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Fridge Brilliance

  • While Myotismon being behind everything is rightly seen as a Shocking Swerve, we do get a big hint earlier on. Look closely at the Digimon Emperor's glasses. They have a symbol on them. The same symbol seen on Myotismon's suit, boot and coffin.
    • Myotismon's Crimson Lightning/Bloody Stream attack resembles a whip style attack. The Digimon Emperor uses a whip as his personal weapon.
  • Regarding the end... See in Digimon Adventure 02 it turns out that the Big Bad of the original series, has been there all along. That was why the kids reacted with such terror. They had been all gung-ho, until they realised it was the same guy they thought had been dealt with years ago. Malomyotismon has taken on ultimates, megas, the power of every crest beating on him and yet they could only delay him for four years. This guy is unstoppable. And then Daisuke goes "screw that, I'm gonna take him on anyway." Everyone is encouraged, Malomyotismon pulls his trump card and forces them into the Lotus-Eater Machine, etc, you know the plot. The Last Temptation of the Digidestined showed the kids overcoming not just their fears, but their desires in order to do the right thing. And in the end, if it's not just in it to sell a lot of transforming toys, then isn't this what Digimon was about? Hammering a guy with as much firepower as you can (yeah, firepower fuelled by emotion, but still firepower) is easy. That's what they did last time. But as this series has shown, the last time didn't work as well as they thought it had. It's only when the entire world realises the same potential that the Chosen did, that they all gain their Digimon. A bad guy who couldn't be stopped through any number of battles is finally destroyed, and nobody had to throw a punch. Corny? Yup. More anticlimactic than a battle? Sure. But to I it was better closure than another No-Holds-Barred Beatdown would have ever been.
    • The problem with Myotismon being there all along is that he would have put his plan into motion a year before episode one.
    • Another reason that this made perfect sense is that Malomyotismon's power came from the Dark Spores. Ken regaining his hope and realizing what he was doing negated his Dark Spore (for awhile). When the kids the spores were grown from regained their hope, it negated their own Dark Spores which were powering Malemyotismon, causing his body to dissolve. And before, the light of the Digivices were used to banish darkness numorious times, so its only natural a massive blast of their light would be enough to completely destory a being reduced to pure darkness.
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    • Dark energy already absorbed by Malomyotismon would not be affected even if he was cut off from the source. And even if it did, or especially if it did, then why didn't Malomyotismon just kill them?
      • It should be noted that at that point Malomyotismon has not fully regained his power until entering the Digital World and the fear and negative emotions from the children are his main energy source, which he plans to get rid of them along with everything once he becomes powerful enough. By regaining their hopes and dreams through Daisuke's enthusiasm, his power source is negated and so he is defeated.
  • Ok, so in the first season, remember how the first 7 DD had to use the magic cards to get back to earth? And how there was one extra? And they were warned they had to use the right cards to get to earth, otherwise they'd end up in some other world? The correct card was Gomamon. Now, flash forward to the end of season two, when Owikawa was trying to get to the digiworld with the same cards. If you look closely, you can see that he puts down the Augumon card instead. This explains why they go to the dreamworld!
    • Added brilliance here- Oikawa was possessed- or influenced- by the spirit of MaloMyotismon, who knew the correct combination. Oikawa may have intended to get to the digital world, but going to the dream world was Myotismon's plan all along!
      • Where did Oikawa get the cards? Myotismon might have known the combination, but he never made the cards.
      • Oikawa could have had Arukenimon retrieve them for him.
      • Given he uses his computer to cast the spell, it's most likely a digital recreation.
  • At first, MaloMyotismon getting defeated by light seems like a Weak Sauce Weakness, but with some thought, it becomes No Kill Like Overkill. Remember back in Digimon Adventure when Apocalymon tried to pull a Taking You with Me with both worlds? Eight Digivices were able to contain that explosion and negate it completely. Just eight, no more, no less. In the finale of Digimon Adventure 02, Myotismon's soul gets blasted with the combined light of every Digivice on Earth. If just eight Digivices have the power to negate an explosion capable of destroying two entire dimensions, imagine what the power of millions of Digivices could do? Much more impressive when you think about it that way, isn't it?
    • With that logic in mind, makes me wonder how Devimon survived his death long enough to taunt the children. After all, Angemon had drawn power from all 7 of the present children's digivices! If that math is right, then he could probably have blown away ANY of the Dark Masters in one shot!
      • Arguably, it is because Devimon didn't take a direct hit from the Digivices, instead he received a hit that was channelled by Angemon, it also becomes a kinda of late fridge brilliance on Angemon's death - he channelled a holy power so intense, that was enough to even kill a holy Digimon like himself.
    • Its not being killed by light that is Weak Sauce Weakness, no it being killed by kids hopes and dreams after they got over their bout of Hollywood depression.
      • As mentioned elsewhere, the hopes and dreams might not have been what killed him, they simply stopped the flow of dark energy coming from the Dark Spore-infested children that was feeding him and preventing him from getting vaporized by the Digivices.
      • What flow of dark energy? He'd already absorbed all of it.
      • You can keep saying that but the evidence we saw shows him actively drawing power from their negative emotions, fear in particular. Based on what we're shown absorbing the power of the dark spores gave him the power to manifest as Malomyotismon, but it seems it formed a link between the kids and him. He needed to keep feeding off their fear in order to maintain his powers, and is shown feeding on them at least once during the fight, so killing them was out of the question at least until he'd fed enough to be self sufficient. Megas burn a lot of power and he was in the middle of getting gangbeat at the time. He had a similar problem when he turned Mega last time, he needed to feed to maintain his new form, the source just changed from digimon to fear.
      • I'd like to point out they were literally standing right next to a HOLE to a dimension that made wishes real. They simply out wished Malomyotismon.
  • A deeper point of DNA Digivolution is that the crests actually balance each other.
    • Hope only goes as far as the knowledge we have, which allows us to validate our hopes and take action to ensure they are maintained. Without it, there is only false hope.
    • Sometimes we need to do things on our own, and at other times, we need help from our friends. At still other times, we must gather our courage in order to come to our friends' aid. The balance of it all is chivalry, which calls upon us to step in and bear burdens in place of our friends.
    • The difference between the Crest of Sincerity/Purity is knowing when to speak out and when to be more considerate, when to fight and when not to, with tact as the middle ground and love as the guide.
  • MagnaAngemon's inability to defeat BlackWarGreymon is not just The Worf Effect. MagnaAngemon's powers are most effective against the likes of Devimon and Piedmon specifically because they belong to the Nightmare Soldiers field. BlackWarGreymon belongs to the Dragon's Roar and Metal Empire fields, but he is not a Nightmare Soldier, which means MagnaAngemon has no specific advantage over him.
    • Actually, he came so close to overcoming BWG, who was able to No-Sell everything thrown at him so far, that it was truly awesome. The Worf Effect is more often seen when lesser foes are battled by plain Angemon; from kicking butt on Ultimates at will to not doing much good at all.
    • It also might have something to do with the morality of BlackWarGreymon. Every single past villain that MagnaAngemon faced off against in the past were unrepentant in their evil, both from their origins and from their behavior towards others. As a result, MagnaAngemon, as a holy Digimon, pretty much has a massive advantage against these types of digimon because holy is an inherent counter to evil. BlackWarGreymon on the other hand, while a massive dick initially and born from darkness, was never truly evil. At his worst he was highly antagonistic to be sure, but he was never an evil individual, only a very confused and frustrated one. As a result, MagnaAngemon didn't have the clear advantage he would have had if BlackWarGreymon was unrepentantly evil, and thus the fight was much more balanced. That being said, MagnaAngemon is probably one of the strongest Ultimate/Perfect level Digimon the DigiDestined had, hence why his fight wasn't as one-sided as it could have been.
  • If one thinks about it, it makes perfect sense for Myotismon to be the true Big Bad of season 2. All the Big Bad of season one were the result of Apocalymon's presence warping the Digital World, thus it makes perfect sense that one of them should be the new Big Bad, as they're the remnants of his evil influence. Devimon did have a major role by possessing Chimeramon, but could not do so without Ken's giving him a physical form. Most of the Dark Masters could be in a similar state. Myotismon was the only one of the original season one villains known to be able to resurrect himself completely all by himself. Sure, Etemon came back, but he never died beforehand like Myotismon did, and Myotismon came back to life much stronger than before. With all that in mind, he suddenly becomes a much more obvious choice.
    • Millenniumon is a more obvious choice. After all it is his data that made Ken evil. Millenniumon is also credited for freeing Apocalymon. Millenniumon also had most if not all of Digimon Adventures big bads working for him after he revived them, including Myotismon.
    • Milleniumon had already become Cyberdramon by that point, so he was unavailable at the time. Although I don't know if that had already been decided by that point (note that Digimon Adventure 02 happened a year after Digimon Tamers, even though they are in different universes).
    • Before Millenniumon became Cyberdramon he had the power to manipulate time and space and used those powers to conquer diffident timelines simultaneously. There is no reason that 2002/whenever could not have been one of his targets.
    • If not, Milleniumon could just as easily been the one to pop out of Oikawa, reborn from all the Milleniumon data that Oikawa collected.
    • He did not need to do it; after all, he achieved part of his goal, which was to be alongside Ryo, and he gained that power he was set on conquering the multiverse so him showing up in 02 whould be a waste of his time.
    • Millenniumon did not achieve his goal until he did, and in the mean time Millenniumon could do whatever he wanted.
    • Actually Milleniumon wouldn't have achieved his dream of being with Ryo until later on in the timeline, but again Timey-Wimey Ball makes a right mess of that, but on a more interesting level,
    • Dagomon is also a better choice. 1. Dagomon is connected to the dark digivice witch is connected to the dark rings and control spires. 2. Where Myotismon had to be Hand Wave back to life, Dagomon was always alive and in a place that would not have been purged of evil; Like the real world was.
      • Shout out or not Dagomon is far too weak to work as a Big Bad.
      • Not really when you consider the fact that Dagomon can evolve into Demon.
      • I, personally, would have liked Dagomon to be either a post-Myotismon boss for Kari or a competing Big Bad. After all, Kari was transported by spirits of darkness to a world parallel to the human world but also possessed a control spire. The spirits may have taken the form of digimon, but not only were they not affected by the dark spirals (if they were then they would never have summoned Kari), when the spirals were removed what they transformed into was clearly not any type of digimon. On top of that, Ken used dark energy from a mystical whirlpool-type portal to create Kimeramon; if that portal links to the world of the "Dark Ocean" then that means Kimeramon was created from only some of the energy possessed by Dagomon. In fact the Dark Masters arc of the first season had a dark fog repeatedly appear around the digidestined when they doubted themselves or their abilities (Sora and Matt were the most-directly affected, but they also were those with the most-direct personal conflicts). If I were a writer, I would have made that mist an extension of Dagomon, and perhaps the Dark Spores an extension of that mist. Then even if Dagomon is physically weaker, he could have easily harvested all the negative energy and absorbed Myotismon. Which actually makes more sense as a final boss: who better to spread a mentality of despair and hopelessness and inner conflict than the physical/digital embodiment of despair, hopelessness, and inner conflict? Why leave it up to a vampire?
  • Arukenimon's name. Think about it, it looks and sounds like "are you Ken I. mon?" Who turned out to (sort of) be the mon behind the whole Digimon Kaiser/Emperor fiasco?
    • Actually, it's spelled that way because that's how her Japanese name (Archnemon) is pronounced.
  • Why does Digmon declare himself the Drill of Power despite evolving using the Digimental of Knowledge? Because knowledge is power.
  • Considering his Back Story, it makes perfect sense that Ken wouldn't believe Wormmon to be his partner: During his original journey with Ryo, he learnt of Ryo having multiple temporary partners, and assumed that it applied to him too!
    • It also helps that Ken was also a complete amnesiac regarding the events of the Wonderswan series.
  • With one of the Xros Wars seasons having the past goggleheads appear, and Tai being his 01 self, it now makes sense that Tai declared Davis the leader immediately following the first battle of 02 without (a) a proper team yet, or (b) any say from the other two Digidestined of Davis' age - those things always bugged me back in the day. Now we know that Tai had already seen the hero Davis would become, and learned from him at some point that there would be a full team of younger members.
  • Shakkoumon, Armadillomon's Ultimate-level, is often derided as a nonsensical form for an armadillo and an ankylosaurus. However, given that Shakkoumon's a Mutant-type, it actually makes a hell of a lotta sense that he'll change so radically, even when everyone else's kept a theme through-out.
    • In addition to that, Shakkoumon's based on the Shakōki-dogū, a pottery-made guardian angel of sorts. Since Ankylomon is an earth-based dinosaur, and Angemon is... well, an angel, it only makes sense that their combined form incorporates both of their elements in some way.
  • Wormmon's sacrifice that rejuvenates Magnamon becomes much more understandable when one recalls the events of Tag Tamers; with all the Jogresses the larva could've performed, he might be the stronger of the two.
  • Miyako/Yolei has a huge crush on Ken even before she discovers his dark side, and they eventually get other words, the early bird caught the worm.
  • During T.K. and Ken's fight in episode 19, T.K. makes several references to Ken being a "pretender". Even mentioning the "The Emperor's New Clothes". T.K. was closer to the truth than he realized. Watching Ken's older brother Sam in a flashback later on, it's easy to see Ken modeled his Digimon Emperor outfit to resemble his brother. Not to mention that Ken's whole "Emperor" persona is based on all the bad things he remembers about Sam.
  • While a lot of people complain about how [MagnaAngemon] was shown to be underpowered during the Daemon Corps arc, despite him having an advantage against such foes and earlier doing well against Blackwargreymon, it's not actually a writing mistake. His power has been over exaggerated by the fanbase (he scored one good hit against Piedmon which was shown to be painful but showed no real damage, much like when Angemon attacked Myotismon, even his Gate of Destiny was completely useless against Piedmon until two megas blasted Piedmon directly into it)and it's even well established that simply having an advantage doesn't mean the digimon in question will win a fight. For proof look at both time Angewomon fought Ladydevimon, each time Angewomon ended up smacked around despite having the advantage and being the same level as them, only winning the fight in the end because she got outside help (Megakabuterimon shielding and then distracting Ladydevimon in the first fight, DNA digivolving with Aquilamon and Yolei distracting Ladydevimon in the second). The Deamon Corps are clearly supposed to be incredibly powerful dark digimon and he simply wasn't enough to take them one on one this time (heck, it took Imperialdramon in fighter mode to kill Skullsatamon).
  • In the epilogue, Tai and Agumon are shown to become ambassadors for the Digital World. Now look back at Agumon's interactions with BlackWarGreymon from the start; he was acting quite...diplomatic, wouldn't you say?
  • In episode 38, the other Chosen Children make derisive comments over the fact that Daisuke hasn't noticed Ken's Character Development. But it's not that Ken's changed, it's just that he's coming out of his guilt-and-depression induced shell and finally showing his true colors. Daisuke, who's had a front-seat view into Ken's heart - first through the Digimental of Miracles/Crest of Kindness, and then through Jogress Evolution - doesn't notice that Ken's different because from where he's standing, Ken's always been like that.
  • During the World Tour two-parter, each of the pairs of digi-destined have similar personalities or have been known to get along well together, but not Koushiro and Hikari. Why is that? Remember, they were dropped off in Hong Kong, and at the time of this writing, Southeastern Asia is still very much a hot bed of conflict. This is shown when Mina, an Indian digi-destined tries to cross into China. Hikari is capable of easily getting people to follow her because of her innate light, and Koushiro has the knowledge of various cultures due to his intelligence. This is a great pairing for this area.
  • At first, it seems odd that Miyako/Yolei, the most energetic and tomboyish of the girls, is a homemaker. But think about it - Ken and Miyako's youngest child is a baby. Miyako has to stay at home to look after it. There's nothing stopping her from going back to work at least part-time once it's old enough to attend school.
    • Word of God has retconned it, stating that at the time of the epilogue Miyako is on Maternity Leave.
  • Its accepted that the reason Kimeramon was uncontrollable and destructive was due to the Kaiser using Devilmon's arm as part of its creation which corrupted it. However, the Kaiser also used Angemon's wings, and given that the two digimon are considered evil and good counterparts to each other, wouldn’t devimon's influence on kimeramon have been cancelled out? However, what other digimon was used to make Kimeramon? SkullGreymon, a mindless killing machine. Notably, Kimeramon acts a lot more like SkullGreymon in behaviour than Devimon.
  • When people watched Digimon Adventure 02 the first time they might not like Daisuke/Davis, but some may gradually grows to adore him. Then you remember that the story was told from Takeru's/T.K.'s Po V the entire time. Basically, Takeru/T.K. did question Daisuke's/Davis's leadership and personality at first but after witnessing his heart and actions in the right place he eventually comes to accept him!
  • It seems awfully convenient that, out of the only five Digimon in the entire Digital World (not counting Wormmon or Terriermon) who could still use the ancient power of Armour Evolution, two of them were already partnered to Chosen Children (as were the aforementioned exceptions). If you think about it, though, this makes complete sense. It might've only been seven years in the human world since the first eight Chosen Children were selected, but thanks to the time distortion between the Hikarigaoka incident and Adventure 01, something close to 6 000 years had passed between the creation/selection of the first eight Chosen's partners and the pregame to 02. The original set of Digimon are ancient (even if they presumably spent most of those years as eggs), and back in those days, 25% of the population being able to Armour Evolve was probably a reasonable estimated figure.
  • Stingmon becoming a cop alongside Ken. It gives his name a double meaning, referencing the term "police sting".
  • Each of the Digimentals is supposed to have a consistent theme (Courage=fire evolutions, Knowledge=insects, et cetera), but the Digimental of Friendship is the least consistent. The Reference Book claims that Friendship armour forms are supposed to move fast and use lightning attacks, but of the six 02 Digimon's Friendship evolutions, this is only actually true for Lighdramon and Rinkmon. The other four are earth- or ice-themed, and two of them (Stegomon and Togemogumon) are explicitly sluggish and stationary. However, this all makes sense considering that it's the Digimental of Friendship — of course it would produce more than one element!

Fridge Horror:

  • There's the moment where Ken, having renounced his time as the Digimon Kaiser/Digimon Emperor, comes to the Village of Beginnings/Primary Village hoping to find a reborn Wormmon. He is confronted and heckled by infant Digimon who seem to know who he is by sight. He is confronted by his sins, but Fridge Horror sets in when you realize these infants must be Digimon who died under his brutal rule and have just been reborn recently. The first thing they know is to hate him for their own violent treatment and deaths. No such thing as Children Are Innocent, because he took their innocence.
    • Actually its worse/better as the implication is that digimon remember their past lives so there really aren't any truly baby digimon.
    • It's pretty ambiguous. Some Primary Village scenes have the baby Digimon acting like, well, babies. The ones in 02 seem fully intelligent and know who Ken is. It could be the way Data Squad showed it: not all but some remember.
  • Imagine, for a moment, that Daisuke/Davis, Miyako/Yolei and Iori/Cody hadn't been introduced. Taichi/Tai, Agumon, and the rest still have the old digivices, are still the original chosen, and it continued like this. They defeat the Digimon Kaiser/Digimon Emperor. They uncover the Dark Seed plot. They come to face to face with Belial-Vandemon/MaloMyotismon and he puts them under his Ass Pull Lotus-Eater Machine. What now? They don't have the Idiot Hero Daisuke to save them now, since Taichi actually gained depth as a character over the original series, and does worry about things from time to time. They would have remained in their stupor, unable to get out, allowing Belial-Vandemon to wreck the world. It's weakly done, but at least the writers tried to justify Daisuke remaining relatively shallow.
    • Not really, who has the crest of hope again? They could have easily used that to get them out of it, also Daisuke didn't snap them out of the illusion, by the time Daisuke shows up the partner digimon have already made the other kids very much aware of the fact that they were in an illusion world.
    • Worse than that, if the others hadn't been called only T.K. and Kari would have been capable of any form of digivolution and they wouldn't have been able to handle the forces Ken had on their own. So Ken would have kept mass producing control spires and would have created Chimeramon and they wouldn't have been able to stop him and the digital world would have been completely destroyed. Hell, Kari might have been completely drawn into the Dark ocean.
      • Again not really considering that all the originals needed to bypass it was just evolve outside of the area where the control spire was and then enter it and do what needed to be done. Also Tentomon is also capable of using a digimental, so there would really be three not two. And/or start up some kind of resistance against the Kaiser so that the digimon could fight him on their own, even when they aren't there. With the Dark Ocean the person who helped Kari out was T.K., not Yolei, Davis, or Cody. Which would have probably ended in him being defeated a lot quicker.
      • Well, if the new kids weren't introduced, they'd have destroyed Arukenimon and Mummymon back in episode 29, so they wouldn't have got into that situation in the first place.
      • One of the new chosen children is Ken so half of the problem would be gone already. But even if you kept Ken as the Kaiser the originals would have found a work around for the towers and stopped Ken around episode 13 and Arukenimon and Mummymon around ep 20 (Or whenever they chose to showed their heads) Kimeramon and latter Blackwargraymon would never be born none of the holy stones would have been destroyed (and the digital world would not be weakened) and Vamdemon would never get a new body.
      • TK and Kari's Adventure model Digivices converted to the 02 models after they picked up their Digieggs in the third episode. Anyone else's would have done the same with their respective eggs (e.g. Tai instead of Daisuke). If a 02 model Digivice was that necessary to enter the Digital World in the first episode, then some power of good from the Digital World would have granted the Chosens a way in, either through an intervening warp point like in Adventure, by giving the old Chosens new Digivices through the computer, or some form of digital energy breaching the computer and converting some older Chosen's Digivice that way, likely without the accompanying egg.
  • Malomyotismon doesn't understand why the dream-thing didn't work on Daisuke because "he must have a wish" to which Daisuke says "No, I just want to see you destroyed." Uhm, dude. That is a wish. Meaning that everything that happens after the digidestined wakes up from their wish-dreams should just be Daisuke's dream. How's that for Fridge Horror?
    • Or, more likely, the world they were in gave Davis the power to snap everyone else out of it- in other words, the power necessary to defeat the villain.
      • Or alternatively him wishing for Malomyotismon's destruction is what broke him out, he is in a realm that basically grants wishes
      • And the kids don't need Daisuke, Mimi would have been their secret weapon who doesn't have a care in the world.
    • Actually Daisuke/Davis DID have a wish. That part makes more sense in the Japanese version. Daisuke's wish was for the power to defeat Malomyotismon. Which the dream world then had to grant. Exact Words + Lotus-Eater Machine = Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!.
  • Mummymon and Arukenimon were both created by Oikawa using his own DNA. Wouldn't that make them kind of like siblings, in a sense?
    • Unlikely, they're still digimon and all digimon are born from data which seems to come from the same general source. So either ALL DIGIMON are siblings, or none of them are.
      • They would be siblings in their human forms, but as far as I know digimon do not have the means to reproduce. I.E. no sex=no incest.
      • That wasn't even on the table...
  • Okay, so Daemon was trapped in the Dark Ocean...way back when it was introduced in Her Master's Voice, it was revealed that another massively powerful Digimon, Dagomon, ruled over that place, which means sending another Big Bad to the same place would be a recipe for disaster, because if they were able to work together, with one of them having been able to withstand the power of a Mega and two Ultimates, and still not even using all of his power, while the other one rules over that realm...yeah, that's a smart move.
    • ...Hello, Fanfic Fuel.
    • And that's not counting the potential for people to abuse their Digimon. Pokemon showed trainers beating up and abusing Pokemon and being able to do despite said monsters being capable of retaliating by fang, claw, electricity..Same thing in Monster Ranchers. Whose to say this couldn't happen in the Digimon universe? It could happen the other way around with Digimon controlling their human partners or just humans in general.
  • Another reason the epilogue is so wrong is Fridge Horror in effect: So in the end every kid gets a Digimon and they all live happily ever after. How is this even possible? What would the world really think of Digimon? There would definitely be people who cannot tolerate the Digimon and see them as Pests or as "imaginary friends" for the children. So Ken becomes a detective and Stingmon helps him...what if Criminals use Digimon too? What if some terrorist, religious fanatic, dictator or some corrupt or outright evil politician got their hands on the Digimon? What if some Kurata-esque figure arises? All in all, this ending isn't as happy as it was written to be. And that's not getting into account how Dagoman and Daemon might exploit this situation from the Dark Ocean...
  • The Yagami cat, Meeko, is all but unseen in 02. ...Did the cat die?
  • In the "Double Tamers" crossover, Daisuke openly struggles with whether or not he wants to return to his home dimension. Now for those unaware, said crossover is set between Ken's defeat as the Kaiser and his becoming the Sixth Ranger. If Daisuke hadn't returned, there's a very real possibility Ken might have killed himself trying to destroy his former base and even if one of the other kids took pity on him and prevented that, they still would have been short a Chosen Child during the final battle, specifically one whose entire being is capable of beating a Lotus-Eater Machine, and probably would have lost badly.
  • The Dark Seeds part of Ken's backstory. Convoluted as it is, the rest of the kids believe it, even him when Oikawa tells him about it. But are Ken's higher-ups and co-workers going to believe the story?
  • So... what happened to Oikawa's partner after he died? Is anyone else concerned about the little guy?
  • Remember back in the 11th episode, where Digimon Kaiser tries to put a Dark Spiral on Patamon? Had he being successful, there could have been another Devimon or worse...
  • Paildramon, being a dramon-species, could be a big liability in fighting BlackWarGreymon had the latter knows to make use of his Dramon Killers.

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