that person anymore.” .
    • It is no better in Ayato’s Normal End: He reveals the Awful Truth about her heart and Cordelia. He then goes and kills his brothers. He also makes Yui into a mindless doll who can only say "I love you"..
      Ayato: You have to be careful. If your health gets bad...the blood becomes unpleasant, you know?
      Yui: Ayato..-kun...
      Ayato: Hm?
      Yui: I love you.
      Ayato: ...
      Yui: I love you.
      Ayato: Hehe, I see. That's good. Look only at me in my arms.
      Yui: I love you.
      Ayato: You are eternally mine... the toy only for me.
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    • You get more clarity about this ending from Ayato’s first character song, ADDICTED (2) PHANTOM, which is about this ending based on all the references in it. He admits in the song that he’s done something that can’t be forgiven (or atoned for) and the song mentions the swaying curtains that are present in his Ending 02 CG along with Yui’s scream. The song is basically about him clinging to the memories of past Yui before she was broken, the times when they were happy, a desire to monopolize that went wrong.
  • Laito’s Bad End: Cordelia takes full control of Yui’s body and Laito kills Karl thanks to the fact that Yui has awakened as a vampire. Cordelia claims to Laito that she can ask Reiji to go revive Karl for her, despite knowing that Karl hates her. Laito doesn’t buy it and does a Mercy Kill to Yui. Yui accepts her fate and ask Laito to kiss her one more time.
  • Subaru’s Bad End: Subaru gets killed by Karlheinz. However, Yui in despair says out loud that she’ll even abandon God in order to save Subaru. This causes Cordelia to emerge. In order to stop her from emerging from her body, Yui kills herself with Subaru’s silver knife, so his sacrifice for her won’t be in vain.
    • The way she recalls Subaru’s sacrifice is heartwrenching as well.
      Yui: Subaru-kun realized it during the times when my heart hurt...That was why he reduced the number of times he sucked my blood, and immediately showed up whenever I was about to collapse...You were always watching out for me.
    • Combined with Famous Last Words.
      Yui: I swear my lifetime to you, Subaru-kun.
  • Shu’s Bad End: Shu finds out that Reiji was responsible for Edgar’s death, as he burned his village. In a fit of rage, Shu engages Reiji in a swordfight. Both die and Yui is sobbing next to Shu’s corpse as the remaining siblings try to take advantage of her now that Shu is dead. You bastards.
  • Shin's brute end Yui and Shin get kidnapped by Karlheinz and he brainwashes Shin and uses him as a research experiment to cure a disease that supposedly killed off Shin and Carla’s race. Shin doesn’t realize it’s Yui while he sucks all the blood from her body and only realizes when Yui is already dead and it ends with him screaming.

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