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  • Myotismon is a humanoid, suave vampire with a exceedingly bizarre castle, legions of dark minions (including a Grim Reaper expy as a lieutenant) and a second, much more monstrous form he assumes after being beaten at first. Sound Familiar?
  • Myotismon mentioning "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost during his takeover of Odaiba
    Myotismon: Soon now, not in fire or ice but in fog. This world will soon be mine!
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  • Our War Game has two kids fighting against a killer digimon against the clock because the said mon, which is essentially a sentient computer program, is planning to fire nukes that it got access to by hacking the military. Even the name gives a clue to a certain 80's movie.
  • A large smog-based Digimon rising from the bay and attacking a night club? Sounds rather familiar.
  • One dub title is called "Princess Karaoke," a reference to Princess Mononoke.
  • In the English dub, a lot of supporting characters voices are based on celebrities, many from the writers' and producers' childhood.
    • Not just supporting characters; Gatomon's voice has some slight Eartha Kitt influence, because she's a cat.
  • WarGreymon's Brave Tornado is one to Combattler V's Choudenji Spin.
    • And his Terra Force seems to be a fiery version of Goku's Spirit Bomb, right down to the attack description (gathers energy from the atmosphere then hurls it as a sphere of energy).
  • The title card for episode 51 features Piedmon in a pose similar to the one various Ultramen use in their rising sequences.


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