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  • The unedited Diablomon Strikes Back has a brief one. Diablomon is posting pictures of Matt and Tai around the internet, and Matt's doubles as a paparazzi shot of him and Sora on a date. Thing is, there's an obscene porn ad on the wall behind them.note 
  • In the original version of Digimon Adventure 02, Davis and Veemon once angered a Monster of the Week by walking in on it taking a leak. This bit was edited out of the English dub, with a "you should wash your hands after going to the bathroom" gag exchanged for "if you're gonna eat us, you should wash your hands before a meal".
    • For the Finnish dub, some Moral Guardians managed to confuse the "monster takes a leak" scene for jerking off.
    T.K.: "So you saw Tortomon relaxing on a quite intimate moment?"
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  • While at a Christmas party at Ken's, Yolei asks the gang about what card-game they want to play next. To which Davis responds "How about Strip Pok—" when Ken's mother walks into the room looking for Kari. Yes, you actually hear him say "strip." Word of God confirmed that they managed to sneak it in because the phrase got cut off.
  • The dubbers also added a birds-and-bees joke in Adventure 02, Davis mixing it up with The Moth And The Bat.
  • In episode two, Tai, whilst ushering a teacher out of the room, has the following dialogue:
    Tai: "See, I have a problem. It's the girls, they're so much older...."
  • No attempt whatsoever was made to hide Wormmon's jealousy when a little girl had a crush on Ken.
  • There is also this line from Yolei in the dub "Oh! And look at his IQ! He can program my computer any day!", Yeah that's not suggestive at all.
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  • Yolei's good at this. She once says to "I've got a great idea! I know something we can do that's really relaxing!" while being rather touchy-feely with Davis, who just says "Yolei!" (Actually, what she had in mind was teaching soccer to some Mons.)
  • Judging from some Muggles' reaction who mistook her as a cosplayer, LadyDevimon seems to have human-like anatomy under that figure-hugging suit.
  • In the original version of episode 29, Mummymon says that he'll take good care of Arukenimon's body when they get back to their hideout.
  • The altered Lufthansa logo on Mimi's suitcase looks as if the two (instead of only one crane) cranes are copulating.

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