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Shout Out / DearS

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  • In the manga chapter 4 pg 13, Khi says "In the year 200X, aliens landed in Tokyo" a seasoned fan of said receiver of shout out should know well this reference.
  • Takeya's line "beneath that smile is the face of a lizard" is reminiscent of V (1983).
  • Io's cocoon and Overnight Age-Up is reminscent of Species, as are the circumstances of her introduction, notably escaping a lab where she was horrifically experimented on, abused, and coming to the belief that mankind deserves extinction.
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  • "Mocchi", the equippable ally, head-pet that ultimately becomes Io's outfit has a vague similarity to Peke from To Love-Ru.
  • May be unintentional, but the series feels very similar to Chobits - slightly awkward guy is saddled with a hot, ditzy girl who refers to herself in the third person. Harem hilarity ensues.

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