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That's enough, you two! Now use your current position to kiss and make up!

  • Ogremon's only desire is to duke it out with Leomon, and he visibly tears up when Leomon passes away.
  • Jeff Nimoy (the writer, story editor and director for the English translation) has stated (joked?) that he wrote Izzy and Tentomon's dialogue together as if they were gay lovers.
  • Then there's Sora and Mimi, who were awfully...eager to strip off and shower together in one episode.
    • In one scene, Sora comforts Mimi after she wakes up from a nightmare and holds her hand. Mimi is scared that her friends are going to leave her behind because she treated them very unfairly, but Sora encourages her by calling her a "very nice girl".
  • Tai[chi] and Matt (Yamato). Wrestle-to-the-ground fistfights, hand-holding, and head-cradling have all been seen—the Japanese version even includes a scene where they yank Joe's towel off at a hot springs bath.
    • And the freaking angelic "arrows of love," with an explicit "like Cupid" comparison, combined with manful hand-holding before their first digimon warp digivolve to Mega level in "Prophecy."
    • Ahem.
    • In the Japanese version, when Taichi is separated from everyone else in the real world, he talks about Yamato nearly exclusively. After calling all of the other chosen children, Taichi also goes to sleep. When the phone rings, he jumps up shouting "Is it Yamato?" before rushing to grab the phone out of Hikari's hand.
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    • In the Japanese version, Jureimon (Cherrymon) convinces Yamato that Taichi is his rival by telling Yamato that the "lake reflects whoever lies within the heart of the person who looks into it", which is when Yamato starts listening to Jureimon. Also, adding the comment later, "that's how big of an existence Taichi has become within your heart".
  • Tai[chi] and Izzy (Koushiro) have a lot of moments too, particularly when Matt's not around.
  • While the boys are understandably very into Angewomon's Cat Fight with Lady Devimon, Kari also gets quite into it as well.

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