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Even in peril, Yolei doesn't hesitate to save a life!
  • Every one of the DNA Digimon's introductions was totally awesome.
    • Special mention to the Jogress evolution of Exveemon and Stingmon for syncing up the beat drums from Beat hit! to Paildramon unloading his Desperado Blaster on the animation. That was so epic!
    • Silphymon landed a One-Hit Kill on Blossomon.
    • And let's not forget Imperialdramon.
    Imperialdramon: Imperialdramon!
    • Not to mention his Super Mode form Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.
  • When considering that TK was mostly the cute, helpless kid of the group in the previous season and how his older second season self seems generally affable, his many moments of righteous fury in regards to the actions of the Digimon Emperor and Dark Digimon can be rather violent. This is first most evident in episode 2x19 wherein, in a fit of rage, TK physically attacks the Digimon Emperor after smiling in dark amusement at the latter's whip-induced injury of his face.
    • In the midst of TK's asskicking of the Digimon Emperor, he also counters a second whip attack by catching it with his bare hand. Taking a whip crack to the face (as that can hurt) without flinching and catching another one with a bare hand is, indeed, awesome beyond words.
      • At least in the Latin American version, he touched his cheek, after a speech were he leaves Ken speechless, smiled, said something along the lines of "[...]you had to favor violence[...]" and then proceeded to try and punch the Emperors lights out.The link for the Spanish speakers, enjoy. Fittingly, it's the page image for Blood Upgrade.
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    • The line given to TK was pretty awesome. When the Digimon Emperor whips him after demanding that he fall upon the floor and bow down, he responds calmly after smirking with:
      TK: Sorry, the floor's kind of dirty.
    • His next line (after being whipped) is probably one of the best in the dub when you add in the aforementioned "dark amusement smile": "When you can't think of anything to say, do you always resort to fighting?"
    • Win for TK; Ken actually said yes. He basically consented to his own butt-kicking.
      TK: That's your problem. You don't know when to talk and when to fight. Now is a good time to talk. On the other hand, it's also a good time to fight! *pow*
    • This fight is taken to a new level of awesome when one remembers that when Ken was introduced, it was stated that not only was he an all-star soccer player, but he was also a black belt judo champion.
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    • The Japanese version is just as awesome; Takeru barely manages to hold in his anger over Ken using Devimon's data, taunting the Kaiser who can only resort to calling him an insect. And then he proceeds to whip Takeru...the sheer amount of fear from Ken that follows could be felt from across the Net Ocean.
      Takeru: (after getting whipped, with an unamused look on his face) Can't win with words, so you resort to violence, huh?
      Ken: N-No...
      Takeru: Hm? No? Well, it doesn't matter...are you done?
      Ken: (can only stand there, practically shaking in his boots)
      Takeru: Well's my turn. (proceeds to start whallopping Ken)
  • Yolei whacking LadyDevimon with the skateboard in episode 44 "Dark Sun, Dark Spore". To put it on perspective: this is a 12-year-old girl who can't fight with her own hands and is in a desperate situation and scared out of her wits, but she grabs what's left of her pluck and smacks a goddamn Ultimate level Digimon with a skateboard. With only a skateboard as her weapon. She's obviously terrified and no one can blame her, but she still does what she can to help.
    • Don't forget her Rousing Speech to the panicking, screaming Kari in the middle of the Sea of Darkness. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. Yolei's pretty good at hitting people as a means of motivation. Not to mention that it mirrors a similar moment from that same episode where Kari did the same to her when she was panicking.
  • Since Wormmon has spent the first 20 episodes of 02 being kicked around by Ken, the moment where he goes against him and leads Davis and Chibimon to Ken's main power source is pretty cool. The moment where he hijacks the Devidramon they were riding, knocks Ken off it, rams Chimeramon, frees Magnamon, and gives Magnamon the power to defeat Chimeramon via Heroic Sacrifice? While crying and saying he still believes in Ken's kindness? Tear-jerkingly awesome.
  • Davis/Daisuke. For all his boneheadedness, for all his insistence on pining over a girl that either doesn't notice or doesn't carenote , for every single insult thrown his way by his friends and the fanbase for being the Replacement Scrappy, the guy's got a hidden badass deep down that will make you regret ever underestimating him. His actions include, but are not limited to, getting a hit in on Ken in what was otherwise a totally one-sided soccer match, tackling Ken down a cliff, snapping Ken out of every other one of his HeroicBSODs (actually a lot of his Crowning Moments involve Ken), rallying the others to create a Sealed Evil in a Can, taking on the Big Bad by himself in a series where the Fusion Dance is all but a requirement if you don't wanna get the living hell kicked out of you, freeing everyone from The Final Temptation, and rallying everyone to help destroy the Big Bad once and for all. Though that last one may or may not count, depending on your personal canon.
    • Even MaloMyotismon admitted that he was impressed by Davis's tenacity.
  • Considering all the trauma that Ken had to go through (along with his psychological instability), Ken unflinchingly opened a portal to the Dark Ocean through his own Digivice, even when keeping that portal open proved to be so painful he kept screaming his head off.
    • His line to Davis in the Revenge Of Diaboromon counts as another Moment of Awesome. When Davis is exhausted from running to Rainbow Bridge and can barely keep up, Ken turns around, smirks, and says, "Well, at this rate, you'll never get the [soccer] ball from me." Davis tells him to shut up and then starts running again. Apparently, Ken can still figure out how to persuade people into doing what he wants, even if he's not the Emperor anymore. Plus it's a cute Friendship Moment.
    • Ken's performance in the (cracky) drama CD "Michi E no Armor Shinka" is very impressive: Davis turns evil and the claims to be a new Digimon Emperor. Ken's voice drops to Emperor mode, and he starts to mock Davis, saying he can never be a true ruler of darkness. All the girls around squee at Ken's awesome evil performance, and Davis is shocked. It's also a Funny Moment.
  • Mummymon. Throughout all of his appearances in the series, poor old Mummymon was a joke; he and Arukenimon were the "Jessie and James" of Digimon, so to speak. That is, until the end, when MaloMyotismon appears and brutally murders Arukenimon. In a fit sheer rage that his love had been destroyed, Mummymon almost Took a Level in Badass and attacked MaloMyotismon with all his strength, wrapping him in a Snake Bandage. The Big Bad is not fazed however and easily breaks free, after a little taunting, Mummymon says two of the most awesome lines ever: "YOU DON'T SCARE ME, YOU'VE TAKEN AWAY MY ARUKENIMON, AND NOW I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!!!!" and "THEN I WILL TEACH YOU TO FEAR ME!!" he then proceeds to fire an energy gun beam at MaloMyotismon, who shrugged it off and with a simple reply of "Playtime's over" and a puff of red smoke, he melted Mummymon into nothingness. Rest in peace, Mummymon, rest knowing that at least your awesomeness was acknowledged.
    • This scene was actually more awesome in the original Japanese version. Instead of just yelling that MaloMyotismon doesn't scare him, he yells that he knows damn well that he's going to die, that he doesn't care because he can't live without Arukenimon anyway, and just hopes to take MaloMyotismon with him. MaloMyotismon then scoffs in dissapointment, saying that people who are prepared to die are the worst, as there's no fear involved then. To which Mummymon replies, as he shoots his gun beam, "GO WHINE ABOUT IT IN HELL!" The result is the same (MaloMyotismon's line of "Playtime's over" is even the same), but Mummymon still clearly proved his badassness.
    • Following Mummymon's demise and everyone else falls into despair, Davis and Exveemon still manages to gather courage and attack Malomyotismon! Remind you that this is Champion vs Mega!
  • MagnaAngemon again. He manages to fight the nigh-invincible BlackWarGreymon to a standstill, and then almost sucks the dark Digimon into the Gate of Destiny. Too bad it failed through no fault of his own.
    • Though when you think about it, it's really more one for BlackWarGreymon; MagnaAngemon was one of the strongest Digimon the digidestined had at their disposal; an ultimate who curbstomped the mega-level Piedmon, who in turn had curbstomped both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon at the same time. The fact that BlackWarGreymon could even hold his own against this guy is nothing less than astounding.
    • Speaking of awesome moments fighting BlackWarGreymon, Shakkoumon must be given his due. Despite being the stupidest looking of the new digimon his appearance turns the tide against BlackWarGreymon. First he absorbs a Mega level attack without taking damage and then the three DNA Digimon proceed to beat BlackWarGreymon hard enough to destroy his shield and leave him so injured he's spurting black fluid. In simpler terms, three Ultimate levels fought a Mega, a Mega capable of going two on one with their own Mega and the strongest Mega from the original group, and beat him within an inch of his life.
  • Magnamon has some examples, too. Sure, it's technically one for Wormmon, but Magna Explosion qualifies. Not to mention his entrance in both the series and the movie (This is all dub info), the former has T.K. saying that his appearance alone changes everything, and the latter has both him and Golden Armour Rapidmon blowing apart a Mega Digimon that had taken on Patamon and Gatomon AT MEGA LEVEL AND WON. It doesn't do much, but looks epic. Not to mention that both times, Magnamon ditched the standard Digivolution montage, just appearing straight away, in the former example appearing with a brief tidbit of the main theme and the latter a more epic version of it.
  • Mimi gets two in Digimon Adventure 02. First, she refuses to believe that DigiTamamon turned evil and even takes at least one tackle while trying to debrainwash him, which Yolei finally does. And later, when the Chosen hesitate about calling Ken for help during a battle because they're not sure about which side he's truly on even after his Heel–Face Turn, Mimi grabs one of their D-Terminals and contacts him no matter what the others think.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce... BlackWarGreymon.
    • BlackWarGreymon talking back to Arukenimon just after she created him in episode 30, "Ultimate Anti-Hero".
    BlackWarGreymon: Why should I take orders from you, when you are so weak?
  • WarGreymon's appearance and battle with BlackWarGreymon in episode 46, "Duel of the WarGreymon" was pure awesome. Agumon basically tries to reason with his dark half (once in the Digiworld, then in the real world), then transforms and kicks his ass when there's no other choice.
    • Wormmon gets another Moment of Awesome during said real world battle with BlackWarGreymon, calling him out on his self-pity when BlackWarGreymon claims that, aside from fighting, his life has no meaning.
  • A big shout-out to the second to last episode "Last Temptation of the Digi Destined", when the current Digidestined used the power of the world that allowed wishes to digivolve their partners to like every evolution stage they had (Except for Magnamon and Patamon and Gatomon's Mega forms from the movie) and proceeded to give MaloMyotismon one ass-kicking after another.
    • Special mention goes to Nefertimon and Angewomon (Gatomon's armor and ultimate digivolutions, respectively) combining two of their attacks, taking advantage of a normally impossible situation.
  • On a meta level, the delivery of Cody's parting words to Yukio Oikawa is the crowning moment of Philece Sampler's career.
  • And we musn't forgot Bokura no War Game's sequel movie, Diaboromon Strikes Back. Omnimon gets the crap knocked out of him by Diaboromon's next evolutionary level, the aptly-named Armagedemon, who looks like some powerful beast ripped right out of EVA. Daisuke and Ken show up all Hot-Blooded and have their Digimon form their Super Robot form, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. and Armageddemon survives its STONER SUNSHINE Shout-Out attack, and beats Imperialdramon, only for Omnimon to use the Holy Ring to lend Imperialdramon his sword, and Imperialdramon immediately Takes a level in badass and proceeds to become THE SWORD THAT CLEAVES EVIL (aka Imperialdramon Paladin Mode)!
    • Think about it: Omnimon, the strongest Digimon the Digidestined had known at that point, was easily defeated by Armaggedonmon, and when Imperialdramon tried to put up a last effort, he was beaten even easier. So the day looks bleak. Then Omnimon gave up his energy to Imperialdramon. His armor turns white and gets a BFG. He proceeds to take Armageddemon out with a single poke of his sword.
    • Davis's drive to help his partner causing the other spectators to realize that they're there to help save the day. The children all make a path for them, and one boy says "Go get 'em." Later on, all these bystanders help to stop Armageddomon with their phones.
  • When Emperor Ken is finally defeated and has a Villainous Breakdown. Admit it, you kind of enjoyed it, since he was a colossal jerk. But then...
  • Ken overcoming his guilt inside the Lotus-Eater Machine in "Last Temptation of the Digi Destined", loudly and proudly declaring he's not the Digimon Emperor anymore. And then the other kids arrive to bust him out, assuring him he's their teammate and friend, and it crosses straight into heartwarming.
    Cody: ...But we can't tell you that, you have to believe it for yourself!
    Ken: (smiling from ear to ear) I do believe it!
  • Angemon and Angewomon achieving their mega levels in the third movie. Even if it was never explained.
  • Ladydevimon deserves mention, despite being a villain. She, a fallen-angel dark digimon, fought her angelic counterpart and beat her so hard Angewomon reverted to her Champion stage and was forced to ask Aquilamon for help by DNA Digivolving together for round two. And then Ladydevimon beats Silphymon into the pavement as well, being smart enough to grab a hostage and render her opponent unable to fight back. She only loses because Yolei distracts her and Silphymon shoots her in the back. Ladydevimon's a total bitch but you've got to admit she's a badass.
  • SkullGreymon: Enters, carried by flock of struggling Airdramon, tearing free of his ropes and dropping to the floor. Proceeds to terrify everyone, startle the Emperor, maul a team of enslaved Meramon, the team of Armor Digimon, and then a battalion of enslaved DarkTyranomon on top of that, lifting them in his arms like playthings and hurling them into nearby mountains or pools of lava. Finishes his rampage by launching Dark Shot and completely vaporizing the local Dark Tower, collapses and reverts to Agumon. End Scene.
  • Davis is basically the sole reason MaloMyotismon was quote JesuOtaku:
    JesuOtaku: He was defeated by the power of Davis... twice
    • You have to admit... mad props to Davis that whole episode, he really pulled everyone together to squeeze out a win, not once, but twice.
    Malomyotismon: I'm curious to know why my mind illusion wasn't effective against you. How can it be that you have no insecurities or unhappiness for it to feed off of?
    Davis: What do I have to worry about? I've got my friends, my family, the Digimon.
    • Another one from the finale. Malomyotismon is using his power to cover the world in darkness and knock around the chosen children. Who saves them? No one, except for every digidestined child in the world using their digivices to pierce Malomystismon's darkness, surfing on beams of light to come to the digital world and back up the main cast. Is it awesome or is it AWESOME?
  • A huge one for Matt. When Davis' sister shows up inviting herself to a camping trip because of her crush on Matt, he tells her to close her eyes and count to ten while he wraps a present, instead he gets his dad to drive away.
  • In a way, despite how much of a mess 02 turned out to be plot-wise (due to all the Executive Meddling and such in the background of the people making the show), the fact that it ended with a very mature lesson about how a dream doesn't have to be this grandiose thing, and that it's fine, and in fact, quite healthy to want something as simple as to run a noodle cart one day. Digimon Adventure 02 taught children about the value of simple dreams, things you can achieve realistically with a little work - and that's awesome.

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