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The series will have Adaptational Early Appearances for the other Digidestined from 02 and tri.
This is billed as a Continuity Reboot for the franchise, and as the initial info reveals, things are already quite different from how things began.
  • For one thing, Hikari is out shopping with her mother at the beginning, meaning she isn't the Ill Girl she initially was in Adventure. There's also the fact that while she isn't mentioned to have gone to the Digital World with them, she's still shown on the poster with the others, making her status as the Eighth Digidestined a Late-Arrival Spoiler still.
  • Then there's the manner in which the characters are dragged into the Digital World. In the original, all seven of the Digidestined were already at Summer Camp when it suddenly started snowing and their Digivices landed in front of them, the seven then being dragged into the Digital World by a massive wave. Here, Taichi is rushing to try and save his mom and sister before going to the Summer Camp, and the seven Digidestined are all suddenly warped into the Digital World before he can get to them.
So, one thing is for certain, things
won't be the exact same as the original Adventure. So, what if this series brings in the other Digidestined a lot earlier.
  • Aside from Iori, the other Digidestined are all close in age to the original cast. Daisuke and Ken are around Hikari and Takeru's age, Miyako is a year younger than Mimi and Koushiro, and Meiko is the same age as Taichi, Yamato, and Sora. So aside from maybe Iori due to him being around 6 at the time, it wouldn't be unthinkable for them to be old enough to take part in an Adventure
  • In the original Adventure, the other Digidestined were either away from the plot due to various circumstances or only became Digidestined because of the events of the main series.
    • Ken and Meiko fit the former. Ken received his Digivice from the computer he and Osamu used and joined Ryo for the events of the Wonderswan games. Meiko met Meicoomon in the Totori Mountains shortly after the original Digidestined killed Apocalymon.
    • Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori fit the latter. Daisuke was one of the kids kidnapped by Vamdemon looking for the Eighth Digidestined, Miyako was one of the hundreds of people watching Omegamon fight Diablomon, and Iori was on the plane saved by Kabuterimon and Garudamon.
So, what if instead of being unable to join the plot for whatever reason or only becoming Digidestined
years later after seeing the Original Digidestined, they end up joining midway through the series? Ken technically should have been apart of the OG gang due to having the Ninth Crest anyway.
  • Now, naturally, this could raise some issues in regards to their partners.
    • Veemon, Armadimon, and Hawkmon were all sealed away beneath their Digieggs and only released when their partners lifted them. This could be rectified by having them be Partners raised by Gennai's group a la the main Partners, and just hiding them away so as to not put all their eggs in one basket.
    • Meicoomon was infected by Apocalymon's data, causing her volatile disposition at times and the infection. However, its all but said that Meicoomon would have been a normal Digimon were it not for that one bit of data corrupting her egg, and purified Evolutions for her do exist in Meicrackmon and Rasielmon, so she too could be raised by Gennai's group a la the main Partners, or even just be a Wild Digimon that Meiko meets and Partners with.
  • Another possible issue could be the massive cast and not having enough time to focus on everyone. Well, there would be two possible solutions.
    • Focus on the original Seven on their initial trip to the Digital World, then focus on Hikari and the other five when they get back. If most of the development for the initial group is completed by the halfway mark, it would allow the others to get time in the spotlight for when they appear.
    • Divide the group in two. If they do a similar thing where the group goes back to the human world but then returns to the digital world, have the group split in two. Keep the younger kids like Takeru, Hikari, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, and Ken in the human world taking care of rouge threats, and have the older kids like the other six OG and Meiko go to the Digital World, then have them all join up again for the Final Battle. This way there would be Two Lines, No Waiting, allowing everyone to have time in the spotlight.
This reboot seems like a good way to give new stories not just to the OG 7, but to all 13 of the Digidestined. And since it's doubtful they'd just retread the original, trying something new would be a good idea. And introducing the later kids to a newer audience would allow them to be free of the bias their previous installments left on the older audiences.

Patamon and Gatomon will have a much greater role in this series.

In the official poster for the reboot, the only two Digimon not present are Patamon and Gatomon. In the original Digimon Adventure, Patamon and Gatomon were the partners of Takeru and Hikari. It's highly possible that the reboot incarnations of the two Digimon will actually be guardian angel Digimon who were turned into Digi-eggs and must be awakened by the bearers of Hope and Light. That's where Takeru and Hikari come in. When the two children come across the two Digi-eggs, the eggs then hatch revealing Patamon and Gatomon. And it is Takeru and Hikari's mission to recover the two Digimon's memories of their previous lives.

Patamon and/or Gatomon's digivolutionary lines will have a retcon.
This will be such that Angemon's level will be the same as Angewomon's.
  • Or Gatomon will become a Rookie, bringing Angemon & Angewomon in line as both Champions.
  • Either way, this is likely already Jossed by the new TCG, which already has both Patamon & Gatomon's lines as part of the Yellow Starter deck.
  • The Digivice tie-in for the series has Ophanimon as Gatomon's Mega, which means this may be Confirmed. Confirmed as in they retcon Gatomon's Mega from Magnadramon to Ophanimon, anyway. The level remains the same as in the original, so that part is Jossed.

The relationships (if there are any) will be a lot more clear cut.
One of the biggest issues the fans had with Yamato and Sora getting together was that it felt like it was Strangled by the Red String, not helped by Taichi and Sora's relationship being a Relationship Writing Fumble. So to avoid that, they will make their intents much clearer this time around, establishing whether or not Sora has a crush on the two. Specifically the two since, as a new continuity, there is no guarantee she will still fall for Yamato, so whoever they decide she should be with, they'll make their intents much clearer.

The Dark Ocean arc will finally be fully realized in the reboot.
In Digimon 02, there were several episodes that hinted about an evil presence in the Dark Ocean. However, due to Executive Meddling, the arc was never made. With the reboot coming up, the writers will use the unused material from the abandoned Dark Ocean arc and create a new arc based on said storyline.
  • The Dark Ocean was -never- intended to be an arc. This idea and that 02 had any Executive Meddling, in general, is just a rumor, like. We even know from an interview with the writers that the only reason the Ocean reappeared was that another writer decided to reuse it: - search for "selfish".
    • That does not explain the fact that they clearly had some sort of plan for the dark ocean, and other things in season 2, that seemed to amount to nothing.
      • The plan as outlined by Yoshimura was to use the Ocean as a plot device for Ken's background. Beyond that, the Ocean is a metaphor for depression, appropriately based on Lovecraft. Kari falls in while grappling with being Tai's lesser, complete with "fading away from this world". The Silphymon ep resolves it, via her and Yolei's friendship saving her from it. Maki falls into it in Tri when she's at her lowest point and utterly alone.

The 13 Royal Knights will be involved.
Throughout the franchise's run, each member of the Royal Knights have either been an ally, or an antagonistic threat. In the reboot, all of the Royal Knights will be allies to the Digidestined. And instead of serving Yggdrasil, the group will serve the Three Celestial Digimon.
  • Well, the opening did show a brief shot of Omegamon towards the end. So the possibility of the Royal Knights appearing is highly likely.

Diablomon will be a central antagonist
The PV shown implies the Digital World looks a lot more... digital than originally, looking more akin to cyberspace than the generic fantasy-like world of the original Adventure. And what comes to mind when thinking of cyberspace and Digimon? Diablomon, the main antagonist of Our War Game! and villain in one of Digimon's most iconic fights. Add on the numerous green Digimon Agumon is shown fighting and their resemblance to Kuramon, its entirely possible Diablomon will have a much larger role than originally, possible being an Arc Villain, possibly even the Big Bad.
  • Jossed, for now at least. The green Digimon are not Kuramon, but Algomon

Agumon and the other Digimon will receive new Ultimate and Mega Digivolutions.
So far it's been confirmed that the Digidestined's Digimon will have the same champion forms from the original series. In the reboot, the Digimon will instead have new ultimate and mega forms. This will keep the new series unique from the original Adventure.
  • Possibly Jossed due to the intro showing Greymon digivolving to MetalGreymon. And a silhouette of WarGreymon was briefly shown.
    • Definitely Jossed for the Ultimates, they remain the same. And if we follow the new Digivice toy that resembles the one in the series, the Megas remain the same too, with the exception of Gatomon whose Mega is now Ophanimon, not Magnadramon.
    • It's also very possibly confirmed as of episode 24, at least for Agumon, who ended up nearly Dark Digivolving to Machinedramon, before Angemon's interference brought Agumon to his senses, causing him to digivolve to WarGreymon instead.

Omegamon will receive an early-bird appearance and destroy a higher form of Algomon.
The first episode (and second episode trailer) is chock-full of 'Our War Game' nods and references to the point of essentially being a soft retread. A villain that is clearly substituting for Diablomon, with the same basic scheme. Yamato and Garurumon are going to feature in the next episode. Something will trigger the two partners to warp/fuse at the last moment and one-shot Algomon just before time runs out. The whole event will happen so fast that no one quite understands what happened, or how. We then won't see Omegamon until much later on in the series, similar to how Angemon was handled in the original.
  • Confirmed. Omegamon appears at the end of Episode 2.

The chosen children will be targeted by Armor-leveled Digimon a few times.
They will be hunted for their crests.

The series will bend over backward to not repeat the end of Episode 2
With Omegamon having turned up as soon as it has, the rest of the series is stuck trying to justify why Omegamon can't be used. Including any evil with even a hint of Tai/Agumon & Matt/Gabumon's potential doing it's villainous best to keep them as far away from each other as possible.

Omegamon at the end of Episode 2 is not at his full strength.
It would seem kind of off to introduce Omegamon at the end of only the 2nd episode when neither Agumon nor Gabumon has accessed their Perfect or Ultimate forms yet. That's because this Omegamon is not him at his true power. Omegamon is a combination of Agumon and Gabumon's Ultimate Forms, Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon respectively, and derives his power from their own combined power. Here he was formed using Greymon and Garurumon, the much weaker Adult forms. As their power is much more limited as a result, Omegamon's strength will likely only be enough to put him at the equivalent of a High-Powered Perfect or a Low-Powered Ultimate, rather than his true strength where he'd be one of the Royal Knights. This strength would still be justifiable in defeating Algomon (Ultimate), since not only have Digimon with human partners repeatedly demonstrated the ability to defeat higher leveled Digimon than themselves, Greymon and Garurumon already being examples since they downed Algomon (Perfect), but because unlike the scene the fight is emulating from Our War Game, Omegamon only needs to fight the one Algomon, compared to when he had to take on thousands of Diablomon's in the movie.

tl;dr Omegamon is not at his true strength due to being made of two Adult Digimon, and would require the Ultimate Digimon to be even close to that strength.

Agumon and Gabumon are both the Omegamon of the Royal Knights.
They both can fuse into Omegamon earlier on because they already have access to that form, albeit not to the full extent.

A new form of Vamdemon AKA Myotismon will be one of the major villains.
The mask that emerges from the black internet hole looks a lot like the infamous vampire lord Digimon. However, it doesn’t match any masks for any of Myotismon’s forms. It stands to reason, therefore, that whatever the mask becomes will be a new subspecies of Myotismon, and by extension a big problem for the Chosen Children.
  • First of all, that wasn't a mask. Second of all, currently, it is being discussed if it is a Pre-evolved form of Shademon or Soundbirdmon, the latter of whom is stated to debut in Digimon Adventure: alongside Coredramon (Blue)

The Seven Demon Lords will be the series' final threat.
Instead of facing off the Dark Masters from the original Adventure, The Digidestined will face the Seven Demon Lords. The reboot will have a prophecy that tells of an ancient group of evil Digimon who will soon be released from their prison, and will wreak havoc on both the Digital World and the Real World. Thus, it's up to the Digidestined and all of the Digimon that they befriended throughout the series to stop the Seven Demon Lords once and for all.

All of Koshiro Izumi's information contacts are actually Gennai.
Who in their right mind would trust a fourth-grader with classified military secrets? Izumi's network of users seems to always have what he needs at the ready. In reality, these accounts are all disguises for Gennai so he can assist Izumi incognito until such a time that the Digidestined are all ready for him to reveal himself and their greater destiny to them.
  • Not to mention it's classified military secret from another country. Koshiro might have indeed been helped by Gennai.

If there's a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue ending, Takeru and Hikari will actually be a lifetime couple this time.
For whatever reason, they didn't get to be a couple in Adventure 02 ending, despite all the hints towards them being a couple having been littered across both the original series and 02, and even in Tri as well, which is produced long after 02. Even the voice actors and actresses of all the Chosen Children back then are surprised after seeing the 02 ending. Adding on to this, the paired scenes of Takeru and Hikari in this 2020 series implies the same kind of hints will be in this series as well, so maybe they will be a couple for real this time.

The United States will play an important role.
Given how a Digimon tried to raze Tokyo with an American ICBM like in the original canon, it's plausible that the States' role in the Digimon world could be further expanded. Aside from a reimagined Wallace, there could be new major characters of American ethnicity. Likewise, it will be revealed that America's developments in computer technology to keep up with the Soviet Union during the Cold War gave birth to the Digital World itself.

The series will have dual storylines: one focused on Taichi's team, another on Daisuke's team
Once they introduce all chosen children, the older kids will deal with major catastrophes of the Digital world, while the younger kids can focus on low-level petty threats in the real world, while also helping cover up when Taichi's team is missing. Takeru and Hikari will probably be part of Daisuke's team from the beginning, which will justify them not being in charge even though they have more experience, like in the original Adventure 02.

Koshiro's birth parents will have significant importance.
In the original series, part of Koshiro's character arc was struggling to accept the fact he was adopted. The reboot will have his birth parents be former Digidestined who were unfortunately killed by an evil Digimon. Thus, Koshiro will have to embark on a quest to learn how his parents protected both the Digital World and the Real World.

The other Angel Digimon will be plot relevant
When Taichi, Agumon, Sora, and Biyomon go to the ruins, they find the message left by Valdurmon and are shown the war between light and dark. What they end up seeing is a group of seven angelic Digimon fighting together, and the Chosen Children's partners in their past lives as warriors on the side of light. Valdurmon then tells them to go to the Cloud Continent to find two of the warriors of light.

What does this have to do with the WMG? Well, the seven angelic Digimon shown are:
  • Valdurmon themselves
  • Seraphimon
  • Ophanimon
  • Cherubimon
  • Slashangemon
  • Clavisangemon
  • Rasielmon
Now, it's all but said that the Seraphimon and Ophanimon were shown in the shot are the past lives of Patamon and Tailmon, so the question then becomes: why did only these two get reborn? The answer? They didn't. The other angelic Digimon were also reborn and are destined to partner with humans, it just isn't time for them yet. And several of the ones shown conveniently enough are the Ultimate forms of the partners of other Digidestined.
  • Cherubimon is obviously the Ultimate form of Lopmon, one of Wallace's partners from Digimon Adventure 02 M 1 Transcendent Evolution The Golden Digimentals.
  • Slashangemon isn't officially the Ultimate form of a specific partner, but several video games have had him be the Ultimate form of Shakkoumon, the Jogress form of Patamon and Armadimon, partner to Iori.
  • Valdurmon also isn't an official Ultimate to a partner, but some video games have it as the Ultimate form of Silphymon, the Jogress form of Tailmon, and Hawkmon, Miyako's partner.
  • Rasielmon is the true Ultimate form of Meicoomon, Meiko's partner from Digimon Adventure tri..
  • That would leave Clavisangemon as the odd one out admittedly, but it's easy enough to make someone else a Digidestined, or if need be make him Hawkmon's Ultimate so as to keep Valdurmon as the Big Good.
It just seems awfully convenient to have these Angels as the Ultimates of Digimon known to be partners in the original Adventure continuity, and then mention two of them are reborn. So instead, they all were reborn, it's just not time for the others to wake up, and when it comes time, their partners will join the story as new Digidestined.

A Digimon group representing the Seven Virtues will be introduced.
After all, there has existed for years a group representing the Seven Deadly Sins.

Its members are the seven holy Digimon seen in the message:

  • Seraphimon (patience), opposite of Daemon (wrath)
  • Ophanimon (chastity), opposite of Laylamon (lust)
  • Cherubimon
  • ClavisAngemon
  • SlashAngemon
  • Rasielmon
  • Varodurumon

All Digimon of the Digidestined will reach their mega form this time
Unlike the original series, in which only Agumon and Gabumon were allowed to go Mega while the rest stopped at Ultimate, this time they will all reach their Mega form. The show is barely 14 episodes in, and their Ultimate forms are already starting to pop up, so with at least another 40 - 50 episodes to go, there's plenty of time left for them to reach Mega. Unless this series wants to repeat the mistake Digimon Frontier made by having the majority of the team reach their strongest form at not even a quarter of the way through, and then be stuck at that level for the rest of the series.

There will be at least one Time Skip to allow the Digidestined from 02 and tri to appear
The series is scheduled to have 66 episodes, and barely 14 episodes in the current Digidestined have already made enough progress for their Digimon to reach Ultimate level. At this speed, they all reach Mega before episode 30, and then what? A time skip would allow this reboot to blend the best of the original Adventure and 02, with an overarching villain.

The partner Digimon cannot digivolve further than their opponent's level.
For example, if they're facing a Champion/Adult, then they are stuck at that level.
  • Likely Jossed - AtlurKabuterimon episode shows MetalGreymon fighting Kuwagamon. There is also a hint that MetalGreymon would have appeared sooner initially - during Kuwagamon's attack, before Okuwamon shows up, as Greymon fights, Taichi's Digivice shines indicating the evolution to MetalGreymon is about to be triggered, but then another attack distracted Taichi and the shine disappeared.

The Primary Village will be greatly expanded upon.
In the original series, The Primary Village is where all Digimon came from. While the original continuity latter established that if a Digimon dies, they are reborn as a Digi-Egg and sent back to the Primary Village, the reboot will expand on this concept by stating that only good Digimon (and those who were mainly brainwashed or redeemed themselves) can be reborn. As such, all of the truly evil Digimon are instead sent to a hell-like dimension where they will suffer for all of the crimes they committed.

The glitchy red Machinedramon imagery shown during Greymon's evolution scene to MetalGreymon, is a hint for a future Dark Digivolve.
It likely isn't a case of "borrowing power", as people and even the franchise itself usually do not associate the two together, despite the similar left arm and the fact that MetalGreymon can evolve into Machinedramon in certain games. Especially since in the original series, Machinedramon is shown as a powerful evil Digimon that is eventually defeated by WarGreymon. Also, in the original series, Greymon suffered a Dark Digivolve into SkullGreymon first before permanently gaining access to MetalGreymon. The common speculation by many people is that this time Machinedramon replaces SkullGreymon as the Dark Digivolve, and the evolution scene hints at that happening, compounded with that glitchy, reddish coloration when Machinedramon itself is usually silver. Notably, Machinedramon's lore stated it was made by merging various Cyborg Digimon (which MetalGreymon is one of), so it couldn't be Greymon borrowing power for evolving when Machinedramon itself was made from MetalGreymon.

Furthermore, the same evolution scene for Garurumon into WereGarurumon, shows a moon instead of a Digimon. If it was just meant to show something related to the evolution (like the moon for a werewolf), then why did they choose that for MetalGreymon? Machinedramon, a Digimon whose most famous portrayal, portrayed it as evil? Why not just use the image of machine parts? The answer is likely because it is a hint for a future arc about Dark Digivolution. Then, once the Dark Digivolution arc is finally over, the Machinedramon imagery will be replaced with something else.
  • More than likely jossed. During Ikkakumon's evolution into Zudomon, a silhouette of Archelomon is shown before collapsing into his shell. In lore, Zudomon's shell is something it claimed from one of its opponents while still an Ikkakumon, the shell belonging to Archelomon. The Mugendramon/Machinedramon is as such more than likely just a reference to the fact that lore-wise, it's built using the parts of numerous cyborg Digimon, including MetalGreymon, so here it's inverted in suggesting Greymon got his arm from a Mugendramon before becoming MetalGreymon. And since Archelomon is an armor level, unless Zudomon is gonna dark evolve into a lower level, it's more than likely just a reference.
  • Confirmed in Episode 24, where MetalGreymon comes close to digivolving to Mugendramon before Tokomon's interception changed the process to Wargreymon.

Assuming the above Dark Digivolution arc happens, we will see WarGreymon triumph over Machinedramon again as a Mythology Gag, except this time....
It's not a physical battle between the two, but a Battle in the Center of the Mind. Once victorious, Machinedramon will explode and WarGreymon will physically emerge from Machinedramon. Hence the flames around the WarGreymon silhouette in the opening!

Subsequent Transformation Sequence will debut in batches.
So currently, Agumon and Gabumon had theirs, then next will be Biyomon and Tentomon soon, then Palmon and Gomamon, etc.

Not only is Devimon not actually the big bad, but he’s really Takeru’s Angemon corrupted.
Of course, that first part was already obvious since that’s how it was in the original series, but this time, perhaps Devimon isn’t doing this of his own free will. That yellow eye probably corrupted the original Angemon of the Holy Digimon into Devimon, and is the true big bad manipulating him. Then, when Takeru joins the gang, they’ll probably purify Devimon into Angemon, who’ll de-evolve into his Patamon, and help fight the eye thing.
  • Jossed

Agumon and Gabumon will have further evolved Mega/Ultimate level forms...
After achieving WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, they will, later on, be able to evolve further into VictoryGreymon and Z'dGarurumon, which could represent letting go of their reliance on Omegamon and use their own powers instead.

Covers for Butterfly and Brave Heart will start playing towards the tail end of the series.

MoonMillenniummon is a future version of our Agumon trying to create himself
Since MetalGreymon's evolution sequence first began it's been speculated he will dark digivolve into Machinedramon. Then we find out the Dark Crystal is MoonMillenniummon, and of course, everyone knows Millenniummon is made up of Chimaramon and Machinedramon. So the Machinedramon aspect of MoonMillenniumon is our Agumon corrupted and trying to make sure another version of himself goes down the same path for a stable time loop of some kind

Patamon and Gatomon's digivolutions into Angemon and Angewomon respectively will be sort of an animal-to-humanoid transformation
The other partner Digimon that's not Agumon or Gabumon has so far got unique effects to them during their digivolution sequences, from the swelling Tenotomon, to the stretching Palmon, to the growing Gomamon. And when Patamon, and eventually Gatomon, digivolve, they're going to have the animal-to-humanoid transformation effect; there'll be sort of their paws turning into hands and feet, their bodies becoming grown male and female complete with Barbie Doll Anatomy because this is a kids show, and finally getting a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where we get a brief glimpse of their humanoid faces before their helmets are put on them, and finally they'll sprout out their Angel wings.

MoonMillenniumon will possess Agumon and use him as his host.
MoonMillenniummon will likely possess Agumon by the near end of the series and force him to darkevolve to Mugendramon. MoonMillenniummon will then have the sutible body he needs after he's freed from the dark crystal and use it to evolve to his regular form.

Ryo will be a part of MoonMillenniummon's backstory
In the wonderswan games MooonnMillenniummon was the result of Ryo destroying his body, this part will be retained in the story, but as a twist makes Ryo a Precursor Hero instead of an interim hero.

This series is a Dolled-Up Installment of what was originally meant to be a completely new series unrelated to Digimon Adventure
What became Digimon Adventure: was originally going to feature brand new protagonists and partner Digimon, but Executive Meddling changed it into an Adventure reboot partway through production.

This series will be the universe that expands to include other series.
This would include Tamers, Frontier, Savers etc.

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