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Awesome Music / Digimon Adventure

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  • "Butter-Fly", the very first opening. Also, its memorial theme, which features all the cast singing along.
    • The "Strong Version" of "Butterfly" is probably one of the most epic things you will ever hear in your life!
    • Maasaki Endoh's take on "Butter-Fly" again adds awesome to an already amazing song. Or, for the most acurate piano version so far. It really demonstrates the complexity of the full songs, as anyone that tried playing digimon songs in guitar hero knows.
    • The female piano version (done by a singer from Nico Nico) is downright haunting.
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    • What's better than a fan singing "Butterfly"? Why, a chorus of fans singing Butterfly! Youtube installment, for those who have trouble navigating Nico.
    • Marco and Show-Z are famous for playing a great deal of hard rock covers. Here's one for Butter-Fly. You will be grooving.
    • The "Theater Size" rendition is a non-instrumental version of the chorus, immediately repeated with the electric guitar kicking in. Fall in love. The Latino version is just amazing.
    • César Franco is the voice behind a number of Latino dubs of Digimon songs. Si Tú lo Deseas is his take on "Butter-fly".
    • This compilation of versions of the song from around the world is absolutely glorious.
    • This 8-girl vocal cover is adorable and amazingly well-sung. The perfect harmony these girls achieve in this song is simply awe-inspiring.
  • The English opening theme for Digimon Adventure is also a rather awesome song. Whereas "Butterfly" gave the show an adventurous feel, the English theme gave an epic feel to the show.
    The singer(s): "Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the CHAMPIONS!"
    • There was also an orchestral version (containing musical phrases of "Heroic Theme") that was played in the first English Digimon movie (during Omnimon's birth) and season 2 that took the dub theme into 5000 levels of epic win!
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    • Similarly, the first few English-dubbed episodes of Digimon Adventure (approximately, Episodes 1 to 13, according to this source) have a unique orchestral arrangement of the "Digimon Theme", initially used during Digivolution sequences and sparingly used during battle/fight sequences.
  • Be partial to Brave Heart. You will not regret it.
    • The instrumental version only played in episode 7 even tops it off.
    • Kouji Wada did us a wonderful favor by singing a version of it back in 2010.
    • As proof of how beloved they remain in the Digimon community, Toei announced that "Butterfly" and "Brave Heart" would return to Digimon Adventure tri., with new versions sung by their original vocalists. Truly an iconic pair of songs.
  • The dub had plenty of it, too. Digimon Adventure's "Hey Digimon" was code for a Moment of Awesome approaching, and when they played the song out to a bit closer to its full length in the finale, it turned out pretty awesome, too.
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  • The eighth child Kari's theme, "Holy Light".
  • The two ending themes in their full version qualify:
    • I wish, the first theme, sung by Mimi's voice actor, Ai Maeda.
    • Keep on, the second theme, as sung by AiMnote .
  • The instrumental piece in the Japanese version that tends to be played during Moments Of Awesome (VenomVamdemon/VenomMyotismon's defeat and the first appearances of Magnamon and Quinglongmon/Azulongmon in 02, to mention a few) deserves recognition.
  • Shouri ~Zen no Theme~, a strangely simultaneously eerie and beautiful track used to excellent effect in the last scenes of episode 21.
  • The very different, but very amazing Italian opening.
  • The never released Digimon version of Concierto de Aranjuez - it plays only at four points in the anime, and was never officialy released, but each time it plays, it's awesome. First time it plays, the children and Leomon are going to Mount Mugen to face Devimon, the second time is when Yamato is tricked by Cherrymon, the third is when Taichi tells Sora and Takeru to search for Yamato while he and the others fend off Lady Devimon, and the fourth and most memorable time is when Angemon evolves into HolyAngemon/MagnaAngemon.
  • The German dub takes the original Japanese songs and remasters them. Here's German Brave Heart, Break Up and Butter-Fly.
  • The Brazilian fan cover of Butter-Fly deserves some loving, as well as Brave Heart The lyrics have just so much soul!
  • Requiem, the song that plays during Omnimon/Omegamon's creation in Our War Game. It's beautiful and highlights the miracle that Taichi and Yamato created, which allowed them to save the world from Diablomon.


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