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This section covers Digimon Data Squad, or Digimon Savers in Japan. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here. For WMGs specific to another work, go to the following:


Belphemon is a corrupted Metalgarurumon
Psychemon, a recolor of Gabumon, becomes Astamon. Astamon canonically evolves to Belphemon. It is said that Lillithmon is a fallen Ophanimon. Daemon is a fallen Seraphimon.
  • Except not. A the time, his rookie form was Phascomon, a demonic koala. He did digivolve from Astamon even then, but below that were Porcupamon and Phascomon while Psychemon became Gururumon adn then Weregarurumon.
  • Cross Wars is not a good source of evolutionary lines, to be honest. Belphemon is the final form of the Phascomon line, as they were introduced that way.

Yggdrasil is a freak mutation compiling Izzy's computer and Hypnos' machines
  • If it was Izzy's computer the whole world could be Izzy's attempt to simulate a more orderly world, hence the deeper understanding of human digimon relation. Hypnos explains why Yggdrasil tries so hard to keep humans and digimon separate.

Nanami is Alice's reincarnation

Digisoul is Spiral Energy.
When you look at it, they are too similar. 1) It is produced by intense feelings and will to live 2) It induces evolution 3) It manifests as a
colored energy 4) It can break the laws of how things should work. Furthering this WMG, Digimon Savers is actually an alternate reality version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Masaru is a combined counterpart to both Simon and Kamina (Hot-Blooded like Kamina, saves the universe like Simon), Yoshino is Yoko and the partner Digimon are Gunmen (Agumon, for example, is Lagann), with the Burst Modes being counterparts to the Tengen Toppa mechs from the Lagann Hen movie. Some, like Tohma, Ikuto and Kurata are unique to the Savers universe (unless you see Tohma as a counterpart to Rossiu). On the villainous side, Mercuremon is Lordgenome's counterpart and Yggdrasil the Anti-Spiral's.

Yggdrasil and the Royal Knights did not get involved sooner because they were killing X-Digimon.
The climax wasn't the first time Yggdrasil got fed up with the world and started over. It had been done before but the X-Digimon, who had developed an immunity to Yggdrasil, escaped from the old world into the new one. The Royal Knights were busy hunting them down. The only X Digimon we see(Metalphantomon) is hiding in a fissure. He was hiding from the Royal Knights.
  • Adding to this, Yggdrasil's horrible actions are what allowed the Seven Great Demon Lords to rebel, not because they were good or anything but because enough Digimon were willing to help them destroy Yggdrasil's new Digital World.

Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode will be dubbed and aired on Nickelodean prior to the American English Premiere of Digimon Fusion.
Select other Digimon movies (Hopefully including a more faithful redubbing of Our War Game) for prior seasons will also be aired. Saban and Nickelodean might do this for the sake of introducing to potential new viewers characters who will eventually appear during the Crisis Crossover.
  • Our War Game needs no redubbing, Digimon The Movie just needs Hurricane Touchdown removed.
  • Jossed.

Many years after the ending, Masaru learned to merge with Agumon and became that universe's Gankoomon.
The season features the Royal Knights and the concept of human-digimon hybrids so it's not out of place for that to happen, Gankoomon has a Coat Cape like the Banchos, the most human head of all Royal Knights, and his Animal Battle Aura could pass for some distant Greymon relative. In terms of attitude, being part of the highest security organization but the only member wandering the Digital World actively fighting chaos seems like a fitting destiny for him.

Burst Mode & Super Ultimate are the same thing.
The reason that they are named differently is the
extreme rarity of the Super Ultimate level, across dimensions/continuities.

Ikuto's Digivice iC was supposed to change into Digivice Burst during the Belphemon fight.
The thirteenth DVD volume's cover has Ikuto holding in his shining Digivice Burst with normal Ravemon lingering on the background. The next three volumes' covers are dedicated to the main trio and their Digimons' Burst Mode. One glance at this situation might imply that Ikuto got the short end of the stick when it comes to DVD covers, but what if the designer conveyed a situation that could have happened? After all, the thirteenth DVD covers the entirety of Belphemon fight. Add that when his Digivice actually changed in episode 43, the scene plays like a random cop-out moment.

After Digimon Adventure tri., Savers will be the one to receive a sequel.
Because why else the late Wada Kouji put a "re:fly" version of Hirari in his last album?
  • Perhaps Marcus and Agumon are able to come back bringing their teammates partners for one last adventure. Either the Digital World could be safe and Marcus’s world need DATS to come back... Or DATS has to team up to save the digital world one last time... Either way the it would end with the Digimon being able to come and go as they please within reason and Marcus could be with his whole family.

Thomas' Mysterious Middle Initial H. is from his mother's surname.
Given that Thomas is implied to have been born out of wedlock and didn't live with his father until after his mother's death, he likely didn't originally go by his father's surname of Norstein. After he was taken his paternal household, he took his father's surname, but was allowed to keep his original surname, his mother's, as a middle name.

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