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  • This is the first time MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon have evolved to Ultimate/Final level, as opposed to Warp Evolving like in the first two seasons.


  • B-Team Sequel: This is the first full-series work in the Adventure universe to not be directed by Hiroyuki Kakudou (who had initially planned for a potential third series to be about be a more science-fiction oriented story taking place in space), though he and Digimon Adventure 02 head writer Genki Yoshimura are regularly invited to promotional events and have expressed excitement about it. Interestingly, according to Kakudou, despite the Platonic themes like the Idea and Demiurge being similar to those that he used in the prior two series, he had no discussion with the new staff whatsoever.
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  • Enforced Method Acting: Jeff Nimoy, Tentoman's English voice actor, said at a convention, that was recorded for the film's American Blu-Ray and DVD release, that during the recording of the dub for the third film that he'd started recording the dub while sick, and had to redo all of his first session take's lines. One could make the argument that his takes of Tentomon's lines after the halfway point, where you can tell he wasn't able to have his full voice, make Tentomon's lines even more heartbreaking in the dub than would otherwise be if they rerecorded them too, since Tentomon's voice sounded noticeably more sad and weak at that point, helping the film gain some more emotional weight than was already there.
  • Fandom Life Cycle: Stage X for the Digimon fandom.
  • I Knew It!:
    • A dark example. As early as the series was announced, fans began speculating that Leomon would show up in some form, and be killed off, continuing the Running Gag of killing one incarnation of the character per continuity. After early previews confirmed the character's appearance, this preview went the extra mile, as he gets injured - and while it's not outright depicted, the Darker and Edgier tone heavily implies his death. He did, though not immediately after this fight.
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    • Fans who knew about the Digimon Adventure PSP game have always speculated that if tri allowed the rest of the Digi-Destined's Digimon to reach their Ultimate levels, then they'd use the ones established from that game. Determination's poster, which revealed Rosemon and Vikemon for Palmon and Gomamon, shows this is looking to be the case, with Gatomon being a possible exceptionnote  A promotional poster for the third installment shows HerculesKabuterimon and the fourth installment shows Hououmon.
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    • The two government agents being part of the original briefly-mentioned Digi-Destined team that predated Adventure. Although granted, the fanbase tends to guess this about every adult character. Sooner or later they were bound to be right.
  • Meaningful Release Date: A couple of examples here:
    • The initial announcement and teaser for the series was released on August 1, 2014, fifteen years after the date the first episode of Adventure was set on.
    • The final movie, Our Future, is set to release on May 5, 2018, which is Children's Day in Japan, a reference to the protagonists collectively known as the Chosen Children.
  • Milestone Celebration: It was created to celebrate the franchise's 15th anniversary.
  • The Original Darrin: In the English dub, Joshua Seth and Laura Summer return as Tai and Patamon, respectively, after being replaced with Jason Spisak and Bridget Hoffman, respectively, in the dub of Revenge of Diaboromon.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Japanese:
      • Much to the surprise of the fanbase (as Digimon Adventure and Toei in general typically tended to keep voice actors for the same characters even if it ended up tallying into Larynx Dissonance) the entire cast for the Chosen Children ended up changed. This was likely not entirely due to availability (since Ai Maeda still performs the ending song for the first part, the original voice actors were able to return for a drama CD released at the time, and many of the voice actors were still active), but more from some of the voice actors having to be replaced and the others being changed accordingly to follow suit. However, they also retained the narrator from Adventure and 02 whose voice is revealed to be adult Takeru's in the epilogue to 02.
      • However, all the partner Digimon still retain their original voice actors.
    • Portuguese: If the series ever arrives in Brazil, T.K. will be recast after his original voice actor was killed in the line of duty, and Kari's voice actress retired in 2011.
    • Spanish:
      • Similarly, if the series ever hits Spain (it remains unannounced there, but basically the entire country is asking for a license) they must find a replacement for Joe and Tentomon, as José María Carrero died in 2015. Also, Rais David Báscones as Gomamon will be probably replaced, as he officially retired from dubbing in 2011.
      • The same goes in Latin America, since many of the voice actors either retired or died, mainly Palmon (Monica Estrada), who moved to the U.S., the Narrator (Enrique Mederos), who passed away, and many others.
    • English:
      • Played straight with TK, who will be played by Johnny Yong Boschnote ; Joe, who will be voiced by Robbie Daymond; Matt, who will be played by Vic Mignogna; and Kari, who will be voiced by Tara Sandsnote .
      • Dave Mallow reprised his part of Angemon in the first film, but for some reason was replaced by Jamieson Price for the third movie onwards. Jamieson previously voiced the Seraphimon from Digimon Frontier as well as Oikawa from Adventure 02.
      • On the same note with Angemon, Yuko (Tai and Kari's Mother) was voiced by her original actress in the first film, Dorothy Elias-Fahn (also the voice of Lillymon). When she appeared in the third movie, however, Tara Sands provided her voice. Tara is also the current voice of Kari, making it an example of Talking To Herself.
      • Some of the actors voicing the Digimon in their In-Training forms changed as well. The most notable would be Koromon and Tokomon, who were voiced by women in the original series but recast with male actors that sound nothing remotely close. Koromon's voice was provided by Julie Ann Taylor in the first film but changed to Doug Erholtz in the third.
      • All of Agumon's digivolutions were recast with Kyle Hebert for various reasons. The original actor for Greymon, Michael Lindsay, who also voiced Joe, retired in 2012 and moved away from L.A. The original MetalGreymon, Joseph Pilato, mainly worked in live-action and hadn't done any voice work since the dawn of the millennia. While Lex Lang, the original WarGreymon, is still very much active, he was evidently unavailable to reprise.
      • Melodee M. Spevack, Birdramon's original actress, returned for the first and third movies but was replaced by Mona Marshall (Izzy's actress) from the fourth movie onwards. Marshall also became the voice of Phoenixmon, Biyomon's Mega form. In Our Future, Spevack's cry of Birdramon's name from the earlier movies was recycled for the evolution sequences, despite Marshall doing everything else in relation to voicing Birdramon and her evos.
      • Machinedramon was voiced by Dave Guerrie, the original English dub's post-production coordinator, originally, but was not available to reprise in the fourth film, so Michael Sorich provided the growls for the Digimon instead.
    • German:
    • French: If the series ever airs in France, Tentomon (and possibly teenage TK) will be recast because Thierry Bourdon retired from voice acting in 2017.
  • Promoted Fanboy: The majority of the new human characters' cast, particularly Natsuki Hanae (Taichi), has professed to being die-hard Digimon fans as kids, and were absolutely thrilled to get their roles and work with the voices of their childhood. Chiaki Matsuzawa, playing a news announcer, is also such a huge fan that she broke down in tears at her first appearance MCing a Digimon event two years prior and admitted to owning every drama CD released to date.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Role Reprise:
    • The Japanese dub brought the original voice actors of all partner Digimon together.
    • The German dub managed to get almost every original voice actor back, except Izzy's due to Hannes Maurer being on a world tour since 2015. Florian Knorn, Tai's voice actor, who left the business since 2005 was brought from Sweden to record for Tai and the dubbing studio even paid his flight to guarantee his coorporation. Dubbing studios normally wouldn't have gone that far if it wasn't for the demanding fans. And yes, the return of the old cast pleased the fans and the films immediately gained more attention. Frank Schröder, who voiced young Gennai, returned to play the Mysterious Man.
  • Schedule Slip: The series was supposed to start airing in Spring 2015, but up until April 2015 (eight whopping months after the series' announcement in August 2014) nothing close to an official airdate had been announced apart from a promotional video due for May 6, 2015. Eventually, the first part of the series was announced to air in the following November of 2015 (a far cry from "spring").
  • Trolling Creator:
    • To promote the series, the official website for Digimon Adventure tri. included a Flash game — in the center of the page was a Digi-Egg that visitors were encouraged to stroke and hasten its hatching ("nade-nade", as the site put it); normal visitors would get one click a day (decreasing the counter by one) but could also stay on the site and play a game to earn points for more clicks. It would release the eggs (containing Baby forms of the original team of eight Digimon) in waves, with a bit of information released with each hatching. However, apparently the response proved to be more than Toei was apparently expecting — because of fanbase enthusiasm, the Digi-Eggs were going to hatch too quickly. So, instead of releasing the information as promised when all that nade-nade had reached sufficient levels, Toei appeared to start messing with its own counter, adding clicks on the sly, and then various pests like Scummon/Sukamon and Demidevimon would appear all of a sudden and prevent visitors from hatching the eggs by adding clicks. Scummon/Sukamon was bad enough, but then "Demidevimon" added 777,000 clicks to the counter for the second-to-last set of Digi-Eggs, which is more than the original counter required (and the count was at 138107 when he showed up). A month and a half later, Toei decided to, er, compensate for their mistake by upping every click to take anywhere from two to twenty points from DemiDevimon's counter - at random.
    • As mentioned above on Schedule Slip, Tri was originally meant to begin airing in spring 2015, but March and April came and went with no announcement. It was finally revealed that the official airdate would be sometime in November 2015, much to the annoyance of the fanbase. It technically is still Spring...if you live in the southern atmosphere where December and therefore summer are mere weeks away in most places.
    • Also, it turns out that Digimon Adventure tri. is not a TV series at all - it's a series of six movies, being released in cinemas - bad news for the international fanbase. Only to be partially subverted when it finally was released, where Crunchyroll began streaming the series edited into roughly 25 minute episodes with English subtitles ...only for American territories. Fully subverted later when the regional limit was expanded to reach most of the world and not long after, Anime Lab (Australia/New Zealand) got it.
    • The famous Tai/Sora versus Matt/Sora shipping wars were fanned all over again when the first movie teased both couples, and teased again by the producer, Shuuhei Arai, in an interview note . The fourth movie even has some notable focus on their relationship — the poster features them, and the limited edition poster from that comes with the DVD and Blu-ray shows Sora grabbing Taichi in a Necktie Leash while holding onto Yamato's sleeve. As far as the movies go, nothing overt about any of the relationships have been addressed, not even whether Sora and Yamato are/were in a relationship.
    • Toei left many people curious of Patamon and Tailmon's Ultimate forms since the release of Determination. The Confession poster (released on the same day as Determination) included Patamon in his regular form alongside HerculesKabuterimon, leaving fans to speculate if Patamon would undergo a traumatic dark Ultimate evolution, or at least burden the potential of one. Neither happened, and Patamon eventually evolved all the way to Seraphimon in Loss without Seraphimon appearing on a poster at all. Toei's first acknowledgment of Seraphimon in tri., in fact, was a very brief shot in a trailer with little fanfare otherwise. As for Tailmon, whose fanbase is divided between those who want to see her evolve to Holydramon or Ofanimon, a collectible card game set to promote Loss included a Holydramon card, but Tailmon never reached any Ultimate form in Loss either. In the poster for Symbiosis/Coexistence, Toei finally gave her an Ultimate evolution: Ofanimon Falldown Mode, but her appearance in the film itself was rather short. Finally, a trailer for Our Future revealed the end of Holydramon's evolution sequence, but still the exclusion of Seraphimon and Holydramon from appearing on any tri. posters whatsoever is a curious decision on Toei's part.

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