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Nightmare Fuel / Digimon

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Digimon as a whole was pretty dark, with moments of violence, torture, death and...well, needless to say, for a "kid's show," it sure got edgy at times.

Specific works:

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    Digimon Savers/Data Squad 
  • Elecmon in episode 6. It's smiling in a kind of empty way when it first appears and when it is confronted by the protagonists, that empty smile becomes a full blown Slasher Smile combined with soul piercing eyes.
  • The Gizumon. They already look wrong, but then you see what they do. They're designed to kill Digimon. Not defeat, or capture, kill. And any Digimon they kill stays dead, without turning into a egg. And they rampaged across the Digital Worlds ten years before the series begins, massacring its population.
  • Also, the shot of Digimon in a lab, hanging in tubes. The implications are all kinds of wrong, especially since many of those Digimon are In-training level.
  • To say nothing of the man responsible for both of the above, Akihiro Kurata. He's hands down the most evil character in the franchise. Creating the aforementioned Gizumon, mechanical monstrosities that make other Digimon Deader Than Dead by stopping them from reincarnating like usual, and experimenting in creating half-Digimon hybrids were only the start. Creating a weapon of mass destruction to kill thousands of Digimon in one shot, forcing the Teen Genius on the heroes' side to a Face–Heel Turn by threatening to kill his Ill Girl little sister with an explosive collar, trying to replicate his hybrid experiments on said Ill Girl, and finally awakening a mighty Demon Lord and merging with it to destroy all of his enemies so that he could then wipe out all Digimon and have total control of both the Digital World and the human world...well, that should give you an idea of how loathsome this guy is. And his motives? Petty Greed, cowardice, prejudice, and Inferiority Superiority Complex.

    Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion 
  • After having absorbed the Gehenna Sphere, Lucemon.
  • How about Tactimon? This Digimon leads most of the Bagra Army's forces and fully embraces the We Have Reserves attitude. He'll do anything to achieve a perfect victory, even if he has to wipe out his own forces right along with his enemies. Dorulumon defected after getting fed up with it. Because of that, Tactimon's first order of business upon encountering Xros Heart is to order Dorulumon executed as a traitor, and he doesn't just have Dorulumon taken out and shot either. He orders his underlings to burn Dorulumon to death as slowly and agonizingly as possible and orders the same done to Taiki simply for the convenience of killing two of his enemies at once.

The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time

  • The state of Blossomon's victims after he drains them in episode four. Seriously. They just wither into husks as if they were plants themselves.
  • This may be intentional or not, but Dracumon's evolution to Yaksamon shows him ripping his own face off.
  • Sephirotmon was just plain creepy. The scene where laughing children appeared from inside his mouth didn't help.

Digimon: The Movie

  • The Seven Great Demon Lords in general. A group of uber-power demons who do whatever they like with near impunity, with control over every Digimon in the Nightmare Soldier family, which acts as their army. And if a Digimon is killed by one of them, rather than being reborn as a Digiegg somewhere, they become a part of said Demon Lord.
  • The profiles on the early (pre-2002) cyborg Digimon, which imply someone or something was using them as guinea pigs to create Mugendramon and Chimarimon, and given what those two Jogress into... yeah.
  • Speaking of what they Jogress into, Millenniummon is pretty damned creepy. A near-unstoppable monster that's every bit as insane and evil as they are, capable of forcing its enemies into another dimension when it fights them. And it gets worse. Kill a Millenniummon? Its spirit will be reborn as MoonMillenniummon, which doesn't have a body and can't be killed, while its body just gets right back up again, even more powerful than before and capable of travelling through time. And just for added fun, ZeedMillenniummon is an Omnicidal Maniac.
    • To make it worse, the only time it ever appeared in canon, it developed a disturbing Foe Yay relationship with Ryo Akiyama.
  • Megidramon manages to get even more terrifying than Tamers already made it. Its body is made of Chrome Digizoid, meaning it's near-completely indestructible. Near-indestructible, insanely violent and capable of breaking reality just by existing.
    • And apparently Megidramon is capable of Voluntary Shapeshifting to ChaosDukemon. The one good thing about Megidramon was that it was apparently just a mindless beast. Now imagine something born ferociously violent, indestructible, capable of breaking reality by existing, and it's intelligent.
  • Chaosmon are really disturbing, even by the standards the Digital World has. They're not supposed to exist, which shows by the very edges of their bodies glitch. Even worse, the Digimon that wind up creating a Chaosmonnote  are still alive and conscious in its shoulders, with their severed heads turned into weapons, in a dark twist on Omegamon's design.
    • You want even more Nightmare Fuel? Try UltimateChaosmon, a deformed Eldritch Abomination created from the strain of four powerful Digimon fusing at oncenote . It's so unwieldly powerful that Digimon at the Rookie level and below can't even approach this thing, and it has two of its Digicores just sitting there as UltimateChaosmon's eyes.
  • Remember SkullGreymon? And remember that bone club Orgemon carries around? That's a SkullGreymon's femur. How the heck did an Ogremon get its hands on a SkullGreymon's femur.
    • And if Ogremon wasn't scary enough, there's his evolution: Titamon. A creature born from the hatred of the hatred of all Digimon defeated by the Olympos XII. His sword, the Zanjintou, is made with SkullGreymon's head, and it's able to torment anyone pierced by it with hallucinations. The worst part? The skulls in his arms are from every single opponent he has defeated, and he's able to use them to summon an undead legion on his command. There's a reason why this beast is called an One-Man Army
  • Diablomon (Or Diaboromon, if you prefer your dub names) is already creepy, but the purpose of every Diablomon ever? Hack into human military banks, and destroy humanity with nukes.
  • According to Archnemon's (Arukenimon) profile, her "Predation Spider" technique consist in her releasing countless carnivorous Dokugumon from her abdomen. Let that sink in for a second...
    • For reference, Dokugumon are Walking Wasteland Big Creepy-Crawlies that are about the size of a car. And they also have a mass-spawning attack that releases hordes of KoDokugumon.
  • Ogudomon X is a horrifying Digimon and that doesn't even begin to describe it. Its mere existence can cause the entire Digital World to fall apart and in Digimon Chronicle X, it's revealed that it has the same structure as God Himself. Imagine what would happen if this thing succeeded in destroying the entire Digital World had Jesmon GX not interfered.


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