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Hey, who says a show about mass killings can’t have heartwarming moments?

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Light/L Arc
  • Light takes a break from his busy schedule to help Sayu with her homework.
    • ...and doing her chores for her too! Such a great brother!
    • Even to the very end of the series, it is implied that Sayu is the one and only person that Light absolutely will refuse to kill or let be harmed under any circumstances.
  • Ryuk eats an apple right out of Light’s hand.
    • Many of Light and Ryuk's interactions are oddly sweet- like when watching wrestling matches or playing Mario Kart together.
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    • Likewise, Rem and Misa's relationship is even sweeter than Light and Ryuk's. Rem wants to keep Misa safe no matter what the cost.
  • Gelus' sacrifice to save Misa from a Stalker with a Crush.
  • L suggests to a post-heart attack Soichiro and visiting Light that based on Light's profile of Kira, Light's sister Sayu fits the bill. This leads to two heartwarming reactions in one:
    • Whether or not it's an act, Light goes Big Brother Instinct and invokedDude, Not Funny!, telling L not to say such a thing in front of a sick man. It's hard to tell if it is an act since Sayu is Light's Morality Pet.
    • Soichiro in the meantime laughs at L's suggestion. He says Sayu is the type to try to kill someone, only to then freak out and not do it again.
  • Episode 11, when the entire police force shows up to help Soichiro out of Sakura TV safely. Also a Moment of Awesome.
    • In that light (no pun intended), the part from episode 23 where Higuchi is caught is also pretty heartwarming, as by this time, all but six of the police had quit because they were afraid of Kira, one quit because he was suspicious of L, one was killed, and one quit because he was not happy with L testing his resolve to stay. Light appears surprised at the police's cooperation, and then he and L jointly realize that the police were led in this action by the two who most recently quit, who subsequently return to the task force.

Yotsuba Arc

  • During the Yotsuba arc while Light is deep in thought (also doubles as a Funny Moment):
    L: You’ve been staring at me for the last five minutes. Let me guess, it's because I’m the only one eating cake, right? Here.
  • Misa giving L a peck on the cheek.
    • L's reaction is even more heartwarming. He begins to consider falling in love with Misa and she responds with just being good friends, he's just as happy.
  • Light, Misa and L dancing together in a circle. Aww!
  • Everything about Light during the Yotsuba arc... which makes his return to his evil self that much more heartbreaking.
  • In episode 25 of the anime, Misa in her Gothic Lolita outfit, walking and singing that song.
    • Misa's trust in Light in general is really very touching.
  • Aizawa's moment with his wife and daughter in the park after he quits the task force.
  • The scene in the Yotsuba arc where Misa sits in Light's lap is really sweet.
  • An odd example, but during the scene at Mido's house, Shimura essentially says that he plans to rally the other five surviving non-Kira Yotsuba members into overthrowing Kira. The other members repeatedly look down on him, dismiss his suspicions, and at least a few of them have displaying no qualms with murdering their competitors and even their own coworkers; it's a bit sweet that he has enough faith in their humanity to believe that they'll ultimately side with him (albeit only if he can get Mido and Namikawa on his side first).
  • The conversation between Light and L on the roof and the subsequent slightly awkward foot-massage scene are oddly sad and heartwarming simply because out of context, it seems like L and Light should be best friends - too bad Light's about to kill L.
    • "I feel you are the first friend I've ever had." L calls Light his friend, reaching out to another human being for what's probably the first time in his life. For a while it even seems like Light is reconsidering trying to kill L, then quickly becomes a Tearjerker when we see that he still wants to.
    • Word of God is that L was lying in the manga/anime, but in L:Change the World, it is revealed that in that universe, L did truly think of Light as a friend and is seen mourning him, since L outlives Light in this Alternate Continuity.

Near/Mello Arc

  • Episode 26: Light misses Ryuuzaki. He's lonely without him around.
    • Light wobbles a little there, but quickly puts himself back on track. It's clearer in the manga. And it's part of the tragedy - he and L could, perhaps, be friends; it's just that nothing like that could ever compare to Light's crusade. Not to mention his abiding need to beat L right into the grave.
    • It's worth mentioning that his missing Ryuuzaki is probably a little bit of Victory Is Boring coming into play too. Ryuuzaki was the only one who had truly challenged him on an intellectual level. Part of Light was probably missing the game.
  • Episode 27: When Roger suggests Mello and Near working together, Mello is disgusted, but Near says without sarcasm "Alright. Sounds good." As calculated as he is, he's willing to try to get along with Mello and cooperate.
  • Late in the series, Soichiro tells his wife that he'll let her divorce him due to the trouble his involvement in the Kira case has brought the Yagami family. She is shocked and refuses, saying that she'll always stand by him, no matter how bad things get. He slumps in relief and thanks her. Seriously, who wouldn't want a love interest that was that devoted?
  • The final conversation between L and Soichiro Yagami in the Last Name. L told Soichiro that the latter is a good father to him.
  • The scene where Near asks Rester to escort him to Japan, because he's never boarded a plane alone before.
  • Lil' Mikami. "Thank you, Teru!" D'awww.
  • As messed up as Mikami is, the scene on the train is kinda sweet. He seemed to be the only one to notice a group of boys picking on another kid and was willing to step in.
  • Perhaps this a strange moment to like, but there was something oddly heartwarming about one part of 'Ridicule', which takes place at Christmas. The task force are still slaving away to catch Kira, Misa's getting drunk and depressed, the 'three Kiras' are committing more acts of mass murder, and there's very little goodwill anywhere. But at the same time, Near is celebrating the holiday the way it's supposed to celebrated - playing with his toys (admittedly, he does that anyway) and hanging baubles on a Christmas tree.
  • The task force going out to look for Light after he flees the Yellow Box Warehouse, especially since they defy Near to do it.
  • Unrelated to Light and L, but... in chapter 108, Near not only is calling all the survivors up again to keep working together, but if you look closely, there's that one shot of him playing as usual... and he's eating a bar of chocolate, just like Mello used to note .
  • When Matsuda shoots Light, his Shut Up, Hannibal! involves him calling out Light for hurting Soichiro. It says something that Soichiro's subordinate had more respect for the chief than his son.


  • The fact that many fans refused to see Death Note after L's death. Yes, L is one of the most beloved characters in the series.
  • In Relight 2, L pays a secret visit to the Wammy Orphans. He even tells them what he's most afraid of.
  • Rem's song from the Death Note musical, "When Love Comes" (also a Tear Jerker given the context). Seriously, it sounds like a song that would be in the credits of a movie. Try and introduce the song to someone who likes that genre of songs, doesn't know about the musical, and then tell them where it's from.
    • Sayu's song, We All Need a Hero, also qualifies. Heartwarming? Definitely. Tear Jerker given the context? Oh yes. Something that would surprise you to be in a musical about Death Note? Yes, but dang it, it's just so sweet.


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