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Some Digimon have connections with human gods/goddesses.
After all, Crusadermon has an attack named after Athena, and Nefertimon has an attack named for Isis.
  • Well, the Digital World and it's inhabitants were created from data in the human world, so it stands to reason that myths, legends, and even popular culture might have gotten caught up in the mix. Crusadermon and Nefertimon aren't the only examples of this; there's also Lucemon, the Four Digimon Sovereigns, Dragomon, Cho-Hakkaimon, and even Etemon are just the tip of the digital iceberg.

Kouji and Kouichi are really the same person.
This is one I've seen around, where they discover they are truly halves to a whole and combine to become one. Not creepy at all....
  • Rhodoknightmon (or Crusadermon, if you prefer) thought that they should "become one" in another way...

The four lost kids would be chosen to be the wielders of the four other element spirits, if these weren't intercepted by Lucemon and his lackeys.
There's no other reason on why they should be there, and why they had personalities that briefly matched the missing spirits.
  • There's a fan theory that they actually did and were mind-controlled by Cherubimon.

The reason Kouji is noted to experience more pain during his Beast Spirit transformation as well as when de-transforming is because he is picking up on Kouichi's pain.
When you think about it, digivolving in Frontier involves pretty much layering a new spirit made of data (and therefore, according to the laws of the digital world, a new physical form) over your own. This would bring you (for the moment in happens in the very least) much closer to the spirital relm than normal. Since twins are noted, in both fiction and real life, to have a sort of mental link whether they were raised together or not, it is entirely plausible that this temporary shift away from the usual physical bounds would cause Kouji to pick up on Kouichi's physical pain from his fall (and later, his mental anguish at being, well, dead and brainwashed). To further support this, if you look you'll notice that when the others are affected by their transformations it's generally in the form of being out of breath and tired. The first two times he changes back, Kouji is shown at least twice to be clutching his chest. As the first happens within roughly the first few hours of being in the digital world and the second the next day, when you allow for the usual bit of digital world-real world time dissonance this could eaisly match up with Kouichi's fall and then the defibrillators used on him and/or his death (time loop stability aside).
  • Except that, in the ending, it's revealed that Kouichi isn't dead. However, if you substitute "dying" for "falling into a coma", it still works.
    • Not even. In the first episode, the kids left for the Digital World at 6:00 PM. In the last episode, they return to Shibuya Station at 6:11 the same day they left. Not even fifteen minutes have passed since Kouichi fell.
Snimon is Myotismon reincarnated.
Just listen to his voice in the dub. Not only does he have Myotismon's voice, but even his sadistic personality.
Snimon: Now I shall destroy all your little friends one by one!
Shamanmon actually predicted the Koichi arc.
Shamanmon: You will come up against a foe you have faced before (Gigasmon), but this foe has a friend (Duskmon) and in beating him (Velgemon arc) you will find a friend is your foe (Koichi).
Mercuremon's minions were fake Digimon.
None of them release a Digi Egg upon being defeated.
  • It's stated that it's the data of Digimon he defeated, their eggs would have been already released, Mercurymon's just giving their absorbed data a form.
The ancient warriors sacrificed themselves because they were going to die anyway.
In V-Tamer 01 it's said Ancient Digimon's short lifespans caused them to go extinct. While this rule isn't always followed there isn't any evidence of Frontier not following it. When the ancient warriors saw the destruction new Digimon like Lucemon could bring they decided to give up their bodies and live on inspirit, to protect future generations. Human hosts were chosen because giving the spirits to other Digimon would curse them with short lifespans too. Humans are immune to the side effects because we age through cell division and think with our brains, not through overwrites.

The other evil spirits were corrupted, not just Kouchi's
They barely look anything like the Ancient Warriors.
  • With the exception of Mercurymon and AncientWisemon, that is. However, also note that AncientMegatheriumon doesn't look much like Kumamon at all.

Zephyrmon is not a Beast Spirit
... she is actually a human spirit, possibly of something such as aether the substance that filled the sky (which was different to wind in classical mythology). This explains why Zoe didn't struggle to control her the first time and why she looks so humanoid.


Zoe's control of Zephyrmon is thanks to Calmarimon
If I recall correctly (admittedly, it's been a while), Zoe's the only member of the group who first called upon her Beast Spirit in combat conditions. This is important, because the initial invocation involves a surge of primal emotion (fear, aggression, etc.) that usually causes the just awakened Beast Spirit to briefly go berserk. Zoe, however, was able to channel that surge into beating the crap out of Calmarimon, thus the illusion that Zoe gained easy control over Zephyrmon.
  • This can be supported by the fact that out of the group, the only one who lost complete control of their Beast Spirit and went into an animalistic state was Takuya who instead of collecting his spirit into his D-tector like normal had it forced upon him. When the viewers see through his eyes, it shows that he views every living thing as an enemy and since Gigasmon had left at that point it meant he ended up attacking the group in his rage. On a similar note, Koji couldnt control his beast spirit at first and almost went out of control until he was able to focus on Gigasmon

The in-training Digimon (except Tsunomon) at Togemon's school in The Odd One Out are the main Digimon from Tamers after they were sent back to the Digital World
  • I definitely see Yaamon, Gigimon, Gummymon, Viximon, Kapurimon, Kokomon and a small, white Digimon who looks a lot like it could be MarineAngemon's in-training form. This could come across as a simple shout-out, but in my head they weren't really scared of Tsunomon's ability to digivolve, but jealous that they were unable to without their old partners.

Murukusmon is a Fallen Legendary Warrior.
I base this on the fact that he is able to slide evolve between his Champion and Ultimate levels, Darcmon and Hippogriffomon respectively, like the Ten Legendary Warriors, who are the only Digimon ever shown to be able to do that.
  • Nice theory, but kinda doubt it; all ten elements symbolized by the spirits are already accounted for. Moreover, Darcmon and Hippogriffomon share nothing in common (Vaccine/Data-attribute, Angel/Mythical Beast-type), but then, since the Mega is a Demon Lord, it could simply be an odd line, accounting for the ability.
Unified Spirit Evolution mechanics
After some thought, I think I've figured out exactly how this works, down to the most minute detail. These Digivolutions involve five sets of spirits. Might seem like an arbitrary number on paper, except it isn't: the reason that five are used is that it leaves room for two sets of complementary elements: Human and Beast spirits, further separated into Flame and Water, Earth and Wind, Ice and Wood Light and Darkness, and lastly, Thunder and Steel. These pairings have some levels of reasoning to them: Light/Darkness, Flame/Water and Earth/Wind are obvious complements to each-other, while Thunder/Steel are merely poetic terms for modern electronics and Ice/Wood more visibly represent natural phenomena, further adding to the duality theme. Let's look at the door... I mean the Unified Spirit Evolutions performed.
  • EmperorGreymon, the Unified Spirit Warrior of Flame: Flame Spirits with: Earth and Wind / Ice and Wood. So far the theory checks out, with the opposing elements acting to empower the Flame Spirits.
  • MagnaGarurumon the Unified Spirit Warrior of Light: Light Spirits with: Darkness, Water, Thunder and Steel. This is where the theory breaks down, as if it were correct, he would be the Unified Spirit Warrior of Water.
    • Another troper here, but I think Water is in Light's composition because Water is transparent, therefore the Light can go through it without losing any of its brilliance. And like Steel, Water can reflect Light.

All of Takuya's Digimon forms have some variation on Pyro Punch.
Pyro Punch is one of Agunimon's attacks, but he defeated Mercurymon as Aldamon by punching him in the gut and sending a jet of fire through the broken mirror on Mercurymon's back. This would suggest that at the very least, he should be able to do a variation of the attack in his BurningGreymon form if not also in his EmperorGreymon form.

The whole series is a fictional story written by TK
Blatantly plagiarized from arpulver's The Connection, yes, but it makes a certain kind of sense. If nothing else, it's a fun thought experiment, especially with Koji and Koichi.

JP, Zoe and Tommy were never the ones who would have access to their Advance Forms like Takuya and Koji.
Instead, they need to partner up with Kabuterimon, Silphymon and Penmon respectively, and then evolve them with their Human and Beast spirits.

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