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This section covers Digimon Fusion, or Digimon Xros Wars in Japan. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here. For WMGs specific to another work, go to the following:


Digimon in Xros Wars don't digivolve like they do in other series.
Judging by the first episode, the usual level system doesn't even apply here, with Shoutmon, who would likely be a Child digimon in any of the other series, beating up Ultimate-level digimon like Mammothmon. So, one can logically infer from this that since digimon aren't bound by levels and strength, they don't evolve like they do in previous series, and are thus in a more nebulous state where any digimon can take on another, as long as they're strong/tough enough.
  • Jossed, both Shoutmon and MetalGreymon have digivolved.

Which brings us to...

Digimon don't naturally digivolve in this show.

We've only seen MadLeomon do anything close to it, and that's through something abhorrent like absorbing his own minions. What's more, he doesn't become a new digimon, he just takes on new forms in a bizarre, nightmarish version of Mega Manning. Perhaps digimon in this universe don't evolve at all, and exist in the same forms they always do, accounting for the different accounting for strength levels mentioned above. The only ways to "digivolve" are MadLeomon's method, or by using DigiXros.

  • Possibly Jossed in episode 30. Tactimon mentioned that it took him 'hundreds of years to obtain his current form', implying that natural digivolution does exist, it just takes a looooong time, hence why we've never seen it in the show.
    • In earlier Digimon adaptations, Greymon "digivolved" the way he was described to in the Digimon dictionary, by upgrading with mechanical parts. Digimon Adventure wasn't the first to use a Transformation Sequence but it wasn't until then they became the standard way to show evolution, so maybe Xros Wars digivolving only happens the way it is described in the "manual".
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  • Completely disproved by us being shown that Kokomon evolve into Lopmon in the traditional manner.

It takes a special digimon to produce a unique form by way of DigiXros.

Like MadLeomon's method mentioned above, sometimes we don't see any dramatic change in a digimon when they DigiXros; in the case of MailBirdramon's combination with Golemon, and the sword form from Starmon and the Pickmonz, DigiXros just produces Mix-and-Match Critters. To create a drastically new digimon, you need a digimon that's special in some way, like Shoutmon, or Kiriha's Greymon. This might explain why MailBirdramon wanted Kiriha to call out Greymon in episode 3 - he knows they'll get more impressive results than they would have with some random goon.

Partway through the series Taiki and Kiriha's digivices get upgraded
allowing Shoutmon X5 and Deckergreymon to digivolve (
omegaShoutmon and seigGreymon).

Xros Heart will recruit many more digimon into their army, and Zenjirou and Akari will Take a Level in Badass and get their own Xros Loaders.

As the series goes on, it will become apparent to the heroes that their army just isn't big enough to face the might of the Bagura empire. Therefore, they will have to recruit many more digimon along the way, and form a proper army. Eventually, the army will be too big for Taiki to handle by himself, so Zenjirou and Akari get their own Xros Loaders to help with Digi Xrossing.

  • Or, alternatively, Zenjirou will get more proficient in handling the Star Blade.
  • Maybe Zenjirou would become partnered with Ballistamon and an evolved Red Pickmonz and Akari with Dorulumon and Cutemon, leaving Taiki with Shoutmon and Starmon.

Nene is an adult.

Her manner of addressing Taiki by his full name and her very scorning, up personality is not by ego or even being an Ojou, but because she's actually Older Than They Look - she's an adult, and through some kind of bug or mistake or Applied Phlebotinum, she's in child form.

  • Or she could be like Archnemon but that idea is so Squick I'd like to forget it.
  • She's very mature for her age. Perhaps the effects of war have forced her to grow up quickly.

Akari will get a weapon like Zenjirou.

Only, instead of a BFS, she will wield a BFG. It's already been established that she's good at shooting thanks to playing games with her brother, so this only makes sense.

Cutemon is more important than she lets on.

Why else would Dorulumon be so concerned for her safety that he not only panics whenever she wanders out of sight, but keeps constantly on the move? Obviously, Cutemon has some significance to the plot at hand, and has likely made several enemies that require Dorulumon to keep a constant vigil. Most likely scenario is that she holds one of the fragments of the Crown and is some sort of royalty; a Digimemory is also possible, considering they appear to exist in this continuity.

  • Cutemon is a boy.
  • (Original poster) Funnily enough, I knew that, but someone went back and changed all my gender-specific terms.
    • (Term-changer) Sorry about that, but you can't blame me for making the mistake. I mean look at him!
      • (Unrelated Poster) I am, and personally, Cutemon doesn't look that female: Try imagining him green or purple; does he still look female?

Leviamon betrayed the Demon Lords

Many years ago he changed sides and helped to defeat them, explaining why his data is available in the digimemory. Most likely he envied the friendship shared between the good guys during that time, and wanted to experience it too.

  • Alternatively, he could have been a Minion with an F in Evil. It's possible that due to his idiocy, he appeared to look heroic (complete with a death that resembles a Heroic Sacrifice) and ultimately caused the downfall of his fellow Demon Lords to the Bagura Empire. That's probably the reason why Lilithmon is serving as a Commander in someone else's army in that she was forced to once cornered by Baguramon.
  • Jossed when the Omnimon Digimemory explained what the Digimemories were. They were digimon, both good and evil, who gave their lives to defend the Digital World from colliding with the Real World at an unspecified point in the Digital World's history, which would have killed everything, good and evil. Leviamon was obviously one of these digimon. Would be a possible link to Savers... but Omnimon didn't die.

Taiki will, at some stage, DigiXros Shoutmon and himself
...either as Shoutmon x5, Taiki x2 or whatever.
  • definitely not X5

They will introduce Digivolution but will still include DigiXros-ing.

What's to say that they'll fight a stronger force, far stronger than their current DigiXros forms could handle. What do they do? Digivolve of course! They then DigiXros with their Digivolved forms! Don't also forget that Cutemon has a mysterious power.

  • Digivolution is back as of episode 30 (and a few more are previewed) and there's no indication that xrosing is going anywhere, other than the fact that Taiki lost access to his entire army other than Shoutmon and will probably need to gather them back up again.
    • Yeah, DigiXros is back. It only took two or three episodes to get Taiki's army back.

Lilithmon will betray the Bagura Army, steal the Code Crown, and become the Final Big Bad

She's a Demon Lord, who all tend to be either Big Bads (Lucemon, Barbamon, and V-Tamer Daemon) or independent villains (Beelzemon, Belphemon, and Anime Daemon) It would be a waste to have her just be a lowly minion to a new Digimon.

  • She's not a lowly minion, more of an elite warrior.

Baalmon is, or will become, Beelzemon

The two have a number of physical similarities. They both have an eye in their forehead, their hair is a similar color, and their left arms share a similar design, right down to the red scarf. The Other Wiki also notes a Real Life mythology link: the demon Beelzebub once went by another name when it was a diety. That name? Baal Zebub.

  • Some art for a new version of Beelzemon was found recently.
    • Which does nothing to discredit the idea that Baalmon will become Beelzemon, seeing as the eyes are the same and hair color for Beelzemon tends to differ in every media. But if anyone wants to see the picture. (
  • Confirmed, Lilithmon kills Baalmon, and Baalmon reforms as a heroic Beelzebumon.

Shoutmon might become an evil king

If successful, Digimon will take a page out of Super Sentai and have annual crossovers

Nene is evil, Kiriha was a bait and switch.
Kiriha was a decoy as an antagonist, Nene has spent her time behind the scenes, manipulating everybody. Her appearance at the end of episode 11 is my best evidence... She reveals a Black Xros Loader and gives Kiriha the options of join her or die.
  • Backed up with new Magazine scans revealing she'll be in a Lucemon Chaos Mode's orb. Whether this leads to this WMG or not is always possible for failure, though.
    • Sparrowmon and the Fusion Fighters end up rescuing her (and forming X5).

Tactimon will be the first Baruga General to die.
In tradition the first of the Quirky Miniboss Squad to fight the digidestined are usually the first to die.
  • Correctly guessed! Blastmon was the first to be defeated, but he just got depowered down to nothing but Plucky Comic Relief. Tactimon was taken out in the Human world in episode 30 and by all indication is really gone.

Taiki and Kiriha will perform a combined Digi Xros.
Regular Digi Xros seems to involve the law of diminishing returns (Shoutmon X4 is just X3 with a sword, and adding in Knightmon doesn't even bump it up to X5, just X4 Knight Mode). Eventually Taiki will reach a point where adding in more Digimon simply doesn't make the Digi Xros noticeably stronger, or may simply reach an upper limit on the number of Digimon he can fuse into a single being. At that point, the natural next step is to add in the power of a second Xros Loader.
  • Also once the Double Digi Xros occurs Kiriha will basically turn into Dorulumon, lending his power whenever he crosses paths with the group but refusing to join Taiki's True Companions.
  • Someone leaked the list of Digi Xros forms for the show's run. All told, there are about 50+. Geeze. Anyways, with that number, this will no doubt happen eventually.
  • Confirmed in Episode 34.

Baalmon is secretly trying to depose of the Baruga Generals
He was secretly spying on Lilithmon on her abilities, and was probably observing the other generals, and their powers. He'll probably try to kill them when they're weakened, and assume control of the Bagura Army.
  • Incorrectly guessed. He was spying to figure out who was responsible for the slaughter of the goddess' warriors.

Either the final arc or a movie will be a crossover between every series
Each world's Digital World will overlap in some time compression-like manner and one candidate from each series (ala the Sentai Anniversary team ups) will come together to help Taiki stop whatever force is doing this, ala the opening to the show where you can see past Chosen Children standing behind Taiki.

Besides, wouldn't it be awesome?

  • Confirmed! The main protagonists (the four Goggle Boys and Masato) all appeared in the finale, along with Ken, Matt (allowing for V-Mon and Agumon's DNA Digivolutions) and for some reason, Joe and Gomamon.
The Digital World in this show isn't based on technology...'s based on sounds. I believe that instead of being based on the internet and other types of electronics, this digital world is based off of sounds. Like Dorulumon is based off a drill sound, and Shoutmon is the personification of shouts. Hell Cutemon could be based on the sound Kyuu he makes when he ends his sentences. It would also explain digixros. A song or sound can't really "evolve" aside from getting louder or longer. But sounds can mix and combine, or xros, into new sounds. This makes even more sense considering Digi-Melody's, and the Xros Loader's function of creating mon's from sounds. The toy scans sounds in real life and creates digimon from them. It would also be a good justification for this season's changes. The reason Xros Wars is different is because the entire base of the world is!
  • Possible, the Digital world existed before Earth this time, thus before technology. There is also a toy that produces a different Digimon based on what sound it records out in Japan.
    • It would go well with the above guess about only special Digimon making a remarkable Xros, they are the right sound for the melody. So Kamemon is at best enough for an X2 remix but Dorulumon's drill makes the right sound for the new and unique, X3. The main part of the Xros is the lead singer, which is why only they speak and the rest play instruments. Jogress is a duet.

MadLeomon will suffer Redemption Equals Death
Because Leomon always ends up on the hero's side...and then dies.
  • He got the Redemption for free in episode 29... as for the death, well, it's pretty much inevitable
  • He already died, no rule stating he has to stay dead...
  • Digital World taken over by evil. It's stated by Lillimon that the Bagura Army killed anyone who resisted. Given the previous Leomons... what are the odds that the revived Leomon did not resist, or resisted, and is still alive? Especially as the Green Zone's inhabitants [Such as Lillymon] were in Dragon Land? Answer: 99.999% chance Leomon died again. Not even getting to die on-screen.

Dark Knightmon will do a Heel–Face Turn
Specifically, a defeat will result in Heel–Face Brainwashing which will split him into much less evil Skull Knightmon and Deadly Axemon. Dark Knightmon will remain as his Superpowered Evil Side, but there are other Digi Xros forms Nene can use to join them together without Dark Knightmon returning.
  • Possibly Jossed as of Episode 19, where it appears that Skull Knightmon is the brains of the operation and is still the same old evil Dark Knightmon no matter what. Deadly Axemon is just obedient to Skull Knightmon.

Bagramon is Baalmon's father
Both have a history with holiness but were later Face Heel Turned to evilness (according to Bagramon's backstrory)? Check. Both being Demon Lord Digimon (Works with Baalmon in his Beelzebumon form)? Check. Digimon known to be able to reproduce in Xros Wars (Cutemon and his parents)? Check. Baalmon's bottommost origins being unclear? Check. I'm calling a Luke, I Am Your Father on this one

Shoutmon will have a form called Shoutmon X5KBS
If not X5 then a higher number.
  • X7 and DX
The Digital World split into zones because of humanity's interference
When humans began to utilize the digital world for their own means, they only used a part of it. Because they're being used, the land and digimon in those areas had to be broken down into pure data, similar to what happens in the digital space between zones. Because of our growing technological prowess we threatened to utilize the entire digital world for our own technology, so the world was split into the multiple different zones, and the area used by humans was severed from the rest of the zones.

Nene is a Twilight fangirl
She did name her team 'Team Twilight', after all.
  • Alternatively, DarkKnightmon is a fan of Twilight.
    • More realistically, they both have semi-decent taste in literature and just happened to pick the actual word (considering they are dark to begin with).

Digimon can't evolve naturally because of the split status of the Digital World
It's kinda like the control spires or something. Basically, shattering the world also broke the natural cause of data changing and evolving, instead it can only combine with more data. Presumably, once the world is put back together, DigiXros will be impossible, but normal evolution will be restored.
  • Alternatively, Cutemon is an evolution of Calumon.
  • There are some exceptions, such as Damemons ability to change to Tsuwamon is one of the closes thing you get for digivolution.
  • Jossed, as Digivolution is treated more of age.

Taiki will eventually DigiXros every member of Xros Heart.
The end result will probably be called Shoutmon X∞ or something. It will be a mess.
  • While it hasn't happened just yet, we do get to see what happens when Taiki uses DigiXros on a number of the supporting protagonists, and it is indeed a mess.
    • Correctly guessed

The Digital World's God is evil, and is currently sealed/sleeping.
Bagramon's profile states that he made a Face–Heel Turn in the past because he was despaired by God's evil justice. This implies that there is a God of the Digital World in this series, and also implies that he is not a nice guy. This could result in a traditional Man Behind the Man in the form of God Is Evil. I also think that the sundering of the Digital World into separate Zones has caused the Digital God to go into some sort of sleep mode or othervise made him unable to act - why would he let Bagramon run about conquering Zones if he still would be active? Near the end of the series, the Digital World will probably be pulled together, which will awaken God and initiate the True Final Boss battle.
  • Not so in the comic where homeostasis, the God of the Digital world, is good. The problems is that God is not all powerful, is able to make mistakes and is altogether imperfect. Bagramon was frustrated with God's shortcomings. Still possible for the show though.

Blue Flare will disband
Based on the image of Greyknightsmon, I predict Mailbirdramon crosses to x6
  • Somewhat confirmed, all the armies disband after Bugramon takes over the Digital World.
  • Nope, Episode 31 confirms that Blue Flare is now a rebel army fighting the Bagra Army after they took over the Digital World. Episode 32 seems to confirm a team up between Blue Flare and Xros Heart.

The reason Matadormon liked Akari's cake in Episode 28 was because she added water.
That's right, ordinary water. Laced with a little LSD.

Cutemon will return as Turuiemon.
They look similar, and it would be awesome if maybe Cutemon did some training with the inhabitants of what used to be Shinobi Zone, and became a badass ninja who can hold his own in a fight.

Digivolution is harder than it used to be, and Xrosing is easier.
Shoutmon's difficulty with maintaining his Digixros and now his evolution to OmegaShoutmon indicate that this situation is reversing. It's interesting to note that the figure who gave Taiki his Xros Loader was the fully-digivolved AND Jogress evolved Omegamon/Omnimon. Consider that Shoutmon's first evolution required the powers of Courage and Friendship from non-Generals Akari and Zenjirou respectively. This indicates that in any other series, they would have been full-blown Digidestined. It's also interesting that many of the standard character traits are associated with a character of the opposite gender from the original (Akari is courage, Kiriha is Love). Probably Akari would have had Cutemon and Zenjirou would have had Ballistamon. (Perhaps Kiriha would have had Dorulumon instead of Greymon?) In anycase, the new formula really allowed them to mix things up this season, and there's no indication that they're going to stop now.
  • Confirmed in the comic, not so much for the show.

Greymon will evolve with The Power of Love.
Remember when Deckerdramon joined Kiriha because he was said to have the greatest love out of all the Xros Loader holders? And Love was also one of the Crests in season one along with Courage and Friendship, which caused Shoutmon to evolve. This foreshadows how Kiriha's Greymon will evolve after the Time Skip. That leads to one question... are there crests that correspond with Nene and Yuu, and if yes, what they are?
  • Taiki's crest would obviously be Kindness, while Nene's is more than likely Knowledge or Purity, because even when working for evil, she still showed an impressive amount of skill and information gathering, as well as a certain degree of purity.
  • Considering one of the upcoming episode is titled Greymon Dies!
    • Turns out that he evolved from Kiriha's pride and Dracomon's hope. Doesn't rule out the crest theory, necessarily, there's a "Digimental of Boastfulness" in the Wonderswan games (yes, the ones that introduced Ryo), and that could also be considered a facet of pride. And the episode title didn't happen (the one stated above wasn't even the correct translation).

And he's been running a Batman Gambit since the beginning of the series. He made DarkKnightmon manipulate Nene by claiming he was being held hostage when in fact he was the head of the operation. He ordered DarkKnightmon to use Nene as a tool to get him the Darkness Loader, which he most likely needs for some scheme in the future; possibly he wanted it to be able to use it against Taiki. As an additional WMG, he's most likely also been allied with Bagramon the whole time, considering he's seen in the Bagra Army HQ at the end of episode 30. His future role will most likely be The Dragon for Bagramon.

Beelzebumon and Mervamon will have a DigiXros
This is based on their side by side proximity in the group pose for the opening, and the fact that they both have arm weapons on opposite sides, meaning a potential DigiXros could be fittingly symmetrical.
  • Jossed, as it appears Beelzemon is dead now.
  • Confirmed in the sequel though, much after he got better.

The final Big Bad is sealed inside Tactimon's sword
It's said that there's a sinister power inside it and its name means "Snake And Iron Sealed God". The final main villain of the series is sealed inside of it and eventually, it'll come up again as it survived his destruction and be both drawn (perhaps to kill Bagramon?) and broken, releasing the evil from inside the sword to take Bagramon's place as Big Bad.

Tactimon was Killed Off for Real
Unlike Neptunemon, MadLeomon, and AncientVolcanomon who died in the Digital World and were reborn, Tactimon was killed in the real world. Like in Digimon Adventure, dying in the Digital World is temporary while dying in the real one is permant.

Tactimon's sword will have plot relevance when the protagonists fight Apollomon
Of course, for this to happen, the sword has to return to the Digital World. As to how that will happen is anyone's guess, but I'd guess Bagramon might want to have it back, and we know he can open a portal between the human world and the Digital World with his Super Dimensional Storm.

For the main WMG itself. Consider this: The Sun, as we all should know by now, is a star. Tactimon's sword is said to be able to split stars in half. And amongst the Death Generals we have someone whose motif is the Sun, who is based on a Sun god and who is most likely the last Death General they will fight. My guess is that they will somehow use Tactimon's sword for their advantage angainst Apollomon. A sun splitting sword and a sun god Digimon? To me, that sounds a little too convenient to miss.

  • Very nice guess. Though I do see many ways this could turn into a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! moment, including the aboved Sealed Evil in a Can guess.
    • Could be a way to bring Zenjirou and Akari back to the digital world, if they recover it and deliver it to Taiki.
    • Jossed, Apollomon is dead now, and no Tactimon's sword.
      • Worth pointing out- weren't there disintegration sparkles floating down after Tactimon's sword fell into the water? Has it ever actually been proven that it didn't disappear upon its owner's death just like every other weapon used by Digimon?

When, and IF, Xros Wars gets an English dub for American audiences, it will air on Nickelodeon.
Think about it. Since Haim Saban repurchased the Power Rangers franchise last year, which lead to the airing of Power Rangers Samurai, it doesn't seem farfetched that this season of Digimon (which is another franchised previously held by Saban) will air on Nick.

DarkKnightmon and JetMervamon will have their own digivolutions.
Now, what with the Adventure parallels, I wouldn't be surprised if only Shoutmon and MetalGreymon got them, just as how only Agumon and Gabumon warp digivolved. However:
  • To not show a villain's digivolution would be a serious waste, and the obvious candidate for it would be DarkKnightmon, since he's pretty much Yuu's partner.
  • If you've already got three of the four kids' partners digivolving, it would seem odd to leave the fourth out. Sparrowmon and Mervamon could both be considered Nene's partners, so I'm guessing JetMervamon would get the digivolution.
DarkKnightmon's could be called something like "AlphaKnightmon," to contrast with OmegaShoutmon and to reference Alphamon (another black knight), just as OmegaShoutmon is a reference to Omegamon. As for JetMervamon...I've got nothing name-wise.
  • VictoryMervamon might work, since Victory has been used as a prefix before. Personally, this troper just thinks it sounds cool as well.
    • I like it. It definitely goes with the goddess Minerva, as well. However, if the first letter of ZekeGreymon really is supposed to represent "zeta," it might not work, because there's no Ancient Greek letter for V. Modern Greek uses beta for it, but that might seem confusing (although, the Engrish version of "victory" would use a "b" sound as well...interesting). Upsilon could work, but it's a bit of a stretch...
    • Well, that does depend on whether or not they're even going for Greek letters, personally I think they just did Omega for Shoutmon to strengthen the Omnimon/Omegamon connection. Though personally I would guess that, since Sparrowmon tends to stick around for X5 and X7 these days, it may well be Mervamon Wide Hi-Vision Sword who gets an evolution instead. Even if Wisemon isn't really her partner, Sparrowmon isn't really Taiki's, and the Hi-Vision Monitamon is Nene's and is pretty awesome anyway.
    • Well, Zeke Greymon is also in X7. A hypothetical JetMervamon could be used to bump it up to X8. And it would seem odd to have an "Equipment" Xros (Mervamon Wide-Hi-Vision Sword) get the evolution.
    • But aren't MetalGreymon and JetMervamon technically "equipment Xroses" anyway? Heck, Mailbirdramon doesn't even get acknowledged as part of MetalGreymon, they talk about him- and Zeke- as if he's just Greymon anyway. It's possible, but it really depends. Given how the Monitamon have a pretty major role in the series it'd be nice to get as many Digimon into the final Xros as possible (plus Wisemon because he's just too cool not to include).

DarkKnightmon used to be a Royal Knight.
If his brother, Bagramon, used to be a high-ranking angel before rebelling against God and falling from heaven, as his bacground information states, it makes sense that DarkKnightmon, being a knightlike Digimon, was a Royal Knight before turning into darkness along with his brother.
  • As an extension of this theory, Dark Knightmon used to be Alphamon.
    • Alternately, he was a Royal Knight as the same form he is now. Back before Xros Wars aired, it was stated the two unrevealed knights hadn't yet been shown in any media, and it wouldn't be the first (or even second) season the heroes have faced Royal Knights. (later edit: actually, never mind that, he's not a Holy Knight Digimon, so he can't be one.)

In Xros Wars all of Digimon is canon and real
It's the only explanation I can come up with that explains Digimemories in the way their described. We've seen dozens of various low and mid level digimon throughout the seasons. Enough to know that the only way an agumon could be considered a legendary digimon is if it was Ty's Agumon and not just one off the streets. The same goes for patamon. They're fairly common but the patamon that became Holy Angemon? That's a horse of a different color. Unless it's sheer unadulterated not supposed to make sense inverse just for us stuff it doesn't make sense.
  • Except they've already explained the Digi Memories. They're the remnants of a specific group of individuals that attempted to stop the Digital World from breaking apart. I don't see why that isn't a good enough explanation. Plus, this theory requires the Digital World suddenly changing the laws of reality over and over and every human constantly forgetting that Digimon exist, which is pretty hard to believe.
  • Not to mention there's Digimemories for both Garurumon and MetalGarurumon. They can't both be forms of the Gabumon.
    • Unless you take the idea of digimemories apart, to the base 'digital memories' which could be what makes Digimemories up; a digimon's memory. Say, THE Metalgarurumon could, before permantly becoming Metalarurumon permanantly, he would have spent the most time as Gabumon, and could consider himself during these two times to be near seperate personas of himself, thus meaning 2 digimemories. What interests me is that I can't come up with a thing for Omnimon/Omegamon having a seperate digimemory to Metalgarurumon...
    • And that still doesn't explain why certain Digimemories produce multiples, like the Agumon and Patamon Digimemories. Either way, this theory's long since debunked.
  • Confirmed, in the comic, then subverted when it is shown to be in an alternate timeline to the show.

Shoutmon is a direct descendant of Omnimon/Omegamon.
It's almost certainly not a father/son relationship, but think about it. Who gave Taiki the Xros Loader when Shoutmon was in danger of dying? Omnimon. Not to mention it took the powers of courage and friendship to get Shoutmon to actually evolve, the crests associated with Omnimon's components. Plus Shoutmon evolves into OmegaShoutmon, after all. And his armor is called the Omega Inforce. There's parallels between Shoutmon and most of the previous leader Digimon, but wouldn't it be cool if Omnimon was trying to ensure that a descendant carrying his strength and good heart became king of the digital world?
  • look at shoutmon X 4 K, now look at omni/omegamon, notice the similarities between.
  • Notable, yes, but not necessarily conclusive since there are a lot of Digimon with similarities to Omnimon but still unrelated (Chaosmon and Omekamon amongst them). And I say that as the original writer of this theory...

Xros Wars is an AU of Adventure
I for one, am gonna coin the idea that this is a future-based AU of Adventure where the digidestined never went to the digital world, the code crown and zones being the result as the digimon took longer to stand up to evil than the digidetined canonically did. Things would have changed in the human world also; Everyone's personality would turn out at least moderately different, and most of the Destined would barely know each other, if at all, save for those who knew each other well before 'the summer camp incident' such as Tai and Sora. Yes, Omnimon/Omegamon would probably be the same one, there's no proof Agumon and Gabumon couldn't and wouldn't have digivolved like that naturally.

I'll admit to next to no reasoning behind this other than the many parallels of Adventure and Xros Wars and that this sounds like a cool fanfic idea.

NOTE - more proof found: No 01 digidestined would indirectly leave the 2 world unsynchronised, meaning that the years in the human world could translate to hundreds in the digital world. Original Adventure and Xros Wars are the only seasons to have had the hero return to the real world for a day, then, upon going back to the digital world, find months have passed.

  • In Adventure, the Digital World was born from Earth's electronics. In Xros Wars, Earth's electronics are powered by the Digital World. It's not moderately different but complete opposite.
    • OP - Yes, but the fact that this would be future!AU means that it's entirely possible that the digital world could have surpassed the human world in terms of advancement/size, thus meaning that human technology could have found some sort of a signal/piece of coding, originating from the digital world, which powers up technology and henceforth used it.
      • Needs more hand waving. In adventure, the Digital World is younger than Earth's electronics, in Xros Wars the Digital World is older than the entire Earth and humans only recently started using the Digital World to power their technology in the Digimon's perspective
      • Let me try a handwave. The digital world was originally created because of computers in general, rather than computer networks. However, only large-scale networks actively tap into the digital world, meaning that there is a period of several decades (from the perspective of the human world) in which there was no contact between the two worlds. Because of the massive time differential between the two worlds, the digital world could technically be older than the real world, while still only having the humans tap into it recently.

Why Shoutmon X7 is, well, 7
This isn't so much a WMG as common sense, people wonder why it's X7 and why they skipped X6, etc etc. I think everybody's been forgetting that a certain member of that fusion was already Xrosed, so the basic components of X7 break down to such:
  • 1. (Omega)Shoutmon
  • 2. Ballistamon
  • 3. Dorulumon
  • 4. Starmon & Pickmons (The Star Sword counts as a single entity for the Xros)
  • 5. Sparrowmon
  • 6. Greymon (as ZekeGreymon)
  • 7. Mailbirdramon (as ZekeGreymon)
And now you know.

Apollomon is Xros Wars's Leomon
Since the evil lions don't count (like Panjamon in Frontier and SaberLeomon in Savers) this season's literal Sacrificial Lion isn't Mad Leomon as TV Tropes originally believed, but rather Apollomon. Though at this point, it's not so much guessing as it is so obvious that the only surprising outcome would be subverting the trope.
  • Since when did the evil ones "not count"? Besides, Apollomon's not a Leomon variation or subspecies to begin with.
    • Confirmed somewhat, the Death General was a Virus that was controlling Apollomon, and Apollomon was constantly struggling with it. In the end, he managed to regain just enough of his body to stop the arm guiding an massive attack with the other arm, giving X7 enough time to use his strongest attack. Apollomon was a nice guy.

Somebody's gonna punch Yuu in the face.
By the end of the series, either Taiki or Kiriha are going to punch him, or Nene's going to slap him. Because that little brat really deserves it.
  • Confirmed. Taiki punches him.

"D5" stands for "Digimon 5" or "Digital World 5"
And this further means the 5 universes of Digimon anime: The Adventure universe, Tamers universe, Frontier universe, Savers universe and the Xros Wars universe itself. "Bringing destruction to all worlds" means destroying or otherwise heavily damaging all 5 universes, or possibly crashing them all together or opening portals between all of them.

This theory is inspired by a similar theory I saw on a forum.

  • Jossed, episode 52 reveals D5 stands for DIMENSION DELETE DEADLY DESTRUCTION DAY.

Alphamon was the very first to Digixros
His combination with Owlryumon was not called a jogress and did not create a new monster but gave one the qualities of the other, just like Digixross. MusoKnightmon is a shout out to this.

Taiki is the son of Taichi Yagami or Daisuke Motomiya.

We've never seen his dad and he resembles them a hell of a lot more than the other goggle boys. Plus it would explain a lot.

  • Even though this takes place in a non-Adventure universe and nobody in the human world knows what a Digimon is, not to mention it's a completely different digital world...
    • Note the above WMG about this being a future-based AU of Adventure. And add that to the fact that Taiki's mother looks an awful lot like Sora...
    • Yeaaaah, no. Since when were nostalgia-based WMGs considered canon again? It's not Adventure, it's not an alternate universe, he's not related to either of them.

In the sequel, the time differential between the two worlds has changed.
Which is how Taiki and Yuu can age a few years but Shoutmon only seems to have reached adolescence in the preview picture. Given that the title seems to reference TIME as well, it certainly seems like a possibility.

Xros Wars will end in a Sequel Hook.
The next season's first episode airs only a week after the last episode of this one. Considering how closely they appear to be linked, it's certainly a possibility that the first season will end in a Sequel Hook to pave the second one. Perhaps after the Final Boss is beaten, a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere will arrive and fling Taiki into the future (seeing how the next series is supposed to be about Time Travel). Or the Final Boss does it himself while he's dying.

The sequel will introduce a transforming DigiXros.
DigiXros is basically an Homage to Combining Mecha, so the most obvious way to ramp things up for the sequel is to bring in the Tranforming Mecha trope as well.
  • One way to do this would be change which Digimon is the 'core' of the DigiXros (i.e. using Ballistamon as the core would produce the Heavy Glacier style Ballistamon X 3). Considering that's how the original Getter Robo worked, it seems only natural that a Getter Robo Shout-Out like X3 would follow suit.

There will be an Everybody Lives ending.
Pretty much a given, but consider: the Code Crown can bring Digimon back from the dead. It can also purify them. Given how optimistic this series is, Taiki and Shoutmon will likely bring back everyone who got killed during the series as good Digimon, and everything will be good and dandy in the digital world. Well, until the sequel.

The gimmick of the next season will be Digi Xros between humans and Digimon.
In the promotional poster for the next season, each character only seems to have one partner Digimon instead of an entire army, while still having Xros Loaders. Their Xros Loaders will be upgraded to allow Digi Xros between humans and Digimon, making the series as a whole a Shout-Out to Digimon Tamers and Digimon Frontier.

Shoutmon will get two new Digivolved forms after Omegashoutmon
They did in other Digimon shows.
  • After OmegaShoutmon? Unlikely, as he already seems like a Mega, or a high-end Ultimate at the least. Maybe two in-between, but further than that would just be overkill.
    • As for the in-between, how about Tyrannomon and Metaltyrannomon?
      • The lack of the V-crest and any musical motifs make that pretty unlikely. If anything, there'd be entirely new Digimon just for this situation.

The seven death generals will make some sort of reappearance, perhaps in the finale
This may be a bit late, but I first got the idea when I saw dobrickmon's data being sent to wherever all of the negative energy is going. The show's not over yet, though.
  • Yep, you're late. All seven get revived as mindless slaves to fight our heroes before fighting Bagramon.

Super-evolved Digimon can't Xros under normal circumstances.
I don't recall whether this was actually stated or not, but Shoutmon DX and Shoutmon X7 were only available to use after somebody gave up their lives. Before those points, nobody had tried to Xros OmegaShoutmon or ZeekGreymon, which would have been a pretty good idea, so more likely than not they couldn't do so, and required an extra boost of energy to enable the Xros Loaders' ability to do that.
  • The reason the Final Xros ignores this rule is because of the Code Crown, additionally.

Shoutmon's Xros forms represent the development of anime mechas over time.
Each of the forms offers Shout Outs to different mechas, starting with such classics of the genre such as Getter Robo and Mazinger Z, and eventually moving to GaoGaiGar with X7 and possibly Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with the Final Xros (With the whole concept of a massive, all out gattai. Arguably Xros Wars goes surpasses Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with the Final Xros as far as the gattai itself is considered, due to the whole "combine with every Digimon alive" thing.

General Level Guessing

  • Shoutmon= Rookie
  • Ballistamon= P-Hybrid/Rookie (for Beetlemon)
  • Dorulumon=Champion
  • Cutemon=Rookie
  • Dondonkomon=Rookie
  • Omegashoutmon=Mega (Golden colors and humanlike build)
  • Starmon=Champion
  • Pickmon=In-Training
    • Or it could be rookie, like Red Pickmon.
  • Chibickmon= Baby
  • Red Pickmon=Rookie
  • MailBirdramon=Armor
  • ZeekGreymon=Ultimate
    • Or Mega.
  • Xros results= Same as the dominant Digimon
    • Or it could be match the xrosed Digimon with the highest level.
  • Dorbickmon and the rest of the Death Generals=Mega
  • Sparrowmon=Champion
    • Or it could be Ultimate
  • Bagramon= Mega
    • Mostly logical, but Xros Wars Digimon have no levels, period. Starmon seems like a Rookie version of the original more than anything, and I could see Ballistamon as Champion. And the idea that say, X5 is a Rookie? Also, I'd wager that Zeek's a Mega as opposed to Ultimate since he evolves from the equivalent of an Ultimate.
      • Lucemon was a Rookie.
      • An exception, not the rule. Also a special case given his backstory and influences, not to mention that the child form was called a disguise for the one in this season.
    • Given that Xrossed digimon are referred to as "composites" it is very likely that their level would just be that of the base, instead of gaining a level like the "fused" jogress. This is also a likely factor in throwing out the level system this season because Digixross would be too powerful to be used freely with the level system.
    • Maybe if we take armour levels into consideration, we can make some sense of Shoutmon's power levels. In rough terms of strength, all evolved this season seem to be roughly the same as 02's Golden Armour level; they can take down a mega, but they can't take many hits doing it. Hence, the Digxrosses are mostly bosting defence and/or speed.
    • One of the most important Digimon in Tamers had no level. Guidemon from the Next comic has no level. In the card game all of the "Big Death Stars" have no level. In the video games all of Vemmon's forms have no level and Oinkmon has no level. Digimon without levels is not a new concept. Those that do have levels are probably made with V-pets in mind while those that do not might be designed for other toys Bandai makes. Even then, Burpmon from the Digimon Twin has no level.
    • Actually, I'd guess shoutmon as a champion rather than a rookie, since he pulls off some pretty neat feats of strength (like lifting a greymon). It would also make sense for his evolution to be called super-evolution this way (since the champion->ultimate evolutions in adventure were also called super evolution, though that would mean that omegashoutmon is an ultimate rather than a mega, which could work). Maybe he could be used as an evolution for guilmon? I wouldn't give pickmon their own level, since they appear to be part of starmon (like amon and umon for goddramon). Xros digimons are probably going to need their own levels (more than one, since there appear to be multiple types of digixros).
    • Some of those Digimons are described with level-equilivent classes like Hybrids in Digimon Frontier. For example, Shoutmon is a Rookie-Class Digimon with no level.

ZekeGreymon's name is a reference to Metal Gear ZEKE
While also pulling the Pun on the German word "sieg" (victory).

The Death Generals' power levels are dependant on their amount of hair
  • Dorbickmon - no hair, the weakest Death General
  • Neo Vamdemon - a little hair, the second weakest
  • Splashmon - long and poofy (even if it's made of water), put up a good fight but was nevertheless oneshotted by Shoutmon DX
  • Olegmon - lots of hair, shown to be quite strong
  • Zamielmon - Rapunzel Hair, the only one shown to be able to push Shoutmon DX back with his attack, and was defeated through the use of tactics rather than purely raw power
  • Gravimon - really effing long, the second strongest, needing X7 to beat
  • Apollomon - totally covered in fur that goes all the way to the floor and into the basement and subasement, the strongest of them all.

Digivolution Lines For The Main Cast
It is shown in newer episodes that Digimon Digivolve, thus I am now making lines for theme

  • Shoutmon: Chibickmon-Pickmon-Shoutmon-Tyrannomon-Metaltyrannomon (maybe a red vaccine version?)- Omegashoutmon
  • Greymon: Botamon-Koromon- Niseagumonhakase- Greymon 2010- Zekegreymon- Victorygreymon (It is tradition for Greymon to end up humanoid, plus Zekegreymon resembles Victorygreymon and Victorygreymon's canon ultimate in next is Rizegremon, who becomes Shinegreymon normally)
    • My guess is greymon 2010->Metalgreymon 2010 with a different tail->zeekgreymon. Zeekgreymon has already been established as an evolution of a metalgreymon and could pretty easily serve as a mega.
  • Dorulumon: Punimon-Chocomon- Muchomon (similar color scheme)- Dorulumon- Jagerdorulumon- Zeedgarurumon (same thing as Victorygreymon bar the resemblance)
    • Dorulumon kinda looks like leomon to me, so maybe popomon->frimon->liollmon->dorulumon->Jagerdorulumon. Z'dgarurumon sounds wrong to me as a mega, due to the wildly different looks. Maybe Bantyoleomon? Probably not. My guess would be a completely new digimon.

The rest of the Xros War saga will never make it to US
It will skip over to Tri.
  • Tri is being released in select theaters, not Nickelodeon.
    • Partially Jossed. The second half of Xros Wars was dubbed, but no word on Hunters.

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