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The wonderful short songs instrumental that give each series of Digimon its unique mood (rock, classical, flute, jazz, etc.) feature in the Uta to Ongaku Shuu albums (two per series until Digimon Savers).


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  • Requiem from the first movie's finale. It may not be as fast-paced as most of the other songs here, but it easily matches them in sheer levels of awesome. Not only did that song make Omnimon/Omegamon's first appearance truly epic, but it also made Imperialdramon Paladin Mode's appearance epic (That's movies 2 and 4). Also, in the strangest of places, the song was used for Mercurymon's opera style battle with Takuya (Digimon Frontier). Watching a main hero get beaten to death with this music only makes the scenes more awesome and symbolic.
  • From the Japanese Digimon Movies, Bokura no War Game and Friend Itsu Mademo Wasurenai, two rather unusual songs.
  • From Battle of Adventurers, the Tamers' first film, 5th overall, the wonderfull Moving on, makes the listener feel like he's in a platform game.
  • Remember X-Evolution? Apparently they have released a (very epic orchestra) soundtrack, of which we can only hear the opening and Dorumon sad, cue evolution.
  • The first dubbed movie (i.e. concatenation of the first three) is capped off by an oddly epic cover (by Len) of "Kids In America".
  • From the same movie comes Final Battle, which plays during the Final Battle.
  • "The Power of Love" in which Tai and Matt give War Greymon and Metalgarurumon their Heroic Second Wind.
  • From the Digimon Adventure pilot movie, where it all started: we are treated to the short version of Butter-Fly, with Kouji Wada singing a cappella at the beginning. It's incredibly powerful.

Note that most Digimon games have different soundtracks depending on whether it is the original Japanese version or an English translation; one of the most common changes is the removal of themes based on songs from the anime, though they never put equivalents from the dub in.


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