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Ho Yay / Digimon Adventure 02

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Why do they have to save the world now? They were just about to kiss!

  • When a young Chosen/DigiDestined girl begins flirting with Ken, Wormmon becomes very jealous.
  • Ken and Daisuke/Davis have many moments, too.
    • When Ken asks to give him some time to think about joining them, Daisuke doesn't get it and acts like he's just been rejected.
    • It's worth noting that Ken already showed interest in Daisuke when he was the Kaiser (the English dub gives us the glorious line "Seeing you squirm is so delicious!"), that Daisuke claimed to have heard Ken's heart talking to him, that Ken only manages to defeat his fear of the Dark Ocean and send Demon there after he hears Daisuke's words of encouragement (with Hikari and Miyako lampshading the process), that they engage in so much Say My Name that there's a video on YouTube teaching about Japanese Honorifics using scenes of their relationship as examples...
    • One of the 'insulting' nicknames Ken once used on Davis? 'Pretty boy'.
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    • In the English dub, Ken refers to Davis' struggling in his traps as "Delicious." And that's not getting into the scene where Davis tackles Ken and they both slide down a hill, with long shots of Davis riding on top of Ken, staring him down intensely and Ken bouncing below him, staring up at him with a wide, evil grin.
    • Davis insists that Ken has to live and goes out of his way to make Ken feel included.
    • While the dub takes this out Daisuke tells everyone that Ken has always been the kind boy they all know which makes Ken blush.
    • Behold the blu-ray cover.
  • Double trouble with Ken: When Ken has been kidnapped by Oikawa and is being used for creating more Dark Spore kids, he calls out for Davis and Wormmon specifically.
    • He calls out for Davis first, who shows up on a Digimon ready to save him like a Knight would save a princess.
  • Nothing about Miyako? The blatant, Utena-inspired flowery fantasies of Mimi, then there's her and Hikari, whose Digimon do a DNA Digivolving after what could be considered a love confession.
  • Hell, there's even some who see Ho Yay between Takeru and Iori (who are 11 and 9, respectively). Then again, given the "synchronize our hearts" nature of Jogress evolution/DNA-Digivolution, I guess the Ho Yay was completely inevitable.
    • The very fact that Jogress Evolution only pairs same-gender kids (Daisuke-Ken, Miyako-Hikari, and Takeru-Iori).
  • Oikawa's entire motivation is his suspiciously close and later obsessive friendship with Hiroki Hida.

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