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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Ho Yay in Digimon.

  • In Digimon Adventure, Ogremon's only desire is to duke it out with Leomon, and he visibly tears up when Leomon passes away.
    • Jeff Nimoy (the writer, story editor and director for the English translation) has stated (joked?) that he wrote Izzy and Tentomon's dialogue together as if they were gay lovers.
    • Then there's Sora and Mimi, who were awfully... eager to strip off and shower together in one episode.
      • In one scene, Sora comforts Mimi after she wakes up from a nightmare and holds her hand. Mimi is scared that her friends are going to leave her behind because she treated them very unfairly, but Sora encourages her by calling her a "very nice girl".
    • Tai[chi] and Matt (Yamato). Wrestle-to-the-ground fistfights, hand-holding, and head-cradling have all been seen—the Japanese version even includes a scene where they yank Joe's towel off at a hot springs bath.
      • And the freaking angelic "arrows of love," with an explicit "like Cupid" comparison, combined with manful hand-holding before their first Digimon warp digivolve to Mega level in "Prophecy."
      • Ahem.
      • In the Japanese version, when Taichi is separated from everyone else in the real world, he talks about Yamato nearly exclusively. After calling all of the other chosen children, Taichi also goes to sleep. When the phone rings, he jumps up shouting "Is it Yamato?" before rushing to grab the phone out of Hikari's hand.
      • In the Japanese version, Jureimon (Cherrymon) convinces Yamato that Taichi is his rival by telling Yamato that the "lake reflects whoever lies within the heart of the person who looks into it", which is when Yamato starts listening to Jureimon. Also, adding the comment later, "that's how big of an existence Taichi has become within your heart".
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    • Tai[chi] and Izzy (Koushiro) have a lot of moments too, particularly when Matt's not around.
  • Adventure 02: When a young Chosen/Digidestined girl begins flirting with Ken, Wormmon becomes very jealous.
    • Ken and Daisuke/Davis have their moments, too.
      • When Ken asks to give him some time to think about joining them, Daisuke doesn't get it and acts like he's just been rejected.
      • It's worth noting that Ken already showed interest in Daisuke when he was the Kaiser (the English dub gives us the glorious line "I love to see you squirm!"), that Daisuke claimed to have heard Ken's heart talking to him, that Ken only manages to defeat his fear of the Dark Ocean and send Demon there after he hears Daisuke's words of encouragement (with Hikari and Miyako lampshading the process), that they engage in so much Say My Name that there's a video on YouTube teaching about Japanese Honorifics using scenes of their relationship as examples...
      • Behold the blu-ray cover.
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    • Nothing about Miyako? The blatant, Utena-inspired flowery fantasies of Mimi, then there's her and Hikari...
    • Hell, there's even some who see Ho Yay between Takeru and Iori (who are 11 and 9, respectively). Then again, given the "synchronize our hearts" nature of Jogress evolution/DNA-Digivolution, I guess the Ho Yay was completely inevitable.
    • The very fact that Jogress Evolution only pairs same-gender kids (Daisuke-Ken, Miyako-Hikari, and Takeru-Iori).
    • What about TK (Takeru) and Ken? In one episode (the one where TK Takes A Level In Badass and rips Ken a new one), this troper sensed a bit of flirting in TK's words, and the fact that they make Ken so flustered.
    • Oikawa's entire motivation is his suspiciously obsessive friendship with Hiroki Hida.
  • Digimon Tamers: Henry/Jenrya/Jianliang/WHATEVER to Takato, after talking about their differences in their way of doing things: "...That must be why I like you so much." Granted, this was only in the dub, but it's still noticeable. Oh, and... every single frame of the episode "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure," a Filler episode starring Those Two Guys.
    • Heck, in the original version of that episode, Kazu and Kenta actually share an Accidental Kiss.
    • Fans also like to interpret Renamon's absolute devotion to Rika and their entire relationship as a whole as Les Yay.
    • The implication in the German dub that Vajramon has a thing for Renamon, who's a male.
  • In Digimon Frontier, the amount of hints of Ho Yay for Takuya/Kouji in the series is shocking. Especially once you read between the lines.
  • Marcus/Masaru and Thomas/Touma from Digimon Savers.
    • Kouki is also very keen on defeating Masaru, to say the least. It doesn't help that his colleagues Nanami and Ivan have blatant attractions to Touma and Yoshino respectively.
    • That's to say nothing of the amount of Les Yay between Yoshino and her partner, Lalamon. In the Japanese version of episode 32, Lalamon outright says to Ivan that she "won't hand her (Yoshino) over easily".
    • Masaru and Ikuto. During their first meeting, they wrestle. Later when Ikuto is branded as traitor, it's Masaru who wants to save him the most. At one point, Masaru has to carry an unconscious Ikuto bridal-style. And then Masaru let Ikuto to live with his family for a while, and even have a bath together. Said bath scene later appears in a flashback about how Ikuto is very worried of Masaru. Ikuto also admires Masaru so much that he mentions him after his surrogate parents during his "The Reason You Suck" Speech against Kurata, and later tells the baby Digimons to call him "aniki" just like how Agumon would call Masaru.
    • Speaking of Masaru and Agumon, they have an episode dedicated to their break-up. And to say the least of the ending, in which Masaru chooses to go to Digital World in order to stay with Agumon forever.
    • Miki and Megumi are pretty much inseparable from each other. And during the fight against Belphemon, there is a suspicious amount of scenes in which they are either holding hands or hugging each other. Them being a walking, talking Shout-Out to Nagisa and Honoka probably helps.
  • Digimon Xros Wars:
    • Kiriha really wants Taiki as his underling. The opening screen of one episode even had him looking at drawing of Taiki with "My Taiki" above it.
    • Then there's Nene and Akari, from episode 23 and beyond. Akari is even the one who gets Nene to first open up and smile. In the manga, we also have this scene between the two of them.
    • Not to mention Blastmon with both Tactimon and Beelzebmon.
    • And Shoutmon and Ballistamon.
    • And the only time MailBirdramon shows strong emotions is when Greymon, his DigiXros partner, falls down a large drop.
    • Taiki is a bit too enthusiastic whenever Reapmon, and later Beelzemon is on scene.
      • What triggered Reapmon's transformation to Beelzemon, aside from the holy warrior's mask? Taiki's tears.
      • Look no further at Taiki's anguished scream when Beelzemon pulls a Heroic Sacrifice in episode 48. His reaction is as heart-wrenching as that of Mervamon, Beelzemon's Love Interest. Beelzemon's last words being directed to Taiki alone, and how his last black feather lands on Taiki's chest, certainly don't help matters.
      • Beelzemon is possibly the most devoted to Taiki within the Xros Heart army next to Shoutmon. He also never questions Taiki's decisions no matter how insane they are.
    • In early episodes, Zenjirou seems to be a little too obsessed to make Taiki notice him as his "worthy rival". And Taiki trusts him enough to make him Xros Heart's temporary leader.
  • Tradition continues in Digimon Adventure tri., with Saikai having a large focus on the ongoing rocky friendship between Taichi and Yamato almost plays out like a pair of lovers trying to straighten out their relationship, to the point where Sora traps them alone together in a Ferris wheel car in order to force them to talk it out. Mimi even takes a picture of the two as they get on the different car.
    • Ketsui with the interactions between Mimi and the newcomer, Meiko. Lots of blushing from Meiko, Mimi hugging her a lot and even calls her Mei Mei. Then the two dance together in their festival outfits.
  • Digimon Universe: Applimonsters is already infamous for this.
    • The Hero Haru and his best friend Yuujin have tons of this and it only gets more and more blatant, only to reach its peak at the very end of the series. For more details see here, as it alone would be longer than most off the above entries combined.
    • In episode 27, there is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment with a celebrity and her (also female) 'partner' who are heavily implied to be either dating for a long time or outright living together.

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