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This section covers Digimon Adventure Tri, a movie series debuting in 2015 and still ongoing through 2017. For WMG regarding the entire franchise, go here. For WMGs specific to another work, go to the following:


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     Human Character Relationships 

Joe met his girlfriend on the internet
And Koushiro's cat fishing him. Hilarity will ensue.

Something will happen within this series
that will cause Takari to sink.
  • Takeru's emotional maturity and stability play heavy roles in this pairing, especially when he still has PTSD on Angemon's death.
  • Very likely implied by the trailer in which for some reason while his face was fully shown Takeru has thin smile on his face but when the profile his lower face shown first like Yamato in contrast his lips shown upturned. There must be something if the more stoic Yamato was shown smiling but Takeru isn't.

This season will have more Ho Yay
All character are much older now (including Iori), so Shota factor will likely lessen. So why not?
  • Looks to be confirmed: Tai and Matt have the closest thing to a date seen so far, riding in a ferris wheel.
  • Mimi and Meiko have a lot of close moments in the second film too.

Tai will be given a new love interest.
She will be absolutely eviscerated by shippers, until some tragic twist or badass thing is revealed about her that suddenly puts everyone on her side.
  • I predict that this love interest will be the Serena to Sora's Misty.
  • I predict that this love interest will be Kari, and played for maximum amounts of Squick (both In-Universe and out)).
  • I predict that this love interest will be Yoshino Fujieda, raising all sorts of questions.
  • I predict that this love interest will be Crystal, raising even more questions than the above one.
  • I predict that this love interest will be Dread Dormammu's sister, Umar, because who needs sanity?
  • I predict that this love interest will be Rei Saiba.
    • NO. TAI IS NOT TAICHI. (For one, Tai is a lot less intelligent. If he was smarter, rather than Piedmon keychaining him, he would have pulled what Taichi did, and wait for him to use Masks Square, and position himself such that Piedmon's homing swords would impale Piedmon. Of course, that's a lot easier when you can biomerge.)
  • I predict that this love interest will be Mimi! Hey, I said Incest Subtext, not text.
  • I predict that this love interest will be Meiko Mochizuki
    • Surprisingly implied at the end of Our Future; Tai and Meiko are implied to have kept in touch occasionally after she moves back to Tottori, and Meiko is much more open and casual with Tai during the conversation shown at the end, whereas he blushes and is very awkward after she addresses him fondly and asks how he's been.
  • I predict that this love interest will be the soccer manager from his FC. Meh... the typical shonen endgame where shonen MC hooks up with a tertiary character just like [[Anime/Dragon Ball Son Goku]] and other Shonen Jump characters.

The series will feature a lot more awkward/raunchy teasing scenes between the characters
  • Seeing as how the majority of the cast are teens, the series seems more oriented towards teens/young adults than the previous entries, and hormones can be pretty crazy to deal with...It'll make most viewers more uncomfortable than anything.
  • E-yup...

Hikari is gay.
Hikari is one of the only characters in the series who never shows any interest in the opposite sex. She'll develop an interest in a girl (either a teammate or someone outside the team) in this series and be uncertain how to express it.
  • Maybe jossed (but she could be bi), she might be jealous that Takeru invited another girl to Yamato's consert. Maybe Hikari just teases Takeru though.

Meiko is Joe's girlfriend.
When everyone finds out, they'll be surprised that he was dating the Sixth Ranger all along, but even more surprised that his girlfriend is actually real!
  • If this wasn't jossed already, it's probably jossed now—Joe mentions that he wants to introduce Gomamon to his girlfriend and he knows that Gomamon has already met Meiko.

In the next installment, Izzy will get jealous of Joe
Deconstructing shipping and Ship-to-Ship Combat, the next movie—which seems to primarily focus on Joe and Mimi—will feature Mimi spending time with Joe to help him feel better about his inability to meet up with the others because of his studies. Izzy, however, will get the wrong idea and start to assume that she's intentionally messing with him by spending time with Joe instead of him. Mimi sorting things out with Izzy will probably result in her awakening Palmon's ability to digivolve to mega, since the best way for her to solve this problem will be for her to be sincere with Izzy (and who knows? Maybe we'll also meet Joe's girlfriend!).
  • Jossed, but we do have a scene where Koushiro calls out on Mimi, and it's obvious his words have upset her. It seems later on they seem to be on good terms though...Which leads me to...

In "Confession" Koushiro will declare his love to Mimi
Or at least she'll get to know how he truly feels for her. Based on all the hints in the last two parts, the small "call out" they had, and the fact that the film's aptly named "Confession"... And he'll be the focus of the third film, alongside Takeru, if we take the poster for granted.
  • Jossed.

Biyomon will reach her Ultimate/Mega stage when Sora decides who her true love is
  • A fairly obvious one, but it had to be said. The first movie has Mimi teasing Sora about whether she's going to pick Tai or Matt, and Sora doesn't give an answer. Presumably she'll eventually pick one and that will trigger her final evolution.
    • Oh the gods of Apokolips, why? One, Sora deserves better than to have her character arc revolve around a hackneyed shipping debate. Two, in-universe, there is no competition; Matt is her boyfriend and Tai is fine, believe it or not, with that. Three, the Crest of Love has never focused on romantic love.
  • Jossed.

Koushiro and Takeru will get into a huge fight similar to Taichi and Yamato.
Koushiro recieved an email on accepting the darkness to go beyond, something Takeru would take the wrong way.

We will never see Jou's girlfriend.
Neither will she be mentioned again.
  • So far, at least half-jossed—Jou mentions her in "Confession" and apparently intends to introduce her to Gomamon.

Alternatively, Joe's girlfriend is a Chekhov's Gunman
Here's a thought: What if she's one of the Chosen/a digidestined? We know from 02 and Meiko that there's more than just the original eight...

Meicoomon's actions at the end of Determination will cause rifts in the group.
Specifically, they will be torn between wanting to avenge Leomon and trying to get Meicoomon back for Meiko's sake. Assuming the poster and teases for Confession are also true, then it's quite likely that Meicoomon kills Patamon, which would likely intensify the conflict within the group. I imagine Yamato, Takeru (at least if Patamon is also killed by Meicoomon) and possibly Koushiro (depending on what Daigo/Maki tells them or how responsible for her actions Meicoomon seems to be) might be in favour of deleting Meicoomon, while Meiko, Mimi, Taichi and Hikari would probably hesitate, and Jou and Sora simply trying to act like Team Dad and Team Mom to try and get the two groups to stop fighting.

     02-Related Loose Threads 
The crew is still trapped in MaloMyotismon's Illusion.
Inspired by a theory from DA:02's WMG.
  • Hopefully, this becomes the outright stated sort of Canon, rather than heavily implied Fridge Horror Canon; it is just about the only way for the epilogue to work. C'mon, imagine it. MaloMyotismon making both the Analog / Digital Worlds his own personal Hell. MaloMyotismon making Dark Digidestined Dragons (through torture and-or brainwashing and-or charismatic persuasion) of the twelve Digidestined and the twelve's Perfect forms. MaloMyotismon making a Hot Consort (through torture and-or brainwashing and-or charismatic persuasion) of Angewomon. Doesn't that have quite a ring to it?
    • Again, how can BelialVamdemon still exist if its own soul got destroyed?
    • Because the Lotus-Eater Machine stuff happened to Davis before the soul-killing part.
    • If Daisuke were still stuck in the Lotus-Eater Machine, then BelialVamdemon would had taken advantage of his crush on Hikari; yet it was clearly not shown Belial didn't and in addition, the fact that Daisuke was the first to realize how to and use the pocket dimension at the manner he did actually implied he has immunity over the Mind Illusion attack. In addition, since Gennai himself said the zone the 02 Crew initially fought BelialVamdemon in is best described as a pocket dimension, then why is it ALL the Digidestined with the original Digivice managed to go to the Digital World once the gates opened? Even Episode 50 explicitly showed Taichi, Sora, Yamato, Joe, and Koushiro go to the Digital World with one of Dark Spore Children, alongside Mimi, who's in New York.
    • Since BlackWarGreymon did seal the Odaiba gate to the Digital World, it's implied his data materialized into the "pocket dimension" BelialVamdemon and 02 team initially fought in. In addition, the entire Dark Spore Children arc happened mostly in Odaiba and guaranteed NOT anywhere near the 1999 campsite. In addition, a possessed Oikawa did go to that same pocket dimension IN Odaiba.
      • Looking prrreeettty jossed, this one, as the 02 quartet have appeared while getting their asses gicked by Alphamon.

To elaborate/continue on the above, Tri is going to Ascend the Fridge Horror about BelialVamdemon and the epilogue.
The Chosen will be flung through countless illusory realities, struggling for survival. A running theme will be the relatively Metafictional questioning of whether anything they know is real, and even whether they are. The first episode will display Belial awakening a Chosen/Digimon from the Lotus Eater Machine, to gloat about his victory.
  • OBJECTION! How can BelialVamdemon can STILL stay alive in the main timeline when its soul clearly got destroyed?

The Adventure 02 DigiDestined will be minor characters.
Doubtful; just because the focus is on the original team, the newer ones will be completely left out.
  • Partially jossed since the event of Alphamon obliterating them seems to imply that they will be the core of the story why the world goes into this timeline in the first place.

the team of 02...
Will appear, but only as extras or secondary characters to the original eight until things get worse.
  • Kinda looks confirmed, albeit the 'get worse' part is right off the bat.

Alphamon kills the team of 02...
The first five minutes appears to have him utterly beating them, and the antagonistic Royal Knights haven't quite been known to hold back. Plus, given how Tai is more worried about people dying, this could be a way to establish how much darker this series will be.

The 02 Kids are not Dead
They are now the Infected Digidestined, working as the main bads leutenants to be later destroyed when his victory happens, the first half of the series will be saving the 02 kids.I think this is true because of the well received Digimon Kaiser arch of 02. Except of an "Emperor" we have Digimon Dukes and Duchess.

Expansion of the above guess
In the next one, since it focuses on Izzy and TK, we'll likely see a Creepy Child/Enfante Terrible Cody with a brutish corrupted Ankylomon at his command. If the fourth one focuses on Kari and Sora, we'll get a Mad Scientist baroness Yolei with a corrupted Aquilamon as her steed and muscle. In a twist, it'll turn out that Davis was the only one who wasn't corrupted ('cause he's just that kind of guy) and is instead imprisoned by the Big Bad, which may give the group incentive to go back to the Digital World.

The 02 Kids have been gone for a while
While they appear getting defeated during the first five minutes, they can only have been in the Digital World when this happened, as they're wearing the clothes they alway wore when in the Digital World. However, the film indicates that the gate to the Digital World has been closed for at least a year - so if their defeat at the hands of Alphamon was happening concurrently with the start of the film, it's after they've been trapped in the Digital World for a year already.

The Kaiser isn't the same Kaiser
Think about this, guys. How did Ken become the Emperor? Millenniummon impaled him with a Dark Spore. Where is Millenniummon? He's in the Tamers universe, jogressed with Monodramon.
  • Confirmed, since the Kaiser was actually Gennai all along.

The Digidestineds' memory of the 02 events were rigged.
To an extent that they did not remember Ken's Heel–Face Turn or that Imperialdramon was Daisuke and Ken's Mega-level Digimon.

Miyako/Yolei will be involved in the 4th installment.
Assuming that part will focus on Sora and Hikari.

The dark plant in Ken reactivated.
It's been some time since I've seen 02 so I may not remember, but I don't think it was ever said Ken's dark seed/spore/plant was destroyed. The reason he's become the Digimon Kaiser again is because the plant reactivated, like a once dormant disease flaring up again years later.

They don't know what happened to the 02 cast yet
Given how much they love to retcon 02, it could be that they run on the day inside = minute outside format that OG Digimon had. The guys could be dead/missing for days, but to the Destined, it's just a few minutes.

The 02 kids aren't missing, they're hiding.
After recovering from Alphamon's attack, they went looking into why the hell it happened in the first place and learned something that made them immediately decide to go to ground. Miyako came up with a program to hide their device's signals and they took refuge somewhere beyond the reach of the reboot. Their time thus far has been spent planning a counter to whatever is going on, and they'll reappear in a Big Damn Heroes moment.

Tai(chi) and the others have had their memories of the 02 crew wiped
They still remember the events of the season but have lost their memories in regard to the 02 crew, for instance, TK and Kari remember upgrading their digivices and even fighting the emperor, but don't recall him joining them or Davis and the other two being part of the team, Kari may vaguely remember Davis as a kid who fawned over her, but not really becoming friends
  • I agree on the memories messed with aspect of this, but it seems more like an imperfect repression. When Ken showed up they recognized him and asked after the other 02 kids only to forget again as soon as something else demanded their attention.

The fates of the 02 kids won't be resolved in this season
Because frankly, with only two movies left to go, there just isn't enough time to resolve every plotlines that Tri. introduced without turning it into a big mess. I have a feeling that Toei is planning to create a larger Digimon universe starting with Tri., so not all plotlines have to be resolved by the end of it yet. Maybe by the end of the sixth film in Tri. series, the 'evil Gennai' plotline might be resolved, but the big threat that is Yggdrasil is still out there, and we will finally get some clues to the 02 kids' whereabouts. Plus, it opens an opportunity for a 02-focused new series that will develop their characters further which might even redeem their Scrappy statuses in the fans' eyes.

The 02 kids are being used as power source by Yggdrasil
Hey, this is what occurred the last time that a character disappeared in the digital world in a history involving Yggdrasil.

The reboot also affects humans turned into data
And it revived the 02 kids after Alphamon killed them.

     Individual Human Characters 
Taichi's PTSD goes from futher back.
So Taichi got PTSD pretty early on in the story and it seems a bit unlikely (says I a person with PTSD) that he suddenly got it when the destruction in the first movie never came up. I know that his defence mechanism was to forget about it back them, but remembering it again 2/3rd into Adventure. So unless he never worked it out back then and the animators were lazy and didn't show further back where he saw crushed cars which I would imagine would be more traumatic than a broken cellphone, is it weird that he only was traumatized by that recent event he had seen many worse of in the past. And don't say it was because he was alone this time, he was alone when he ran after Agumon and Hikari in the 1st movie as well and saw all the destruction on his own. So I think the PTSD goes back to back then.

This series will show
how Taichi decided to become an ambassador to the Digital World, according to 02's ending.

The recent magazine scan that showcased Tai and Agumon
is exactly what's contained inside Piyomon and Palmon's egg.

Tai will get a new pair of goggles
Or he'll get the old pair back - come on, the leader of the Digidestined/Tamers/whatever always needs a pair of goggles, it's basically an unwritten law of the Digimon multiverse (with only one exception and he at least compensated by being Crazy Awesome).
  • I would prefer the alternative, that Tai not goes back to the piece of headgear he gave away (evidence if any be needed that he wasn't that attached to them) a few years ago and gets to be nearly as badass as Marcus.
    • Well, according the the new teaser, Tai having new goggles looks to be confirmed, they're slightly different than his older ones.
    • Confirmed. Izzy fashions a new pair for him.

Hikari will feature prominently in this series
Yeah, it's focusing the the Adventure 8 as a whole, but Hikari was the second silhouette we got.
  • The silhouettes of Taichi and Hikari were only an excerpt of the eight silhouettes, Toei probably didn't want to reveal the silhouette of Yamato (who was on the other side of Taichi) as quickly because this would decrease the amount of clicks for the digitama (Yamato is the most popular character).
  • The promo picture has her in the front; everyone else is behind Taichi. Thanks to the positioning, she has the most space. Maybe it's saying something...
  • These are not necessarily evidence. In the poster, she appears alongside his brother, in the same way Takeru appears alongside his brother.
    • Why show her silhouette at all? They didn't have to show it in V-Jump, they could just have done what they did at Jump Fiesta, and not shown any new information, but they did. In the poster, sure she appears alongside her brother, but she is literally the only character to be in front of him and take up as much space as he does. Again, why?
    • They probably wanted to accelerate the number of clicks (which had been very slow during that time), so they probably showed another silhouette to increase speed. Obviously, they will not reveal the silhouette of Yamato because many expected to see his silhouette when the second digitama had broken. Not to mention, the V-Jump always need to display additional information, because this increases sales
    • On her position in the promo picture, maybe they just thought she looked good in that position (along with her brother). Her position isn't proof that she will have great prominence in Tri.
  • There's a popular theory that Hikari's and Takeru's kids are siblings.
  • Jossed: Kari features about as much as everyone else does.

Taichi is the main character
But he will be the only recurring character who is among the main cast. Accompanying him are a few more band member with old favorites (like Renamon) and the remaining members with their partner Digimon debuting in this series.
  • Seems to be jossed, given the poster shows the original 8 grown up.
    • And it is Jossed. All eight get focus.

Koushirou will at some point either speak informally or refer to another human without honourifics
Koushirou's character development has always been bit more subtle than the other characters, since no one outside of his parents (who were obviously involved in it) and Tentomon (is digimon partner) are aware he's adopted and how he's come to terms with that. Except maybe Gennai according to a Drama CD, but still. In 02 he's shown as much more confident but still with the formal speech pattern, so this could be a route for him to go through.

Alternatively they could have him do both, which would be nice to see. Chances are out of all the cast hell likely do this with Taichi for name, or it'll be between Taichi and Tentomon for who Koushirou can finally say the words naturally to.

(Emphasis is on humans because he has no problem calling digimon their name without honourifics)

Joe will get a stand of his own.
Said Stand will be even more overpowered than Dio's The World, Pucci's Made In Heaven, Giorno's Gold Experience Requiem and Rohan's Heaven's Door (the guy from part four whose ability is to draw manga at the speed of light and something about mind control too...). What will it do? Neither the cast nor the audience will ever see it in action because they and we aren't Stand users.

Takeru's dark side will be further explored.
Due to the traumatic experience of Angemon's first death, Takeru will dedicate himself to destroying the forces of evil. However, his methods of dispatching evil Digimon become progressively vicious and cold-blooded. This results in Takeru alienating his friends and running the risk of becoming a monster himself.
  • Which culminates in Patamon digivolving into Devimon, which shatters Takeru's mind.
  • Josssed.

Meico won't be a permanent addition to the group
Unless 02's epilogue is getting retconned, it seems odd that a core member of the Digidestined would be absent from the line up. Besides, this series is supposed to be about enjoying one last hurrah with the original cast, not some newbie. So most likely, she'll either be a Guest-Star Party Member, or maybe even a Sixth Ranger Traitor.

We are finally going to get a better conclusion to the characters flaws regarding their crests.
Movie one has touched upon Taichi's recklessness and how much he is afraid of the damage it can cause now. Yamato still sucks at understanding friendship, as he can't figure out why Taichi and Joe are stumbling over their feet over these issues. Mimi has gone back to being extremely egocentric, though not in the same way as she was with the Geckomon, as movie two as shown us. And Joe is back to wondering why the digidestined must always fight and why can't he stop being a coward. These were all things that stood in the way of their crest powers activating properly before in Adventure.

All Four Loves will be explored within Sora in Lost.
  • Josssed.

Maki is actually Digimon in human form.
That would explains how she has so much knowledge about the Digital World and being able to travel to it seemingly without the use of a Digivice, unless she uses Ken's or is assisted by 'Gennai'. Still, it remains as a possibility, as it's demonstrated that several Digimons in the series have human-like appearances. Maki's human form is just a bit more convincing than others. Alternatively, since it is established that she and Daigo have a long history in the past, maybe the 'Maki' we know isn't really the real Maki, just a Digimon disguised as her the same way Gennai disguised as Digimon Kaiser, and that the real Maki's trapped somewhere along with the missing 02 kids.
  • Jossed. Maki was one of the original Digi Destined that Gennai mentioned at the end of Season 1, along with Daigo.

Maki Himekawa is not TOTALLY a bad guy.
The ending of Confession implies that Maki might really be up to no good with Gennai/Digimon Kaiser, and whatever they are doing does not bode well for the fate of the Digital World. Still, Maki does seem to genuinely care for the Digidestined to some certain extent, like when she sent a photo of Mimi in her sexy costume to Koshirou in Determination, and saving Kari from falling to the ground when Homeostatis lifts the control over her. Granted, all of these might be part of her plan in luring Koshirou to school to witness Meicoomon's corruption and preventing Kari from suffering any serious injury as she needs her alive and well for her long-term goal, but then again, there's no guarantee that all of these would happen accordingly, and her actions could just simply be a little kindness she has for the kids. She might has her own plans for the digital world, but she does seem to care for fellow humans.
  • Confirmed. Maki was one of the Original Digi Destined and lost her partner in a fight with the Dark Masters a long time ago. Her actions in aiding Gennai in the Reboot was so she could revive her partner. Unfortunately, this causes her Digimon Bakumon to lose all its memories of her

Meiko Mochizuki is actually Ken Ichijouji and Yolei Inoue's daughter.
In the Digimon Adventure 02 Epilogue, there is a young girl with black hair which is their daughter. It maybe that the girl travelled back in time with Meicoomon for some reason. Theories?

Hikari isn't fully human.
Foreseeing the need for a human host, Homeostasis altered her to suit in the womb. It's why she has her occasional unexplained powers, and why digimon treat her with reverence at times: they can sense, possibly not consciously, that she's basically an extension of one of their gods. In addition, this has affected her both

physically: Hikari's Ill Girl status was because her body cannot react to the abrupt changes of an invading pathogen at the speed a normal human's would. It managed eventually, but took some time.

and emotionally: Her unresolved ships are another direct result of Homeostasis's changes. People get nervous about Relationship Upgrades under normal circumstances. Hikari, an avatar for the embodiment of stability, is almost incapable of going through such a significant change.

And in Coexistence, she finds out that this was done to her. Discovering she was manipulated on such a fundamental level will cause her to have a Break the Cutie plot that leads to Ophanimon Falldown Mode.

  • Josssed.

In a shocking twist, the final installment will have Tai be Killed Off for Real
I mean I hope this won't be the case, but I wouldn't put it passed them to try this out. Taking it further, this might end up proving that they're planning on retconning the epilogue of 02.
  • Most likely jossed, seeing as he's on the poster for the final episode.


     Partner Digimon 
Omnimon/Omegamon will finally appear in this series.
But first, Matt needs a way to give Gabumon access to Metalgarurumon once again.
  • Confirmed, as Omnimon shows up in the first trailer.

In addition to Omnimon,
Hououmon, HerculesKabuterimon, Rosemon, Vikemon, Seraphimon and Ophanimon will appear, around the time Gabumon has access to his Mega form again.
  • Replace 'Ophanimon' with Magnadramon, and we're golden.
      • Strange minds think alike, huh? I just always kinda figured that it was meant to be Magnadramon rather than Ophanimon, because Gatomon's line focused on non-human holy creatures as an inversion of Patamon's evoline themes.
      • Cats, Dogs and Snowballs are holy?
      • Cats and Dogs, yes. Cats were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt, and dogs are important in Chinese mythology. And both Plotmon and Tailmon have Holy Rings, so they're Holy Digimon anyway, regardless of the holiness of the creatures they're based upon.
      • Huh; knew the Cat thing, but the Dog thing was news to me. Thanks a bunch.
      • I'd rather have Ophanimon and Goddramon.
      • Goddramon has never featured in Adventure in any canonical context; Seraphimon is set in stone for Patamon, has for years. Goddramon also doesn't flow logically from Angemon & MagnaAngemon anymore than Angewomon flows from Salamon and Gatomon.
    • Whoever who guessed Magnadramon is most likely right, given the recent digivice advertisement showcased their mega evolutions.
  • Also, VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon might appear.
  • What about MarineAngemon? If Vikemon is Gomamon's Mega, what does Armadillomon/Shakkoumon mega-digivolve into?
    • If they bother to retcon that (I personally don't believe we'll see him at all), one acceptable option is Cherubimon. He was a natural evolution for Shakkoumon as recently as Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, and would make a cool callback to Hurricane Touchdown if he appears as an enemy.
    • Could be SlashAngemon, it was used before in DS: Lost Evolution and fits the theme better.
    • Also Vikemon, I'll say, for two reasons: (1) Gomamon's evoline has no influence over Armadillomon's (2) They've reused Megas for years (Rina and V-Tamer Taichi with UlforceVeedramon, Mari & Mimi & Yoshi with Rosemon, Hideto and Nokia with Omnimon plus WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon).
    • Right, but never in the same show.
      • That's kinda grasping at straws. To reiterate, the idea that no two Digimon can be/evolve into the same species at the same time is in the realm of disproven fanon as much as Gatomon's Tail Ring defining her mega form. The Digidestined fielding two Vikemons would be the final nail in that coffin, not a total reinvention of how everything in Digimon works.
      • The argument is not that its impossible for the Digidestined to have 2 Vikemon in universe but that from a writing perspective it makes no sense. From a marketing and writing perspective the whole point of having 3+ distinct evolution stages for all 9+ Digimon is to help distinguish them from each other so there's never any confusion as to who your looking at, for example in an action sequence it would be incredibly confusing for the viewer to have 2 Vikemon at once because unless they're different colors or you make Cody and Jou ride on their partners shoulders at all times you'd have no way to be sure who your looking at in any given cut.

Palmon's mega
If it happens, it'll be BanchoLillymon. Mimi's going through a constant image reinvention and the delinquent plant fairy will fit her rebel phase to a T.
  • Potentially jossed: The image art has been released, and from the look of it, Mimi's not having a delinquent phase now if she ever did.
    • Definitely jossed: If the video game is anything to go by, Rosemon is Palmon's Mega.
      • If the Drama CD from the Blu-Ray set were any indication, Rosemon is Palmon's Mega.
    • It's a very good possibility in this Troper's humble opinion. Not only is BantyoLilimon a very recent Digimon that fits the line and personality, but using her as Palmon's "canon" final form would end up the "Rosemon debate" with Lalamon, since she has been more associated with that form during recent years thanks to her having a Burst Mode (which is exclusive to the Savers universe).
      • EVERYONE (except TK) HAS A BURST MODE! Well sort of: everybody but TK has a Super Ultimate.
      • TAI: Agumon -> Greymon -> MetalGreymon -> WarGreymon -> VictoryGreymon
      • MATT: Gabumon -> Garurumon -> WereGarurumon -> MetalGarurumon -> ZeedGarurumon
      • SORA: Biyomon -> Birdramon -> Garudamon -> Hououmon -> Varodurumon
      • MIMI: Palmon -> Togemon -> Lillymon -> Rosemon -> Rosemon Burst Mode
      • IZZY: Tentomon -> Kabuterimon -> MegaKabuterimon -> HerculesKabuterimon -> TyrantKabuterimon
      • JOE: Gomamon -> Ikkakumon -> Zudomon -> Plesiomon -> Aegisdramon
      • KARI: Gatomon -> Angewomon -> Ophanimon -> Ophanimon C or Ophanimon Falldown Mode
      • Save the actual Burst Mode on this list, none of these have been ascribed any level higher than Mega in any media; further, a Super Ultimate is not the same as an evolved Mega. Lastly, Ophanimon 'Chaos' Mode is not actually extant in any media.
      • Actually, in DigimonNext Next, VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon were obtained with "Burst Charge." And Digimon Story: Lost Evolution gives Aegisdramon a level higher than the standard Mega tier.
    • Almost certainly jossed; Rosemon has remained Palmon's Mega form for years - unlike with the Magnadramon/Ophanimon mess, there's been no instance of that detail changing.
  • Seems to be jossed, if the anime is following the toyline series in this new digivice ad.
    • Jossed now that the Decisions cover art shows Mimi with Rosemon and Joe with Vikemon.

The partner digimons will initially evolve into only Champion-level
This is intentional on the heroes' part to avoid overkill that consequentially deal collateral damage.
  • Alternatively, they will only evolve to Champion until they regain their Crests, then the gloves come off.
    • Confirmed. Greymon and Garurumon resorted to evolving further after struggling against Alphamon on their first encounter.

Gatomon is going to evolve not into Magnadramon or Ophanimon but into Mastemon this season.
  • It will be done by accident while cat fighting with LadyDevimon again.

They all get to reach their super ultimate level
And, as a break from every other season, Tai and Matt get theirs last/not at all.
  • So... Omegamon/Omnimon (WarGreymon + MetalGarurumon), Ceresmon (Hououmon + Rosemon), Aegisdramon (HerculesKabuterimon + Plesiomon), and Shakamon (Seraphimon + Magnadramon). Sounding about right?
    • Jossed on Ceresmon, Aegisdramon, while both Angewomon and HolyAngemon can evolve into Shakamon on their own.
    • I don't see how the Aegisdramon one is jossed; the page explicates Plesiomon as its prevo. Admittedly the HerculesKabuterimon thing is unprecedented but not impossible. About Ceresmon, it was the Closest Thing We Got.
    • Aegisdramon is a water-themed mechanical Digimon or at least an aquatic Digimon with metallic coating, while HerakleKabuterimon is a pure biological insect Digimon. As for Ceresmon, its main status is of Plant/Earth and not Holy/Fire, which Hououmon is. Rosemon cares more about its looks over anything else.
    • Alternatively, Patamon and Gatomon into Clavis Angemon.
  • If Hikari has Ofanimon, then Holy/Magnadramon can still be formed. It has been a jogress any two Great Angels in one official game.
  • Alternately, there will be one Omnimon with interchangeable arms.
    • This one sounds kinda cool actually.
      • Alternately alternately, one Omnimon with two (relatively) normal arms and 8 weapons it can use in various combinations (and combine/partition into a variety of bigger and smaller weapons).
    • Well, partially confirmed. Our Future prominently features a new Omnimon form, Merciful Mode, on its poster. It's a fusion of Omnimon with the remaining 6 Mega level partners, and appears as a white and blue Omnimon with angelic wings instead of a cape. Its weapons have also been upgraded, with a new cannon and a katana.

The DigiDestined's Digimon will Dark Digivolve.
  • Like something is going wrong in the Digital World in that the Digimon can't Digivolve to their normal Ultimate levels and instead become Virus Digimon. Tai may even have a Heroic BSoD because SkullGreymon still left a traumatic effect on him.
    • In one of the movies Greymon will Dark Digivolve to SkullGreymon again, and then SkullGreymon will Dark Mega Digivolve to a new form.
  • Kind of confirmed for the fifth movie poster where it shows, Ophanimon Falldown Mode.

The Digimon will achieve Mega level by fusing with the kids.
  • The Digimon series seems to go in cycles; with Adventure starring kids with Digimon, 02 starring Digimon that can evolve by fusing together, Tamers with kids fusing with their Digimon, and Frontier finally having kids turning into Digimon. Savers followed Adventure's route while Xros Wars followed 02. Then the next step would be...It would give the kids more of an active role in the fights, and calm down all the naysayers who often complained about the Adventure kids only being cheerleaders in the battles.
    • This might not be so crazy. The second trailer for Tri has a Freeze-Frame Bonus reference to "One Vision", the battle theme for the last arc of Tamers.
    • If this were to happen though I'm not sure if the digimon would retain their original Mega forms or take on a new more humanoid form to accommodate the children (like what happened with Justimon in Tamers).
      • Jossed. In Determination, Gomamon and Palmon reached Mega level via shouts of encouragement from Joe and Mimi. No fusion sadly...

Meiko is not a Chosen Child in the traditional definition, and her partner is her own creation (like Guilmon in Tamers).
Meiko's partner almost shares her exact name (and calling it "Mei-chan" seems to emphasize this by taking out the -mon suffix), and is much more visually sophisticated in design compared to many of the other partners at their level. We also don't know when or how she acquired her Digivice or her partner, so it's very reasonable that she could have developed a lot of artistic and/or computer science skills before becoming a Chosen Child. Therefore her partner is much closer to her own Digimon avatar than the other Adventure and 02 partners that came before.
  • The second part is Jossed, as Meiko did not create Meicoomon, as seen in Confession. However, she didn't exactly become a Chosen Child in the traditional sense either, as she encountered Meicoomon behind her own house and there is no implication she ever had to fight anyone in the Digital World before meeting the other Chosens.

Meikuumon isn't Meiko's true partner
Hackmon is, Meikuumon just got to her first.
  • Hackmon claims to be neither ally or enemy, as he serves Homeostasis.

Meikuumon/Meicoomon is the (Child/Adult?) pre-evolution of Gankoomon
  • Besides the apparent connection with Hackmon and the name similarity. Meicoomon has cross-shaped pupils, a trait that is only shared with the Sistermon line, hinting at a possible connection with that "group"'s lore

Pegasmon will appear in Confession.
Sometime during the arc, Patamon will loose the ability to evolve by itself, prompting Takeru to use Armor Evolution.
  • Jossed.

After Leomon dies,
Angemon will become Meicoomon's next victim.

Tailmon will finally be reduced down to Nyaromon.
  • Confirmed, after the reboot happened.

HerculesKabuterimon and Seraphimon will fuse into their own version of Omegamon.
With Kabuteri Crusher on its HerculesKabuterimon-shaped left arm and Ange Blaster on its Seraphimon-shaped right arm.
  • Jossed

Tentomon and Patamon will warp digivolve in Confession.
As opposed to Lilymon and Zudomon Mega-digivolving in Determination.
  • Jossed. Tentomon naturally evolved, while Patamon didn't evolve into Perfect/Ultimate in Confession. Patamon later evolved into Seraphimon in "Loss."

Patamon wil suffer the same fate
as Vmon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon and Wormmon. Tailmon will then be the next target.

In Loss, Biyomon will Digivolve to mega after regaining her memories of Sora
Because in doing so she'll remember how much Sora loves her.
  • Jossed

The real reason why Tapirmon couldn't come back was because it never died in the first place.
What seemed to be its death is really it being charged with the Harmonious Ones' energy and mega-digivolving to Huanglongmon to obliterate the Dark Masters, then it went underground to have a deep sleep.

War Greymon and Metal Garurumon will mode change into Blitz Greymon and Cres Garurumon near the end of the series.
As both a twist, to promote said Digimon, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary. To further make the guess wilder, WarGreymon will use Jesmon's power, while MetalGarurumon will use Alphamon's power.

The partners of the 02 noobs are infected, potentially under Kaiser!Gennai's command, and will attack the Adventure group in Coexistence alongside Meicrackmon.
With the Chosens having not used Imperialdramon's appearance in Determination to focus on searching for Daisuke and company, they will be confronted by infected Digimon that are new evolutions of the 02 noobs' partners, a connection they won't make until part of the way through the fight. Even more shocking is the group finding out that Gennai is responsible for estranging their partners and may have turned them himself, knowing that he's more vicious and calculated than Ken was during his Kaiser phase (Ken more or less just wanted to cause a bunch of chaos without harming anything outside of the Digital World, whereas Gennai is more of the Lawful Evil type, focused on physical and spiritual destruction). This revelation is what will set Hikari off in the film, realizing that she was unable to save her friends and that they could have very well been killed in the Digital World behind her and Takeru's backs. This fight will not end in an outright victory or healing of the infected partners, instead the opposition retreats into the Digital World where the Adventure group will engage in a mad dash to rescue their 02 allies.

There's also a nice meta element to this WMG: since antagonist Digimon in this series haven't spoken, Toei would likely not need to hire extra voice actors for this purpose, which would keep the appearance of the corrupted Digimon a big surprise to those not reading this page.

Agumon and Gabumon are or will be both members of the Royal Knights.
By combining together and taking the Omnimon slot.

For the original chosen children whose partner Digimon become the harmonious ones, their traits that will be represented in their crests are:
Xuanwumon's human partner: Resourcefulness, Zhuqiaomon's partner: Passion, Qinglongmon's partner: Determination, Baihumon's partner: Rationality, Maki: Agreeablilty to keep the team together. Maki could have Huanglongmon, but Bakumon does not access that form.
The basis of this speculation comes from the Mental Qualities and Emotions categorized in Traditional Chinese Medicine following the five elements system.
  • Tapirmon can digivolve into Huanglongmon. Tapirmon-Angemon-Tyilinmon-Huanglongmon, Tapirmon-Garurumon-Tyilinmon, or Tapirmon-Reppamon-Tyilinmon.

Maki was lied to about why Bakumon's death was permanent.
Simply put, the Digital World had not yet programmed itself to backup and recover the data of any Digimon that died (i.e. deleted) in unusual and premature circumstances. The world was only upgraded with these capabilities afterward as a quality assurance measure; imagine if Angemon's death in Adventure or Wormmon's in 02 were permanent. As a result, Maki was given the lie about Bakumon being "sacrificed" in the hopes it would put her mind at peace, but ultimately it didn't work out that way.

     Antagonist Guessing 

An idea about Gennai
Gennai is a future Ryo Akiyama. As a result of all the shit he's been put through, Ryo will lose Cyberdramon to a fight with possibly one of the Chosen Children and will take shelter in the Digital World, growing into the Gennai persona and traveling back in time to prevent Cyberdramon's death and be corrupted by Yggdrasil, later in the series he will finally unleash ZeedMilleniummon

Gennai is Piedmon
  • At the moment, jossed. Gennai has said that he is not the Gennai the kids knew, as he has been corrupted by Yggdrasill.

The main villain is none other than Doraemon
Because why the fuck not?
  • They'll lose.

Gennai will become the antagonist
Whatever thing that Piedmon slotted inside of them corrupted Gennai slowly.
  • Possibly Confirmed as of Confession's ending, where The Digimon Emperor is actually him in disguise, not the real Ken, and that he's planning something with Maki, who somehow can travel to the Digital World and meet up with him.
    • Jossed about Piedmon, as Gennai is stated by Hackmon to have been corrupted by Yggdrasill into his biding. Piedmon has not yet made an appearance.

Dagomon and the dark ocean will feature prominently as the central/final villain.

One of the villains will be based on the Illuminati.
Hence, tri.
  • Eh, could happen.
  • OBJECTION! I counter that with the notion both Illuminati AND Knights of the Round Table each have 13 members AND have England as their respective bases. Seeing how THE Royal Knights use the Knights of the Round Table as their thematic inspiration, it's a wonder why there STILL is no Digimon equivalent of Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere), yet the Digimon franchise already has Digimon named after Mastema (Mastemon), Jesus (Jesmon), and a couple of Greek alphabets (Alphamon, Betamon, Deltamon, Omegamon, for starters).

One Big Bad will be a corporation
They'll be carving out swathes of the Digital World to function as an alternative to the internet with a virtual reality interface (similar to EDEN in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth), because there's gonna be some Corrupt Corporate Executive who sees the Digital World as nothing more than an opportunity, plus it'd be a first for the Adventure universe, with a Big Bad as just a bunch of asshat humans (who aren't being manipulated by evil Digimon for their own nefarious ends).

Dagomon is gonna be the Greater-Scope Villain of Tri.
Primarily, he is going to be a Non-Action Big Bad who is responsible for the existence of a number of parallel Villain World-slash-Adventure-what-ifs - one with the Digimon Emperor & GrandisKuwagamon - one with Angewomon & Myotismon living the life of Unholy Matrimony and firmly of the opinion that Living Forever Is Awesome - one with the Dark Masters - one with MaloMyotismon/BelialVamdemon reigning eternally in solitude and questioning Who Wants to Live Forever? - one ruled by Dagomon's daughter Cthyllamon who aspires to be a Multiversal Conqueror. All these will have run-ins with the Digidestined as they war for the right to conquer those worlds. Dagomon will sit from afar, watching the carnage unfold. When questioned, he will give some suitably Blue-and-Orange Morality justification for it.

KingEtemon will appear.
He trained for four months to get that form.

Vamdemon will return, again
  • But this time he will be humilliated by the real (new) Big Bad

The Dark Ocean will come back, but Dagomon won't be the real enemy in it
Until now, every single anime (and main manga) of the Digimon franchise has showed one of the Seven Great Demon Lords as an important (if not final) enemy (V-Tamers/02 had Demon, Tamers had Beelzebumon, Frontier had Lucemon and his forms, Savers had Belphemon, Next had Barbamon and Xros Wars had Lilithmon). Tri may not only have the return of Demon (in his Demon Lord form) but also could add the last missing Demon Lord (Leviamon) to the show as the ruler of the Dark Ocean (After all, he's said to live "in the depths of the Net Ocean nearest to the Dark Area"). Also, Leviamon is one of the possible evolutions for Dagomon.
  • I... honestly, don't like this theory. Dagomon need not be a Demon Lord; he's perfectly fine as a non-affliated villain. Making him just another Demon Lord kinda goes against the (Lovecraftian) themes Dagomon and the Dark Ocean embody. And because this is a Running Gag: Dagokari for Canon!
    • If Dagomon has to evolve, I think Neptunemon would be a better choice than Leviamon. Neptunemon is also a trident wielding sea god who a penchant for kidnapping women has a basis what the Digimon is based on.
      • This is gonna sound a bit far-fetched, but I think that Grandracmon would be a better option. The vampire king carries over more of Dagomon's design elements than Leviamon or Neptunemon; wings, the bands on his arms and legs, the lack of affliation with other groups.

There will be round 3 of Angewomon vs. LadyDevimon...
Possibly resulting in the fusion of the two into Mastemon when the team finally realises Light Is Not Good and Dark Is Not Evil.
  • OBJECTION! It might take a parallel/alternate Adventure universe where LadyDevimon is actually Wizardmon's Perfect (JP)/Ultimate (US) evolution; in one of the games, Wizardmon can Super Evolve to LadyDevimon.
    • It wouldn't need to be an AU, since that Wizardmon's Perfect is unknown.

Alphamon will be a major antagonist, but as an Anti-Villain
As the leader of the Royal Knights, Alphamon will view the human world as a threat to the Digital World. Believing this merging of worlds wrong, he will take steps to separate the worlds, but his methods might have catastrophic effects on the human world (which he doesn't really care about). Therefore the Digidestined will be forced to fight him, leading to the battle between Omnimon and Alphamon seen in the trailer. It would also be a nice inversion of the X-Evolution movie where Omnimon was the Anti-Villain and Alphamon was the protagonist.

The Big Bad will be the most despicable villain in the franchise yet.
And he/she will put Myotismon to shame in pure evilness.

Daemon AND Dagomon will be the Big Bad Ensemble
It would sure as heck answer the questions the fans still have regarding them - and maybe we'll finally see Daemon's unhooded form.
  • We already know what Daemon's unhooded form looks like. V-Tamer, remember? Neo Saiba? Arkadimon? Remembering this?

Taichi Yagmai and Zeromaru
  • Tri will be about a tournament or some other competition among teams of tamers. The previews are of a clash between the protagonists and Team X in round three, before they brought out their most powerful monsters, Alphamon Ouryuken and ImperialDramon Paladin Mode but they will also face Team Hard Armor(round one), The D-arcs(round two), The Illegals(round four), DATS(round five), Xros Heart(the semifinals) and the favorites to win the whole thing, Arcadia(final round).

The villain/villains will be one or all of the Seven Great Demon Lords
With the final battle being against Ogudomon.

Yggdrasil will be involved, and possibly even the main villain
The last time Alphamon and Omegamon featured in a movie Yggdrasil was the main baddie. There's also the fact a third Royal Knight may appear if Huckmon is anything to go off of. While Adventures did feature three separate Royal Knights in the form of Omegamon, Magnamon, and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, none of them were against each other or were present at the same time.
  • This Omegamon and Magnamon aren't the Knights. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode isn't a member of the order but its founder. Being a Royal Knight is a position held by one member of the species, not a category applicable for every member of the species.
  • Funny you should say that...
    • Confirmed in Loss. He is the one behind Gennai's actions. Though he has yet to be seen, his motivations seem to be similar to its Savers incarnation

Meicoomon is the villain/related to the villain
Something about that Digimon seems off, there are a few moments in the film where it just gives off a villain vibe.
  • Appears to be confirmed as of Determination

Alphamon and Mervamon will fuse
For no other reason than that she isn't included in ex6

Alphamon is a Hero Antagonist
When he's introduced, he's specifically gunning for Meiko and Meicoomon. Whenever the other Digimon attack, he only blasts them away without deleting them and continues his hunt. At the end of Determination, we find out that Meicoomon is the source of the Infection. Alphamon is aware of this too and is trying to save the Digital World from it.

ZeedMillenniumon will be a major antagonist.
At this point, it might seem like a Foregone Conclusion. The poster for Loss shows Machinedramon as the primary villain, which is a rather odd choice considering that the last time we saw him, he was handily sliced apart by War Greymon. It's more than likely that he was selected as a villain to build up to an eventual appearance of Millenniumon and then probably ZeedMillenniumon at some point. This is further supported by the fact that Ken Or at least someone that looks like him has been making prominent appearances and he has the heaviest connections to Kimeramon in the entire franchise. Put two and two together, and the possibility that Machinedramon and Kimeramon will fuse into Millenniumon seems rather plausible. It helps that ZeedMillenniumon is the strongest Digimon in the entire franchise (Bar maybe Shoutmon X7 and the hypothetical Gaiamon) and would serve as a fitting way to close the original animated series.
  • I called how ZeedMillenniummon will be a major player in tri. Also, to support that theory about Zeed Millenniummon, Kimeramon will be the fifth film antagonist.

The original enemies of the Digidestined have also been rebooted and are back to reek their original destruction
Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, The Dark Masters, heck Even Apokalymon could have been reborn and reloaded to have a second crack at the Digdestined.
  • Confirmed. Machinedramon and MetalSeadramon return in "Loss" as servants of the evil Gennai.

If Daemon appears in tri. The dub will explain why Daemon has a different name from all the other Creepymon.
They will say that Creepymon is the name of his species, and Daemon is his own name. Like human is the name of Tk's species, Tk is his name.

Gennai's turn to evil is due to the thing that Piedmon inserted into him
Loss shows they are interested in filling in the plot elements hinted at in Adventure so maybe whatever that was inserted into Gennai will finally be explained.
  • Jossed Gennai has been brainwashed by Yggdrasill into serving him.

Yggdrasil is the source of the Dark Seeds
He is a tree and he is evil.
  • We know that Millenniummon produced the Dark Seeds.

Yggdrasil's motivation is tied to the Digimon Kaiser's action
The poor Ken is connected with every single villain from 02. Who turned him into the Digimon Kaiser were those three guys: Millenniumon, Dagomon and Oikawa. Millenniumon implanted the Dark Seeds inside him, Oikawa's email indirectly brought him to Dagomon's Sea where his Digivice turned into the D3, and Oikawa needed Ken to build the Dark Towers to weaken the barrier between the two worlds. Even after his Heel–Face Turn, his Dark Towers still play a prominent role and were used to give birth to artificial Digimon like BlackWarGreymon. Demon and Vamdemon needed Ken's Dark Seeds for their own ambitions and they eventually help the latter evolve into BelialVamdemon.

Despite all the manipulation behind Ken's back, the action of the Digimon Kaiser and the damage caused by him still fall into Ken's responsibility. He's the only known human who actively enslaved Digimon and he's also responsible to create Kimeramon, a destructive "machine" that could have annihilated the Digital World's population, considering that the Four Souvereigns were still severely weakened by the Dark Towers. And if he didn't have build that many Dark Towers, the Digital World wouldn't be weakened by that extent, and beings like BlackWarGreymon wouldn't be created who destroyed six of the seven Holy Stones. While Oikawa manipulated Ken to do all these things, Oikawa had no direct impact on the Digital World like Ken did (aside from his Heroic Sacrifice in the Grand Finale). And while the Dark Seeds heavily influenced Ken to be the a megalomaniac, it's Ken's own darkness that let him fall into it.

Given that Yggdrasil is known to be a narrow-minded entity, they probably Ken as the worst example of a human being, and even if they did consider Vamdemon's orchestrating the events behind Ken and Oikawa, it's their own darkness that caused those tradegies and Vamdemon merely used the incredible powers and abilties humans were capable of. Ken's D3 was so powerful, it prevented Digimon from evolving naturally, which is also a threat if you consider how Apocalymon was created. Digimon unable to evolve caused many of them to go extinct when time passed on, and Ken's D3 posed a similar threat regarding that and may give birth to another Apocalymon if things have gone worse. Gennai disguising as the Digimon Kaiser may be a tribute to Ken being once the biggest threat to the Digital World.

There's no guarantee that other evil humans like Ken and Oikawa could appear in the future and nobody can tell if they would have the same potential as the Digimon Kaiser. There are a lot more D3s in the world and most of them are the Spore Children who could all potentially become the next Digimon Kaiser as Miyako originally feared.

Yggdrasil sent their minions (likely Alphamon) to take out Ken specifically since he used to be the Kaiser, and Daisuke and the others were merely protecting their friend, but they failed.

Alphamon will be revealed to be the result of a Fusion Dance.
What we know of Alphamon is that he's one of the possible Mega forms of DORUmon, the others being Death-X-mon and DORUgoramon. In order for Alphamon to ascend to Ouryuken Mode, he must also gain power from an Ouryumon — however, this Alphamon was able to summon the Ouryuken without.

Perhaps this is because one of DORUmon's Mega forms (most likely DORUgoramon) was forcibly joined with an Ouryumon by Yggdrassil in order to create Alphamon as an enforcer, inspired by Omegamon being the product of two Megas (the only other Digimon to be created this way in the Adventure canon until Ordinemon). Driving this home is the contrasting color motifs that created each — Omegamon is the result of the orange/gold Greymon line and blue/silver Garurumon line, while this would make Alphamon the result of the violet/white DORUmon line and the yellow/black Ryudamon line.

     Timeline and Plot-related 
The fourth film title, Loss, will invoke Four Is Death.
Hinted at a major Digi Destined ally will die.
  • Jossed. Everyone survives. However, the title could also reference to how Maki lost her partner Digimon during the flashback scene
They will have the Dark Ocean as a central theme during Hikari's focus movie.
The Aborted Arc finally will be resolved during her movie maybe during Movie 4 or Movie 5.
  • Looks like. In the last portion of Movie 5, Maki gets dragged into the dark ocean.
ZeedMillenniummon and Ryo Akiyama will be major players throughout tri.
Taichi DID say "This world has chosen the reality and the future which shouldn't have been chosen" in the Promo Video, to the point it's logical to say ZeedMillenniummon undoes the events of the WonderSwan games and loop the 02 Quartet out, in order to isolate the Original Eight.

Keep in mind during the Tamers finale, Cyberdramon's devolution singlehandedly led to the release of Zeed Millenniumon; since Cyberdramon is a Jogress evolution form of Monodramon (Rookie) and ZeedMillennimmon (Super Mega, at the level of Omegamon/Omnimon), it makes sense to claim ZeedMillenniummon might do this.

  • I have my doubts; first off nothing in this scenario mentions Ryo, who was kinda a big part of his motivations in Brave Tamer. Second, why would he even let the 99 octet exist if he had the ability/opportunity to negate the 02 quartet? Third, while I agree fully with your placement of Mille, he's a Mega not a Super Ultimate.
    • True, but according to the events of Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers and this Ryo-centric site, it's been implied he started developing a dislike towards the Digimon Adventure Octet. Besides, when Millenniummon itself revealed its intentions to Ryo, it's plausible to lay out the implication the two have been working in unison since then. Given the knowledge Ryo had and still has about the Adventure animeverse, I see the possibilities of happening.
    • I still doubt it very much. A dislike of them wouldn't soon translate to Ryo pulling a Face–Heel Turn. Given how Mille's goal was multiversal conquest (which Ryo spent several games opposing) and finally to be his partner (which he attained in a roundabout way), the other stuff is also something I question.
    • By locking out the 02 Quartet (which includes Ken), Millenniummon is free to act on its own and unleash the Dark Seed on Ryo, as it originally intended.

02 IS going to remain canon.
The 02 quartet will be major supporting characters, the plot will center around the Dark Ocean, and Tri will firmly establish the 02 evolines from the Wonderswan Games as indisputably canon.
  • Partially confirmed, as they appear; the rest is still very much in doubt.

Digimon Adventure tri will be a Canon Fix Fic
The fact that the 02 squad has been Demoted to Extra speaks for itself, really. Expect most, if not all, of 02 to be retconned, including (or especially) the ending.
  • Jossed. The 02 kids have shown up, in scenes that heavily implies 02 to remain unretconned.

Adventures 02 will be retconned... but in the darkest way possible.
As sort of a teasing Take That! against both the season and the fan reaction to it. Like the 02 epilogue will be revealed to be a happy virtual dream created by a Lotus-Eater Machine Digimon to trap Tai and Hikari for eternity in the digital world or something along those lines. All the epilogue ships will also be sunk... at the cost of the sinking of virtually every ship in the series, with outright dead characters at worst and Maybe Ever After for the few lucky ones.

Digimon Adventures Tri
will have 3 arcs total.

The 02 quartet will be on their own adventures while the 99 team does the events of Tri
  • Gennai will appear and recruit them for a mission to survey the wider multiverse for potential allies and threats to their universe. During these forays, they will visit the worlds of Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Fusion, Re:Digitize, Cyber Sleuth, parallel versions of these continuities, and others, their partners reaching their canon Perfect and Mega levels (and yes, they're known from the Wonderswan games). Somewhere along the line, the Davis/Rina & Cody/Suzie ships will get Teased and later confirmed.
    • It doesn't even have to be Gennai! Remember Bagramon, aka The Clock Shop Man?
    • Also, must have V-Tamer, if only just to watch Davis and Taichi do the "Victory Dance! Yay! Yay!" routine.

The series will not resolve any of the plot holes or unused plot threads from 02
Instead it will be a prequel to 02 explaining what the heck Tai was doing in the Digital World.
  • Jossed, the annoucement already stated that Taichi is 17 years old in this series, hence it's three years after 02

The series will resolve all of the plot holes and unused plot threads from 02
The Daemon Corp and the Dark Ocean will feature heavily in the series, and we'll finally learn where the Dark Spores came from.

There will be crossover with other Digimon series
Given Millenniummon's reputation and the emergence of Mastemon (both noted time/space reality warpers in the Digimon franchise), this is logical to present and imply.

The original 8's digivices will be updated with better features
justifying TK and Kari loosing their inferior D-3.
  • Eh, could happen.
  • They never lost their D-3's in the first place.
    • Jossed.

Jesmon will have a major role...
...and LordKnightmon will be his Judas.
  • Jesmon does appear as Hackmon's Mega Form at the end of Confession.

Hackmon (and Gankoomon) will have a central role in the story
Since their debut, both Hackmon and Gankoomon have had involvement will all Digimon Adventure merchandise made for the 15th anniversary (both were featured in the extra chapter of the PSP game, and Hackmon's entire line was revealed for the 15th anniversary V-Pet,which includes him alongside the 8 Chosen Digimon). To a lesser extent, this WMG may include both Sistermon Blanc and Noir, since their profiles and story have deep relation with Gankoomon and Hackmon's training.
  • Nothing about Gankoomon yet, but Hackmon does appear in the first movie

The 'reality and future' bit from the trailer doesn't refer to 02.
It refers to the epilogueverse.

It's all BlackWarGreymon's fault.
It is established that Digimon Adventure version of the Digital World is the manifestation of deleted data from Earth's communication networks. Somebody had to go and create a 'barrier', which interfered with this process and caused phenomenon that should have been restricted to the Digital World to instead swamp the Earth.

It's an alternate timeline/universe
  • 02 isn't getting retconned, but the movie simply takes place on another timeline where 02 events didn't happen / happened differently than in canon. There, everyone can be happy.
    • Jossed by the 02 crew appearing.

Alphamon is trying to alter the timeline by erasing Daisuke and the other three.
Think about it, the four of them hold the key that alter the future. Without them the utopia where Digimons and Humans coexist together can't happen ever, especially without Daisuke who is all but said to bear the power of "miracle". By targeting them first, Alphamon can force the timeline to diverge into the one that open the possibilities of chaos.
  • Oh my frick, no. Firstly, Daisuke doesn't hold the power of 'Miracle'. The Digimentals aren't keyed to one specific person. If anyone tried to use the D-o-M on their partner, they would be able to. Second, Alphamon's chronokinesis doesn't extend as far as causing a Cosmic Retcon on that scale. He can't even do time travel like Millenniummon or Wisemon can. Thirdly, while it is sorta impressive you still tri, the 02-retcon ship has sailed.

The series will result in an alternate universe being created.
Similar to the 2009 Star Trek reboot, major events ensue that by the end of the series, will result in the birth of a parallel reality. In which the Digidestined interact with a Digital World in a different way than the original ''Adventure'' series.
  • Bonus points if the AU is [1].

The 02 cast have been MIA for a long time
The first movie shows them being attacked by Alphamon in what we assume is the Digital World, but there are two problems. One, Koushiro mentions the gates to the Digital World have been sealed off for about a year now, so how did the 02 kids get there? Second, why has no-one commented on their absence? Takeru and Hikari at least ought to be worried, given that they're on the same team...

Unless the scene of them being defeated is actually a flashback! While talking to his teacher, Taichi mentions how he's missing some friends he doesn't see anymore. Obviously he's talking about the Digimon, but he could also be talking about Daisuke and the others. Maybe they were trapped in the Digital World over a year ago before the gate was sealed. The season one kids tried to help them, but there was nothing they could do. That's why they're not talking about it, it's too painful. It may also help explain why Taichi has become more cautious in combat. Given that they've effectively lost four members of their group, he's worried about losing anyone else.

Meiko and Meikoomon are not real, at least not like we see them

Meiko have a kind of digivice that she shouldn't have for timeline reasons, and it's just too coincidential that her Digimon have as prefix her name. Combined with her Moe traits, she screams of your typical Sailor Earth fanfic character. Combined with the "infected Digimon" glitching, maybe the truth is that the world we see now is a Matrix-like illusion, a shadow of the real world, Meiko, Meikoomon, or both, are causing it, with other digimons as minions. And more, Alphamon appearing could be all a Wounded Gazelle Gambit of whoever is causing the illusion to make Meiko get closer to the group now they think that whoever is the antagonist wants Meikoomon.

  • What timeline reasons are those? We're never told when Meiko got her digivice or Meikoomon. Not to mention, only the 02 kids and the dark spore kids got D-3s, there's never been any mention of anyone else getting them. I'm not saying you're wrong, but the timeline comment was confusing.
    • After the defeat of Apocalymon, the most recent standard-issue Digivices have been D3's, as of 02. Sure, a lot of the International (non-Japanese) Digi Destined have the original 1999 model, the question comes in mind how Meiko got herself the original 1999 model.
      • Coexistence revealed Meiko and Meicoomon met roughly two months after the events of Adventure, at least, therefore it takes place between Adventure and 02, so it makes sense for the Digivice to be the original 1999 model.

Joe's girlfriend will play an important part in Gomamon getting the Vikemon evolution
  • Furthermore, it'll tie with his Honesty...
    • Jossed

Joe's Girlfriend is a lie

Joe's girlfriend is Alphamon.
For a reference to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, and because of the comedic direction that mystery is going so far usually means they can't stay together.

The organization that Maki and Daigo are a part of is founded by the Original grown-ups Digidestined (NOT Taichi's group) mentioned by Gennai in the first series.
  • How else would they got information from Gennai in the first place? And it's also implied by Daigo that Gennai has been helping them for a long time now.
    • In addition, the ending of Confession reveals that The Digimon Emperor is actually Gennai in disguise, and that he's planning something with Maki, who is somehow able to travel to the Digital World. This supports the fact that some people in the organization, possibly those who are higher-ups or in charge (which also includes Maki) might have been one of the original Digidestined children before Taichi's group.
    • Confirmed. Maki and Daigo were two of the five original Digi Destined.

The new Kaiser, whoever he is, will be plotting to exterminate all Virus-attribute digimon.
His genocidal ambition will be established by showing his digimon partner killing the Dukemon of the Adventure universe's Royal Knights, while saying "You don't deserve to exist."
  • Jossed. The 'Digimon Kaiser' is actually Gennai, who was corrupted by Yggdrasill. He wants to exterminate the human race, viewing them as enslaving Digimon like animals.

TK will have yet another fight with Ken in the next movie due to Ken becoming the Digimon Kaiser again.
If Ken is indeed the Digimon Kaiser we've seen in Determination, then TK most likely won't stand for it. For all TK know, Ken is probably responsible for the Distortions, the Infected Digimons, and Meikoomon going feral and killing Leomon. Considering what happened between them when Ken was DK in 02, it's not going to end well.
  • Jossed hard. The 'Digimon Kaiser' is actually Gennai in disguise, with the real Ken's fate still unknown.

The X Antibody will be key
X Antibody beats Infected Digimon. It's why The Digimon Kaiser crushed digi eggs, it's how Leomon was able to hold off the infection even if it hadn't fully taken hold yet. It even explains how Taichi and Yamato will go beyond their darkness when they can already reach Omegamon.

The 5th and 6th movies will focus on the 02 children
Since the 4th movie is likely to focus Sora and Kari, the other 2 movies will most likely be about the 02 quartet.
  • Jossed. Oh so horribly jossed. This troper feel really sorry for those kids.

Leomon didn't really die at the end of Determination.
As he has his digivice with him, he will respawn into a digiegg soon after.
  • What digivice?
    • His own, gotten after being exposed to the hero's digivices' lights back in Digimon Adventure, which allows him to digivolve to SabreLeomon.
      • It's not even vaguely indicated, on any occasion, that Leomeow received a Digivice then because of that.

The Digimon were successfully backed up just as the Reboot occured
During the moment they were all being reduced to particles it would be noticed they were glowing green at the time, almost the same colour as Izzy's Back up generator. perhaps indicating that the digimon were indeed preserved only it would take a trigger for them to remember their memories

Due to the Reboot, all deceased Digimons, even the ones who died in the real world back during Myotismon arc in Adventure such as Wizardmon and the recently deceased Leomon will come back alive.
If the Reboot process really affected all worlds that are connected to the Quantum Sea, including the real world, then it might be possible that traces of data of the deceased Digimons in the real world are also affected, and the Digimons will be reborn again, but without any memory of their previous lives.

The "virus" is actually Daisuke's / Davis' stolen D3-Digivice being used to encode the Digital World into Base 3.
In Confession it's very clearly seen that, despite Koushiro / Izzy saying that he doesn't know the base of the numeral system used in code created by the virus, said code only contains 0s, 1s and 2s, which means it's in Base 3. In 02 Koushiro made a huge deal about how the D3s are special compared to normal Digivices and we also know that the Harmonious Ones explicitly based their design and functions around Ken's own D3 Digivice, which came from the Ocean of Darkness and had strong, disruptive powers, that could actually stop evolution. So what if the reason D3 Digivices are so versatile compared to the regular model is because they're encoded in Base 3, rather than Base 2? Base 3 encoding allows for a third signal aside from "positive" and "negative": "no response", a neutral piece of code. That sort of code would be a lot more complex than just Base 2 and allow for great complexity, while also messing with more simple Base 2 coding, which would explain why Ken's D3 can mess with Evolution in first place: Intercept Base 2 code with Base 3 code. Plus, even the title of the second series, 02, is a very common string in Base 3 code, while it's an impossibility in Base 2 code.

In the beginning of Reunion we saw Daisuke's and Ken's Digivices fall when they were defeated. I propose that these two D3's were stolen by the enemy (AKA: Whoever Dark Gennai and Himekawa work for), and were used to progressively encode more and more Digimon into Base 3, thus messing with their moral system (adding "no response" to the usual options of "yes" and "no" would clearly mess with their ability to discern who's friend and who's foe, since their code wasn't written to account for that.) Meanwhile, the 02 Team are probably imprisoned somewhere in some sort of dungeon with their Digimon without their D3's or their Terminals, meaning their Digimon are stuck on rookie level and they can't get out.

Additionally, this means:

The reason the Reboot was incomplete was because humans (The 02 Kids) were still stuck in the Digital World when it happened
The 02 Kids have been imprisoned somewhere in the Digital World ever since they were defeated and had their D3's taken from them. Humans weren't originally part of the Digital World, so as a result of them being there during the reboot, parts of the code couldn't be reverted back to Base 2 (since there was no "factory setting" to reset humans to), so bits and pieces of Base 3 code are still all over the the Digital World. In fact, due to likely being very close to their partners when it happened, it maybe the 02 partner Digimon weren't reset by the reboot- which would mean that they're possibly currently infected and struggling to not kill their human partners who are imprisoned with them. Welp.

The remainder of the three films will swap roles. The Digimon are the ones who have to discover and exhibit their own crests while the humans digivolve/evolve due to being in the Digital World.
Ok guys, before you all throw me into a lunatic asylum. Please hear me out.

In the wake of the reboot, this should have been the breaking point of the Digidestined. The feeling of helplessness while they watched their digimon partners try to kill each other, is the long overdue wake-up slap in the face since Devimon, which was built up over the times where they are completely helpless while they just stood and watched and did nothing but cheered in their younger days. They lost the chance to truly know their partners outside being their wingman, which in turn upon their reunion in the rebooted Digital World the humans never will be able to tell the digimon what were they like in terms of life and goals that don't involve the humans in any way. With the possibility that the Dark Masters have been brought back due to the reboot and the scenarios repeating over again, the humans' frustration reaches their breaking point and the digimon must achieve their own crests and send their power to the humans via the digivices like how the humans did back in Adventure, resulting in a Relationship Upgrade from A Boy and His X to Bash Brothers. Not to mention, once they get their own hands dirty fighting and essentially walking a mile in their partner's shoes it also made them realise "Holy shit, you guys go through this all the time?" and appreciate them even more then ever.

The Chosen Children returned to the Digital World on August 1.
The importance of the date in Adventure and 02 is well known, 8/1/99 having been the date on which Adventure began and 8/1/02 being when Wizardmon delivered his prophecy in 02, so it would be reasonable that 8/1/05 would contain an important event in tri. as well. The end of Confession took place at an unspecified time during the Chosens' summer break, several weeks after the reboot, and is marked by the reunion of the Chosens and their rebooted partners, who have lost all their memories but still appear together in one large group. With this new beginning, August 1 would certainly be the most appropriate date for the reunion to occur.

The Yokomon Village was destroyed in Loss
Seeing her friends destroyed by the Digimon Emperor, Biyomon grew weary of humans.
  • Jossed. The Yokomon village isn't shown in the movie.

Yggdrasil will kill all the humans that are in the real world
All the survivors will be Digidestined that were in the Digital World at the moment of the attack. Not only does this fit with the epilogue of 02 mentioning that all the humans have a digimon partner, but also it fits with the initial narration of "Tri", which implies a Bad Future.

     Potential New and Returning Characters/Cameos 
Wizardmon will return
Not only will he return but he will be a digimon partner to some new character who will also become an object of Kari's affection leading to a subplot that will bring Takari to an end.
  • While I seriously doubt that he's going to be a love interest to Kari, there is going to be a new drama CD featuring him and Gatomon, which would make it likely that he's going to play some role in the new season.
  • If he returns, like with Leomon, he'll be killed off, or separated from Gatomon and Kari.
    • Semi-confirmed. A vision of him appears briefly in the final movie.

Leomon will show up in some incarnation...
...and be killed off, continuing the Running Gag of killing one per continuity.

If Gankoomon appears, he will gain a new Evolution or Mode Change
Gankoomon's official profile states that his Hinukamuy is still evolving, and that "when its power awakens, there couldn't exist any kind of Digimon to be recognized as a rival". This could be a blatant hint that there's going to be (eventually) a new form of Gankoomon with his full power unleashed, and Tri could be a perfect way to introduce it if he's featured in the series.

Omegamon/Omnimon will lose the fight against Alphamon
At least, the first fight. Eventually they'll get a power-up to be on par with Alphamon, either through a mode change, or through Jogressing with the other 6 Mega level Digimon.
  • Jossed.

Each movie will feature two Royal Knights, not counting Omegamon/Omnimon
And in the last, Jesumon will be the final to appear.
  • Jossed. There's no indication the group even exists in Adventure thus far.

But they will be given an Elephant in the Living Room treatment.
  • Probably the only way we'll ever see an animated Raptor Sparrowmon, Atlur Ballistamon or Jager Dorulumon.

If they appear at all, Paildramon and Silphymon will be redesigned to be Jogresses of XV-mon + Ankylomon and Aquilamon + Stingmon respectively.
Because the future married couple, whose partners are literally a bird and a bee, must be compatible.
  • They would still be romantically compatible if their partners can't do a Fusion Dance; one isn't really contingent on the other. IIRC, the 02 Jogresses were just another way to reach Perfect, not a physical merger, so Aquilamon (dominant) + any of them would make a Silphymon. Also, Wormmon's a larva not a bee.
  • What is it with you and shooting down other people's guesses with little more than a "not necessarily", as if we weren't all aware that it's just speculation? You don't know if it's possible or not. And Wormmon would be Stingmon at the time the jogress occurs, who is definitely a bee.
  • Partially jossed. In the original Japanese version, Gennai explicitly said "Jogress is not needed anymore", after he returned Tailmon's Holy Ring. In addition, he did use it as basis for the 02 Team's Jogress Shinka. In addition, Omegamon's Jogress was from a different method.
  • TV-show Jogress Digimon like Paildramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon can be Super Evolution forms, as per card game and games nowadays.

That mysterious girl and Digimon...
Let's begin...
  • The fox Digimon will evolve into Alphamon.
  • The mysterious girl is a fallen DigiDestined.
  • The girl is being manipulated by the Big Bad.
    • Isn't Alphamon already a part of one of Dorumon's evolutionary lines?
    • Yes, but that doesn't rule out Alphamon having a different backwards evoline.
  • Won't have a major role in the plot, other than as a digidestined gone bad.
  • She will start of as a rookie learning how to use her Digimon but over the course of the films, she will go mad with power and become a major threat like that kid from "Chronicle". Apex predator speech and all. This will show that while some may get a mon, they will not always do it for the righteous cause.
  • Her digimon partner's evolution line will be a dark counterpart to Tailmon's, possibly Jogressing with Angewomon to form Mastemon.

The new characters will be the ones that'll die.
  • These movies aim for an older audience so it's probably guaranteed we'll see things like destruction and death shown. Since none of the kids can die due to the epilogue, then the next best thing will be to sacrifice the new characters introduced in these movies. In such horrible ways that it'll leave the other kids scarred.
    • From what we're guessing, the epilogue is the one that's getting discontinued and judging from what happened to those poor 02 kids, this might get jossed.

Tri will reference more the other seasons.
  • After the success of Xros Wars and that One Vision easter egg in the trailer don't be surprised to see Tri referencing the other Digimon seasons. Perhaps characters like Takato or Koji can even appear in small cameos, suggesting for a full on all seasons crossover story later on. (Hey, a fan can dream)
  • If it happens, here's my line-up:
    • Taichi Yagami and Zeromaru
      • Taichi is an alternate version of Tai, who was the main protagonist of V-Tamer. His partner, an UlforceVeedramon Future Mode, is one of two main partners in manga or anime to canonically get Ultra (US)/Super Ultimate (JA), the other one being Susanoomon from Frontier.
      • ROLE: Strategist
    • Ryo Akiyama and Monodramon
      • Ryo is The Tamer, the one who saved the universe from Millenniummon three times. Originally from the Adventure continuity, he moved to the Tamers continuity at the end of Brave Tamer. He holds a grudge against the 99 crew for apparently staging a tournament they knew he would win in order to train him against Millenniummon.
      • ROLE: The guy who makes sense of the [2]. Also the second most experienced fighter there, after Taichi.
    • Mikey Kudo and Shoutmon
      • For the simple reason for him to
      • ROLE: Make badass Digi Fuse forms from their partners.
    • Sayo and Dianamon
      • She showed up in Cyber Sleuth. Why not here? She is the one who saved the universe from Exo Grimmon.

Mikagura Mirei will appear in Tri
And she will be involved with the Organization that Maki and Daigo are a part of

Meicoomon is yet again Diaboromon's revenge
If you look at prior evolution lists for Meicoomon, you will see it evolves from Keramon, it is notably a corrupting influence. After Armageddemon was defeated by the Digidestined in Diaboromon's Revenge, it retained enough sentience that it reformated itself, not into something more powerful as it had tried with Armageddemon, but rather into a Trojan horse, destroying them from the inside

Arukenimon and Mummymon will return.
The universe has been rebooted, so they could meet Etemon and Puppetmon, resulting in a fight of comedic relief villains.
  • Arukenimon and Mummymon are likely the only Digimon who didn't get restored by the reboot, as they were not part of the original system, being artificial Digimon made by Oikawa. Even the likes of Black Wargreymon could still be brought back as his data already existed in the digital world (it was just whatever material Ken used the make all those control spires), but Arukenimon and Mummymon were made partially with Oikawa's own DNA so a part of them exists completely outside of the digital framework.

The crests originally belonged to the Royal Knights
Beyond fitting thematically, the founder of the Digidestined is a Royal Knight and, if the theory about the original Digidestined possessing different crests than Tai & co is true, the number of crests is equal to the number of Royal Knights (8 + 5 = 13)
  • Why would a bunch of already-Mega knights need some stuff whose primary purpose is being evolutionary meal tickets? Also, what's this about a 'founder of the Digidestined'?
    • They may have inverted that statement and meant 'the founder of the Royal Knights is partnered to two of the Digidestined.'
    • Jossed. Also, Kindness, so 14.


The writer of the series will be revealed to be...
Gen Urobuchi, who will proceed to give Digimon Adventure Tri the Madoka/Zero/Gaim treatment.
  • If this is true, it's very likely the WMG about 02 ending becomes true.

This series will create a Broken Base.
People complained about the art already.
  • Pretty much a given, considering that every new season has a Broken Base in Digimon

The series will get delayed.
  • For a series that is (supposedly) airing in April (Spring 2015), Tri has very little information at the moment, and it doesn't even have a trailer or a (final) release date. Tri is, most likely, about to be delayed, maybe to the Summer season (August 1st, if they want to be symbolic)

Gennai or Hiroaki is going to suffer a radical mutation either in the background of Tri or during Tri itself.
This mutation will give him a sum total of 4000 feet to walk around on, neatly fulfilling Red Forman's wish. He will then further shove 500 of these up each of the Digidestined's asses.

Hikari will be stranded in the Tamers universe and become Takato's teacher.
I know they only share a voice actress in the English dub, I'm only 30% serious about this.

Every digidestined will get a second digimon
Which they will then become their main partner, with their original digimon being backup.
  • Eh, doubtful. Willis was a deviation from the norm, and look how well that turned out.
  • If it does happen though, give Tai a Veemon with the Ulforce Veedramon line to parallel Taichi.
    • The V-Tamer Tai's Veedramon evolved from an Agumon, not from a Veemon.

Tri will go the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods route and effectively retcon 02
"02? What's 02? Here, enjoy stuff that isn't 02!"
  • Jossed. They're in Tri to an extent. While there's some elements of 02, for the most part, they're mostly in the background. In a way, while this quote is right in that we're enjoying things that aren't 02, 02 is not retconned in the slightest.

Tri will have a crossover with Pokemon the Series: XY
As unlikely as it is to happen, it would be interesting to see the most recent iterations of both these long-time rival franchises meet with each other.

Tri will pull a Rebellion Story and do a dark Retcon of SOME kind.

Tri will deconstruct Fanfiction, much like Rebellion Story
  • The opening monologue about the Demiurge throws some meat on this theory. Why are the 02 cast gone? Because the fanbase wanted to retcon 02? Who is Meiko? A Self-Insert.

In Spain, it will be dubbed by Friendzone Team
The characterization from Digimon Abridged will be maintained and Alphamon will be voiced by Santiago Segura.

The writers have some vendetta against 02
  • Think about it, so far, every single scene involving the 02 characters has been in a negative context. The first scene of Reunion was the 02 kids getting the tar kicked out of them by Alphamon. Then in Determination, Ken is the Kaiser again, plus Imperialdramon appears as an antagonist, and gets destroyed by Rosemon and Vikemon; Leomon even manages to land a hit on him!
    • Gomamon and Palmon have been two of the more powerful digimons, barring Agumon and Gabumon. Adding onto that Rosemon was one of the orginal Ultimate Digimons too, and part of the character lore is that despite it's look and attitude, it's strength is fully on par with the others where as one of her main attacks is made to tame other digimon, no matter how frenzied they are.
      • Since when were Gomamon and Palmon depicted as two of the more powerful? Lilymon had two real fights in the series, one against Myotismon where she didn't fare as well as Garudamon and one against Garbagemon whom she had significant trouble with. Zudomon faired good against Metal Etemon but as Ikakumon he was mainly used for transport when not part of a crowd shot getting his ass kicked. Neither Gommamon nor Palmon ever showed themselves any stronger than the likes of Biyomon and Tentamon's evolutionary lines. In fact even Augumon and Gabumon were usually on par with the other Digimon before getting their megaforms (in fact Were Garurumon usually didn't fair all that well against enemies, though his fights were always more fun and dynamic). The only one of the original partner Digimon ever clearly depicted as stronger than the others was Patamon.
  • Adding to it, it'll culminate into either retconning the epilogue or making it more likable.
  • This troper is all but-convinced that the writers are disgruntled fans who didn't like how 02 turned out. Hey, I didn't like that season much either, and even I hate how mean-spirited Tri is towards the characters!

Meicoomon is Brainwashed and Crazy
It'd be fairly obvious if Meicoomon was an evil villain, and it seems everything hints towards Meicoomon being more brainwashed than evil.

The agency that Daigo and Maki work for are behind the sudden amnesia behind the Digimon
Ever notice how nobody acknowledges the whole Digimon attacking thing a couple of years ago? Maybe these guys are going MIB on them.

Maki is somehow linked to the Kaiser's return.
Note her brief Slasher Smile when Meicoomon kills Leomon.

To elaborate she allowed this virus to happen because it would drag Alphamon and his brethren to our world to stop it. This will lead to epic collateral damage and the public to turn against Digimon. To rub further salt in the wound she brainwashed the 02 kids to serve as scapegoats for the disaster. 'We are the chosen children! We control these beasts! Their will is our will! For years we have hidden among you, waiting to strike, and now it is time! BOW DOWN MANKIND! FOR WE ARE THE NEW GODS!' With public opinion believing both the mons and their kids to be a threat, governments will be more inclined to enforce new laws to restrict them. Or even try to eliminate one or both for "great justice" Maki's reasoning for doing this is that she believes in what horrors can come the chosen children and the Digital World and has decided the only action to stop an "inevitable apocalyptic outcome" is to do this.

Chiaki Konaka will be involved with the series at some point.
Konaka announced plans to return to anime in 2016, after being absent from the industry for a few years. Perhaps this will be part of it, and explore plot points he was never able to develop during 02.

The sixth film of tri. will not be the last film taking place in the Adventure universe.
  • With the Confession trailers and poster implying that Patamon may not exceed his HolyAngemon form in that film, leaving HerculesKabuterimon as the only new Ultimate level, plus needing to resolve Meiko's origin and story, Toei may opt to slow down the pacing of new evolutions. Hence there may not be enough time to give the 02 noobs their own films tying their loose ends. As a result, there will be a shorter series of films after tri. (call it 3.02, pronounced "tri point zero two"?) that give them their proper chances to be heroes alongside Takeru and Hikari while the rest of the Adventure cast are in college.
    • So far, after Confession it does appear the films are slowing down character development: Patamon never evolved farther than Angemon in that film, and Loss again introduces only one new Mega level Digimon. This leaves Takeru, Hikari, and Meiko for the last two films, which leaves little room for the 02 noobs to have any prominent development.
      • This Troper has to backtrack a little bit—Seraphimon has shown up in a Loss trailer and Holydramon has been teased in merchandise tying into the film despite neither appearing on the poster. Whether either partner reaches this level as a direct result of events in the film is unknown.
      • Update, 2/9/2018: Holydramon has officially appeared in a trailer for Our Future, but neither her nor Seraphimon have appeared in a tri. poster. Conveniently, this means of all eight of the partner Digimon from Adventure, Patamon and Gatomon are the only two such that their "good" Mega level forms do not appear on any tri. posters (accounting for Ophanimon Falldown Mode appearing on the Symbiosis poster).
  • Confirmed(?) with how plotlines were left unresolved at the end of the sixth movie, the final teasing words of Evil Gennai and the beeping of a digivice in the post credits all points towards another Adventures series due to how sequel baity they are.
    • Although it would depend if Toei decides it will be worth it after all the backlash the movies have gotten.

Meiko will lose the glasses and become badass after something bad happens to Mimi
The pink-haired girl draws the shy glasses girl (who just transferred to her school) out of her shell. Sound familiar? There's so much Homura vibes from Meiko for her not to at least do this.

will Warp Digivolve.Eventually he's going to expose himself to the heroes, at which point he'll cut to the chase and warp digivolve into Jesmon.

The third movie's title: confession will involve Meiko's involvement in the current state of the world
The 02 kids getting taken out of the picture, the digimon emperor coming back, people forgetting about the digimon again, she must have madea a deal with the devil, I.E. some powerful evil digimon, because she's a fan of the original digidestined and wanted a reason to hang out with them, she'll confess to the her mistakes and try to find ways to fix the world.

The dub will change Alphamon's name to maintain Theme Naming with Omnimon.
Since omni means all, perhaps the dub will change Alphamon's name to something that means nothingness.
  • Jossed. He's still Alphamon.

The real world was rebooted
It was established in the original series that the two worlds are connected in some way. So, perhaps if the Digital World can be rebooted, so can the real world. The 02 ending happened, but then the worlds were rebooted so that it didn't.
  • Jossed, although that was Homeostasis plan all along.

The reason TK / Takeru ever wrote novels about the events of Adventure and 02 in the epilogue of the later was the fact that the Digimon lost their memories during the events Confession
It is possible Takeru initially started writing down their adventures at the request of Patamon, who (after the Digimon partners have it revealed to them that they had a forgotten past with their human partners) wanted to have something to 'replace' the memories he lost by. Eventually, somebody told Takeru that his writing was actually pretty great, and he decided to publish what he had written, bit by bit, as he kept recounting their stories to Patamon and writing them down. That would also explain, or rather, expand on, why according to Word of God, Takeru took so long to write about the part which involved Angemon dying in the battle against Devimon. Of course he had a hard time telling his beloved Patamon of its own death right to the little guys' face.

And yes, this would imply that the Digimon never end up regaining their memories from before the reboot, at least not really. This, however, would tie in very nicely with the new series' theme of growing up without abandoning the past: Terrible things happen, and you will lose things or maybe even memories dear to you, but that doesn't keep you from still holding on to what was important to you in a new way.

The reboot event
is one giant Take That! against how the Mons genre has always been human-focused.

One of the biggest Elephant in the Room if not the biggest in the Mons genre has is how the medium as always been human-focused. The characters that always have to go through their inner struggle have always been the humans while their digimon partners evolve accordingly to their epiphanies and realisations while the very idea that the digimon are the ones to go through the same process while the humans change form has always been considered bad fanfiction and childish as it was thought it could only be one side or the other. That very way of thinking denies the digimon partners themselves of the possibility of being more than just the human's wingman essentially becoming one-dimensional characters while the other side becomes fleshed out characters and on a meta level resulting in Strictly Formula. The big problem is that we never considered that the very idea of a partner has always meant to be a mutual thing, one side shouldn't suffer in terms of characterization for the other one's sake and both human and digimon alike can be fleshed-out characters.

The automatic assumption in the email about overcoming inner darkness applying only to the humans is already a sign about that the Digidestined flopped big time as they immediately assumed that the character arcs are theirs alone and not the digimon's problem. Their inner darkness is not just their crests turning against them but also their very own subconscious hubris to be the center of everything else to replace physical power. For example, Father thinking that he is perfect by removing his sins while ignoring the real answer in plain sight due to his own inflated ego.

So when the reboot happened, it's pretty much telling them: "Don't get your pants in a knot, you will get your precious mega level digimon/wingman/world-saving-weapon back, isn't that what you always cared about? It's not like they ever had a life outside of you anyway. You never bothered asking them about it. The first thing you asked them after they saved you is to ask whether they well they can fight and then throw them into a sub-space like a weapon storage box. Did you ever asked their opinions on important matters and how did their personal lives are like in their world?"

  • Unlikely given that Digimon is and has always been about the bond between Digidestined and Digimon. There's no catching Digimon, no shoving them in a subspace container and no To Be a Master plot to be found. On top of that Digivolution works through emotional bonds and as Dark Digivolutions like SkullGreymon, Megidramon and ShineGreymon Ruin Mode proved, using negative emotions and not caring for your Digimon's feelings in the matter can be a very very bad thing. So no, the Reboot event isn't very likely to be a Take That! to the Mons Genre because Digimon runs on The Power of Friendship between Digimon and Human and not a Master/Servant dynamic. The fact that Tai and the other Digidestined consider their partners their friends and are heartbroken by The reset taking away their memories of their adventures proves that they think of their Digimon partners as more than just weapons. This whole WMG honestly just feels mean spirited and cynical without a thought for the Digimon series narrative as a whole.
    • The person who typed the above WMG here. I never realised I had been ripping on The Power of Friendship when I first typed out the WMG (especially on the last paragraph). I am truly sorry. I am actually one of it's biggest advocates. When I initially meant with the reboot happening is a Take That!, when was thinking about how the characterisation of the digimon was handled throughout the franchise, I realised that the digimon partners were never written as well as their human partners. When I first saw the reboot, I cried like a bitch. All I wanted was for the digimon partners to be as well written as their human partners. One example, was when Tai and Yamato were fighting over collateral damage, we never saw Agumon and Gabumon's opinion on the issue which should technically be more important since they are the ones actually causing the damage. When these iconic character-driven moments throughout the series happened, I saw only the humans go through these moments, the digimon partners only reacted accordingly to their emotional state. I don't want these digimon to just be one-dimensional wingmen, where their entire lives revolve around the Digidestined. Sometimes, I just want the humans to ask what their digimon friends want to do instead, what are their interests and hobbies, surely they have lives outside being their partner, right? What I had in mind when I typed the WMG was the statement "the digimons' personalities is so tied to the humans' that they literally have nothing of interest that doesn't involve them in any way, so I reset their world, memories and characterisation, not that they had much on the last one compared to their human partners in order for them to have a genuine life outside you guys". It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, I never intended for it to give the wrong message...

Once the 02 Kids return to action later in the movies, Iori(Cody) and Miyako(Yolei) will either unlock a Jogress with their two Digimon, or Takeru(TK)'s and (Hi)Kari's Mega-Levels for the Digimon partners will be tied to their Jogresses with Iori and Miyako.

Just doing some logical deduction here, with all of the original 8 unlocking their Mega-levels one after another, this would leave Iori and Miyako as the only ones with their Digimon stuck on Champion, which would render them woefully useless in combat. As Hawkmon and Armadillomon don't have any natural Ultras (at least none that don't overlap with the evolutionary lines of the original 8; Hawkmon's Ultra is Garudamon), I see them either Jogressing together or the movies forfeiting Seraphimon and Orphanimon in favor of Jogress Megas of Patamon+Armadillomon and Gatomon+Hawkmon as the only way to keep these two characters from feeling tagged on when it is time for the 02 Kids to return to the story after all the hinting done so far. If Hawkmon and Armadillomon Jogress together (which is my number 1 guess who what's gonna happen right now), I reckon their joint form will be a new Digimon based on an armored Griffin in appearance.

  • Well as it stands there does exist a Jogross of Ankylomon and Aquillamon which for some reason is Okuwamon (look it up) imagine it, Okuwamon goes Mega that's right, Grand Kuwagamon. The two digi-destined who probably respect Izzy the most get his Mega's ain't happening but still funny to imagine
  • There's a couple of things that need to be brought up here, I think. (1), Hawkmon and Armadillomon have 'natural' (individually allocated) Perfect forms within the fiction; Silphymon and Shakkoumon. Regardless of whether that's an divisive fact, it remains the case. (2), Jogress Evolution is most heavily indicated/presented as just being optional evolutionary support in various bits of Adventure-oriented publications, not the more traditional form of fusion, so the answer to 'what would Hawkmon and Armadillomon make if they Jogressed' is already known by extrapolation - Aquilamon (Hawkmon + Armadillomon) or Ankylomon (reverse order).
    • The show itself always treated Jogress as straight-up Fusion. The episode after the first Jogress Evolution happened even features Hikari speculating on the different "combination Digimon" possible with Jogress, as well as Chibimon and Minomon explaining how their minds merged, rather than one of them being relegated to the "co-pilot"-seat. Additionally, all the Jogress Evolutions shown in 02 and even Omegamon (if you include it) clearly take strong visual cues from BOTH of their components (well, maybe Shakkoumon is an exception, but what the hell even is Shakkoumon.) (Don't answer that, I KNOW it's based on an Emishi deity.) So regardless of what "Adventure-based" virtual pets and video games say and some publications say, the fact remains that within the canon of the show itself, Jogress is clearly treated as Fusion, and it's highly unlikely that these specific Digimon would reach those specific forms in the show if left to evolve without their Jogress partners.
      • One, Jogress being fusion and Jogress being optional evolutionary support isn't mutually exclusive. Two, what Hikari (a character within the narrative, with limited information available to her) imagines doesn't necessarily reflect the actual workings of the evolution method within the setting; no informed authority ever explicates either way of working here. Three, which is because they're designed to look this way by the creative team, which doesn't equate to the materials actively having some of their body-parts combined within the fiction; whenever *that* happened, the Digimon were specifically *not* Jogress products (Omegamon, Kimeramon), which the narrative went out of its way to say for Omegamon. Four, the game I'm citing is set within the anime continuity (as it's what introduces Ken and sets him on the course to his power-trip) and acknowledged by the anime via flashback, and it directly presents the 'Angemon can Jogress to Magna Angemon with Ankylomon' evolution within its narrative rather than a game mechanic.
      • Jogress can produce a Digimon that looks like a perfect half-and-half fusion, a stronger form of just one component, something totally unexpected, or anything in between. The way I see it, certain forms are probably more likely if achieved via Jogress, but evolution in Digimon is flexible enough that it's usually not absolutely necessary (i.e. Ankylomon has a higher likelihood of evolving into the holy Shakkoumon than he does of becoming something else if he Jogresses with a holy Digimon, but it's still very possible for him to get that form on his own). Besides, even ignoring Shakkoumon, the fusions aren't as clear-cut design-wise as people make them out to be. For instance, sure, Silphymon looks like Tailmon if you start from the premise that it's a Tailmon + Aquilamon fusion, but the only design element that's 'obviously' directly lifted from Tail's appearance is the ears - nothing else would tell me definitely that she's involved in that form if I didn't already know that.

Hikari's corruption is because she has always supported Homeostasis's view of the world
Now, we know that, after the Reboot, Yggdrasil is the ultimate power behind the Digital World, and, as a result, most of the Digimon are now following Yggdrasil's anti-humanity stance from previous media. I'm thinking that the reason Hikari's Digimon turns into a fallen angel and Hikari herself turns dark is that, effectively, Satan is God, God is Satan, everything's the wrong way round...And she only has one way to deal with it... and that is to fall down HARD, and effectively be working AGAINST God, the anti-thesis of what she's been doing up until now.
  • Jossed. While Homeostasis apparently takes a level in Jerkass and betrays the group, she actually disagrees and tries to break free from the possession at one point. Also, what exactly triggers the corruption is a Break the Cutie moment during the climax of Coexistence.

Homeostasis has a later restore point, but Yggdrasil refused to use it
Homeostasis likely planned to roll back the Digital World to shortly before the virus attacked, which would have not caused any problems at all, except for a small amount of memory loss. Yggdrasil instead rolled the Digital World back MUCH further, giving him a ready made army to ensure that he keeps his power.

The black D3 we saw in Confessions wasn't Ken's, it was Maki's
We now know that she has her own Digivice, we know she's working with "darkness", and we know what the latter does to the former. It makes perfect sense that it would look visually similar since, unlike the Holy Beasts' D3 models, the darkness-borne D3s are just black and grey with no apparent colour input from their users (Ken's doesn't match his partner's colouration or his Crest colour; the only vague link is that the grey matches his school uniform, but he wasn't predominantly grey at the time he received the upgrade nor was the outfit he wore immediately after - the Kaiser outfit)

Gennai is actually Sugou
Having escaped prison, he logged himself into the Digital World posing as a young Gennai. He ended up creating Yggdrasil, as a reminder of his formerly owned game Alfheim Online (which was full of Norse references) and became a Killer Game Master for the Digital World. As for when he licked Sora? He was having flashbacks to when he owned Asuna and seeing another redhead in his midst, he couldn't help himself to his favorite past time.

The original Digi Destined had crests
The Crest of Miracles, the Crest of Destiny, the Crest of Pride, the Crest of Desire, and the Crest of Tenacity. The reason why their corresponding Digi-Eggs (or at least the first two, though we've never actually seen what the other three look like) are golden is because of their relation to the Harmonious Ones.


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