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  • In the manga Light's friends at school speculate that the work of Kira is being done by "some superhero brigade, like X-Men or something." (Yeah, and this (and the Kira fansites) doesn't go to his head at all...)
  • In Volume 3 of the manga Light buys some apples at a produce stand with the address NCC-1701.
  • In Another Note Mello makes a snarky reference to Holden Caulfield when he can't keep up the narrative tone he started with.
  • Among Near's toys are Godzilla and Optimus Prime lookalikes.
    • He also has a few toys that look like LEGO figurines.
  • Near can be seen on the back of a volume cover playing with a toy model of Thunderbird 2. F.A.B, right?
  • In the manga Roger Ruvie the head of Whammy's House is referred to as "Mr. Rogers."
  • How To Read cites The Matrix and Edward Scissorhands as inspiration for some of the character designs.
    • Proven by the uncanny resemblance Yotsuba Eight member Ooi bears to Morpheus of The Matrix series.
  • When Misa agrees to help bring down the Yotsuba Kira:
    Misa: With all our powers combined, we'll arrest Kira! [two fingers to forehead]
  • can't forget...
  • When Misa sends her fake Kira diary to lure Light to Aoyama, one fake entry reads "Read Jump for the first time in ages. Reading it all in one go was fun." And what magazine originally ran Death Note? Yep. Shonen Jump.
  • The spin-off novel Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Serial Murder Case has a character make several Fan Boy-ish remarks about Akazukin Chacha. This almost results in a "Weird Al" Effect of sorts.
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  • In episode 14 of the anime, Light searches something in the computer using a site called Gentle!. The site layout and the font colors are a clear reference to Google.
  • The jumbotron Light passes while walking home is made by "Fanasonic".
  • In volume 8 of the manga, we have Ide disguised (hopefully unintentionally) as a certain dictator. How this got past most everyone's radar is impressive itself (but after reams of pages dedicated to killing, nasty plots and a god complex, it just isn't that surprising).
  • I'm surprised this one seems to went unnoticed for so long, but remember that last shot of Light's dead face that takes over the whole page? Go see the last frame of the controversial Caligula movie starring Malcolm McDowell (herefor now) and tell me if they don't look awfully similar.
  • L's in-person introduction to the considerably slimmed-down task force: "Bang."
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  • A serial killer named Kira who uses supernatural means to commit his crimes and leave behind no evidence, Hiding in Plain Sight as an everyday man. Where have we heard this one before?
  • In an early chapter Light mentions wanting to watch a match between Bob Sapp and Akebono.


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