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Nightmare Fuel / Digimon Adventure

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  • It's easy to forget that Kuwagamon, the first Digimon the group faces, is a giant stag beetle with razor-sharp pincers that, as Koromon put it, can "chop through anything". And the worst part is that, the first time fighting him, the kids' Digimon were still in their In-Training forms until they Digivolved, essentially being sent right up sludge's creek without a paddle.
  • The forced Digivolution. The fact the Transformation Sequence just didn't feel right didn't help toning down the audience's reactions.
    • It's worse in the official novelization of the anime. The moment SkullGreymon has evolved, he jumps onto the frightened enemy Greymon and crushes it into a bloody pulp, BONES AND ALL.
  • Tokomon, Patamon's previous form. A Ridiculously Cute Critter with More Teeth than the Osmond Family.
  • Ogremon in "Home Away From Home," pictured on the right. Those eyes.
    • Every Digimon appearing in that episode. They look like phantom versions of the originals, with soulless eyes and invisible to all the people except for Tai and Kari. And when they attack, people think of meteors or terrorist attacks, because they cannot see them. The whole episode feels more like a creepypasta than a regular Digimon chapter.
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  • You know the truth but take the position of a normal human. In 1995, Parrotmon and Greymon had a battle in Hikarigaoka/Highton View Terrace but no one could see them. The explosions of their attacks were attributed by the police to a terrorist attack but they couldn't see any traces of bomb materials. Also, imagine the horrified parents who decided to move for the safety of their kids.
  • Raremon could easily come off as this. If Mr. Face had sex with a bionic manatee, this would be the result. Imagine being a boat pilot and encountering this in the middle of the night.
  • Myotismon goes Dracula in the middle of a misty night and abducts young women to his self-driven carriage to drink their blood, inflicting anemia (lack of iron in bloodstream) on them.
  • Mixing both Tear Jerker and this. Gatomon's life under Myotismon qualifies, as Myotismon whipped her because of all the looks she gave to him.
    • Her friend Wizardmon getting shredded by Myotismon, even in the edited version.
  • The villains have to be some of the scariest and horrifying villains in anime history. Lets study them in finer details:
    • Devimon, a cunning, devil-like monster who's the power to brainwash friendly and peaceful Digimon into rampaging, savaging berserkers.
    • Etemon, a super-strong killer monkey who looks like a man merged with a monkey costume, whose jovial and hammy personality simply and barely hides a psychotic and narcissistic megalomaniac, and who controls a world-wide surveillance network system that allows him to find the Digidestined no matter where they are or hides.
      • Even worse? His Etemon Chaos form after falling on and being trapped by Datamon's gigantic mass of cable. Etemon literally merges with it and takes the form of the damn mass with his own upper body coming out on top, with bulging muscles and all.
      • Still not worse enough? The baddie returns as MetalEtemon, his Mega level evolution, and now he's stronger than ever and pure Paranoia Fuel.
    • Myotismon, a mass-murdering, sadistic, abusive, unstoppable psychopath of a vampire who puts even Alucard to shame. His digievolution VenomMyotismon is even more due to his... eating habits...
    • The Dark Masters, a group of powerhungry tyrants who have reduced the Digital World into a dark and lifeless place, kills and destroys everything and everyone around them - enemies, innocents and minions alike - For the Evulz and plans to Kill All Humans in the original Japanese version.
      • MetalSeadramon, a long, violent, hot-tempered, warmongering sea serpent clad in golden and spiky armor who, unlike his allies, prefer to reduce his enemies into firing ashes instead of playing games with them.
      • Puppetmon, a dark version of Pinocchio who thinks he can make friends by killing and enslaving everyone around him, and uses a revolver to "play" a cruel version of hide-and-seek with T.K. and kills his minions, Mushroomon and Blossomon, with it because he thought they lied. Some countries edited the scenes with Puppetmon holding the gun during the TV run of the series. It's a living puppet pointing at an eight year old child!
      • Machinedramon, a cold-hearted, brutal and gigantic Killer Robot who speaks, though rarely, with a growling, hateful and metallic voice and mostly acts like a lifeless machine, unless when he's on a murder rampage, which's when his true sociopathic nature is shown, ordering a massive bombing over his own territory. It makes him one of the scariest villains in the show.
        Machinedramon: Just what I was looking for, victims!
      • Piedmon, who basically is Kefka if he was one extremly powerful and sadistic abomination of a Digimon. And his, ah, "key-chain hobby". What makes it even scarier is his hunting them down one by one in a methodical and sadistic manner. Except for the fact he doesn't actually kill them, it's almost like watching a slasher killer hunting down his victims one by one...
      • He probably has the creepiest voice of the four, in both English and Japanese. While his voice sounds like Tim Curry in the dub, in the original, he talks in a raspy-sounding voice that makes him sound like an old pedophile. And he's even more terrifying in the novelization, which takes his Ax-Crazy behavior Up to Eleven; the keychain business is excised, with him instead pulling a chainsaw on WarGreymon and attempting to saw his legs off.
    • Apocalymon, an Eldritch Abomination born from the anger and hatred of dead digimon whose mere presence alone is enough to put the laws of physics out of balance. He's revealed to be The Man Behind the Man, and when he loses the fight against the Digidestined, he tries to destroy all of reality as a last "fuck you" to them.
    • Diaboromon, a living, sentient computer virus who looks like a demonic grasshopper, who plans to consume all of Internet, has the ability to clone himself into an army, and tries to nuke Tokyo just to get rid of a few Digidestined. When that fails, he pulls a Godzilla years later and tries to stomp Tokyo into nothing by digivolving into an even more powerful form called Armageddemon.
  • When Vademon was the monster of the week, he basically subjected Izzy to Mind Rape and had removed his outer heart or curiosity (depending on the version). Izzy is rendered an Extreme Doormat who does whatever Vademon tells him to, and Tentomon pleads with Izzy to remember him.
  • The penultimate episode, when Apocalymon pretty much deleted the Digidestined and their partners] That's got to be pretty traumatizing for a kid watching the show...
  • The trailer for the PSP video game adaptation. At first it's all bright and cheery and gives you a real nostalgia kick. Then the shot of the logo lasts a bit too long and starts to glitch...the camera pulls back to reveal the background of the Internet from Our War Game! all in complete silence. Then you hear Diaboromon giggle. Unnerving stuff.
  • Try to imagine Tai's perspective from the time he nearly killed Kari when they were younger. He had to be maybe the same age as Kari is at the time of the show, so an eight year old kid nearly gets his sister killed and get slapped by his mother and yelled at like he committed murder or something.
    • It would also be scary from their mother's perspective as well. While slapping her son in the face in public might not exactly be right, he still made a really stupid decision that could've easily ended up leading to her younger kid dying. What parent wouldn't be acting even a little irrationally and yelling at their kid for something like that?

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