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Moments subpages are Spoilers Off.

  • Think about the way Etemon came back. As explained on this blog, "after being thrown into Digimon’s equivalent of Glitch City and merging with what appears to be a canon Missingno, not only did Etemon come back, but he came back better."
  • The first time Agumon and Gabumon digivolve to Mega, pictured right.
  • Angewomon vs. LadyDevimon.
    • Doubles as a Moment of Funny.
  • The first time Patamon Digivolves to Angemon, he's able to single-handedly beat a Digimon that every other Champion in the group couldn't defeat together— with a single attack, no less.
  • Heck, any time the kids' Digimon Digivolve at all.
    • Of note is probably Palmon's first Digivolution into Togemon, in which she goes toe to toe with a Monzaemon, and wins. Keep in mind, Monzaemon is a Perfect/Ultimate level Digimon, and even though Izzy managed to subdue a similarly leveled Andromon in the episode prior, it was only after having Kabuterimon fire an Electro Shocker at its leg. Togemon, on the other hand, outright beats the Black Gear out of Monzaemon with Good Old Fisticuffs! All by herself!
  • Joe, starting when he moves to protect the group and proves that he's not the klutzy coward he can come across as:
    • Climbing a mountain to get the lay of the land, and then jumping off a cliff to try and get the Black Gear out of the flying Unimon. He gets thrown off in mid-air, prompting Gomamon to Digivolve into Ikkakumon to save him.
    • After being kicked around, cowed and pretty much enslaved at a restaurant, he jumps off a roof onto an evil Digimon to save TK. TK escapes, but Joe ends up being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. Regardless, he tells Matt to defeat Digitamamon instead and not worry about him. It's this act of selflessness that causes Matt to realize the Power of Friendship and gets his Crest to glow, resulting in the debut of WereGarurumon.
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    • After promising TK's mother that he'd take care of him, they get thrown off Ikkakumon and are all drowning in Tokyo Bay. Joe manages to dive down, drag TK above the surface, and get him onto something that floats. This tires him out and he would have drowned if his own Crest didn't glow, causing Ikkakumon's digivolution into Zudomon.
    • Finally, this is a pretty small one, but Joe makes sure that everyone else gets across Death Course trapeze to safety, pushing Izzy away just as Piedmon walks up and turns him into a key chain. Izzy (and Tentomon) don't get away, but everyone else does!
  • The awesomeness of Tai. After unsuccessfully forcing Agumon to evolve into an Ultimate, abandoning Sora due to his fear, having a Heroic BSoD, he finally grows a pair when things seem the most hopeless, has Agumon transform into a proper Ultimate level and kick the ass of Etemon, who has constantly been one step ahead of them the whole damn arc!
    • That entire episode is pure win. Starting with Ikkakumon's bombardment of the pyramid, the three-on-one fight of Ikkakumon, Togemon, and Garurumon vs. Etemon, Tai sticking it to both Etemon and Datamon, Etemon getting trapped under the electric fence by Birdramon, and of course the finale where Etemon gets fused with his Dark Network, starts consuming the entire desert around him, and then MetalGreymon kicks his ass.
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    • And Tai's return to the Digital World: he manages to bring the entire team back together, making him a Messianic Archetype.
  • How T.K. single-handedly tricked Puppetmon, sabatoged his voodoo dolls that he was using against everyone, AND escaped all on his own. Oh yeah...and did we forget to mention T.K. is an 8 year old kid...AWESOME!
  • Kari, Kari, Kari. Just Tai's baby sister and an adorable, Ill, Affirmative Action Girl, right? Well, say that when she, at all of eight years old, walks up towards WaruMonzaemon, ostensibly offering herself up as his first kill, but striding up there, looking for all the world like a queen.
    WaruMonzaemon: (to the Numemon) Hey, who cut your chains off?
    Kari: I did. Got a problem?
    • Her first CMOA was when she, knowing exactly what would happen to her, gave herself up to Myotismon. She knew that no one would blame her if she ran and hid, but instead, she just walked up to Phantomon. "It's me you want." She was 8 years old, and willing to die to save her friends.
    • Kari gets so many awesome points in general for just freaking surviving the Digital World. That she returns on Digimon Adventure 02, all grown up and ready to do it all over again, can give one very happy feelings. She's all grown up.
  • Undoubtedly, the most awesome thing Mimi, whose motto is pretty much "Everything is better with princesses", ever did was when the Garbemon threw their poop attack, and instead of running like everyone else did, she caught it in her hand and threw it back at them. Granted, she was wearing gloves and in the early stages of a Heroic BSoD, but damn if it wasn't cool. Took a Level in Badass? You bet!
  • Who could forget the first Angewomon/LadyDevimon fight? Everything from cute li'l Kari uttering "[LadyDevimon] looks like a witch" and cheering her on in the ensuing catfight (pun not intended) to Tai and Izzy providing the exact commentary that came to everyone's mind. To wit, "I know I shouldn't be watching this but I can't take my eyes off!"
    LadyDevimon: You broke it!
    MegaKabuterimon: Awww... send me the bill.
  • Tailmon/Gatomon gets one when she first digivolves into Angewomon in a bout of Unstoppable Rage after Myotismon kills Wizardmon.
    • Arguably, all the Ultimates get one for their debut appearances.
  • How has Vamdemon/Myotismon's first appearance before the Chosen not been mentioned? The flying carriage, trailing darkness with him, the coffin skydive!
  • MagnaAngemon: After Piedmon had whupped him and all the other Digimon — Mega or otherwise — Angemon Took a Level in Badass, changed to this Ultimate form and handed Piedmon his ass on a silver platter.
    • He also saved two of the kids just in time from falling to their doom.
    • It can be argued that MagnaAngemon won so easily because he is an angel, and the natural enemy of the Dark Master Piedmon, but still.
    • Angemon's (Champion-level) first appearance was pretty awesome too. The thing that sort of got me interested in following the show, in fact.
    • Another thing from the final fight with Piedmon that counts is Mimi leading a Gondor Calls for Aid against Piedmon's army of Vilemon. She may have had trouble getting to the fight, but she sure made her entrance count big time.
    • The beatdown all the chosen Digimon hand to Piedmon afterwards also counts.
    • The final blow deserves mention: MagnaAngemon opens his Gate of Destiny and sucks Piedmon's entire remaining army into a portal to another dimension from where escape is impossible, at which point WarGreymon and MetalGurumon give him Piedmon Combination Attack that blasts him in with the gate closing behind him. And before the attack is launched, Piedmon gets an absolutely delicious "Oh, Crap!" expression; he's out of tricks, and his little show is over.
  • WHENEVER "Brave Heart" is playing, the moment is a Moment of Awesome for someone.
    • Including Myotismon who, at the moment in question, defeats Greymon almost immediately.
      • Said moment was particularly awesome due to how adept Myotismon proved to be about the techniques and surroundings of the battle. The two digimon are fighting near a river, Metal Greymon fires a Giga Blaster (which are missles), Myotismon counterattacks with Crimson Lightning (which is a red energy whip) and knocks the missles into the river, ending the fight completely unharmed! Damn.
  • Wizardmon. The guy is a walking Moment of Awesome. He was basically loyal to Gatomon all along, helping her when he suspected her of being a partner. He willingly went against Myotismon, declaring "How could I betray you when I was never on your side to begin with?", and surviving two fatal attacks. When he attacks Myotismon from behind after the first attempt, Myotismon actually shows fear when he sees his assailant, something to even Angewomon couldn't achieve. His eventual Heroic Sacrifice paved the way for Gatomon's Moment.
  • After Gatomon realizes who she is, she stands up to and fights Myotismon.
    Gatomon: If you believe in yourself, then dreams are real, and to make my dreams come true, I only have to do one thing: defeat you!
  • Heck, everything before Myotismon and company invading Tokyo counts, even the little details. Why? Because seven children, the oldest ones barely into adolescence, if that (the oldest, Joe, was 12, and T.K, was 8!), completely vanished into a foreign realm where almost every enemy Digimon could have killed them. They didn't have previous information or past Chosens to aid them like the 02 clan did, their only source of protection was their inexperienced partners, and they had neither an easily-accessible way of returning home (until Izzy cracked the card code) nor a way of contacting their significant others to let them know they were alright. And despite all of their near-death experiences (including petrification and being swallowed by a whale), they all survived. You try to find seven random people in the Chosens' age range in your town that would be brave enough to duplicate that feat. Against their will. When Izzy said they were pioneers, you better believe he was right.
  • The final battle with Apocalymon counts. The kids manage to use Heroic Resolve mixed with a "No More Holding Back" Speech to let their Digimon fully digivolve despite their crests being destroyed and then top that by reassembling themselves from scattered data through Heroic Willpower alone! They then proceed to systematically tear him apart and Save Both Worlds. No matter what you think of Apocalymon's appearence, this fight is a major Moment of Awesome for them all.
  • WarGreymon vs. Machinedramon. He immediately warp-digivolves, slices through the bad guy, and depowers back to the In-Training form of Koromon. After a few seconds of Machinedramon taunting him about how ineffective his attack was, Koromon reveals that he actually sliced him up pretty bad. Bye, Machinedramon.
    Koromon: You missed what I did when I was Wargreymon. I sliced you like an onion!
  • The immediate follow-up to Agumon and Gabumon's first time warp-evolving was a fantastic moment like this. The first thing they do is show off just how powerful they are as WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon by laying spectacularly into the previously unflinching VenomVamdemon and actually budging him, never mind knocking him over and freezing him; even if it didn't deal much damage in the long-term, it was truly an awesome sight and a fantastic way to introduce the true magnitude of the Ultimate level. What topped it off was the camera treatment of MetalGarurumon's first Macross Missile Massacre - quickly panning over all his missile ports loading and unfurling, then rapidly zooming out from the top as it all fired... yesssss.
  • He never gets enough love for it, but Piximon proves himself the single most badass character in the series by rescuing the kids from the assembled Dark Masters, then single-handedly holding them off, buying time for the children to escape. He knows he's going to die, but hell if that's going to stop him. Just to emphasize: that little pink Digimon took on four of the baddest Digimon around, all of which were a higher level than him - and all of whom gave the heroes trouble, even when they were at their best and fighting just one - and stalled them long enough for the kids to escape. Unfortunate that we never got to see the actual fight.
    • Probably because he actually lasted all of 5 seconds.
  • Gomamon & Sora's argument in episode 52, whilst ultimately leading to Piedmon capturing both of them, is for both of them. Why? Sora's telling Gomamon to go with TK & Kari so that he doesn't get hurt since he can't digivolve out of his Rookie form without the captured Joe, and Gomamon refuses to leave Sora for the opposite reason, as Garudamon has already been captured.
    • On top of that, when Piedmon catches up to them, gloating about how he wants a full-set of DigiDestined keychains, Gomamon throws himself at Piedmon & snatches Matt from him. Little dude's got guts.
  • In Episode 43, Mimi makes four graves for the four Digimon that have died for them. She breaks down, saying she's had enough. Tai snaps her out of it, getting angry and saying, "This is war, Mimi! Sometimes people we like get hurt. So deal with it!" He's really demonstrating courage there, even if Matt thinks he was in fault.
  • Episode 35 shows how awesome parents can be.
    • Hiroaki Ishida investigates the fog that surrounds Odaiba and he and his crew manage to escape from a horde of Gizamon. Then he assures that his son is saved and he proceeds to go to the TV station and tries to get television working and may get the chance to contact the outside world.
    • Despite being taken hostage by the Bakemon, Susumu Yagami leads all men (barring Keisuke Tachikawa) to fight back and he gets to beat some of them down. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now, does it?
    • Speaking of Keisuke Tachikawa, he tries to attack DarkTyrannomon with a car just to prove his wife Satoe that he's a man, too. He obviously fails, but in the eyes of his wife, he's definitively cool.
    • Piyomon saving Toshiko Takenouchi is awesome enough, the latter go along with that Digimon to save her daughter. When Phantomon is about to kill Sora, Toshiko and Piyomon throw their Bakemon disguises and successfully save her, with the mother non-fatally sacrificing herself to let the daughter escape. Also, both Takenouchis finally reconcil with each other.
    • Takeru convincing his mother Natsuko to go to Odaiba is also awesome for the little guy.
    • Episode 38 has Hiroaki Ishida and both Izumi parents help the kids figure out the prophecy is also very cool. It's nice to see that adults can be helpful at times, especially because they are more knowledgable about trivial stuff like various mythology than the kids do.
  • In episode 39, Garudamon and AtlurKabuterimon save a plane from crashing. The real awesome part about that is if you look it in retroperspective after 02. Iori/Cody and his family were inside that plane, which is implied to be the reason why he was chosen.

The Movies

  • How about Omegamon/Omnimon's first appearance in Digimon: The Movie? Beaten and broken, Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon get power from kids all around the world, and they digivolve together to form Omnimon, a huge badass White Knight with Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon. Omnimon then proceeds to casually destroy thousands of copies of the Mega-level Digimon Diaboromon (actually, probably over a million, as Izzy notes), just one of which was giving his previous forms massive difficulty. It was badass and perhaps the best introduction for any Digimon ever.
    • Say it with me now: "TRANSCENDENT SWORD!"
    • "SUPREME... CANNON!"
    • And lest we forget, "CONNECTION... TERMINATED..."
    • In the original film the scene is derived from, Our War Game, Omegamon is treated with a large amount of reverence. The fusion is accompanied by a Cherubic Choir, making the moment seem like a miracle of divine intervention. During the entire thing, Omegamon also says absolutely nothing, which only adds to his mystique.
    • Magnamon and Rapidmon's appearance near the end of the film.
    • During the fight against Diaboramon, Wargreymon's Dramon Slayers are torn off. So what does he do? CLOCK Diaboramon right in the jaw! No fancy attacks necessary, just a straight up punch to the face. Wargreymon is just that badass.
    • Greymon and Kabuterimon put up a great fight against Infermon, who is revealed to be a higher level than them.
    • Infermon subverting Transformation Is a Free Action and taking down Metalgreymon and Megakabuterimon.
    • After repeating the mid transformation attack on Patamon, TK cries out that he's coming to help him, leading to one of the best lines in the movie.
      • " can't. (To MetalGarurumon) BUT YOU CAN!!" (MetalGarurumon tears into Diaboramon)
      • "WIPE HIM OUT!!" (WarGreymon then proceeds to punch Diaboromon in the face!)
  • The AWESOME of any of the Digimon films, especially Bokura no War Game ("Our War Game", a reference to, well, WarGames). In addition to having a fairly obscene budget, it was animated by a person who studied under Hayao Miyazaki at one time, so that's why the animation should look familliar. At one point, Diablomon decides to launch a highly advanced nuclear missile, and, when Koushirou finds out, he realizes it could blow up anywhere in the world, in nine minutes. A DIGIMON movie has a movie plot about stopping NUCLEAR WAR. All the while, the whole world is reaching out to the heroes via e-mail. It is awesome beyond words.
  • The sheer AWESOMENESS when Greymon wrestles against the Parrotmon.
  • Another thing that makes Bokura no War Game is so awesome is when you realise that it was major foreshadowing. How so? Well remember that the movie is in fact Canon (having been mentioned in series by two of the characters), and that during it, kids from all over the world were watching, including the protaganists of 02. Anyone remember what the requirements for becoming a digidestined in Adventure and 02 were? It was by seeing a digimon. Now if the children watching had in fact amounted to, oh say, 50 million, you suddenly realise where they all came from during the final episode of 02. Chekhov's Gun indeed!
  • Greymon's first appearance in the movie, first Parrotmon NoSells Agumon's attacks and destroys the bridge above him, Tai and Kari (i mentioned they were there right?) and they get covered in rubble, phone's and lights around them go haywire, dust clears to reveal a Kaiju sized Greymon. Cue epic fight.
    Tai: Koromon?
    Greymon: I'm Greymon now.
    Tai: You can be whoever you want, big guy.
    • That moment in the dub where, after waiting the whole time to hear it, Greymon finally goes into action and the dub theme plays full-blast.
    "NOVA FLAME!!"
    • If you look closely, you can see that Greymon's first attack was so powerful it blasted Parrotmon's left wing clean off!


  • Warp Digivolutions from the Digimon Adventure PlayStation Portable game, finally. Although Agumon and Gabumon's Warp Digivolutions are great to witness as well, the inclusion of the Warp Digivolutions for Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon, Patamon, and Gatomonnote  are quite terrific sights to behold. The sequences are even better when one takes in account that some of the fandom has known about the aforementioned Digimon's Mega forms for years, yet only WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon received anime animations of their Digivolution sequences in Digimon Adventure.
    • Just how these forms being unlocked (if certain conditions are met) in story also count as this for some of the Digidestined and their partners:
    • Gatomon's Mega debuts against a revived VenomMyotismon, giving her a chance to finally give her old boss the butt-kicking he had coming. Talk about The Dog Bites Back!
    • Biyomon's Mega debuts against Piedmon. Yes, Sora and Biyomon get the chance to fight the strongest Dark Master in Mega form.
      • It really works, because it builds upon the respective episode. It's a testament to Sora's love for T.K. and Kari, and her devotion to protecting them.
    • Palmon's Mega debuts against a (yet again) revived MetalEtemon, allowing her and Mimi to fully avenge Leomon.
    • Patamon's Mega debuts against Puppetmon; not as awesome as the other five examples at first glance, but that wooden brat did give them no end of trouble, so at least it's a fitting end to T.K. and Puppetmon's little feud. And hey, this happens shortly after MagnaAngemon's debut, so it's still awesome!
    • Gomamon's Mega debuts against MetalSeadramon, resulting in a battle between two water-based titans.
    • Tentomon's Mega debuts against Machinedramon, literally one half of Millenniummon, and the one that gave Izzy such a hard time during his episodes. Looks like the tables have turned, eh buddy?


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