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Recap / Digimon Data Squad

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TV series (2006-2007)

  1. "I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Strikes” (There are Monsters Among Us!)
  2. "Burn, the Digisoul of Anger - The Flymon that Lurks in Darkness” (Marcus’ Inner Strength!)
  3. "Genius Tohma has Returned! Beat Meramon” (The Return of Thomas!)
  4. "The New Team's First Outing! Pursue Drimogemon!” (The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!)
  5. "Rushing into the Digital World! Drimogemon's Trap” (Digital World, Here We Come!)
  6. "The Masaru-Agumon Combo Terminated!? Windy Garurumon” (The Ultimate Team No More?)
  7. "Tohma's Day Off - Explosive BomberNanimon” (A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget!)
  8. "Yoshino Gets Her Cinderella Story!? Chrysalimon's Shadow” (The Singer's Secret)
  9. "Tohma's Inglorious Battle - Covert Togemon” (Never Meet Your Heroes)
  10. "Masaru's Worst Day in His Life - Prankster Soulmon” (Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day)
  11. "Recover the Bond Between Parent and Child - Evilmon's Bewitchment” (The Vile of Vilemon!)
  12. "I Will Protect Chika! Piyomon's Resolve” (The Digi-Egg that Fell to Earth)
  13. "Masaru's New Power - Evolve! RizeGreymon” (The Rise of RizeGreymon!)
  14. "Digimon Boy Ikuto - Forest Guardian, Jureimon” (The Wild Boy of the Digital World)
  15. "Recollections of my Mother - Howl, MachGaogamon” (The Gorge of Deception!)
  16. "The Ally is Falcomon?! Violent! Blossomon” (Falcomon: Friend or Foe?!)
  17. "The Singing Voice that Calls Upon a Miracle - The Lilamon Evolution” (Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One with Herself)
  18. "The DATS Team Annihilated?! Clash, Mercurimon” (The Clash With Merukimon!)
  19. "The Target is Ikuto!? Gotsumon's Plot” (The Truth About Keenan)
  20. "Rescue Mother, Ikuto - Hagurumon's Cage” (The Crier Family Reunion)
  21. "Big Panic in the Human World - The Digimon Army Advances” (The Digimon Army Makes its Move)
  22. "Defeat the Ultimate Level! The Anger Wave of SaberLeomon” (The Wrath of SaberLeomon)
  23. "Once More, To the Digital World - Insekimon's Great Rampage” (One More Digital Dive!)
  24. "The Revealed Past - Heartless! Gizmon: AT” (The Past Revealed)
  25. "Smash Kurata's Ambition - Flight, Yatagaramon” (Kurata's Revenge!)
  26. "Masaru's Memory is Erased - The Lost Bond” (Memory is the First Thing to Go!)
  27. "Chase Kurata - The Digimon Extermination Operation Begins!” (The Beginning of the End!)
  28. "Evolution is Impossible! The Digivices Break Down” (Digivice Meltdown)
  29. "Resurrecting Digivices - A New Radiance” (How to Fix a Broken Digivice)
  30. "An Imprisoned Masaru - The Holy City's Trap” (Journey to the Sacred City)
  31. "Genius Showdown! Tohma VS Nanami” (Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs. Nanami!)
  32. "Fiercely Attack Kurata's Army Corps - Protect the Holy Capital” (The Sacred City's Last Stand!)
  33. "The Final Decisive Battle! Kouki, Ultimate Evolution” (The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle)
  34. "The Day of Parting - The Strongest Enemy: Tohma!” (The Norstein Family Secret)
  35. "The Power of Destruction - ShineGreymon Runs Wild” (Kurata's Real Plan)
  36. "Demon Lord Belphemon Revives” (Awaken Belphemon!)
  37. "Awaken, Agumon - Defeat Belphemon!” (The Battle With Belphemon!)
  38. "Burst Mode - The Power that Exceeds Ultimate” (The Power of the Burst Mode!)
  39. "Human World Terminated! Yggdrasil's Decision” (King Drasil's Fatal Decision!)
  40. "The Strongest Order of Knights - The Royal Knights Gather” (The Royal Knights Assemble)
  41. "Confirm it with a Fist! Thoughts of my Father” (Father and Son Destiny)
  42. "The Burst Mode of Tohma's Determination” (Thomas Bursts on The Scene!)
  43. "Indeed Strength is Justice! Beast Knight Duftmon” (Justice Equals Power!)
  44. "Break! Craniummon's Strongest Shield” (Human Potential!)
  45. "The One-on-One Match Between Men! Masaru VS Suguru" (A Family Quarrel)
  46. "Impact! The Truth about BanchouLeomon” (The Truth About BanchoLeomon!)
  47. "Protect the Future! DATS's Final Battle” (The Data Squad's Final Battle!)
  48. "A Complete Conclusion! Farewell, Leader of Fights" (The Ultimate Farewell)



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