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Tear Jerker / Digimon Fusion

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  • From the very first episode, watching poor little Shoutmon as he's flickering in static and about to die.
    Shoutmon: (in a weak little whisper) Is this really, the end for me...?
  • The death of BlueMeramon in episode 9.
  • The reason Taiki will always help people in need is because when he was young it turns out a classmate ended up going to the hospital after he passed by and didn't help him, not knowing the boy was sick.
  • Almost anything dealing with Baalmon in the Sand Zone. Holy Cow. To elaborate, we find out that he was part of a group of holy warriors, and that he had to kill them all, including his mentor Angemon, when they were mind controlled into attacking each other. When he finally discovers Lilithmon was behind it, he's mortally wounded himself, but manages to be reborn as Beelzebumon later... but not before Xros Heart fought a difficult battle and Baalmon took the bullet for Shoutmon and the others.
    • His lines as Reapmon as he's dying in Shoutmon X4's arms in the dub are just as heart wrenching.
    Reapmon: Am I...Am I worthy? Have I become, a warrior?
    Angemon: (appears in a vision and smiles) You are now a true warrior of the light my friend.
    Reapmon: (sheds a tear) At last...thank you.
    • Then again later, when Beelzebumon sacrifices himself to stop Lillithmon in her Demon Beast form, stating that he will "always be watching over" Taiki. Made even harsher due to his budding relationship with Mervamon being cut short, and that he always considered his new life to be in Taiki's service.
    "Mikey, thank you for what you did for me. Remember me, and know that I will always be by your side."
  • Puppetmon's backstory in episode 20, thinking he'd been abandoned by his friends his faith in things like friendship and trust are nearly lost. A far more sympathetic character than the original Puppetmon from Adventure.
  • Even though he's just in the one episode, Grademon from episode 29. He starts out as a villain, is beaten by Xros Heart, and the Code Crown responds to Taiki's emotions and purifies the darkness from his body. Confused by this, he runs off only to show up later, committing an epic Heroic Sacrifice that ends up instrumental to Tactimon's defeat. His dialogue "I hate to do this to the new body you've given me... but it's the only weapon I have left!" and Taiki's Manly Tears of rage at Tactimon calling Grademon "trash". They made us care about a character who face-turned and sacrificed himself all in the space of one episode. Thankfully, he's amongst the Digimon revived in the final episode.
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  • Episode 30, when Akari/Angie and Zenjirou/Jeremy are forced to stay behind in the human world. This later sets up a Heartwarming Moment when they show up in the nick of time to pull Taiki out of despair in the second to last episode.
  • Christopher's horrified and almost vacant expression after MetalGreymon gets absorbed by NeoMyotismon in episode 33. In fact, he's so traumatized by what happened he's still wearing the same expression by the beginning of the next episode.
  • Episode 34, wherein the heroes new friend Lopmon is lost, along with all the other Lopmon's who's data had been absorbed by NeoMyotismon.
    Cutemon: (on the verge of tears) Lopmon, he's not coming back, is he?
  • From episode 37, watching Nene's futile attempts to make her brother understand that she's not some virtual avatar he can delete without harming her, and that the Digimon, while data are living creatures.
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  • Near the end of episode 41, Shoutmon attempts to reach the brainwashed/reprogramed Ballistamon via a DigiFusion. While searching inside his mind, Shoutmon manages to find Ballistamon, crying. Poor Ballistamon is so broken, and ashamed of his origins that he pleads with Shoutmon to leave him behind. It's heartbreaking listening to one of the series most upbeat characters reduced to sobs.
    Ballistamon: (sobbing) It's just a fluke that you found me and changed my wiring. All it did was make me forget what I really am... a weapon, designed to destroy things. Stay away from me Shoutmon...I'm a bad Digimon.
  • The death of Deckerdramon, where we learn just why Kiriha is so screwed up: He lost both his parents at a young age, and then had his family's fortune taken by his father's subordinates. At this point, Kiriha has been manipulated into attacking the others, due to his elaborate Social Darwinist philosophy... which itself is due to his own misunderstanding of his father's last words. Deckerdramon refuses to fight alongside Kiriha, and in exchange, the boy orders his digimon to attack him... but eventually, Deckerdramon gets through to him, and helps him understand his father's last words. But this is too late, as Deckerdramon is dealt a mortal wound - one that he could not have survived had he not been already injured. Deckerdramon dies saving them, leaving Kiriha to finally learn his lesson about the Power of Friendship... at a very deep, personal cost.
    • When Deckerdramon initially fails to get through to Christopher and tries reasoning with the other Digimon in Blue Flare. MetalGreymon pulls the My Master, Right or Wrong, while Cyberdramon and Golemon (annoyingly) say nothing to defend their actions at all.
    Deckerdramon: Stop! If you really care about Christopher you wont do this!
  • The completely unnecessary murder of Marusumon in episode 45, true we barely knew the guy. And the first time he showed up he was working for a Dark General. But he seemed an honorable and loyal Digimon. He certainly didn't deserve to be killed by Whispered.
  • Damemon's death in episode 49. We know he'll be back because he was confirmed to be in season seven, but after watching him slowly die from wounds suffered from a battle, and seeing Yuu, who previously believed digimon could not really die, crying for him not to leave him, really tugs at your heart. It all ends with a an Ironic Echo of Damemon's usually comedic Catchphrase: "Giving up is no good... no good..."
    • In that same episode, Apollomon's death. It strangely overlaps with a Moment of Awesome, due to Apollomon Fighting from the Inside against his dark side, the evil program Whispered, who is in control of his body... with the arm Apollomon himself had made lame in order to pay for the evil he'd been forced to do as a member of the Bagra Army. However, in the end, Apollomon dies with his people not knowing the truth about him, and celebrating the end of the reign of an "evil" king.
  • Episode 51 has two tearjerkers in rapid succession, first Apollomon sacrifices himself again to restore Mikey, Shoutmon, and even Olegmon to life. Then, not long after being revived, Olegmon dies again while helping to destroy GrandGeneramon.
  • When Shoutmon is killed fighting DarknessBaguramon in episode 53. Made all the more saddening because he's the main digimon of the series, and the completeness of how it's done. Of course, we know he'll return, but the way it was presented hits so hard, and seeing Taiki, who'd weathered so many challenges up till now and kept his Heroic Resolve through it all, absolutely broken by it.
  • In their final appearance, Lilithmon and Blastmon share tears when she reveals he and Tactimon were the only people she truly trusted.


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