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This section covers Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here. For WMGs specific to another work, go to the following:



Potential sequels
Our Future ends with Dark Gennai disappearing with Apocalymon's salvaged data, musing over what villain he's going to try next, name-dropping Diaboromon and Daemon:
  • Given the pattern of previous Adventure installments, perhaps tri will be followed with a film set not long later, featuring Diaboromon returning (again), this time loaded with Apocalymon's data.
  • Following that, we'll get an Adventure 4 (though a full series this time around), following yet another three year Time Skip to 2008. Daemon will be the primary antagonist there, with the focus of the series also venturing into following up on the Dark Ocean and Dagomon plot thread that was more or less abandoned in 02 (as last we saw Daemon he was sealed away there, and Maki disappeared into it with no follow up).
    • This series will more prominently feature the 02 kids instead of sidelining them, but the focus will still be on the core group. Meiko will also return (with a surprise restoration of a now uncorrupted Meicoomon, allowing her to access her uncorrupted Meicrackmon and Rasielmon evolutions). There'll also be further exploration into the precursor Digidestined - Daigo's dead and Maki's missing (and on top of that, thanks to the backup memories stored in Ordinemon, Tapirmon possibly remembers Maki now, and may be looking for her), but there are three we haven't met yet.
  • The 20th anniversary will begin with the 02 cast invoking What the Hell, Hero? on the 01 cast, temporarily cutting ties with them as a result of them ignoring their very existence during the events of tri when they find out how much 01 cast actually cared about them when they were defeated by Alphamon. This series is an attempt to rebuild that pedestal due to canon reasons. Meanwhile, due to the rising danger about how the villains are actually gaining some common sense and start to take pot shots at the more squishy humans, Koshiro/Izzy decides to try testing out new ways of digivolution that would protect the human tamers more and make them more involved in the fights rather than just making them walking evolution tickets, taking inspiration from their crossover in the Quartzmon incident. List of created and tested evolutions:
    • Matrix/Biomerge evolution - Learning a few tricks from the Tamers cast, he tries to see if that phenomenon can be recreated here. The humans can become catalysts for Burst Mode or even be the substitute for X-Antibody for those digimon that have X-forms.
    • A knock-off of Spirit Evolution - After witnessing the Spirit evolution from the Frontier cast, he opens up the digimon partners evolutionary charts to see if they can access their alternate digivolution forms. If the forms are not in use, the humans can use their version of Spirit evolution on them and fight alongside their digimon friends. For example, Hikari can spirit digivolve into Ophanimon while also giving Tailmon access to that form that the same time.
    • The power of the Digisoul/DNA charge - After some boxing lessons from Masaru/Marcus, the 01 and 02 cast learn how to recreate and harness it's power in their own world to be able to fight their own battles in occasions where they are caught without their digimon partners (which is a lot). The possibilities of it's application is only limited by their imagination.
Potential prequels
  • As the 20th anniversary project is being handled by much of the original creative team from Adventure and 02, there is the possibility that the tri. team is still together and planning on something in parallel with the 20th anniversary project. Given that early marketing for the project focuses mostly on just the characters from Adventure, there may be openings for other characters to be featured in separate works that would help link the Adventure continuity even tighter.
    • The first possibility is a film taking place in between Diablomon Strikes Back and Reunion which focuses on the closure of the Digital World and Daisuke's team investigating Yggdrasil's plans for the reboot, a sort of Digimon equivalent to Star Wars: Rogue One. This film could expound more on the conflict between Daigo and Maki with regards to whether or not the Digital World could be safely rebooted, and also why Daisuke and company left to take on Yggdrasil without Takeru and Hikari, if not the whole Adventure cast, alongside them. As the 02 cast never got tri. styled designs shown off in the series, save for Imperialdramon, this story would be an easy way to show them off with the tri. team while keeping the story set around the same time as tri..
    • The second possibility is a prequel to the entire Adventure series by focusing on the whole of Daigo and Maki's team, even connecting their events to the Adventure pilot film. This film could show the initial rise of power of Homeostasis and Yggdrasil as they attempt to exercise their interpretations of balance in the Digital World, the events that led to the drafting of Daigo and Maki's team, and even explain why Tapirmon died permanently as opposed to being revived by the power of the Digital World. Save for brief flashbacks, there was little shown of Daigo and Maki during their original adventure, and little else of the other three Chosens on their team, never mind who their partners lower levels were. Therefore this film could show off all of their evolutionary lines in a quick story and also explain how this team drifted apart over time.
The 01 cast at 22 are a red herring.
The 20th anniversary will actually be about the 02 cast (minus T.K. and Kari) going back in time to the first DigiDestined and saving them from having to sacrifice Mari’s Digimon who will then digivolve into Goddramon.
The 20th anniversary movie will be the ultimate conclusion to the Adventure universe.
Any future series starring the Adventure cast will take place in an Alternate Continuity.

Diablomon will be the main antagonist.
Diablomon was mentioned as being one of the possible choices to be used by Dark Gennai for Yggdrasil. In one of the trailers, it looks like the Chosen Children will be going through the internet once again, likely to fight Diablomon one more time.
  • Jossed. The main antagonists are Eosmon and Menoa.

Eosmon has some sort of connection with Maki Himekawa
Obviously, spoilers involving the Adventure tri. movies ahead, so don't complain about not being warned:

The last time Ms. Himekawa is seen in the Adventure tri. series is in the Dark Ocean following the despair of her revived partner Tapirmon having no memories of her following the reboot. It is at this point that she is taken into the Dark Ocean after trying to fight off the Scubamon. Curiously the new antagonist of the Adventure: Last Evolution, Eosmon, is seeking to hunt down Digidestined and render them unconscious (seemingly permanently). Considering the massive Despair Event Horizon Himekawa goes down, perhaps she goes into full on Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds motivated by Despair induced envy deciding "If I can't have happiness and friendship, then no one should".


So how are Eosmon and Himekawa connected? While the most obvious might simply be some variation (though corrupted) of the standard Digimon-Human partnership, though maybe Eosmon and Himekawa achieved some sort of Bio-merge (a la Digimon Tamers), Spirit evolution (Digimon Frontier). Worth noting that Eosmon is named after a Greek goddess, and thus most likely has a female gender identity (though this hasn't always been the case regarding correlation between Digimon and real world namesakes (e.g. Valkyrimon is male despite the Valkyries of Norse Mythology being female).

Or perhaps, most squickily, Eosmon is the product of Himekawa and the Dark Ocean's master (Dagomon most likely) mating (which was Dagomon's plan (or at least his underlings plan as a responder has noted below) back in ''Adventure 02'' with Kari, of which Saban's English dub omitted for those unaware).


Regardless, having Himekawa have at least some role would be an excellent payoff to her highly underdeveloped role back in the Adventure tri. films.

  • "Dagomon mating with Kari" is Fanon. The episode was about a fixture of the Lovecraftian bestiary, the Deep Ones, wanting that.

  • Another theory is that, if it is Maki, she's trying to "save" the digidestined. By putting them into a catatonic state, and potentially trapping their minds/souls/beings into something of a dream state, they won't ever grow up, and thus never lose their partners. Depending on how the story ends, it could give a good aesop to the tune of "there comes a time where you have to grow up, but that isn't a bad thing, if you hold on to that idealism"
    • All of the above are jossed. It's a completely unrelated individual that just happens to have the same issues with Maki (Unable to handle losing their partner).
The Digimon silhouettes seen at the end of the second trailer are the Bio-Merge Megas of Agumon and Gabumon, respectively.
Considering the big deal of it being the 'final evolution' and the stress being put on the group having to go their separate ways, it'd be a rather poetic way to end things. Plus it would have the surprise factor since Bio-Merge has so far been exclusive to Digimon Tamers.
  • Jossed. They are normal digivolutions that took a branching path instead.

Veemon, Wormmon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon will achieve new evolutions.
During 02, it was explained that the 8 Digimon partners of the original Digidestined, due to some contrived reason involving their Crests, had lost their ability to digivolve to Ultimate level (and Mega in Agumon and Gabumon's case). That is until Azulongmon granted them the power to digivolve further again in the second half of the season. Up until that point, there were only 3 Ultimates on our heroes side, and each were the result of DNA Digivolution. At the end of the series, Gennai explained that Gatomon's tail ring was partly used to allow DNA Digivolution, but it was given back to her since that wasn't necessary anymore. And the Digimon Adventure Tri movies confirmed the original Digimon could reach higher forms again, so unless Omnimon was involved, DNA Digivolution was rendered pointless. At least for Patamon and Gatomon.

If Gatomon's tail ring is what was really needed to make DNA Digivolution possible, then Veemon and Wormmon can't form Paildramon and Imperialdramon anymore, nor can Hawkmon and Armadillomon become Silphymon and Shakkoumon without their respective fusion partners. We know Wormmon is capable of digivolving into his own natural Ultimate and Mega forms if he wanted to, that being JewelBeemon and GranKuwagamon/GrandisKuwagamon. And while Veemon's Champion form Exveemon can't evolve further without Stingmon, his alternate Champion Veedramon can. Ultimate being AeroVeedramon, and Mega being UlforceVeedramon, the latter who, in fact, is a member of the Royal Knights. So Last Evolution Kizuna could potentially be where Veemon evolves into his alternate form for the first time.

And then there's Hawkmon and Armadillomon. Without DNA Digivolution, the highest forms they can become are their Champion levels; Aquilamon and Ankylomon respectively. Aquilamon is capable of digivolving into Garudamon, but that form is obviously taken by Sora's partner Biyomon. And while Silphymon can turn into a Mega Digimon called Valkyrimon, he would still need Gatomon to make that happen. Furthermore, Shakkoumon is able to turn into a Vikemon if he wanted to, but again, that form is already taken (by Gomamon). So it seems like the only option is for the team behind the series is to design completely new and original Digimon forms for Hawkmon and Armadillomon if they hope to handle whatever threats they have to deal with in the upcoming movie.

  • 1 - We see in the fourth movie that Veemon and Wormmon can still DNA into Imperialdramon, even after Gatomon has her bling again. 2 - DNA Digivolution is canonically just a power source. They evolve to the forms as long as they have enough energy to do it. We've seen Davis's Veemon -> Imperialdramon solo in the games, like Rumble Arena. 3 - The "only one Vikemon" thing has no leg to stand on. That Armadimon had it *first* which didn't stop Gomamon from also getting it second (like it wasn't "taken") says volumes, and so does that Tri's own merch reaffirmed Vikemon as Armadimon's Mega.

  • Jossed. They only got as far as Champion level.

The new Greymon and Garurumon forms have the moniker "Last"
A pretty conclusive title given that as the movie seems to be making it apparent that this is the big big finale before the reboot in Psi.

Last seems to be a common thing to name something at its most powerful based on observations.

((I.e Last Starman in Earthbound Zero, and The Last Elixir (Mega Elixer in the west) in Final Fantasy.))
  • Jossed. They are instead called Agumon -Bond of Courage- and Gabumon -Bond of Friendship-, respectively.

Armor Evolution does not speed up the time the partner has with their Digimon left.

The other Digidestineds did something right in their life.
They are growing up without losing their Digimon in the first place, if they haven't already fully matured yet.
  • Koushiro has long started up his tech company, using it to share information among others with Digimon.
  • Mimi sets up her online store, but themed it after what she likes.
  • Jou is in intership, perhaps still in his quest to become a Digimon doctor.
  • Takeru has started writing a novel.
  • Daisuke is about to open his own ramen shop, as that's his dream as states in 02 last episode.
This is in contrast to Taichi and Yamato, who are still drifting along their lives, and Menoa, who hurried in growing up.

The last memorial OVA will fully conclude the film.
In it, Taichi and Yamato will reunite with the Digimon they've lost.

Sora is staying out of battle because she is in the same predicament as Taichi and Yamato.
Her digivice is also on a countdown, only that it happened earlier and she is keeping it to herself.
  • Confirmed. A Freeze-Frame Bonus in the movie shows a digivice near a pot of flowers with a timer already at the last bar. This all but implies that it is Sora's.

The whole emotional conflict is just a simple misunderstanding.
It’s possible whoever told the Digidestined the news of their partnership ending only meant it to a certain degree, whether accidentally or intentionally. Like, the Digidestined will still be able to hang out with their Digimon and everything- they just won’t get free Digivolution from their Digivices anymore once time runs out. And even if it is true, they might find a way to break the rules and permanently keep their bond.
  • Jossed. Gennai even appears in front of Tai to pretty much confirm that partner Digimon is going to straight up disappear, let alone being sent back to the Digital World.


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