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  • Adored by the Network: While it didn't save the block, Fox Kids touted this show like crazy come time to air the dub, especially in the midst of the Pokemon craze that allowed Kids' WB! to be the dominate Saturday Morning block at the time. The fact the show managed to win over a large part of that crowd allowed Fox Kids to stay afloat a bit longer.
  • Cast the Runner-Up: Jeff Nimoy originally auditioned for Matt, Gomamon, and Gabumon but was cast as Tentomon instead.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor:
    • Lara Jill Miller was better known for her role as Samantha "Sam" Kanisky in the 1980's NBC sitcom Gimme a Break!. People magazine wrote an article on her when she returned to Hollywood in 1999, just as Miller was voicing Kari for Digimon. She also did a segment for the Donny and Marie show with mascot versions of Agumon and Biyomon.
    • Before Digimon, Philece Sampler was better known as Donna Love on Another World and Renée on Days of Our Lives.
  • Children Voicing Children: The Swedish dub cast several children and teenagers (aged between 11-16) as the digidestined, with the exception of Joe. The adults and the Digimon were voiced by experienced voice actors.
  • Creator's Pest: Cherrymon was this to the dub staff. In fact, the only reason Jeff Nimoy voiced him to begin with is because nobody else wanted to. He mentioned in an interview with Chris McFeely that he gave him a sort of Marlon Brando impression, but it was hard to maintain and he ended up having way more dialogue than anticipated, given how few episodes he was in.
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  • The Danza: Several of the kids' parents are named after their voice actors: Susumu and Yuuko Yagami after their voice actors Susumu Chiba and Yuko Mizutani, Hiroaki Ishida after Hiroaki Hirata, and Masami Izumi after Masami Kikuchi. Sora's mother is a special case, written with the same kanji as her voice actress (Toshiko Fujita) but named as "Yoshiko."
  • Distanced from Current Events: Following the September 11 attacks, the English dub airings on Toon Disney and Jetix excised all reference to the battle the kids witnessed being mistaken as terrorist attacks, although it was added back for the Nicktoons airings and the Netflix and DVD release a decade later.
  • Dummied Out: Data for Magnadramon's attacks exist within the PSP game, meaning that Ophanimon was not the first choice for Gatomon's Mega level.
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  • Fountain of Expies: All Digimon protagonists since Tai are Expies of him in one way or another. The fandom generally refers to Tai and his successors as "goggle boys", after the one accessory they all share.
  • God Never Said That: Like most character names in the English dub, "Hikari" was shortened to "Kari." Unlike the others, however, no official material released in English has ever referred to her name in full as "Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya."
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Rescued. This series didn't see an official release for some time, with the exception of Madman Entertainment' s DVD Australia. However, a DVD set was later announced and released!
    • The original Japanese version was also available on Netflix with English subtitles.
    • Discotek Media announced that they're putting both the English dub and the Japanese version on Blu-Ray.
  • No Export for You: The novelizations were never released in English.
  • Non-Singing Voice: In "Princess Karaoke", Wendee Lee (voice of T.K.) provided Mimi's singing instead of her regular actress Philece Sampler. Rather ironic since Philece filled in earlier in the show for Wendee as T.K. for episodes 13-16.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Taichi has a different voice actor (Jason Spisak) for the dubbed version of the fourth movie, Revenge of Diaboromon because Joshua Seth (his original voice actor) had already retired from the entertainment business by that time. However, Seth would later reprise his role in Tri and Last Evolution Kizuna. In episode 19, for one line, Wendee Lee doubled for Tai due to the hectic production schedule and the dubbers not having time to redub it.
    • Tentomon was originally dubbed by Joshua Seth for the initial few episodes before Saban decided that Seth was voicing too many characters in the core cast (he was already voicing Tai and Tento's in-training form Motimon for starters) and so brought in Jeff Nimoy to replace him. Jeff himself doesn't remember when he took over the part, but most concur that it happened in Tentomon's spotlight episode where he first digivolved. He would go on to direct the English version from the Etemon arc to the World Tour arc of the next series.
    • Takeru was replaced by Megumi Han in place of Hiroko Konishi for the PSP game (as the latter had quit voice acting), who was cast because she had been a fan of the series as a child and thus was able to imitate Konishi's Takeru with uncanny accuracy. On the American side, Takeru's English actress, Wendee Lee was replaced for the last episode of the Devimon arc and the first few episodes of the Etemon arc by Mimi's actress, Philece Sampler, while Lee was on her honeymoon.
    • Koromon, in the dub, was originally voiced by M.J. Lallo in episode 1 but was replaced by Brianne Siddall in all future appearances except in episode 16 where Philece Sampler voiced him before Siddall.
    • Tokomon's voice was never consistent in the show's early days, being voiced by Laura Summer, the voice of his rookie form Patamon, in the first episode, by Mona Marshall for the first couple of episodes in the Etemon arc, and for the rest of his appearances by Philece Sampler. The first sounded like a brattier version of Patamon while the other two sounded far more cutesy.
    • The PSP adaptation also has Devimon played by Ryotaro Okiayu, as Kaneto Shiozawa, who voiced the character in the original anime, died in 2000. This is amusing (or disconcerting) when one takes into account that Ai Maeda, who voices Mimi, married Ryotaro Okiayu shortly before the game was released in Japan.
      • Most if not all the Digimon that were not part of the main cast or a major villain were substituted by other actors either due to their original performer being deceased or otherwise not asked back due to cost. For an example of the former, Piccolomon was voiced by the late Isamu Tanonaka in the TV series but is darrined in the game by Yūji Mitsuya. In the latter category, Elecmon's previous actor, Yasuhiro Takato, was replaced with actress Yumiko Kobayashi for the game.
    • Myotismon was principally voiced by Richard Epcar except in his cameo at the end of episode 23, where Dan Woren provided the voicenote .
    • Chuumon, the one we're familiar with, was voiced by David Pires in his first appearance and in his second appearance by Doug Erholtz. Erholtz also voiced the Chuumon that was a part of DemiDevimon's army. It was the same in Japanese, where his former appearance was voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi whereas the latter appearance was done by Atori Shigematsu, the voice of Piyomon.
    • In Japanese, Shellmon's voice was provided by Yasuhiko Kawazu when he first appeared, but for his return in the Dark Masters arc, Hiroaki Hirata filled in. The same thing happened in the English version, where Mike Reynolds voiced Shellmon in his debut but Tom Fahn replaced him in the Dark Masters arc.
    • The voices of the kids' parents went through their share of changes:
      • In the Pilot Movie, Tai's parents were voiced by Hiroya Ishimaru and Yoshiko Sakakibara before being replaced in the series by Susumu Chiba and Yuko Mizutani respectively. In the dub, Susumu, the father, was mainly voiced by Doug Erholtz except in Episode 36, where his one line before being put to sleep was provided by Derek Stephen Prince, who ironically played DemiDevimon who sent him off to dreamland in the first place! Also in the dub, mother Yuko's voice was provided by Mari Devon in episode 21 before Dorothy Elias-Fahn took over for the majority of the Eighth Child storyline.
      • Nancy, the mother of Matt and T.K., was first voiced by Elizabeth Rice, better known for voicing Sora's mother Yoshiko, in a flashback of T.K.'s in Episode 29. When she made her most prominent appearances in Episodes 35 and 36, Barbara Goodson had taken over her voice. Upon Nancy's return in Episode 39, Judi Beecher was now her voice and the last time she'd be heard in Season One. Barbara became Nancy's de facto voice once the dub of 02 came around.
      • Masami Izumi, Izzy's father, would change semi-regularly between Dan Lorge and Jeff Nimoy in the dub. On the Japanese side of things, Yuko Mizutani voiced Izzy's mother Yoshie in a flashback near the start of the series but was replaced by Kae Araki during her proper introduction. It was the same in the dub, where Wendee Lee voiced her in the initial flashback with Mari Devon taking over in future appearances.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Megumi Han, who plays Takeru in the PSP adaptation (replacing Hiroko Konishi, who retired from voice acting), has been a big fan of the franchise since childhood.
  • Real-Life Relative: Dorothy Elias-Fahn, who voiced both Lillymon and Tai and Kari's mom in the English dub, is married to Tom Fahn, who voiced Agumon.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Remember when Taichi and Agumon were thief sisters in the '80s?
    • If you're an unrepentant fangirl, this allows for a probably-unintentional-yet-still-amusing, very brief moment, when Hiroaki Ishida helps carry Wizardmon around. Hiroaki Hirata and Akira Ishida's characters in Saiyuki do that for each other quite a lot...
  • Talking to Himself:
    • In the Mexican Spanish dub, both Hikari and Gatomon share the same voice actress (Cristina Hernández) and they're literally talking to themselves. The Mexican dub is an interesting case since the original seven kids and seven Digimon were voiced by the same seven actors, but no actor voiced a single pair, so each kid and their respective partner was voiced by different people.
    • Joe, his two older brothers, and his CD drama-only parents are all voiced by Masami Kikuchi. Including his mother. Indeed, one interview with Mr. Kikuchi and Koushirou's VA, Umi Tenjin, talks about how surprised the other actors were when he switched between all of the characters in real-time.
    • Tentomon, for a brief moment in the dub, when Izzy's parents find out about him.
    • Agumon and Shellmon (the second time around) are both voiced by Tom Fahn in the English dub.
    • DemiDevimon interacts with Digitamamon, another of the Digimon that Derek Stephen Prince voiced in the dub.
  • Technology Marches On: The movie made a plot point out of Infermon taking over the phone system, forcing Izzy to get a wireless satellite uplink. This doesn't mean as much now that wired connections and phone modems have become obsolete. Justified in that the movie is explicitly stated (in the original via supplementary materials, that is) to take place in the spring of 2000.
    • Unintentional Period Piece: With the heavy emphasis on digital communications and the internet that the series has, and the rate at which Technology Marches On, this is a given. For a start, plots where the heroes are separated (at least, in the real world) without communication look very dated once cell phones became cheap and commonplace enough that a lot of older children and teens had them, even if only for emergencies. Koushiro/Izzy having access to a laptop is unusual, and in Digimon Adventure 02, despite taking place in 2002, personal computers are expensive commodities that are not ubiquitous in every home, as the new Digidestined require access to their school's computer lab to access the Digital World for a sizeable part of the series, and Yamato/Matt's father balks at being asked to buy one.
  • Throw It In: Mona Marshall was watching the movie October Sky when she heard one character say "prodigious". Upon finding out it was another word for 'awesome', she made it Izzy's Catchphrase in the dub.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to this interview with the series' co-creator, the infamous 02 epilogue, in which Sora and Yamato ended up married was originally planned for this series.
    • Word of God states that Kari originally wasn't supposed to be a DigiDestined, and was only supposed to be a Mysterious Waif side character. Come the middle of the series, when the staff wanted to add a new character to the seven, they decided to expand Kari's character by tossing her onto the team.
  • Word of Dante: Kari is called "Hikari Kamiya" by Wizardmon in the English version of the highly compressed Digimon manhua. Which was produced by Tokyopop, of all things, not Saban or Disney's Sensation Animation.