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  • Accidental Innuendo:
    • Myotismon's line just before he emerges in his true form makes it sound like he's about to flash everyone.
      Myotismon: Allow me to reveal myself!
      JesuOtaku: For the last time, man, there are children present!
    • Earlier on in the series, from Episode 23, Ken talks about the conflict he had with Osamu (his older brother), he says "He didn't have to hit me, I just wanted to play with his toy."
  • Adorkable:
    • Ken displays traits of this once he joins the team as a contrast to his former Kaiser persona; he's incredibly awkward and somewhat socially inept, but it only makes him come off as more of a nice guy.
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    • Wormmon's childlike behavior and voice make him incredibly cute and endearing.
    • Yolei is a cute, hyper, absent-minded Cloudcuckoolander, but a smart and loveable Ditzy Genius nonetheless.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The Triang Relations between Davis, Kari, and TK weren't deeply explored outside of Davis' jealousy and envy of TK and his giant crush on Kari. While Hikari and Takeru were established to be close, their specific feelings were left untouched, leaving the whole Love Triangle as an Ambiguous Situation. The Dub Text played up the romantic flavors of these relationships, with Kari making quips in The Movie about deliberately making Davis jealous and about how much he misses her.
    • In the show's writing, Davis' infamous crush on Kari and envy of TK were mostly just Running Gags that fell by the wayside once Davis had Ken to pal around with, but did he actually move on, or did he continue to harbor unstated feelings? (The CD Drama Natsu e no Tobira confirms that Daisuke is carrying some angst over Hikari turning him down for a date and thus still has some interest in her).
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    • The psychology of Ken and the Kaiser/Emperor is a favorite subject of the fanbase. How much of the Kaiser persona is Ken and how much of it is the Dark Spore? Exactly how thorough was Ken's conversion?
    • There's also some for Sam, Ken's late older brother. How much family angst between the two happened was Sam's fault and how much was Ken's? How greatly was the Dark Spore distorting Ken's perceptions and memories?
    • Dagomon is an Ensemble Dark Horse among the Wasted Characters, but has no actual role as a character, leading to much speculation. In fanfic, he frequently figures as a Big Bad waiting for his chance to strike and desires to use Kari for his own purposes (which grew so common that many people forgot that Kari's kidnapping was in reality the plot of his rebellious minions).
    • The show's second Love Triangle, between Tai, Sora, and Matt, has also generated plenty, even among the creative staff. Original head writer Kakudou, who had always intended for Matt and Sora to marry, explicitly rejects any Taichi-Sora romance; other writers and even some of the voice actors, however, seemed to favor Taichi-Sora. The Diablomon movies in particular (which lacked Kakudou's influence) are a hotbed of Taichi-Sora Ship Tease. Also, there's the question of whether Taichi has feelings for Sora, highlighted when Sora brings cookies to Matt's concert; in the dub his romantic feelings are explicit, but in the Japanese original, he only has a wistful look and a comment from Agumon that he's become like an adult, which could be interpreted as gracefully deciding I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
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  • Anti-Climax Boss: BelialVamdemon. He makes one hell of a first impression by horrifically torturing Archnemon, on top of being a fan favorite villain from the original Digimon Adventure. Problem is, he is put at a severe disadvantage the two times he is confronted by the kids. Firstly, he decides to fight them in a dimension where their Digimon produce copies of themselves upon evolving, leaving him to face an army of every single evolved form the children had access to at the same time. Then, when he decides to take the fight to the Digital World, the Digidestined find out that he has a Weaksauce Weakness in the form of giving hopes and dreams to the children that had been infected by his dark spores. The final battle can best be summed up like this: Random corrupted child proclaims, "I want to be (profession)!" or related, followed by one of BelialVamdemon's limbs exploding. One could say that Imperialdramon Fighter Mode's Giga Death finishing off what remained of the villain was just overkill at that point.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The Digimon Kaiser arc takes 21 episodes to actually conclude, because of a huge number of episodes that simply provide Character Focus without moving forward with the plot. It takes three episodes to assemble the Five-Man Band, Matt, Joe, and Mimi each get focus episodes, there's an episode about the TK-Kari-Davis Love Triangle, there's an episode for the Kaiser and Davis, there's a three part mini-arc involving Agumon's enslavement that concludes with Raidramon's appearance, an episode that might have been meant to demonstrate that V-mon could use both armors interchangeably, the episode where the staff got bored with the arc and had Kari get kidnapped by a pack of Eldritch Abominations, two independent Shurimon episodes, a Submarimon episode, and FINALLY a five part mini-arc conclusion. (Ironically, it's generally considered the best arc in the series, so it could count as a rare example of Tropes Are Tools in this field.)
    • BlackWarGreymon's story arc has gotten this flak among his detractors as well, as not much was done for him in the way of characterization and it was just him destroying one Destiny note  Stone after another while No Selling everything thrown his way by the main characters.
  • Ass Pull:
    • While the Dark Towers served as a handy excuse to prevent the original team from evolving naturally and allowed the show to focus on the new kids and their shiny new Armor evolutions, the Hand Wave keeping them on the sidelines post-Emperor was a blatant Voodoo Shark. To wit, 02 insisted the older kids had somehow surrendered the power of the crests to protect the digital world barrier after the Diablomon incident, which ignores the original Adventure indicating that the power of the crests was actually created by the children themselves and gives no reason as to how the kids could stop generating that power — not to mention the bigger question of "Wasn't the portal to the digital world supposed to be closed forever?" This also raises a lot of questions regarding Ken's Crest of Kindness. Why did he get a crest when none of the others got to keep theirs? Why didn't he ever do anything with it? Since it had already been established that the armor digi-eggs don't have to line up with the crests, wouldn't it have been better for him to get a Digi-Egg of Kindness?
    • During the battle against SkullSatamon, a plot point is made the original Digimon need to devolve and then return to the Digital World because they can't stay in the real world for too long. Not only is this absolutely bollocks, because the original Digimon did stay longer than that in the real world during the previous season, but no explanation whatsoever is given as to why this never happened to the new Digimon who have been living nearly 24/7 outside of the Digital World. It feels like an extremely contrived way to rob the original Digimon of what little spotlight they had left.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Digimon Adventure 02 uses a lot of its merchandise to "correct" presumed flaws in the anime's storytelling, primarily regarding a lack of Matt-Sora development. Look at the jacket art for Image Song and other music releases and they'll be in their own little world. This even involves a blatant Retcon in one instance: the final image of Diablomon Strikes Back is a cast shot of the gang around the trolley car that took the original team home at the end of Adventure, where Taichi and Sora are sitting together atop the trolley, but jacket art for the release of the movie's ending song put Hikari in Sora's place next to Taichi.
    • There was a bit of kerfluffle over Miyako ending up a housewife with children in the finale. The Girls' Festival CD released right during the Tamers era gave Miyako an Image Song about how she wanted to become a Yamato Nadeshiko, and a bit of Japanese merchandise featuring the 02 kids as grown-ups mentions that Miyako is actually only on maternity leave.
  • Badass Decay:
    • Remember Angemon, who was so powerful in the first season that he didn't start making regular appearances until everyone else had reached the Ultimate level? Well now he exists to get Worfed and DNA Digivolve with Ankylomon, and even when they fight against Digimon he should have a clear-cut advantage over (the Daemon corps) he doesn't fare any better. MagnaAngemon initially avoids this trope at first. He actually puts up a good fight against BlackWarGreymon when no other Digimon up to that point could scratch him, and only lost because BWG managed to cut off his power source. He then gets hit with this trope when he only appears to give his power to Imperialdramon to help fight SkullSatamon even though SkullSatamon is a Digimon that MagnaAngemon should have had no trouble walking all over.
    • Magnamon. When he first appears in The Movie he and his associate Rapidmon can go toe-to-toe with a very powerful Mega. Seraphimon and Magnadramon (two legendary and very powerful Mega Digimon in their own right) appeared just so Davis and Willis could have the Golden Digimentals to golden armor digivolve their Digimon. However, when Magnamon appears in the series he struggles to defeat Chimeramon (who was originally meant to be Mega-level, but later material insists on treating him as only an Ultimate).
    • Omnimon, who wiped out an army of Diaboromon in his first apperance, can't handle a swarm of Kuramon during his appearance in Diaboromon Strikes Back. Not only is Kuramon Diaboromon's weaker, unevolved form, there were fewer Kuramon than there were Diaboromon, the entire scene makes no sense unless you look at it as the writers fumbling to bring out a brand new form. On the other hand, Omnimon made a beeline for Diablomon and succeeded in the goal of dispatching the main threat... only to belatedly realize how Diablomon's new plan actually revolved around the Kuramon.
    • Mummymon. In his debut appearance, he managed to hold his own against all the new Digi-Destined long enough for him and Arukenimon to escape. Later on, he couldn't take down one of them by himself even when he was at a higher level.
    • Arukenimon herself got hit with this. She spends several episodes being built up as the new big threat, is shown having the power to create extremely powerful fake digimon out of control spires and when she first reveals herself as an Ultimate level digimon she puts up a good fight (which you'd expect from an Ultimate level fighting mostly a group of Champion strength opponents). And then the kids get their second wind and Arukenimon immediately becomes comic relief and stays that way.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Almost every new member of the main cast.
    • Davis was and still is one of the most polarizing members of the new cast. Being a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to Tai and turning the previously unchallenged Takari ship into a Love Triangle (in which he's the underdog) managed to earn him a boatload of attention, positive and negative alike.
    • Yolei - funny or just annoying?
    • Cody - interesting or just boring?
    • Jun, primarily for the crime of taking an interest in Matt and later becoming his Loony Fan.
    • Sora's Girliness Upgrade. Either you see it as a sign of maturity and acceptance with her mother or you dislike it as she becomes flanderized into a generic girly girl and loses her unique Tomboy personality. This applies more to the Western fandom.
    • Even the villains aren't safe. Depending on who you ask, Arukenimon and Mummymon are either a pair of hilarious sympathetic villains, or they're two of the most annoying, useless villains this side of Team Rocket.
    • BlackWarGreymon is either a badass and a compelling tragic antagonist, or an overly emo Mewtwo knock-off whose presence wore out its welcome and who needed to dial back on the Wangst.
  • Bizarro Episode: The episode "His Master's Voice" - a Lovecraftian episode in a otherwise non-Cosmic Horror setting. It should be noted it was not meant to be a Bizarro Episode, though, as it would have served as the entry to a similarly-themed arc that got axed off before it could start.
  • Broken Base:
    • The quality of this series in general. Quite simply, the fanbase cannot absolutely decide how it feels about 02. Near the time it initially aired, it was extremely popular and was considered by some to be an Even Better Sequel to the original, but outcry over the Distant Finale, the fact it was followed by the Cult Classic Digimon Tamers, and general retrospective analysis of its writing quality caused general opinion of it to plummet. Then, in the wake of some of the later series (particularly Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time, the protagonist of which ended up being often compared to Daisuke), some opinion of it improved to a perception that it wasn't the worst Digimon series out there. Due to the series' divisive status, whether it's any good depends entirely on the person you ask and their own personal opinion on the series.
    • The finale as a whole, especially the Distant Finale epilogue.
    • Expanding Digimon family trees getting Ret-Conned into the Adventure 02 universe.
    • Angewomon, whose classic Mega form is Holydramon (seen in Hurricane Touchdown and Digimon Rumble Arena), evolves into Ophanimon in Digimon Battle Spirit 1.5 and in the Digimon Adventure PSP game. Fans are split as to whether this change makes Gatomon's evo-line boring, or even how consistent it is. The Ophanimon fans refer to the fact that she and Angewomon are both Angel digimon, while the Holydramon fans mention how the Holy Dragon is coming full-circle (Salamon and Gatomon are both Holy Beast Digimon), and that traditionally, high-ranking angels (Seraphs, Ophans and Cherubs) were strange-looking to human eyes, making it counter-intuitive to exclude Holydramon on that basis.note 
  • Complete Monster: Myotismon... or rather MaloMyotismon as he is known in this season. See that page for details.
  • Contested Sequel: Probably the best way to describe the series. On the one hand, the writing issues and character issues receive a large amount of flak wihtin the fanbase. On the other hand, it does still have its' fair share of fans. If ranking site statistics are to be believed, this series usually places about third or fourth in series' popularity, making it relatively Critic-Proof. As stated in Broken Base, it largely depends on who you ask.
  • Die for Our Ship: And the intense ship wars continue on to this day.
    • If you didn't ship Yolei with Ken, you were expected to hate her. Even worse when she did get him.
    • In their heyday, the Dakari vs Takari fights were the worst. Generally in fanfics, the character the author didn't prefer would get Ron the Death Eater Treatment.
    • In an odd reverse example, one of the biggest Dakari supporters would write fics where, if Davis didn't get Kari, he would eventually die and TK and Kari would be miserable. So the one that's being shipped is the one that's dying for not getting his girl.
    • Back in the early 2000s, Sora won the award for being possibly the biggest Scrappy of all the characters when she and Matt hooked up, as the biggest shipping factions at the time (Tai/Matt, Tai/Sora, and Matt/Mimi) basically ganged up on her.
    • Matt himself got this treatment from angered Tai/Sora fans.
  • Engaging Chevrons: Transformation Sequence with 9 evolutions for 6 Digimon; going through the digiportal.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Natsu ("Nacchan") from the CD drama Natsu e no Tobira (Door to Summer) has become very popular within the fandom, even more then half of the main cast, and that might be perhaps because of The Woobie status she has as well the interactions she has with Daisuke, who becomes more of a fleshed out and sympathetic character in the CD drama.
  • Epileptic Trees: In the penultimate episode, MaloMyotismon traps the DigiDestined inside a Lotus-Eater Machine which lets them see their greatest desire, but Davis breaks the group out as his greatest desire is to defeat MaloMyotismon once & for all. A common theory amongst those who absolutely hate the events following this is that Davis doesn't break the group free of the illusions, and he's merely seeing his greatest desire & MaloMyotismon has really won, unbeknownst to the viewer.
  • Evil Is Cool:
    • The Digimon Kaiser, to the point some fans actually prefer him over regular Ken.
    • Black War Greymon as well, for those who didn't find him overly emo.
    • Arukenimon and Mummymon are incredibly popular in Spain; they often overshadow Digimon Kaiser in the memory of those who watched 02 as children. The great job of Raquel Martín and Rafael Calvo at voicing them has part of the merit.
    • Daemon and his Terrible Trio, not only did they prove to be an effective Knight of Cerebus in contrast to Arukenimon and Mummymon's Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain status and Oikawa's Non-Action Big Bad, with his Corps causing near causalities and Daemon being powerful enough to be needed to be sealed away in order to have him not interfere with the plot due to how powerful he turned out to be. It's to the point that he was seen as a much preferable Final Boss candidate than MaloMyotismon turned out to be.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Tamers fans. 02 fans consider Tamers to be unfun and wangsty and wish it was a continuation, Tamers fans consider 02 to be insultingly childish and consider it being the end of its continuity to be just desserts.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Dagomon's Aborted Arc and Hikari's significance therein.
  • Fanon:
    • If you'd listen to the fans talk, you'd believe Dagomon is a Physical God Eldritch Abomination that could give Apocalymon and Armaggemon a run for their money; there's a certain desire to ignore that ol' Squidface is just an Ultimate/Perfect level Digimon. The ominous way it was introduced in the already unsettling "His Master's Voice" episode doesn't help and its relationship to the posmodernly popular Cthulhu Mythos don't help.
    • While none of the Digidestined's future children have names, the majority of fans agree that Ken named his first son Osamu/Sam.
  • Fanon Discontinuity:
    • As noted above on Broken Base, this mostly applies to the final battle and the epilogue. But mostly the epilogue. Just TRY to find a fanfic that takes place after season 2 that doesn't ignore it and the part about everyone getting a Digimon.
    • Those who blatantly dislike 02 even went as far as to deny the entire show's existence (although this is not a popular option in fanfics, at least about the 02 characters).
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation:
    • Fans were not happy with the explanation given for why the old Digimon could no longer reach Ultimate for multiple reasons, especially since it was just a blatant example of the show nerfing the older kids to allow the newer kids to stay relevant. Especially since it only theoretically works if you ignore the Digimon Wonderswan Series.
    • Gennai's commentary on Gatomon's tail ring at the end of the series is an equally blatant excuse for completely forgetting and failing to incorporate it back into the series after she lost it in the first episode.
    • To a lesser extent, the Dark Seeds part of Ken's backstory. A number of fans feel that his story would have been better had Ken simply snapped under a combination of being The Unfavorite in his family, the trauma over his older brother's death and the overall stressful life he was living.
  • Fan-Preferred Pairing: While Sora/Yamato is canon (and personally favored by the original director of Digimon Adventure), many fans still prefer Taichi/Sora, and you'll be more likely to find fanwork and doujinshi for that pairing. Even a few of the Japanese voice actors have stated their preference for Taichi/Sora and expressed surprise that Sora ended up with Yamato instead. In a Japanese poll from Toei's website, the top-ten favorite duos are, in order, Takeru & Hikari, Taichi & Sora, Koushirou & Mimi, Taichi & Yamato, Daisuke & Hikari, Jou & Gomamon, Yamato & Gabumon, Yamato & Takeru, Yamato & Mimi, and Angemon & Angewomon. The canon couple didn't even make Runner-Up; that was Koushirou & Tentomon.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: While 02 is far from being everybody's favourite season in Spain, there is very little of the global Broken Base about the series in that country, with most people there regarding it relatively well. (Though there are reasons to explains this: 02 was brought in the tail of Adventure and benefitted a lot from the latter's original promotional campaign, to the point that most Spaniards who grew up with Adventure and 02 consider them one and the same by default.) However, this can be more noted in Evil Is Cool field: while Arukenimon and Mummymon are usually seen as rather mediocre baddies, in Spain they are counted among the most memorable villains of the entire franchise.
  • Ham and Cheese: Bob Papenbrook as Daemon. The man took a villain who originally had no personality to speak of and made him a Disney villain. It's every bit as awesome as it sounds.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Oikawa bears an uncanny resemblance to Tommy Wiseau. Fans noted this, and was even referenced by JesuOtaku.
    • Poromon looks like an Angry Bird.
    • With her purple hair and glasses, Yolei could pass as a gender-flipped Tieria Erde.
    • The D-Terminal, the kids' messaging item that comes with their Digivice, looks a lot like the Nintendo DS.
    • In the Japanese version, one of ninja-themed Shurimon's attack names includes "Konoha." Neil Kaplan, who voiced the character in the dub, later voiced the Big Bad of a far more well-known ninja-themed series, in the Japanese version of which his original VA also had a voice role.
    • Throughout Episode 23, Ken reflects how he's lost his heart and needs to find it. Years later, his voice actor would go on to play another guy who lost his heart.
    • Imperialdramon's "Positron Laser" attack. In 2008, scientists actually discover a way to produce antimatter (namely positrons) in large quantities by using a laser.
    • In the English dub, Ken and Wormmon are respectively voiced by Derek Stephen Prince and Paul St. Peter. Ken's status as former Digimon Emperor becomes all the more amusing when you discover that the two respectively voice Frieza and Sorbet in Dragon Ball Super's Bang Zoom! dub, who have a similar dynamic except Frieza's actually evil. Guess Ken really was reenacting The Emperor's New Clothes after all.
    • After the release of Our Future in Digimon Adventure tri. over a decade later, one viewer lampshades that it's entire main plot has all its major points covered or is similar to Hurricane Touchdown. Both Canon Immigrants are the main focus of the plot, their Digimon eventually succumbs to the virus and dies at the end. In addition, both feature a portion of the cast vanish due to the main antagonist(s), and are rarely if at all brought up for the duration of the plot.
  • Ho Yay: Oh so much. It helps that the whole DNA Digivolution aspect provides a handful of same-sex pairs to work with. (Ironically, it's suspected that this was originally intended to prevent Does This Remind You of Anything? regarding the merging of entities and simultaneous heartbeats with an opposite-sex couple.)
  • Informed Wrongness: While you can rightfully accuse Davis of rash judgment when the team first discovers Control Spires in "Iron Vegiemon" with his guns-blazing approach, the solution the group instead hits upon is an odd example of Informed Rightness when Matt decides to go with equally rash tactics that rely entirely on The Guards Must Be Crazy. The show takes Matt's side and none of the guards take notice of the fake Dark Rings (which even Patamon thinks is dumb) until the prisoners launch an uprising.
  • Iron Woobie: Ken, for his persistence in knocking down Dark Towers, even while fully expecting the rest of the team to continue hating him, and his concern for the Dark Seed kids, who followed Oikawa of their own volition.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: While other series are quite controversial in their own terms, 02 is (mostly) disliked for being too reliant on Adventure unlike other sequels in the future (though Early Installment Weirdness might be in effect here) and many wasted and/or badly written plots. The fact that Tamers came right after it didn't help.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Oikawa. He's a disturbing bastard, but his life story is so damn sad.
    • It would be easier to sympathize with BlackWarGreymon's existentialist crisis if he weren't so bent on destroying the world for the sake of finding a Worthy Opponent in Azulongmon.
    • Arukenimon and Mummymon, to an extent. Though they constantly make trouble for the digidestined, seeing them humiliated routinely (especially Mummymon) can garner a certain amount of sympathy. Not to mention, when one thinks about it, in their own way, they have a similar existential dilemma to BlackWarGreymon (something he himself pointed out). Lastly their extremely nasty death scene is likely to evoke sympathy even from detractors.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Even those who don't like the series still loves the Transformation Sequence of XV-mon and Stingmon into Paildramon, especially in the original Japanese version. The synchronization of the Theme Music Power-Up with the two hip-mounted guns firing is so badass as it is awesome!
  • Memetic Mutation: "Original Digimon do not steal", after some fans noticed that Kaiser-Ken's creation of what he insisted was his "original Digimon" was similar to behavior of many people on DeviantArt.
  • Mind Game Ship: The Emperor's iconic Sadistic Choice — which one of Davis' friends will he save from being eaten? This scene is basically responsible for the entire Kaiser/Daisuke fandom.
    Ken: Seeing you squirm is so delicious.
  • Mis-blamed: Dagomon is widely regarded by the fandom as being responsible for Kari's kidnapping to the Dark Ocean, but it was actually the Deep Ones that summoned her and tried to mate with her.
  • Narm:
    • Ken's literal Kick the Dog moment, which suffers from a laughable sense of physics.
    • The Big Bad's dub name. "Malo" is the Spanish word for bad. "Myotis" is a genus of bat. The Big Bad's final form is "BadBatmon". It's slightly less Narmy if you look at Malo's original Latin root, Malus, which means wicked or evil when used in context.
    • The fact that he was essentially defeated by having his physical form literally disappearing by the Dark Spore children talking about their hopes and dreams didn't do him any favors.
    • Due to Never Say "Die" being in effect, hearing the characters constantly go on about "destroying" evil Digimon was quite narmy.
    • Fox Kids had a "Digi-Bowl" segment in 2001 in an attempt to crossover with the Super Bowl and had Terry Bradshaw commenting on the show's clips and interacting with Hikari in dubbed-over clips. To say it was cringy is vastly an understatement, and it has to be seen to be believed. Fox Kids would do another Digi-Bowl segment the following year with Digimon Tamers, embarrassingly enough.
  • Narm Charm:
    • While the series does have its' fair share of detractors, due to the various writing issues (as this page will tell you), there are still many who enjoy the series, largely due to maintaining the entertaining dialogue, fun plots, cool digivolutions, and deep moments the first series was known for.
    • BlackWarGreymon's fight against WarGreymon. It is as awesome as it is unnecessary. It really doesn't make sense for Azulongmon to give Agumon the power to become WarGreymon just to fight BlackWarGreymon, but the fans would not have been satisfied if they did not see the two WarGreymon go at it.
    • The "Digi-bowl" segment again, if you don't take it too seriously, it has a certain goofy charm to it. It's not everyday you see Terry Bradshaw interacting with Digimon.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • Wendigomon's flavor text serves to Double-Subvert this; basically, the spaciotemporal mind screw is Wendigomon's own powers. It was, however, the virus that made it an Eldritch Abomination.
    • Arukenimon's true form is as terrifying as one would expect from a queen of spiders, and she makes a good first impression. However, the reveal also marks the start of her decay into a comic relief villain paired with the goofier Mummymon, which takes away a lot of the menace that she had when she was disguised as a mysterious silver haired lady.
  • One True Threesome: After the shipping wars cooled down (which took at least half a decade), there sprung up a few sub-genres exploring the Triang Relations between Taichi, Sora, and Yamato on the one hand and Takeru, Hikari, and Daisuke on the other.
  • Popularity Polynomial: Perception of this series' quality has zigzagged radically. Initially, it was seen as a strong continuation of the beloved original, only to later be seen as a painful example of Sequelitis and mismanagement of the franchise, and then eventually was seen as an alright sequel you could like openly without earning weird looks. The later state of the franchise and productions that followed had a big role in 02's fluctuating popularity.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble:
  • Replacement Scrappy: Davis, for being rather abrasive and people finding his crush on Kari annoying, but it also compounds with him being a shameless Suspiciously Similar Substitute of Tai. In fact, he was the least popular of the "Goggle Boys" until Tagiru came along.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Many fans who hated Mimi in the original series warmed up to her more mature, strong-willed personality in this series.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Davis freakin' Motomiya. Back in the day when the Ship Wars were in full swing, you couldn't turn around without seeing some Takari fanfic where he was written either as a jealous psychopath or so stupid it's a wonder he could tie his shoes, never mind be a Digi-Destined.
    • On the other hand, there's an entire genre of fics where the other Digidestined (most frequently Yolei, TK, and Kari) are derailed into jerks who talk badly about Davis behind his back, thus giving him a reason to leave the group.
    • One well-known shipper would often write stories where Davis becomes embittered by the group's treatment of him, as well as TK and Kari seemingly being in a relationship, and ends up leaving the team for good by the end of it unless he either gets Kari, or dies. In other words, combining the two examples above: the Digidestined examples intentionally, and the Davis ones unintentionally.
    • Even Ken and Wormmon of all characters got this treatment on occasion back in the day, with some fanfics portraying them as homicidal.
  • Sacred Cow: It is very rare to find a negative opinion of "His Master's Voice" (or, frankly, anything involving Konaka) in the West mostly due to that conversation being dominated by Lovecraft enthusiasts, Tamers fans, and Takari shippers.
  • The Scrappy: You won't find many people who'll defend Shakkoumon. They mainly cite his strange designnote  as their reason for not liking him, often calling him a "teapot", among other things.
  • Seasonal Rot: Apart from the controversy surrounding the Distant Finale, the series seemed to change plots as often as someone changes clothes. This is especially poignant in the small (yet important) Holy Stones arc. These world-shattering sacred rocks were never mentioned until Mummymon casually talked about it in a 10-second conversation. There was little foreshadowing, and once they were all eliminated, they never came up again. Additionally, most revelations about The Man Behind the Man seemed to come out of nowhere, and Chiaki Konaka's Cthulhutastic guest-writing episode - originally intended to set up another subplot - went completely unexplained, was almost never referred to again (except in the episode featuring the Daemon Corps, which Konaka also wrote), and comes off as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. It generally reeks of a series where they had plenty of ideas, but perhaps had too many and were very careless and haphazard about how they applied them.
  • Shipping: With two significant Love Triangles and Ho Yay beyond that, it runs rampant in the fandom. Just check this page. We could run an entire page based on the couples and issues that went through in the making.
  • Squick: In the original version, the King of the Dark Ocean's minions weren't trying to get Kari to destroy their Evil Overlord. They were trying to bring Kari to them so that they could mate with her. She reacts more or less exactly like you would.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Despite the show's Love Triangle elements, the Official Couples of this season were really more production accidents then intentionally written.
    • The infamous Love Triangle between Tai, Matt, and Sora, which continues to enrage to this day. Head writer Hiroyuki Kakudou had always intended for Sora and Matt to be the Official Couple, as he hated cliche pairings of the main male and female characters, but his efforts to add Foreshadowing for the couple became a huge Relationship Writing Fumble (especially when he forced the issue with the Christmas Episode) because he apparently failed to share his plans with anyone else:
      • Mamoru Hosoda, who directed the Our War Game movie, had absolutely no idea and wrote a subplot of light Belligerent Sexual Tension between Tai and Sora.
      • The English dub, under Jeff Nimoy, also wrote extra Tai and Sora hints, as the couple seemed to him to be the more plausible, which he now regrets due to how it clashed with the results.
      • Even the original voice actors themselves were surprised about Sora and Yamato.
      Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon): Honestly, Sora! If you’d spent just a few minutes to ask [Gabumon] for advice, I would have said, "Sora, don't do this to yourself. It's Taichi you should go for."
      Yuuto Kazama (Yamato): It's tough work taking care of Yamato, you're saying?
    • Ken and Miyako don't fare much better. Yes, she'd expressed a shallow interest in his aesthetic looks earlier, but for the rest of the season until the Distant Finale (where the two are married with kids) they seem to at most develop into a respectful-friend basis, with no hints of romance at all. The actual reason they were married in the show was because their voice actors got along so well with each other.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Davis tries to convince the team that Ken has changed and have him on the team. While the other kids (especially TK) do feel that he has changed, they felt that it was too soon to trust the person that they have been fighting for months on end. It would've been a better-made point if he hadn't spent so much time talking about the Crest of Kindness, though.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Dagomon, and later Demon/Daemon. They were both meant to be much more important villains, but the Troubled Production of the series got both of them wasted big time.
    • BlackWarGreymon's overall story and search for purpose is one of the few genuinely interesting plots, but it's also largely unconnected and its resolution is a Senseless Sacrifice.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Dagomon's Dark Ocean and the Daemon Corps are the most infamous examples.
    • In the expanded universe, there are eleven Armor Digimentals for the Digidestined to use (out of a technical total of fifteen), making for over sixty armor-digivolutions accessiblenote . Michi e no Armor Shinka established that the children could, in fact, swap Digimentals (when they do so on accident), and the unique forms can be used in the D-3 toy that was released at the time. In the actual series, the Chosen only ever use their specific -mentals, highly likely to slim down the amount of ensuing Transformation Sequences. (Later shows take advantage of the extra fifty-something Digimon by having them show up as their own Digimon (that Lynxmon Rika fights in the first episode? Give Tailmon the Digimental of Courage). The Merchandise-Driven elements also likely played a part—Armor Digimon were in part a toy gimmick (the Digimentals were a pile of armor parts that could peg onto a toy of the Digimon) and they only bothered to make toys of the ones that appeared in the show (bar Nefertimon), which also seem to have been the ones designed as toys first.
    • Ryo, of Wonderswan and Digimon Tamers fame, technically has three (3) games in between Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02, one of which involves Ken and two of which have him partnered with V-mon, but none of which have any serious lasting impact on the world of 02note . For some more specific ideas, how does V-mon feel about Daisuke being his second partner after two campaigns with Ryo, and vice-versa? What are Wormmon's thoughts on the scenario (only Ken has amnesia, after all)? And even if we know about V-mon and Wormmon, how about Hawkmon and Armadimon? They were sealed in Digimentals like V-mon was; do they have any history with him?note  note 
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Endigomon's face makes him look like something from a Minstrel Show.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: The dubbed version had a lot of funny moments that poked fun at Davis' arrogant personality. Despite what you might think, he was still as much of a Butt-Monkey in the original though.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Sora's 02 Girliness Upgrade is somewhat controversial. For Japanese fans, they openly welcomed it and saw it as a sign of maturity. Western fans were more upset about it and felt that she lost a unique part of her personality. The Western dub played a role in this because of its Alternative Character Interpretation, as the script and Sora's character descriptions played up her Tomboy nature more.
    • Also, Miyako/Yolei, the technician and computer scientist of the team, ending up as a housewife in the epilogue has been criticized in the Western fandom, as it enforces Stay in the Kitchen stereotypes despite her being one of the group's most valuable members. In Japan, however, women are expected to retire from work once they get married to raise children at home.note  In fact, Miyako/Yolei even has an Image Song where she is excited to become a Yamato Nadeshiko and dreams of being a housewife. However, compared to when the show first came out, more women in Japan are eager to continue working after pregnancy, showing that this idealogy in itself is becoming outdated.
  • Vindicated by History: Digimon Adventure tri. also being a Contested Sequel despite, or because of, Pandering to the Base (including a Take That, Scrappy! treatment of 02 that many think went too far) has caused 02, which did the opposite, be be viewed more favorably. Nowadays, it can be said 02 is more divisive than outright disliked. Even the widely reviled Distant Finale epilogue of the series has found more acceptance in the wake of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and how polarizing it's ending was.

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