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This section covers the very first series of the Digimon anime, Digimon Adventure. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here. For WMGs specific to another work, go to the following:


Mimi is a huge Stepford Smiler
While in the dub Mimi is a Brainless Beauty who's maybe a Stepford Smiler of the crazy variety by maybe halucinating a baby brother (I know that the dub did that because they didn't ask Toei for information at all, but still…), does she seem more like the depressed version in the original. Yes she is a cloudcuckoolander and quite overly childish. But when one finally see her parents, they're even bigger cloudcuckoolanders than her! So the overly childish crybaby acts more grown up than her own parents! So she's probably The Pollyanna of the group. Acting cheerful and happy to making sure the others do alright. She's still very dependant and wants to belong somwhere as seen when they get back and she hurries to her friends. She also moves between USA and Japan a lot, both with their own expectations of girls in society. Desperately wanting somewhere to belong, she changes her persona often. The only one knowing her true self is probably Palmon who's always ready to catch Mimi if she's crying about her problems to cry along with her for as long as she wants. So the time she was a "princess" was actually just showing her Inferiority Superiority Complex, as despite being good at singing, was she not very confident at it.

Kari/Hikari is Kira.
Based solely on the fact that Hikari means "Light" and her family name is Yagami. Also, her English name is "Kira" with two letters swapped.
  • This scares me... But Hikari looks to cute to be Kira... Then again, her connection to the Digital World explains Light's hacking skills.
    • For me, this has become canon.
  • It's most likely that Soichiro Yagami (Light's father) and Susumu Yagami (Tai and Kari's father) are/were brothers, making Tai and Kari Light's cousins.

Hikari is not an ordinary human
She seems to have some kind of ... powers. She can recall very early childhood memories and seems to feel what other people are thinking (before her Plot-Relevant Age-Up, of course). Her powers left her, when she grew up.
  • Her powers didn't leave, they were redirected. All the crest bearing Digidestined had powers, hers were just the most obvious. However they redirected the power of their crests to protect the Digital World instead of their usual manifestations.

Hikari is Yggdrasil
  • Hikari's light is similar to the light of evolution. Yggdrasil through out the series has used hosts such as Daimon Suguru and Mikihara Norn. Yggdrasil has been shown to power up people.
    • Jossed. They're shown to be separate in tri.

In an alternate universe, Kari is Kairi.
Aside from the fact that they look scarily, scarily similar, as well as their similar (Romanized/English dub) names, Kairi wasn't born on Destiny Islands/whereever it is that Sora and Riku grew up. She also said at the beginning of the first game that she doesn't remember her hometown, leaving her origins up in the air. Also, amongst the Digidestined, Kari is rather special. Aside from abilities mentioned above, her crest, Light, is the only crest that can't be immediately interpreted as a character trait. Kairi is one of the seven Princesses of Heart, and has a pure-hearted personality. So, in an alternate universe where the events of Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02 never happened, Kari was sent to live with her grandma on the islands for... whatever reason. There, she met Sora and Riku, and since they were pretty little then, Sora couldn't pronounce her name right, so he started calling her "Kairi" and the nickname stuck.
  • Except it's been known since the first game she came from Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion. Remember when her grandmother was telling her the story in the castle library?
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  • Alternatively, she's a princess of heart. Just because there are seven princesses does not mean there are only seven. It could work in a crossover. Additionally, both series had the same sea/ocean of darkness...

Digimon Seasons 1 and 2 are a TV show in the EVA world.
Agumon's upper digivolutions look like EVA, and the light-hearted message of banding together with your friends, some of whom look weird and have self-esteem issues, to fight scary, evil monsters is meant to help the general public accept the existence of the EVAs and NERV (someone's gonna ask where those big robot-things come from, right?) as part of the battle for good. Gendo is a fan of the Digimon Emperor, who he emulates by wearing glove and acting like a BAMF.

DemiDevimon is the reincarnation of the Devimon that Angemon defeated.
After all, it's stated that all Digimon reincarnate (often without their old memories), and Demidevimon seems to have some animosity towards TK and Patamon in particular. Perhaps he has some lingering anger in his subconscious towards the Digimon and Digidestined who killed him.
  • I hate to piss on your idea, but I think it's been Jossed by the sequel series. Ken, as the Kaiser, finds Devimon's lingering spirit in a dark area of the Digital World, and uses it to create Chimeramon. Notice the Devimon arm, with the Kuwagamon and SkullGreymon arms. It's also, at least in the original, I believe (it's been a while since I've seen either version), the reason Chimera went batfuck and rogue.
    • I hate to piss on your pissing, but he can still be right, even with what you said of 02 being true. The way I've always seen it is that the data Ken found in the Dark Ocean to create Chimeramon was the excess which was left behind (memories, power, form) of Devimon after his defeat, and the Digitama he was reborn into was just his basics. He was literally stripped of the added data and "rebooted". So, in a way, the Dark Ocean could be a graveyard for the memories of dark Digimon; a sort of hell if you will. The Digitama hatched, and eventually became DemiDevimon, who still had a lingering hatred for those who had killed him, which caused him to see Takeru and Patamon as greater enemies than the other chosen children.
      • Er Demidevimon died in the real world he couldn't go back to the Digital World.
      • Actually, it doesn't need to be this complicated, since in anode/cathode (a canon wonderswan game), devimon was ressurected. So, the original devimon could have been killed, reborn as demidevimon, eaten by myotismon, resurrected by milenniummon, killed beneath the ocean and then become part of kimeramon. Of course, that explanation only works if the demidevimon in anode/cathode (who is never explicitely said to have resurrected) is a different demidevimon.
  • It was strongly hinted that the Devimon in season01 is once an Angemon (unlike any other Big Bad of this universe), so his original digivolution-line is likely Poyomon -> Tokomon -> Patamon -> Angemon -> Devimon.
    • Which could, theoretically, make Demi Devimon the analogue to Patamon.

The Four Dark Masters are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Besides the fact that Devimon (the Devil) started the apocalypse and the 666 imagery/dead rising (zombie behavior, vampirism) type stuff surrounding VenomMyotismon (the Beast of the Apocalypse), AND the fact that Apocalymon immediately follows them—they have specific imagery identifying each of them. MetalSeadramon's episodes make significant use of food and hunger, Puppetmon is accompanied and served by Kiwimon, who strongly resembles a plague doctor/shoots little plague doctors as his attack (Pestilence), Machinedramon leads an army against the Digidestined and utilizes strategy for more efficient plans at their destruction (War), and Piedmon expresses a desire to kill everyone quickly and painfully...preferably alone (Death).
  • I will actually accept that. Now that I think about it, I wonder if they could've been their actual reason?
  • Metal Seadramon represents Pestilence, as he is the only Dark Master who doesn't have the Virus attribute, instead being a Data-type digimon. In other words, in the frachise's Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors, he is the only one who has an advantage against the Vaccine-type Digimon who are the main characters. Besides, in order for the Children to defeat him, Koushirou had to search for a "cure" on his computer, until he found out that War Greymon's Dramon killers were effective against him. So in a way, they had to develop a vaccine against the monster before tackling him directly. Pinocchimon would represent Famine, considering that famine has to do with deprivation of something, not necessarily food. Pinocchimon kidnapped Takeru, depriving Yamato of his little brother, and he along with Jyuureimon's shenanigans also made Yamato question his own existence leading him to fight Taichi and later abandon the team, depriving the rest of the children of his company. Also, starvation is known for making friends and family fight each other. On a related note, Pinocchimon lacks any friends to play with, so it's safe to assume that he starves for company. Mugendramon and Piemon's roles as War and Death, respectively, are pretty obvious.
The real Big Bad is a Hagurumon
Digimon were being controlled by dark gears at least for about half of the show. If you look up for Hagurumon's info, you'll notice two attacks in particular: Darkness Gear and Command Input. While Hagurumon's Darkness Gear summons a literal dark gear to attack its opponent, the Command Input attack actually installs viri on the opponent and attempts to gain control of their movements. Now, being a Child Digimon, it would be improbable for his attacks to do anything more than tickles to higher-leveled Digimon. The logical solution is to attempt to force the gears he summons inside other Digimon and run the viri from within, where their data is more vulnerable. The Black Gears, thus, are just what results in combining Hagurumon's Darkness Gear and Command Input attack. The combination of attacks made the gears strong enough to be able to break through some Digimon's cores, even higher-leveled ones. If we can take it to the next level, any and all Digimon that fell victim of the Black Gears, and a few who weren't explicitly under their effects were just being controlled by an ill-maneered Hagurumon. The responsible for all of the plot, then, is a Hagurumon, which would put it at least above Devimon according to the Sorting Algorithm of Evil (which would also mean he was also controlling Devimon to fight off the kids who were "spoiling his fun"). As stated on the complementary material, Hagurumon can't judge right from wrong, so all the Black Gears thing would be just a game for him, and he stopped playing when he got bored.
  • Furthermore, Hagurumon is the traditional Metal Empire Virus-attribute rookie/child, and could eventually become Machinedramon/Mugendramon in the original virtual pets. It's possible that this theoretical Hagurumon is Machinedramon of the Dark Masters, and eventually fused with Devimon in the form of Kimeramon to become Millenniummon. Coincidentally, on the Tamers WMG page, there's a theory that Season 3 was an Evil P Lan of Millenniummon's.
    • Which would also make sense. Hagurumon's "playing" with peoples lives remained as he Digivolved and grew, despite becoming able to judge right and wrong, eventually becoming the basis for Machinedramon's cold-blooded sadism.

Piedmon made the other three Dark Masters
Piedmon was the only one created from Apocalymon's chaos on the Digital world, but he is also the only fully organic member of the group. MetalSeadramon is a cyborg, Puppetmon is a wooden puppet with gears and such inside him, and Machinedramon is a robot. Piedmon created the other two to be his allies but was smart enough to make them weaker than himself to keep on top.

The Greymon from the Adventure movie is the same Greymon that fought Tai's partner in episode 16, and was the partner digimon of one of the first Digi-Destined mentioned in episode 53.
An Agumon is shown (in silhouette) standing with the original five Digi-Destined that Gennai tells the kids about before their battle with Apocalymon. At some point during the original group's adventures in the Digital World, that Agumon was killed in a battle, but instead of its egg reformatting in the hands of its partnernote  it instead wound up with young Tai and Kari. After hatching, evolving to Greymon and fighting Parrotmon, it returned to the Digi-World and was eventually enslaved and brainwashed into being one of Etemon's lackeys.
  • This is now my official headcanon. It actually makes sense considering that it's confirmed that Tai had two different Agumon (one as a child, and the one we see in the anime). Also makes for an epic Tear Jerker.
  • Unlikely, because the Greymon from the Adventure movie is a lot larger than Tai's partner and is shown to have power akin to that of the Ultimate level. Also, as Koromon he said that Tai and Kari are his best friends, which would be a weird thing to say if he had a human partner.
  • There's a theory that reborn Digimon lose their past life memories unless they've a human partner to be reborn to. Maybe whoever set up that system (Gennai and his fellows?) never planned for what would happen to a reborn partner re: where they'd go and their memories if the human partner also died at the same time. Maybe the egg's travel to Taichi and Hikari was an accident or an unforeseen circumstance. Maybe his being able to Digivolve so fast, becoming a large Agumon and an overly powerful Greymon was the result of something going screwy with his data when the 'system' had no idea where to send him or what to do with his memories. It errored out and somehow ended up sending it to the nearest equivalent child (Taichi) but the trip through the barrier between worlds made him a bit corrupted. Maybe he lost his memories as if he were a wild Digimon either because of the aforementioned 'screwing up' of data or because the 'system' saw it as being the most 'logical' answer. This is a world that runs very much on computers after all...
    • Basically:
    Reborn Digimon -> Partner not found -> Delete memories -> Reborn Digimon listed as 'Partner' -> Partner not found -> Error -> (Digitama sent to Taichi) -> (Digitama corrupted minorly) -> (Pilot Movie)
    • This theory of mine does also mean that I think that if this Greymon had actually survived the fight with Parrotmon he'd eventually have completely broken down and gone back to the Digital World (or not...). That or Dark-Digivolved. :x
    • The movie Greymon recently got a new card released of itself. Its power is that, if deleted by an ultimate level (like, say, Parrotmon) or less, the enemy Digimon is also sent offline. Seems movie-Greymon's final note was a Self-Destructive Charge. In the real world.

The Black Gears were used before the children arrived on File Island.
Alright, so, I've started watching the series over again, and I recently watched episode 5 again. In this episode, the cast finds themselves in a factory that "builds nothing", as Yamato put it. The Black Gear that infects Andromon is shown to be lodged within the workings of a machine, not flying through the air like the others seen through the course of the first arc. This makes me think that either Devimon had been plaguing the Digital World with the Black Gears before the children arrived (this one simply got stuck in the machine earlier), OR another Digimon had used the same method in the past (this one had been stuck in the machine for some time). We've seen that the factory that Andromon protects is rather large, so it would take him some time to survey the entire building for something as simple as an out of place gear, making the latter far more likely.

Taichi is Spike Spiegel's Dad, or ancestor
They both have the same hair.
  • Another odd little tidbit: Their English VAs (Joshua Seth and Steven Blum respectively) are both Jewish. On top of that some fans have speculated that Spike is Jewish, so...

Adventure is a sequel to V-Tamer 01.
Taichi, Neo and the other kids had their memories erased at the end of the manga in order for them to live a normal life. Zeromaru hatched early, and at the end was reformatted into a Koromon....that ended up on File Island with some new friends. Unfortunately, the memory thing backfired horribly when Millenniummon unleashed Apocalymon and Tai was dragged into a new adventure with none of his previous memories to aid him.
  • I personally think it is unlike, by the end of V-Tamer 01, you can see Taichi keept his memories and Zero, and even mentions trading e-mails with Gabo, not to mention the several specials with the anime series, one of then being with Adventure 02, leading to Davis making this specific question.
  • Either way, this leads to...

Machinedramon was MetalGreymon reborn
Think about it. Machinedramon has the same left arm as a MetalGreymon. It even looks like an upgrade of a Greymon-species. Why is he evil?
He misses Neo, making him a Well-Intentioned Extremist.

Myotismon was the fifth dark master
The gate to the human world, and the pedestal needed to activate it, were originally in Gennai's base, before it got taken over by the dark masters. The next time we see these items, Myotismon has his hands on them. Since it is doubtful the dark masters just handed them over, and myotismon doesn't have the power to take on 4 megas, the only conclusion is that he was part of the dark masters. In Venomyotismon form, he would fit in perfectly powerwise.
  • This fits in well with the above four horsemen theory, Myotismon wanted to rule over both both the Human world and the Digital world, he is the 5th horseman, Conquest
    • Semi-confirmed in the novelization, there it's revealed that Vamdemon, alongside with Devimon and Etemon, are the highest ranking lieutenants/sub-bosses of the armies of the Dark Masters, tasked with managing their recent conquered territories and dealing with the Chosen Children on their behalfs with a fair amount of autonomy while the Dark Masters themselves are being busy with their war gainst the Four Holy Beasts.

If Tai had chosen the wrong card to get through the gate, the gang would have ended up in The Pokémon Universe.
Not all fans each series were rivals, who hasn't dreamt of an epic crossover series?
  • Proved wrong in 02. Looking closely reveals that Oikawa's attempts to use the cards had him make the wrong choice, so if Taichi had picked the wrong card in Adventure, the kids would've ended up in the weird dreams-made-reality world.
    • Who's to say that the Pokémon universe isn't the result of another incorrect arrangement?
      • The WMG said if Tai had chosen the wrong card (I.E If he had picked Agumon's card instead of Gomamon) and as we saw in 02 the Agumon card leads to the dream world. Now sure it's possible that a completely incorrect combo COULD have lead to the Pokemon world but the author of WMG was specifying if Tai had just gotten that one wild card wrong. And we know because of 02 what would have happened.
Sora is half-vampire

  • From Headscratchers: At some point in the past, Sora's mom had an affair with a Japanese Vampire, resulting in Sora. Her vampiric heritage gifted her with red eyes and various stealth-enhancement capabilities, including radar suppression. She instinctively invokes these abilities for herself and her "covenmates" in stressful situations, so as to avoid detection by potential enemies. Unfortunately, instinctive reactions suck at distinguishing between coven-separation (File Island, Tai's Sabbatical) and abduction (the Upside-Down Pyramid), making things difficult for everyone until some point during Tai's Sabbatical, when she learned to consciously control them.
  • Evidence:
    • Sora is the only character with completely inexplicable coloration, the rest having viable, real-world compliant explanations for theirs:
      • Taichi, Hikari, Mimi, Daisuke, Iori: Brunettes, brown-to-black eyes, parents shown to be brunettes. Genotype plausible, phenotype same.
      • Yamato, Takeru: Gold hair, blue eyes, quarter-French. Genotype plausible, phenotype stretch.
      • Jyou, Miyako, Ken: Stylized black, siblings (if any) shown to have same. Genotype plausible, phenotype same.
      • Koushirou: Dark red hair, black eyes, adopted (do we ever really see his birth-parents in Flashback?). Genotype plausible, phenotype stretch.
      • Sora: Light red hair, red eyes, mother noirette with dark eyes, father graying brunette with dark eyes. Genotype highly improbable, phenotype same.
    • Aforementioned stealth-enhancement.
    • Offscreen stunts of ridiculous physical proficiency:
      • Mount Infinity: Birdramon was too close to the rock to recover from that fall on her own.
      • Mimi's "Queendom": The grounds of the castle were being competently patrolled, and Mimi's room was on the third floor, at lowest.
      • More to be added as I think of them.

The Greymon/Parrotmon fight was indirectly responsible for Matt and T.K.'s parents' divorce.
In a flashback, T.K. keeps telling his mom about the "monsters" and it's bothering her so much (at least according to the English dub). T.K.'s fascination with them gotten to the point where the school was concern about it. The parents paid the teacher and/or principal to discuss it. However, the discussion gotten off-topic as the parents vented out their anger and frustration over each other. And this eventually led them into divorce. Matt overheard all this. While he still deeply cares for his brother, deep down he always resented him for causing their parents to split up.

Joe's parents made a cameo in Episode 38.
In episode 38, we see the DigiDestined at the Convention Center checking on their comatose parents. We see each kid checking on their respective parents and the Kido brothers are checking on a couple's pulses. Cameo starts at 4:45.

The Digital World ships Takari
Now I'm not saying I'm advocating for Takari, but come on the Digital World gives the two kids the crest of hope and light, two Digimon who's evolution compliment one and another, and their armor Digimon have a shared attack. They even have the two kids called back for another adventure.

Apocalymon is MissingNo.
Apocalymon's existence causes distortion. Sound familiar? Also, in the Japanese version, the Digimon Scanner says that no one's even sure if it's even a Digimon. MissingNo is filler data, and therefore considered a glitch Pokemon, or something that shouldn't exist.

Had they actually tried, the kids could have transformed any of the partners straight into Mega form.
It took a few short blasts from the Digivices to grant the Champion level Leomon the ability to warp into Mega for a limited amount of time, even if Leomon was activelly training to evolve furter(something that acording to his characterization, he most likelly was doing), he would only achieve Ultimate, getting to Mega is a whole new milestone, so those quick blasts did have a huge effect on him, if the Digi Destineds had tried to channel their Digivices into a single partner at once, it would have been enough to evolve it into Mega, however, the abuse of such a power would most likelly lead the partners into reverting to a Digiegg every time they tried.
  • It would more likely be a Dark Digivolution, and the result is likely going to be an insane Mega that nobody could stop.

Guesses for the upcoming game adaptation.
  • All the children's Digimon will be able to evolve to Mega.
    • Confirmed. The site lists the final evolutionary stage for Piyomon, Palmon, Gomamon and Tentomon and everyone's character pages shows slots representing their partner's evolutionary line, all of them going to the last one.
  • Loose plot threads like how the Dark Masters managed to imprison the Sovereigns, what the black orb Piedmon put in Gennai was, and just what the hell the entity that possessed Kari was will be explained.
    • It's been already explained on the Xros War manga that the being who possessed Kari was Homeostasis.
  • The old clock shop guy from Hunters will make an appearance during the special crossover chapter.
  • Ryo will make some form of appearance.
  • The game will end with a sequel hook for a 02 game.

Mr. Fujiyama is really Superman.
He looks a lot like Clark Kent, with that face, hair, and glasses. But it's his incredibly fit body that gives his true identity away.

The Flashback of the Digidestined who preceded those of Adventure are actually the same Digidestined (Time Travel involved)
Ryo Akiyama at some point traveled back in time and reported to Azulongmon and/or Gennai about these Digidestined's achievements which was then recorded as a legend.note  This would explain why the silhouetted figures look exactly like some of the current Digidestined of Adventure.

Machinedramon was planning on betraying the other Dark Masters at some point after dealing with the Digidestined
Hence might explain why (and possibly how) he returned as Millenniummon.

The DigiWorld in this series already have Yggdrasill
But it's already corrupted and replaced by Homeostasis.

Parrotmon was infected by an early version of the Black Gears
Parrotmon is normally a Vaccine type, so it seems strange that it would be so hostile. We know that Devimon already knew about the prophecy, so he likely decided to corrupt a powerful Digimon to destroy his future foes in advance (or perhaps test their skills). Parrotmon seemed to be the perfect test subject for him.
  • However, time moves differently in the digiworld at this point, so the time between the rise of the digidestined and parrotmon's attack would be HUGE. Who knows if Devimon was alive or evolved at that point.

Tai and Kari Yagami are Light Yagami's cousins.

Homeostasis made Kari an Ill Girl to keep her away
Kari was "too sick" to go with the others on the trip that ended up with them in the Digital World in the first place, and her Digimon was the only one that wasn't present upon the Digi-Destineds' arrival. That would be an incredible coincidence - unless some force was consciously keeping her away until her Digimon was available once again. Gatomon was in the hands of Myotismon for many years, and while the timelines have been questionable, based on Tai's statements, Kari was an Ill Girl nearly all that time. And we already know that the presence of Homeostasis takes a severe toll on Kari...
  • This somewhat makes sense. Kari is something of the team's ace in the sleeve during later events (has a natural Champion-level partner, with one of the strongest Ultimates available). Putting her in play too easily could tip off dark Digimon, and run the risk of them directly targeting her.