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Trivia pages for the Digimon series

In General

  • Lara Jill Miller landed the role of Kari easily; This role was her first voice acting gig.
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  • Back when the Tamagotchi craze began in 1997, it was noted that they seemed to be more popular with girls than with boys, and toy execs looked for a way to make it appeal to boys as well. Thus were the first Digimon born, like Tamagotchi, only with the ability to link up and fight with one another. Yes, that hugely successful multi-continuity franchise started with what amounts to the Spear Counterpart of the Tamagotchi.
  • Disney held the American dubbing rights from 2002 to 2012, so the show aired on Toon Disney in reruns. The theme song was replaced, so the dub's Digimon Frontier theme was recycled for use in every Short Film that had yet to be dubbed by then.
  • Not many people who watch the anime only realize this but the term Tamer is a generic term used describe a child (or just human) with a digimon partner, has was a term that had been existence in the franchise long before the creation of Digimon Adventure. In fact the term Digidestined is a term that is unique to the Digimon Adventure world, and is a subset of a Tamer that was chosen for specific task. This is the reason why we have more children in the franchise officially referred to as Tamers than Digidestined.
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  • This was the last series whose Finnish dub was overseen by Agapio Racing Team.
  • Adored by the Network: In the US, Digimon was Fox Kids's saving grace, at least for a little while. They immediately took advantage of the show's popularity and added extra airings, marathons and special promotions. Many new episodes debuted in pairs, or even triads. One of the tracks from the second season was inserted into a promo for the entire programming block.
  • Big Name Fan:
    • Chris McFeely of The Digimon Encyclopedia back in the early 2000's. Not only providing a source for Digimon before Wikipedia existed, Chris had interviews with Voice Actors on the show, was involved with the Digimon usenet community, and helped explained Ryo's backstory in an offical UK Fox Kids magazine.
    • Grace Anderson, known as "Megchan" to the fanbase, ran the now-defunct Megchan's Digimon Sekai, providing information on trading cards and access to Japanese content and updates for overseas fans. Megchan was also the official translator for the Digimon scripts, and some producers of the English dub, namely Jeff Nimoy, used her website as means of getting in contact with the fans.
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  • Dueling Shows: Referring to Digimon as a Pokémon ripoff will probably invoke much wrath. Not that that's stopped the Pokémon fanbase — claiming that a new disliked Pokémon looks like a Digimon is a sadly commonplace remark in the fandom, not helped that the Pokémon in question never actually look like any Digimon.
  • Fountain of Expies:
  • He Also Did: You may (unlikely, but may) know the name Yasuda Suzuhito; the illustrator for Durarara!! and manga-ka for Yozakura Quartet. Turns out he's come onboard as the Character Designer for Digimon World Re:Digitize and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.
  • Hey, It's That Place!: In Digimon Adventure, the Chosen Children board a train and miss their stop. The town in question is Nagano, the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The dubbed anime never saw a proper home video release until all the way in 2013, when New Video Group licensed the first five seasons and released them on DVD. Digimon: The Movie initially saw a VHS release, but has never been re-released since, and the other movies that happened to be dubbed were only aired on TV while Disney owned the rights to the series, never to be seen again except in internet circulation since 2010.
    • The Japanese version is only marginally better; other than the movies and Digimon Savers, the DVDs all went out of print and were doomed to float around in rental stores, with limited-print commemorative compilation sets being released at one point, until Happinet finally licensed Blu-Ray box sets of Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 in honor of their respective 15th anniversaries. Only time will tell how long they stay in print and whether this will extend to the other series.
  • Marathon Running: When a marathon on Fox Kids wasn't Power Rangers, it was Digimon.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.":
    • Common, though the most notable example is Holydramon. Originally Holydramon was one of the evolved forms of Gatomon in Digital Monster Ver. S: Digimon Tamers. It didn't evolve from Angewomon until the Pendulums released a year later, which were the inspiration for the evolution lines in the anime.
  • No Export for You:
    • The Ryo games and the AU manga. All we got in the West were different adaptations of the anime.
    • And all of the Virtual Pets aside from the first two.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Voice actress Megumi Han is a childhood fan (see her recreation of a Digimon photo after fifteen years), and has since been cast in a multitude of works across the anime and video games - most notably Takeru in the PSP version of Digimon Adventure, in which she was specifically cast because she had watched the anime as a child.
  • Shown Their Work: While most Digimon strictly follow the Rule of Cool (Okay, imagine a giant demonic cyborg-dragon...ON FIRE!), there are many many different religious, mythological, or other creatures that you might not have ever heard of that nevertheless have a canon counterpart.note  For instance:
    • The Seven Great Demon Lords have seals associated with them that are based on the obscure Seven Olympic Spirits, and are named after demons from Paradise Lost and The Lesser Key of Solomon. On top of that, there's 3 'Super Demon Lords' that are based on the Beasts of Revelation and they all match the descriptions quite well.
    • The Celestial Digimonnote  are named for the three highest choirs of angels: the Ophanim, Seraphim, and Cherubim. Ophanimon also incorporates elements from all three of these. She has wheels attached to her pauldrons and spear note , she has the face of a human and her helmet has the faces of an eagle, a bull, and a lion as well note , and Ophanimon C has fiery wings and a red-hot spear note .
    • Countless other Digimon reference other Biblical creatures and concepts, including multiple levels and depictions of angels and demonsnote  and multiple creatures are named for the Apocalypse, like Apocalymon, Armageddemon, and Megidramonnote 
    • The Olympus Twelve take their names from the Roman names for the gods of Classical Mythology: Apollo, Bacchus, Ceres, Diana, Juno, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Minerva, Neptune, Venus, and Vulcan. Pluto is also present, though only outside of the group. Interestingly, Merukimon's design bears more similarity to the jaguar warriors or even Tezcatlipoca of Aztec Mythology.
    • The Royal Knights come from various different narratives. Alphamon and Omegamon (Omnimon in the dub) are fairly obviousnote , Sleipmon and Gallantmon have their origins in Myth/NorseMythologynote , and there's TONS of references to Arthurian legends.note  On top of that, their master in Digimon Savers and Digimon X-Evolution, Yggdrasil, is named for the World Tree from Norse Mythology.
    • Not to forget the necessary references to computing; The ABC being the first digital computer, ENIAC being the first Touring Complete digital Computer, the story behind the D-Reaper (which already is a wall of text), and, arguably, "matrix evolution" being a reference to college level mathematics (combining two matrixes produces a matrix identity). Considering that is suggested that human made digital information is what shapes the digital world, this could go on for quite a while...
    • Although many aspects of the franchise were inspired by old and new beliefs, it has, to some extent, interpreted events in order to add to its own; for example, Millenniummon stands for the millennium bug, commonly known as Y2K, thus is an evil god of time. Diablomon/Diaboromon is also literally the Y2K Bug.
    • It may seem odd that there are two different monsters to represent the same, until you realize that at the time, people didn't know whether to celebrate the new millennium in 2000 or 2001. Furthermore, Milleniumon was created in 2000, which is the date that would cause the computers to fail. Diaboromon created later, representing the fear that if it didn't happen in 2000 it would happen in 2001.
    • The Devas are based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac, as Henry points out. note 
  • The Wiki Rule: Wikimon, and the Wikia Digimon Wiki.


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