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  • "Yuuki o Uketsugu Kodomotachi e" is another memorial theme, this time for the end of Frontier, and featuring darn near everyone who ever recorded a theme song or battle theme for Digimon up to that point.
  • "With the Will". Then there's "The Last Element", which played in Frontier as the Hyper / Unified Spirit Evolution theme (in other words, for Emperorgreymon and Magnagarurumon), and during the birth of Susanoomon. The track which replaced it in the dub is just as good.
  • On a more solemn note, Theme of Darkness ~Kouichi's Theme - while the other "Theme of ____" BGM tracks are instrumental arranges of their respective characters' image songs, Kouichi's is a slow arrange of Kouji's "Theme of Light".
  • Seraphimon's theme is a beautiful tango rendition of Ophanimon's equally beautiful theme.
  • The most hilarious song ever in Digimon, Get the Biggest Fire, where the two main characters of Digimon Frontier try to sing a new theme, starting with the earlier themes. They sing very badly.
  • Frontier's opening sequence "Fire" is so fun and uplifting as well as touching one's heart. The English opening "A World for Us All" is really catchy and powerful too, ending on a surprisingly meaningful note: "If we're all for one world, there's a world for us all." The instrumental version is just as awesome.
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  • The English themes for "Human Spirit Evolution" and "Beast Spirit Evolution" sound quite mystifying.
  • "Lucemon's Theme has a mixture of elegance, suspense and power fit for the fallen angel digimon. It starts slow and somber before the crescendo comes in and the melody takes on a tone not unlike a parade, then shifts into calm again before the main notes return with a vengeance at the end. Truly a chilling reminder of Lucemon's Egotism and ruthlessness.


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