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The partnership between a Digimon and a human is pretty dangerous.
So… we know that Digimon can't evolve for a short while without a human partner (they do permanentely after growing up mentally, atleast that's seemingly what happened to Tailmon). We also know that the children are the like
Morality Chains for the Digimon with the dark evolution happening if they're mentally agressive, and some of those without humans become power hungry and obessed with power. And including to cheering them up, carrying them to safety when they revert to younger forms etc. but including to that do they seem drained as well, as if when the Digimon use their powers, it's like cast from their humans' lifespan. So when they apologize for losing, is it not only from losing, but because the children lost lifespan for nothing(kinda). Kinda like a Deal with the Devil like in Chrono Crusade way which started serializing in 1999 as well. So the chosen children might not live as long as they deserve to… and the reasons the evolutions in Frontier are like they are is to illustrate it better…

Digimon are humans trapped in the Digital World via a Matrix-like simulation.
Naturally, if you die in the Digital World, you die in real life.
  • Um no you turn into a Digiegg and are reborn.
  • Unless your world is Tamers...
  • Or Unless Izzy was right during the Etemon arc.(Anyone else remember Tai's Heroic BSOD?)
    • No, in Adventure humans turn into butterflies.
    • No, that's just because he was still in the dream dimension.

When a human dies in the Digital World they are reborn as a digimon.
Because, as no things much like human (ignoring Gennai, and not counting humanoid digimon) they are recreated into the closes thing that the digital world is programmed (or whatever the proper term would be)and is turned into a a digitama and a full digimon life cycle. (Please point any holes in my theory)
  • I assume that you're trying to say is, "Since there are no humanoid Digimon, except Gennai and certain Digimon, a dead human is reincarnated into the closest Digimon that the Digital World has available as a Digitama and subsequently experiences a full Digimon life cycle." I would suspect that Gennai and humanoid Digimon put a bit of a hole in that guess. I bet that the type depends more on personality than anything else.

Digivices back up partner digimon's memories in case it dies.
See: Poyomon's digivolution to Tokomon. "Together we can make me Patamon again!" Also, Agumon's death and revival in Savers.
  • That would make sense why Agumon had his memories, but Biyomon [Who was Krissy's UNOFFICAL Digimon] lost his memories.

Digimon Group Speculation

Royal Knights

An aquatic digimon and a marine digimon for the final two, if that can fit into their pseudo knights of the round table scheme.
  • It would be nice if the Bearmon/Kumamon line got a Royal Knight for two reasons: Kotemon has Rhodonite/RhodoKnight/LordKnight/LoadKnight/Crusadermon so Bearmon seems left out after the Frontier movie and Bearmon is the only Digimon World 3 cover "mascot" to not have a Royal Knight.
    • There already is a beast royal knight so maybe not. There are two dragons too but it is unlikely for Bearmon still since he's been around so long without one.
    • Bearmon's evolution line goes to Marsmon of the Olympus XII, so it's unlikely that he'll also have a form in the Royal Knights.
      • Jossed now that Jesmon completed the group (another Dragon/Holy Royal Knight, this time with Three Musketeers and... Jesus? inspiration)

Big Death Stars

A seventh member since they are based on Japan's days of the week but there are only six of them. This one will have no level just like the others and be based on the sun. It will have a planet killing ability to counter the Earth member's ability to destroy stars.
  • Knowing this franchise's love for increasing ridiculousness, the next member of the Big Death Stars won't have an ability that counters the Earth members but an ability so good it totally eclipses his.
    • Would love to see this come true, actually. The group needs a Sun member to replace Apollomon


Four more Digimon with the title.
  • Confirmed. There is now a Bancho-lilimon, a Bancho-stingmon, a Bancho-mamemon and a Bancho-golemon.


The six remaining will not look like Omnimon
  • Chaosmon: Valdur Arm looks has the same sort of design with the addition of wings. But the final form of Ultimatechaosmon does looks very different.

Legendary Warriors

Advanced hybrid forms for the four elements lacking them and for the corrupted warriors of darkness. Rookies for the eight elements lacking them.
  • Yes, please!

Olympus Twelve

Six more members based on the Roman Pantheon, seeing as there only six right now.
  • Two more have been introduced, based on Vulcan and Venus, moving the total number up to eight. Minervamon also has an evolved form that's a little closer to the figure she's named after. The next four will probably be released in pairs as well and two others will get an evolved form between each release.
    • There are other digimon how are based off of other mytholgy figures Shinegreymon is spoused to be Orion and simler things to myth happend in the digiworld Shinegreymon and Dianamon fall in love Apollomon get protective big brother and atack Shinegreymon after a long battle Shinegreymon loses and Apollomon killes him.
  • Following Vulcanusmon and Venusmon, we have now gotten two more in Ceresmon and Jupitermon. Plutomon has also been added, but he doesn't take a position and is instead their equivalent. Curiously though, these three were introduced separately rather then in pairs like Apollomon/Dianamon and Venusmon/Vulcanusmon, instead being spread out over the course of a few months.
  • The final two are Bacchusmon and Junomon. Jupitermon and Junomon also have Super-ultimate forms with Jupitermon: Wrath mode and Junomon: Hysteric mode.

Seven Great Demon Lords and Super Demon Lords

A new Super Demon Lord based on a beast from the Book of Revelation, because Belphemon Sleepmode can't be a Super Demon lord when it's the lower form of a regular one.
  • Go to Digimon Wikia. Look up Ogoudomon. Super Demon Lord indeed - he's verging on invincible!

Digimon is a sequel to Pokémon
All Pokemon will end up extinct...except for Porygon-Z; a Digital Pocket Monster...eventually Porygons descendants will diversify and become all different kinds of Digimon.
  • Adding to that, maybe several Dittos (or a Mew using transform) escaped into the digital realm by transforming into Porygons. Once there they branched out and re-evolved. Considering the ability of all Digimon to quickly evolve and de-volve one can consider Di-evolution a mutation of the Transform ability.

The Digimon with visors can't see without them.
  • Well, we've always wondered how Angemon (and then Angewomon, and then Kazemon) manage to see with the visors covering their eyes. What if the visors were some kind of heavenly mystical vision... things... and without them they'd be blind (if indeed their programs include eyes beneath the visors at all! ...Well, Angewomon's evolution scene seems to depict some, and a recent card of Ophanimon showed her without her helmet...) And of course if anyone else where to look through them, they'd see Things Man Was Not Meant to Know and go crazy (or Crazy Awesome.) Or just whimper in a fetal position for a few days but eventually mostly get over it...
    • Seeing as how Angewomon has visible blue eyes in Tailmon/Gatomon's evolution sequence, I doubt that this is true. They are probably just there as vision enhancers, (confirmed in Silphymon's case: his "Head Mount Display" is used for targeting enemies) if not simply a unique design element (like the belts you see on many digimon).

Frontier happened first
Actually, my timeline is as follows: Frontier->Adventure->02 (Tamers and Savers are in seperate timelines). There are two pieces of evidence to support this: 1. Adventure mentioned that there were Digi-Destined prior to the current ones, and the only other Digi-Destined that seemed to exist in this universe were the Frontier kids (herein I will call the "Legendary Warriors"). 2. Patamon is seen being born in Frontier, and eventually ends up being one of the Adventure Digimon. If I may also further dive into the realms of Fanon, Patamon may have gained some sort of amnesia or may have been killed, turned into a Digi-Egg, and then hatched into a new Patamon for the events in Adventure.
  • This, bizarrely enough, makes even more sense when you remember Agumon saying there hadn't been any humans before the Adventure cast. This is because the Frontier crew weren't completely human for the majority of the series. They even had a Story Arc exploring how they considered themselves Digimon, and as a result felt they had a bigger stake in defeating the Big Bad. The Digital World has forgotten large chunks of history before; who's to say a technicalty like 'Oh yeah, there were Digi-destined who could turn into Digimon' warped into 'Oh yeah, there were Digi-destined who were Digimon'?
  • The last point was pre-Jossed by all of the Chosen's partners being born at the same time together on File Island, sans Tailmon.
  • The only problem with this is that technology is more advanced in Frontier than in the first two seasons, what with every 11 year old walking around with cell phones, while the kids of the first series don't have any and thought the digivices were beepers. Otherwise, I really really like this theory.
    • The Digital World itself can explain that: time functions oddly and inconsistantly within it. It's possible the Frontier kids came from their era and ended up in the Digital World's past, and the Digimon Adventure kids left their era (which is the past relative to Frontier) and entered the Digital World after a great length of time had passed inside it, but not outside it. Other than the 02 finale stating everyone gets Digimon, it is entirely possible when you consider the inconsist way time works in the Digital World.
    • Jossed because a flashback in Now Apocalymon shows the silhouette of the 5 original kids and their 5 Digimon partners
  • Unjossed - the silhouettes look EXACTLY like Tai and the others, and merely because the writers did not have time to draw different characters for one scene. It's called Executive Meddling. Another thing to remember here is that the Adventure Digimon have commented that humans look all the same to them. Besides, the entire Digital world was wiped out by the end of Frontier. It has been shown that digimon only retain SOME of their memories when re-going through life, so they probably wouldn't remember the digidestined, only that there WERE other digidestined. I question how the human world thing works with 02's ending though.
  • Explaining 02's ending is easy: that's just Takeru writing his book. (Remember Hikari's wish at the end of 02 was that everyone would have a digimon partner) Since it was wrote in Frontier's past, I actually doubt any of the Frontier kids read it, so they wouldn't know what a digimon is.
  • Still completely and utterly jossed by the fact that the original kids had Digimon partners (even if the animators were just lazy and recycled the sheet models for Tai and co the idea is still there that those kid had Digimon partners) and there's no way in hell that the Patamon/Seraphimon in Frontier was the same one as the one in Adventure. Poyomon was born with the other baby Digimon (aside from Tailom) it wouldn't have time to go all the way to Seraphimon. Then there's the fact that Frontier takes place in then present day of 2002 and Adventure takes place in then present day 1999. So yeah nothing supports any of this.
Digisoul has always been the main method of Digivolution with a partner, only the Savers cast are aware that it exists and can use it properly.
Digisoul is the power of human emotions made into energy. Digivolution with a human partner has always worked on the basis of the Digimon gaining enough energy from their tamer to Digivolve, but it's worked differently each time - beyond Champion level, the heroes always need something extra, like the crests, Blue Cards, or DNA digivolution. The Savers cast don't have that problem. All four of the DATS team learned on their own to use greater amounts of Digisoul, but they needed BanchoLeomon's teachings to learn how to go as far as Mega, and they even unlocked a special power unique to the season, Burst Mode.

So, my theory is - everyone in the series can use Digisoul. The only ones who are aware that it actually exists are the Savers cast, mostly thanks to none other than Suguru Daimon, who discovered it, mastered it, and started being the *** out of Mega-levels with his bare fists. In the other series, digisoul is still used subconsciously for the early levels, but later levels require actual mastery of Digisoul, so the additional items/methods are required.

  • The method used in D-Cyber seems similar enough to support this theory but it becomes questionable when reading Next. After the main character first uses Digisoul, Agumon changes from the Digimon Adventure' design to the Digimon Savers design.
    • Or Agumon's form change is the result of proper use of Digisoul, rather than subconscious. So why did Saver's Agumon already start giant and wristband wearing? Well he was born in DATS where people were maybe using it around his egg.

The Kids Parents from Digimon Adventure were the First Digidestined
Or at least some of them. Matt's Dad was very helpful to them and happened to know a bit too much about what the hell was going to. Tai's house was a point visted by many Digimon when they went to the real world, as well as a business complex seen a few times, and at one point haunted by Wizardmon, though both could be a coincidence. Izzy's parents were quite reluctant to let Izzy help with the other Digidestined, yet they weren't so much afraid of the Digimon. Lastly, when showing the first Digidestined, they were silhouettes of the kids, perhaps they get it from their parents?
  • Headcanon. ACQUIRED.
  • Adding to this, Izzy's real parents were killed by an evil Digimon with a grudge against them. The car crash was either a lie Izzy's adoptive parents made up or the crash was caused by the Digimon.

Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers happen in different universes, but share the same Digital world.
When Ken was younger, he went to the Digital World, there he was attacked by a "Black Spore." He wasn't alone during this time. There was a kid with, it was Ryo Akiyama. This reflects the WonderSwan games, where Ken and Ryo, who is the main character of many WonderSwan games, beat Millenniummon. Of course, Ryo, who the fans wanted to see more of in the series, would eventually be in Tamers as well. Obviously, since Digimon was a Game in Tamers, but wasn't anything in Adventure, they must be different worlds right? .....
  • The last game featuring Ryou has him hopping between different Digital Worlds, 'borrowing' the partners of the different heroes in order to make up his character party. The end of the game has him leaving his native Adventure world for the Tamers world...
    • He even shows up in the V-Tamer manga.

Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers happen in the Same world, and share the same Digital World.
Or, alternatively, The Digidestined make a bunch of money by selling the Digimon material to the world, claiming all the Digimon Real World Events as Product placement or something, Hell they say in the Epilogue to Adventure 02 that TK becomes an Author. Thing is, when they Travel to the Digital World, time is displaced, So a young Ken could easily be infected by a Villain who doesn't exist yet while meeting a kid from the Future. Or....
  • Word of God says no, Adventure is not the Tamers TV Show.
    • Actually, Konaka's character notes says it is, or that the Adventure TV show aired in their universe.

Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers happen in the same world, but don't share the same Digital World.
The Digital World from Tamers is a wildly different place from Adventure, not as wildly different as Frontier's, but so different enough it's easy to say they are different places. But even still, Ryo and Ken could still meet in the Adventure Digital World and Ryo could also be in the Tamers Digital World in one of two ways. 1) Remember that episode in Adventure 02 where TK and Kari went to the "Dark Ocean?" That was a different Digital World. Remember how the Internet from the "Our War Game" how it acted as a separate place from the Digital World? Yeah, it was. Remember when they talked about the Possibility of different Digital Worlds and they did that Rainbow Colour Printer thing? Yeah... There are different Digital Worlds. This then makes sense, so the Monster Makers make the one Digital world and the other is made by Loki of Yggdrasil or something.
  • Not possible. Zero Two ends with EVERYONE having their own Digimon. Tamers, Digimon is a franchise, and most people just assume its a card game.

Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers happen in different universes, and don't share the same Digital World.
Then again, the Epilogue to Adventure 02 makes it nearly impossible to set it up so Tamers happens afterwords, so really, Ryo just got bopped around.Or, 2) the other way Ken and Ryo could meet in different Digital worlds, is that it's not the same Ryo.
  • Nope It's the same Ryo, at the end of Brave Tamer Ryo get's to choose between the adventure verse and the tamer verse, he chooses the tamer verse, possibly because of the whole d-1 tournament thing from the last game. So this is the Canon outcome. The adventure and tamer verse's have nothing to do with each other, even that 'adventure was a tv show' thing was added by the dub.
  • According to Konaka's character notes, the 'Adventure was a TV show' thing actually happened. Look at the timeline on the site.

Ryo is in Digimon Adventure because he is famous.
Ryo is called the Digimon King in the Tamer universe, where Adventure is a TV show. He is in the Adventures show as a guest star.
  • Can't happen, Word of God says the TV show watched in Tamers is not Adventure 02.
    • According to Konaka's character notes, Adventure aired in the Tamer's universe.

The Digital World was created when the universes of ReBoot and Pokémon collided.
Digimon are actually Pokemon that were mixed with various programs. Each type of digimon was a different type of program. The Vaccine digimon were Guardians and the Data digimon were sprites and binomes. No points for guessing what the Viral digimon were. Also, the digivices are keytools that were combined with pokeballs.

Digimon Seasons 1 and 2 are a TV show in the EVA world.
Agumon and Veemon's upper digivolutions look like EVA, and the light-hearted message of banding together with your friends, some of whom look weird and have self-esteem issues, to fight scary, evil monsters is meant to help the general public accept the existence of the EV As and NERV (someone's gonna ask where those big robot-things come from, right?) as part of the battle for good. Gendo is a fan of the Digimon Emperor, who he emulates by wearing glove and acting like a BAMF.
  • Most of episode 53 of Digimon Adventure takes place with the characters floating in a white void while recycled animation plays with new voiceovers. Sound Familiar?

The true mission of the Digi-destined is to revive the real Royal Knights
First of all, Lucemon "Satan Mode" isn't really Lucemon's evolution, is his "pet"(if remember, the REAL lucemon in the final battle of frontier, was inside the ball of darkness) and the "Digimon world" was only one connected with the different digimon universeMaybe the first digi-destined have as digimons the royal knight, and the enemy was the seven demon kings and in the final battle...they sacrifice themselves to stop Lucemon and his demon kings.When Lucemon is the only one to defeat and the only royal knights alive are a tired Alphamon, a terminal Omegamon, Dynasmon and Lord Knightmon. Lucemon invoques his "pet" and fight against the four Knights, the battle starts to "destroy" the digimon world and, in the conclusion, Alphamon combine his power with the digivices to "seal" Lucemon , but Alphamon is too tired to make it and Lucemon resist, so Dynasmon and Lord Knightmon sacrifice themselves to be sealed with Lucemon. they make it and the evil is destroyed. but the digimon world is in chaos and is near destruction, so Alphamon and omegamon use his power, once again, with the help of the digi-destined, to divide the digimon world, separate them and connect them, every one with one of the Human world's. But Omegamon is too much power and he can't be still alive, so he have to say "good-bye". the peace like to have returned. But Akphamon has one last task to done, he use all te power left to send back the children's home, but also separate the digi-vice's power and call his death-partners to create his digi-eggs, the "symbols" and send them to all the digimon's world. That way, if Lucemon or any of the seven demon king's return, there will be new digi-destined to protect them. with all done, the legendary champion of the digimon world's soul can, finally, rest...waiting to be called once again.
  • Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon where alphamon's students.
  • Dynasmon and Lord Knightmon were corrupted be Lucemon.
The frontier's arc happen because Seraphimon and Ophanimon called them, not for Alphamon's "call".
  • The REAL royal knight's has his real form sealed in some kind of weapon or artifact, as seen with Gallantmon.
  • The REAL seven demon king's has his real form sleepde at effect of Alphamon's seal.
  • Frontier's Lucemon is the REAL Lucemon
  • Impmon/Belzemon of Tamer's the REAL Belzemon, butredempted.

Digimon are Pokemon participating in a MMORPG while inside their balls
Pokemon are canonically energy beings that can be turned into information. The Digimon world allows Pokemon to experience the feeling of evolution without actually gaining the required levels.

Digimon World Dawn & Dusk are, literally, games, and not of the MMO variety.
During the game, the Big Bad uses data-erasing waves that fully degenerate digimon and brainwash humans several times, but these somehow don't work with the main character and his digimon. Later on, the Big Bad starts addressing the main character as the "Real Being". In the final battle, he tries to erase the main character, just to see that his attack doesn't do anything to him/her. Yet, nobody even bothers wondering why.This explains why nobody does anything to stop the Big Bad and why you are not affected by his attacks: all the other digimon and characters in the game are, in fact, computer-controlled data, while you are supposed to do everything and have a Plot Armor to do so.

Somewhere down the line, there will be a Crisis Crossover
Since by its very nature there are multiple universes, a multidimmensional threat could be used to bring the different canons together to combat it. They could also use this to fix some plot holes and let some of the people who are from worlds were they never met their Digimon partners again. Come on, you know it'd be great!
  • V-Tamer 01 and The Wonder Swan games already had crossovers so it would not be impossible, if crisis crossovers happened they'd each have to be involved in at least one.
    • Confirmed in the final arc of Xros Wars, though many fans thought that the crossover was a bit disappointing. Here's hoping for another one.

Millenniummon isn't technically Ryo's partner.
It seems odd that a Digimon who not only is a Jogress, but also contains a hodgepodge of other Digimon created by a human in an unorthodox way (I hesitate to say artificial, considering all Digimon are technically artificial) as one of its parts would have a destined partner. As such, Ryo's partner is actually Devimon. Half of Millenniummon is Kimeramon/Chimairamon, who was made with Devimon's data that Ken found in the ocean.

The human world in all series is one and the same!
...But the digital world is differing - It is split in 2 set digital worlds made of 2 opposing quadrants each, rotating on its axis at a different rate to the human world, and the humans go to the side that is closest to the human world at the time, eg, enter east and west world, but are in the western quadrent due to it being closer, but can go to eastern side if they have enough supplies and/or time to go that far. The timeline (focusing on the anime) goes something like this:

- Tamers - Evidently South and North-split digital world from Ebonwonmon and Zhuquiomon's appearance, most likely all takes place in the North side - this digital world is currently in 6 layers.

-After the final battle, the sovereigns are power drained from fighting so long, and Azulongmon and Baihumon go back to their world. HOWEVER...

- X-evolutionYggdrasil defeats and seals away the sovereigns in their weakened state, and unleashes hell with the X-virus. - he merges the layers in 2 sets of 3, leaving 3 merged layers.But somehow...

-The two digital worlds become temporarily merged after the end of X-evolution, the digital world becoming whole for once, and the normal digimon begin hunting down the x-digimon, whom generally go into hiding, for unknown reasons, leading to:

- Xros Wars - The world is in turmoil, and the battles have lead to the digital world being split into 108 pieces until all digimon can come under one leader, what better time for bad guys unleash evil plans? Baguramon begins to take over this world. Also, due to the unstable nature of the combined digital world, digivolution has become nigh-impossible, and the power of digixrossing is turned to as a substitute. After the events of this series, the digital world becomes 2 separate worlds again, with the sovereigns now only sealed away due to some kind of a power-down lock done by Baguramon and the fact that the world has forgotten them.

- Data Squad/Savers - In the meantime of Xros Wars, Hypnos' work has lead to the rise of DATS, whom we KNOW to have memory-erasers, need I say more about why humans don't remember a certain rampaging red blob? It's only years after Xros Wars that the human crew gained technology to go to the digital world, and started exploring the E-W world, starting point at West.

- Adventure - E-W world, starting point at East. Quite a bit of technology went haywire and shut down due to the events of Data Squad, leading to digital equipment becoming rare until it it is back in mass-production. The 7 child heroes traverse across the digital world, the crests power is digivolving-made-easy technology recently developed, and the partner digimon, as test subjects, would have, had all gone to plan, have been able to digivolve freely on their own using the crests.

- Adventure 02 - The sovereigns were released from being sealed away, due to the crest power being redirected to them. The 02 story happened exactly as we saw it, however, I'm going to take a guess and say that the ending wasn't the real one.

- Frontier - Few years after 02, no-one knows about digital world apart from the digidestined and a few others. The Frontier team goes to the N-S world, which was most affected by Xros Wars.

Questions anyone?

  • Not saying that the theory isn't workable, but there are several problems with it, namely the shear amount of times entire worlds have forgotten things, especially the D-Reaper (no seriously, how would Dats delete the memories of billions of people? The D-Reaper was a planet wide menace. 2º, even if somehow technology did regress, how would you explain the year going back and forwards? (Note that reference to dates are scattered through all seasons, even in the english version). In conclusion, you would be hard pressed to successfully join all the real worlds into one (note that only some digital and/or digital worlds are compatible). And that is without counting with the different ways each universe works.
    • Hell, most universe's canon directly contradicts each other's canon. In the Adventure series, Frontier and Savers, it's never stated where the digital world came from, only that it exists alongside the human world. In Tamers, it was created by a bunch of college students and eventually made into a popular franchise for kids. In Xros Wars, Wisemon tells Taiki that the digital world has actually existed longer than the human world, and humanity has only recently accessed a small part of it. So yeah, most seasons are mutually exclusive to each other.
  • Jossed by the facts that (A) the Digimon series are set in alternate realities. Also, the 'quadrants' are a fanon name for the north/south/west/east sections of the Adventureverse DW. AFAIK, no Digital World in this theory has sufficiently Alien Geometries to only have two of these compass directions.

The Digimon multiverse is pie-shaped.

Yes, this is a serious WMG. You could also compare it to the division of the universe into sectors in Green Lantern. But each universe (individual anime, manga, games, etc) is a different slice/sector, meeting precisely in the middle (which is where Huanglongmon has been patiently waiting to make his appearance ever since the series began). And each individual slice of this confectionary masterpiece has it's own delicious layers, as Izzy showed us back during 02. So characters like Ryo, who cross over into other universes, are going through either the middle or jumping into the next universe over, while the Dark Ocean in 02 and the Zones in Xros Wars are merely more delicious layers stuffed between the human and digital world crusts.

The Digital World is the same, but reboots itself on occasion

Which is why some digimon can hop through digital worlds; they just have to go back in time to before a reboot(or forward to after one).

Masaru is an Alternate Universe version of Linkara.
How many other people do you know who are able to successfully punch out entities larger and presumably more powerful than themselves by yelling about their manliness at the top of their lungs?
Masaru: You want reality Mercurimon? Reality is: You are a digimon. I AM A MAN!

Every season is in the same exact universe, with no alternate dimensions aside from the Digital World, DigiQuartz, Dark Ocean, and Dream World. Also, every movie is canon.
Here's how this works: Tamers' backstory of the Digital World is correct. Adventure established that people who catch a glimpse of the Digital World become Digidestined. It is completely ridiculous to think that only the first eight Digidestined saw that stuff in the original Digimon Adventure movie. It turns out that it was broadcast on TV, and tapes of recordings of the event got circulated around the world, creating Willis, Thomas, Zoe, and others. In the intervening years between the Adventure movie and the Adventure series, Digimon Frontier happens. Because of the severely compressed time of the Digital World, the couple of years between Frontier and Adventure in the real world are actually eons in the Digital World, and so the Frontier kids become ancient legends in Adventure.

During Adventure, Zoe begins writing a pilot to a show based on her adventures in the Digital World. Later, she goes on a vacation to Hawaii with her family, and meets Mimi there. The two discover their shared experience, and Mimi helps Zoe write Digimon, which later gets published, and the Digimon Tamers kids become big fans of it. After Adventure, the time of the Digital and real worlds become synced up. In the time between Adventure and 02, Digimon Savers and Tamers happen. DATS is actually just a branch of Hypnos, and as such, they aren't told the full story of the Digital World. The reason why Digimon die in Tamers but not anywhere else is because the Digimon bio-emerging in Takato's area are from a part of the Digital World that is very, very far from the Village where digieggs show up, so most of the Digimon there don't actually know that they get reconfigured, and thus grew the ability to absorb the data before it disappears. The Tamers and Savers stories never cross over because they happen at very different parts of the Digital World, and their climactic arcs are both on such a large scale that they overshadow each other. In other words, Takato doesn't notice the Digital World crashing because he's focusing on the D-Reaper, and Marcus doesn't notice the D-Reaper because he's focusing on the Digital World crashing.

The events of Tamers & Savers are what allowed the Adventure kids to go back to the Digiworld to give up their crests, and also what allowed Tai to be in the Digiworld at the start of the first episode of Digimon Adventure 02. Tamers and Savers happened while the Adventure kids were in the Digital World returning their crests, and when they returned to the real world, the events of both had been covered up as a crazy movie stunt or terrorist attack or something (Like the first Adventure movie), and so Tai and the others were oblivious. The widespread acceptance of Digimon at the very end of Savers is not due to King Drasil; it's because of Myotismon.

Between the 02 epilogue and Xros Wars, the Digimon Savers movie happens (Older Than They Look is in full effect here). Basically, that movie tells the tale of the apocalypse. Argomon successfully killed just about everyone. Marcus and the other Digimon returned came to the real world to try and stop him, but they were too late, and in a moment of mourning, Marcus was tied up like Thomas and Yoshi. Marcus and Agumon eventually destroy Argomon, but the damage has already been done. The world is over. DATS spends its remaining days looking for survivors, but to no avail.

But there were survivors! Grouped together, the last people decide that the Digital World was the cause of all this trouble, and agree to forget about it. And thus, when Digimon Xros Wars rolls around, all is forgotten. Nobody knows for sure anymore whether the Digital or real world came first, so many just guess. The various cameo appearances of past Digidestined is the work of the Time-traveling boat guy.

Ryo is not a dimension-hopping badass, he's actually just been brainwashed by Millenniummom, and so he thinks he's changed dimensions. Taichi from V-Tamer 01 is actually just a clone of Taishi from Adventure. Any apparent cross-overs with 02 or Frontier on his part is actually a hallucination caused by the degradation of his brain due to the advanced internal aging of clones(or maybe he's just a cousin who got his clothing from the same sources).

The Digimon World is a specific paradise meant to be free of human interference, which is why V-Tamer Taichi's encounters with Davis and Ryo appeared to be crossovers, it is hard to enter the place without inside help. Parallelmon wasn't passing through parallel worlds, it was opening up wormholes, gathering energy to travel to parallel worlds! Babamon brought Taichi and Takuya to Witchelny(another Bandai V-pet Wizardmon is from). Parallelmon's reckless wormhole use caused a time paradox that let Taichi meet Davis and the paradox was fixed when Parallelmon was destroyed but the fix took time, long enough for Taichi to meet Ryo. Babamon was able to call heroes from different Digital World eras because Witchelny is magical.

The Adventure Digivice is based off of the Digivice 01, it was an attempt to enhance the up link feature by causing a permanent psychic link between a human and a Digimon. While this failed, the designers saw strong emotions between partners using it accelerated the evolution process, so they decided not to throw it out. The D3 is obviously the third in the line, created in dark ocean to store certain files(Digimentals, Control Spires) and also to broadcast to multiple partners(suppressing evolution, triggering Jogresses, the latter feature lost in the first Digivice 01 "upgrade"). Meanwhile, the D-arc used in Tamers is when they finally got that psychic link working, explaining why Takato can do what he does. They also added a card swipe feature because the crest powers proved to not be as reliable as originally envisioned while Biomerging is the ultimate purpose of the psychic link.

Lord Whamon made the Digivice 01 of course and the Diginomes, the larval forms of Gennai's people, are the ones responsible for all the "upgrades" of dubious quality. The Digivice ic was an individual effort by Spencer Damon and the D-tector from Frontier is a case of Older Than They Think. Yggdrasil is a title given to "Queen Bee" Diginomes. Norun from Next and that thing at the end of Savers are further evidence of Gennai people being an intermediate stages in the species(like Digimon 'de-evolve'). The Yggdrasil of X-Evolution, D-Cyber and Savers are a line of successors while Next Yggdrasil is from a different colony. The X Antibody Digimon resulted from the arbitrator program and as it was designed to keep Yggdrasil(s) in check and emerged in response to (a)Yggdrasil's attempts to wipe them out.

Cmon Digimon takes place right before V-Tamer 01, "ancient types" are not as old as people think. Chronicles, and the non Ryo games can probably be ignored as in-universe merchandise or extensions of the show they were based on.

  • I thought of a way to put in the non-Ryo games in. The original Digimon World takes place in the very early days of the Digital World (that's why there are so few sapient Digimon, and only 7 species of humanoid ones (3 of which are recolors), and no mega digimon bar Machinedramon, who's the last boss in the game), and Milleniumon is infact the Machinedramon who served as the final boss of the game. Digimon World 2 is set just before Digimon Frontier, and the characters are freedom fighters working against Lucemon. Digimon World 3 is set between 02 and Tamers. The DS games are after Savers.
  • Rather than go through all of this I'd just like to point out that the third movie can't possibly be canon because Angewomon appears and the kids gave up the power for their Digimon to fully digivolve between season 1 and 2. Also Patamon and Gatomon becoming Seraphimon and Magnadramon, something they were never able to do in the series and never did again even in the dream world where it would make perfect sense to do it.

Digimon naming convention is based on file extensions.
Specifically, every Digimon's data is stored in the digital world as a .mon file. Hence Angemon, Greymon, Impmon or truly: Ange.mon, Grey.mon, and Imp.mon.
  • Given this modes would be command line options for example Gallantmon Crimson Mode is actually Gallant.mon -Crimson.
  • If this were true, then it would also explain why the Digimon must call out the names of their attacks. For example, Angemon's "Hand of Fate" is either a separate program that is being run, or a method within their program that is being executed.
    • Note that even in digimon adventure (but especially in Tamers) didn't have to call their attacks (the dub actually added some screams that weren't originally to make everything consistent), they did it as more of a Kiai type of scream than anything.

The Royal Knights are the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac, plus Serpentarius.
Well, Dynasmon has a bull-like head and big strength(Taurus), Omegamon is a fusion and has a relation of duality with Alphamon(Gemini), Duftmon has a mane and a Leopard Mode(Leo), Lord Knightmon has a pink armor and an attack mentioning a goddess(Virgo), Examon has a scorpion-like tail and the ability to inject virus in their opponents(Scorpio), Sleipmon is a centaur archer(Sagittarius) and Dukemon has a fish-like head(Pisces).
  • Dukemon's helmet is based on Guilmon, and therefore probably not intended to be fishlike. And while I can see AlforceVeedramon being Capricorn because of the horns, what about Alphamon, Magnamon, and Craniummon?
    • Craniummon is definitely Cancer. Hard shell, sharp defence weapon.

Originally, Belzeebumon was intended as the Demon of Anger and Leviamon was intended as the Demon of Gluttony
Well, half of the group is not named after one of the seven princes of hell- and, if they only cared/discovered about their "official" sins after put the last of the "outsiders" in the group, not exists any reason to Belzebumon be planned as the Demon of Gluttony and Leviamon as the Demon of Envy. Beyond this, let's be frank, Belzebumon remembers a representation of Anger and Leviamon remembers a representation of Gluttony.
  • No. Beelzemon and Leviamon are both based on demons that traditionally embody gluttony and envy, respectively, and they have been consistently portrayed as embodying that sin (Beelzemon with the devouring all the data, and Leviamon with being formed from a girl who was envious of what the rich Barbamon girl had).
    • In their original, pre-Belphemon profile, Leviamon was, to all the effects, merely Cthulhu with a mouth in the place of tentacles and he remembers a crocodile. Beelzemon remembers a member of a Hell Angels gang with Hair-Trigger Temper, have dark red eyes and have a extra mode that can used to the good(traditionally- in a lot of old texts, only the anger sin have a positive variation- off course, said variation is not actually a sin, but...)
      • Beelzemon is oftean stated to be honerble as well so he might have bine meet to become a digimon how was not a demon lord but the enbodyment of revenge.

Lucemon will attain two adult forms.
One as in the "champion level" that comes after rookie(or child) and adult after larva stage(which would be super ultimate/super mega, Satan/Shadow Lord being a pupa). His rival Susanoomon, will probably get a new form to match it, probably a burst mode or digixross(if not also super mega) but not before Lucemon has his revenge on Grandracmon.
  • The first form, being Lucemon Adult, is still Vaccine, and is assigned a leader of a small-scaled location. However, because of his pride, he wanted to rule bigger and got corrupted and mode-change into falldown mode.

Exists other group of Demon Lords beyond the Seven Great, this time Death/Undead themed
Well, half of the four current Demon Lords outside the seven is undead-themed(Bagramon have one skeleton-like hand and Belial Vandemon is a vampire) and the digimon named after Satan, the guy more obvious to attain a Demon Lord version... is undead.

Someday, the Wonderswan games will get remakes.
This will allow a new generation of Digimon fans, and even those who were around the first time, to hear the story of Ryo. The graphics and technology of the time didn't do such an epic tale justice. Bonus points, if they actually make ZeedMilleniumon legitimitely scary. Here's hoping 2013. :)

All the Seven Great Demon Lords have a "good" variation
Well, Digimon Savers mentioned the idea of use the seven sins positively, the following series have Leviamon as one hero of the past and exists no motive to the only of the seven with a "good" variation be the Demon of Gluttony.

Gallantmon and Ophanimon are brother and sister and are the great dragons
They are the humanoid forms of the Great Dragons Megidramon and Magnadramon. Megidramon was tierd of being feared so he form a humanoid mega form. His sister went with him because she was worried about him. He became a royal knight to not be feared. Ophanimon meet Serphimon and Cheruibmon and they became the Three great angles. Golddramon found out and became Magnamon so he could keep a eye on them.
  • One question: What reason

Gallantmon is Plutomon's bastard son
Plutomon had a forbidden love with Cresemon's daughter, resulting in her pregnancy, and to hide the child away from Cresemon's fury, Plutomon raised him on his own. Gallantmon grew up and became a royal knight. Now with his power and his new friends/allies, he was finally able to spend some quality time with his mother. His grandmother came to terms with the revelation, and is now trying to be a good grandmother.
  • So many spelling errors... Digital reproduction doesn't work that way.
    • It possibly could in Xros wars but even that would be a stretch.
  • Alternatively, a Digimon who sucker-punched Plutomon to death and absorbed its data can become Gallantmon.

The Sovereigns/Harmonious ones are not the big goods they present themselves as.
Seriously. Whenever the Digital World is threatened by something note , they always bring in humans to clean up the messes, instead of handling it themselves. It happened with the first and second set of Digidestined, with Ryo... Hell, chances are that Alice was another of their dirty little secrets, trained and conditioned to sacrifice everything for whatever reason they told her to.

The last Royal Knight will be revealed as
Susanoomon: Because after Omnimon, Magnamon and Imperialdramon, Gallantmon and his Crimson Mode, Kentaurosmon, and the XrosWars manga, there's been members of the Royal Knights aligned with the Digidestined, either as partners or allies, in every season, if I'm right. And he looks like a Royal Knight.
  • Jossed: it's called Jesumon

Sufficiently long-lived Digimon eventually gain the capacity to manipulate the data of other Digimon and of the Digital World.
The Harmonious Ones, the Sovereign, the Celestial Digimon, Lucemon and Merukimon all displayed abilities above and beyond what other Digimon did. And what do they have in common? Being members of some group, based on some mythology.

The virus mentioned in Vamdemon's profile is Demon.
First, because of the similarity of the names, and second, because one of the BelialVamdemon card profiles refers to' him as "the second coming of the Demon Lord" and one of his game profiles mentions that he is rumored to be one of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Pokemon takes place in one of Digimon multiverse
Digimon had lots of multiverse with their own rules.

  • Pokemon takes place where the barrier between digital world and real world collapse, thus both world are melded into one.
  • The pokemon is originally, a data, thus can be stored into PC (or pokeball). It also explained how TM and HM are taught using disk. They are simply adding more data to the pokemon.
  • The digital world is never in any danger (as opposed to other multiverse) thus human and monster coexist peacefully, and there are never any need of having a digivice.
  • Thus the monster can only evolved naturally to its child form. Baby I > Baby II > child.
  • The mega evolution is just an evolution to adult stage. Same with digimon series, this happened when a human bonds with digimon during the battle. It is just discovered really late (in sixth gen) because the human takes longer to bond with pokemon without a digivice.

  • Alternatively, the catastrophe in digital world happened long, long ago, which erased most of the monsters saved for the legendary. Arceus was responsible in creating the world - the digital world, that is - and the same catastrophe resulted in digital world and real world melded into one. The chosen children and digivice (if there were any) are long forgotten, but the tradition is still survive in which all pokemon trainers are children/teenager.
  • The same catastrophe also dumbed down the surviving monster in that they are only capable to speak in pokemon language, not human language. Alternatively, it could be they simply never learned.
  • The monster adapted to the real world and become more like biological creature.
    • DNA evolution worked differently in this universe, resulted in an egg that contained both parents data while the parents still remained as an individual. The pokemon day care didn't lie when they said they have no idea where the egg came from. This also explained the ridiculous pairing in the same egg type - they never actually had sex.
    • Each digimon multiverse had diferent rules regarding death. Since the monster here are adapted into real world like a biological creature, it is possible they are simply dead like other beings.

The so far unrevealed Perfect between Baohackmon and Jesumon will be a cat-dragon similar to Holydramon but more armored, and also evolve from Leomon. He will do what Leomon is known for.
Come on, it's Jesus, you know he'll have to literally go through hell to reach his final form.
  • It's a dragon-man type called Saviourhackmon.

Guess for future seasons
(Feel free to add more)

  • The googlehead's digimon will be a demon dragon and a serious case of Dark Is Not Evil, perhaps he'll be an Expy of Guilmon design wise and Impmon personality wise.
  • A return to Henshin Hero like Digimon Frontier, except only the protagonist will become a senshi-mon and he will be powered-up by his own partner digimon as well as his allies'.
    • Rookie/Child levels and below transform into an equipable weapon.
    • Champion/Adult levels provide a proper level-up.
    • Ultimate/Perfect level provide not only a stronger power-up, but also a better weapon.
    • Z-hybrid form combines the main hero with all partner digimon.
    • There will be a second senshi-mon, but it's not the lancer. It's a full-time human villain/antagonist.
  • The partner digimon have a shared motif where Rookie/Child > Champion/Adult > Ultimate/Perfect are Household Pets > Stock Badass Animals > Mythological Creatures
  • Formerly a Virtual Pet device, digivices are now collectible items.
    • Each shows an Adult Digimon with a choice of three Perfect-level Digimon to digivolve into.

Shakkoumon's Mega-leveled form will be revised.
A toy version of it will be released where Shakkoumon and transform into its more believable-looking Mega.

Leomon will recieve another Ultimate form.
GhostLeomon, a Virus-type accessed via death-devolution, after Leomon dies too many times.

Digimon are actually Ultras, or at least Ultramen.

It's undeniable that some Digimon are based off Kaijus/Seijins in the Ultra series, but let's say, some humanoid Digimon are actually Ultramen in disguise. An Ultraman can take a normal Digimon and fuse together, becoming a humanoid Digimon.

  • Regarding humans turning into Digimon (as in Biomerge/Matrix Evolution in Tamers and Spirit Evolution in Frontier, among others), a Digimon can have power to merge with humans or take on human forms, just like an Ultraman. Perhaps Digimon are from the same universe as Ultraman, or the entire Ultra series?

There will be an Amazon Prime-exclusive Digimon anime.

Following the footsteps of Kamen Rider Amazons, Toei may make a new Amazon Prime-exclusive Digimon entry aimed exclusive at adults. Darker and Edgier (and possibly Bloodier and Gorier) than Tamers, maybe a prequel to Applimonsters.

If Beelzemon represents greed, then Beelzemon 2010 represents healthy capitalism.
It's still the embodiment of Greed, just not as one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

We will be getting a new anime series soon (from July 2019)
It will be based on X-Antibody, given new reveal of X-Antibody variants of old Digimon, including the Royal Knights.

There will be a series focused on the Legend-Arms

The levels and attributes of the Xros Wars Digimon not yet added to the Digimon Reference Book
  • Panbachimon: Data, Child/Rookie
  • DarkVolumon: Virus, Adult/Champion (DarkVolumon is to Ballistamon as Tuwarmon is to Damemon, it's really more of a mode change than a true evolution)
  • GrandGeneramon: Virus, Ultimate/Mega
  • Armamon: Virus, Perfect/Ultimate
  • Batterymon: Data, Child/Rookie

The fate of the Appmon
  • At some point, the Appmon Chip Reference Book will become defunct, and get folded into the main Digimon Reference Book. From there, the Appmon will be integrated similarly to the Xros Wars Digimon, being assigned levels and attributes that fit with the wider Digimon canon.
  • Appmon will remain exactly the same, but retconned into being artificial Digimon (akin to Gizumon, Eosmon, or Vemmon). They will still use App Gattai instead of traditional evolution because of technical limitations, and will be slightly weaker than real Digimon.

New "regular" forms of existing Digimon
There is now a normal Piranimon to go with MetalPiranimon, and a normal Baluchimon to go with SkullBaluchimon, but those are hardly the only ones they could add
  • Axemon to go with DeadlyAxemon (the dub can call it Hatchetmon or something)
  • Volumon to go with DarkVolumon
  • Troiamon to go with AncientTroiamon
  • Sphinxmon to go with AncientSphinxmon
  • Megatheriumon to go with AncientMegatheriumon
  • Irismon to go with AncientIrismon
  • Beatmon to go with AncientBeatmon
  • Generamon to go with GrandGeneramon (there actually was supposed to be a regular Generamon, but it ended up being redesigned as Darcmon... somehow)
  • Kidmon to go with MagnaKidmon

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