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Shout Out / Digimon

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Shout Outs in Digimon.


  • Yes, Gennai does sound like Jedi. Yes, he does look like Obi-Wan. Yes, he looks like Ewan MacGregor in season 2. Yes, he is The Mentor.
  • Digimon has lots of Paradise Lost shout outs. Deathmon is named after the demon Death, Lucemon and Barbamon has, respectively, an attack named Paradise Lost and Purgatory Lost. Beyond it, both Barbamon and Belial Vamdemon reference the city of Pandemonium in their attacks.
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  • Decoding the DigiCode that appears on Oryxmon and Seraphimon will reveal direct quotes from The Castle of Cagliostro and Final Fantasy XII, respectively.

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