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Nightmare Fuel / Digimon Adventure tri.

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Well, that's one way to uphold tradition...


  • There are a grand total of two battles by the time Reunion ends, and both of them manage to destroy entire facilities - the Haneda Airport and a theme park in Odaiba. tri isn't relenting when it comes to matters even Tamers would be mild about. People are being hospitalized, death is not an uncommon topic and the public are beginning to grow highly distrustful of all Digimon, good or otherwise, with some kids at the group's school wishing that they'd all die.
  • The defeat of the 02 kids at the beginning of the film. Not helped at all by Maki's tracking device listing their location as "unknown". The film also establishes that the gates to the Digital World have been closed for a year by this point, meaning they were stuck there with no way to contact their friends and no way home.



  • The smashed Digi-Eggs in Primary Village.
  • The first preview for Determination. The movie opens with the Village of Beginnings note  being leveled, with an Elecmon being attacked by an Ogremon, whose eyes are inexplicably white and no pupils visible. Leomon comes to the Elecmon's aid, but is slashed across the torso. He then flees the scene, leaving Leomon chasing him while having some sort of digitized blood coming from the wound Ogremon gave him. And then we cut to a shot of the Digimon Kaiser, whose face goes from an emotionless frown to a terrifying Psychotic Smirk.
  • Near the end of Determination, Meicoomon gets separated from Meiko (again) and wanders the school. While she's wandering, the screen turns black and a pair of arms reach out of the darkness to grab Meicoomon. Turns out it was Himekawa, but it was still pretty jarring, and it served as decent Foreshadowing of Meicoomon's later abduction by the Digimon Kaiser (and a possible foreshadowing of Himekawa's hidden motives, considering she gave a quick split-second smirk when Meicoomon went feral and killed Leomon).
  • The ending sees a terrifyingly feral Meicoomon BRUTALLY slashing Leomon into pieces before running away into a distortion as the Digidestined look on in total shock and silence. Just what the hell did the Digimon Kaiser do to her?!
    • For that matter, the Kaiser's presence. He randomly appears and disappears throughout the movie, in the real world, the Psychotic Smirk described above still on his face. And worst of all? He doesn't say a word. What the hell happened to him?!
    • Additionally, the thing that caused Meicoomon to turn feral was the thought of Leomon becoming corrupted again. How was this shown? By giving us a shot from Meicoomon's point of view, with Leomon holding up Meicoomon, cheerfully trying to calm her down like an adult would a scared child, before his face suddenly shifts into his blanked-eyed, corrupted one and ''roars'' at the poor traumatized cat mon.
  • Just before things go to hell in the ending, a quick look into Meiko's back shows her digivice suddenly turn black before Meicoomon kills Leomon. Whatever this implies cannot be a good thing.


  • In the promotional poster, Meicoomon's perfect form can be seen, and it's terrifying; a savage looking creature with giant claws, a Slasher Smile and a scorpion-like stinger on her tail. Made more disturbing by the fact that Meicoomon's perfect form looks to be holding its own against HerculesKabuterimon.
  • In the first PV for Confession, it shows that Patamon, who can Digivolve into an angel and is the embodiment of Incorruptible Pure Pureness, is showing signs of infection. And when he finally does start showing the symptoms, it's worse. His eyes go blank white, he sprouts fangs and bites Takeru, who struggles to keep it hidden.
  • Angemon isn't the only one who succumbed to the virus. Eventually, everyone except Tentomon succumbs to the virus. Combined with the fact that Joe says, "Friends up against each other... How is this possible?" Meaning the digimon got infected and are fighting each other.
    • And if it's not enough to handle five Adult-leveled Digimon and two Perfect-levelednote , MetalGreymon Mega digivolve into Wargreymon when his turn comes!
  • It turns out that the Digimon Kaiser is actually a Mysterious Man disguised as him and Gennai. Two horrifying questions arise from this: One, why does he look like Gennai, and two, what happened to the real Ken and Gennai?
  • The reveal of Himekawa herself being the Mysterious Man/Gennai's accomplice in all of this. First is the return of her Traitor Shot, now a full blown Slasher Smile. It goes back to being a toothless grin upon meeting him. However, the bigger questions are why does she have Ken's D-3 and D-Terminal, the former device last seen when Ken fell with the other 02 kids at the hands of Alphamon, and how did she get to the Digital World?.
  • The very last scene. Not only has Meicoomon also somehow survived with her form and memories intact, from within bushes in the distance, she sees the original eight meeting with their rebooted partners, uttering Mei's name in an ominous tone, possibly envy at her partner not being with the kids. Looks like we're not out of the woods yet with Meicoomon.


  • The promotional poster again features one of the Partner Digimon's Mega forms (Hououmon in this case) facing off against an enemy Digimon. The one fighting against her? Machinedramon.
  • The movie's early synopsis mentions "a certain man who followed the Dark Masters." Then the trailer revealed Metal Seadramon. Who looks absolutely monstrous here, far more than he did originally. He's also summoned by the Mysterious Man as Gennai, who was wearing an insane grin while doing so.
  • Advertisements for the upcoming tie-in keychains include Piemon and Pinocchimon in the assortment. That implies they'll be coming back, too, and everyone remembers a certain somebody with a disturbing keychain hobby...
  • If the beginning of the first five minutes of Loss is believed, it looks like Meicoomon went feral before Meiko and her family moved to Odaiba.
  • The Mysterious Man makes the Digidestined think Gennai has turned evil and in the worst way. He wants to kill humanity and has Machinedramon and Metalseadramon under his control. He makes several attempts and almost succeeds twice. Worse, his scenes with Sora and Meiko are just plain creepy. For Sora, he pins her down and licks her face, and with Meiko, he outright strangles her to near-death just to piss off Meicoomon and laughs like a maniac.
    • The Kubrick Stare he gives to Takeru is also unsettling.
    • The really scary part? That this isn't even Gennai! The real deal was MIA with the 02 DigiDestined while this impostor was running about and causing havoc. Just how did Yggdrasil create this thing, and why did he have it take on the appearance of both Gennai and Ken?
    • It's outright implied that the entire reboot was engineered BY Yggdrasil, the fallen god of the Digital World, who wants to use the ENTIRE Digital World to eliminate humanity. Notably, several spin-offs have suggested this isn't the first time either...
  • Matt and Tai nearly drown because of Metal Seadramon. And while they're below the water, Kari's on the surface alone with the enormous monster bearing over her. If WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon hadn't shown up, she certainly would have been killed.
  • Machinedramon takes a ton of potshot at the kids and comes close to crushing Sora at one point.
  • The face that Himekawa makes when she finds that Tapirmon doesn't remember her. She grabs the digimon and violently shakes it while demanding that it remember her, showing that she's on the verge of losing her mind entirely.


  • The promotional poster shows Hikari, Meiko, and Meicoomon's ultimate/mega form, but what's makes it terrifying is that Tailmon became Ophanimon Falldown Mode, meaning something had gone bad for Hikari and Tailmon. Other than that, something feels off, for some reason we do not get to see Hikari's face, while we do see the other digidestined's faces on the other posters. It kind of feels ominous. This might tie in what Tailmon became. Not helped at all by the official synopsis, which ends with a sentence that implies that something truly awful is going to happen to her...
    Finally, for Hikari Yagami, one more honest than anyone, and sensitive, a cruel fate draws near for her as well–
  • The posters for the first three movies all featured binary code with interspersed 2s, altered to trinary due to Meicoomon's presence. The poster for Loss, following the reboot, did not have this, as the infection was believed to have been removed. The poster for Coexistence, featuring Meicoomon's ultimate/mega form, only has 2s. The implication is that on reaching her final stage, Meicoomon releases the corruption in full.
  • What triggers Ophanimon Falldown's appearance? Taichi falling into a canyon, and simply vanishing.
  • The climax for Coexistence has Ophanimon Falldown merge with Meicoomon's Ultimate/Mega form, creating what can only be described as an Eldritch Abomination, which then travels to the real world. Prior to this, a rift between the two worlds has resulted in hordes of Digimon traveling into the real world, and this time, the Chosen aren't around to stop them.
    • Oh, and further pertaining to Meicoomon, get this: she's Apocalymon reborn.
    • Also regarding Meicoomon, All this time, she's been attacking out of fear. The merger occurs just as she's waking up from being knocked out in the preceding four-way battle. Imagine what she must be feeling as Ophanimon absorbs her, the poor thing.
    • Even worse? According to the dialogue from the scene, their fused form is now forcing the Earth to merge with the Digital World.
  • At one point Maki finds herself in a grey realm, within a large body of water. She is than approached by several Divermon silhouettes as she futilely calls out for her partner Digimon to come help join the fight again. Yes, you read that right - she is in the Dark Ocean. As if Apocalymon's partial return and the terrifying fusion of Ophanimon: Falldown Mode with Raguelmon wasn't bad enough, now we have the return of Dagomon and (possibly) Daemon as icing on the cake. Putting together how long Maki has grieved for Tapirmon's death and the fact the Digivice she shows off in Confession is a black D-3 that still may not be Ken's... it might not be the first time Maki has visited the Dark Ocean either.

Our Future

  • Minor but upon trying to rejoin the others, Takeru and Hikari are confronted with their main foe, who then jabs about Hikari-Light Crest bearer- being actually a Goddess of Destruction, definitely hitting a sore spot. What makes it worse is that he then proceeds to call brainwashed digimons upon the two of them. The worst? The second Takeru gets Patamon to Angelmon, he summons a goddamn Devimon. while it doesn't get as bad as in Original Adventures, the pressure of letting his partner fight the foe that has once killed him, even if Patamon doesn't remember that, must be pretty much horror embodied for Takeru.
  • By the end, the Mysterious Man has gotten away scot-free and is now in possession of Apocalymon's data. As he gleefully makes his exit through a distortion portal, he muses about who's data he should gather next, to which he specifically names Daemon and Diablomon as possibilities. Why this man is collecting the data of the Digital World's most powerful and evil villains is a complete mystery and paints a grim picture of the future...

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