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Nightmare Fuel / Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

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  • The "Cheat Strategy" case starts off normal enough, with Hudie being tasked with looking into how a class of over 40 students could all be cheating despite excessive screening measures. It turns out one student gained access to a banned tool for accessing EDEN called "Mole", basically a pair of contacts and exceptionally small ear pieces. The reason behind the ban is that some error in the design allows Hackers to hijack people's bodies if they're using it. So this student distributes Mole across the class and they collectively bully a single student into controlling all 40 of them and doing their tests for them while they slack off inside EDEN. What they fail to consider is "What else can this student do to them while they're under his control?"
    • The bullied student snaps under the pressure and has the entire class riot, stab the teacher to death with knives, march up to the top of the school, and jump to their deaths one by one, twisting the knife even further by broadcasting this massacre to them in their hidden room within EDEN, gloating about how they'll no longer be able to leave as there's no longer a body to return to, much like the "Living Doll, Dead Person" case of the first Cyber Sleuth, and that once he deletes the room it'll take their minds with it. The only bright side to this is that that broadcast turned out to be faked by the Hudie team, basing it on information pulled from the bullied student's digital form's memory of this elaborate plan, and that the room and his control over the students were cut off so they were all actually just comatose in the classroom. The whole situation was just used to teach the class a lesson on not mistreating each other, but had Hudie not been the ones tasked with this case things would have played out exactly the same, just without it all being a simulation.
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  • Remember the how eaters in the last game typically just slapped their victims to "eat" them? Well, this time your first encounter has one slam down on it's victim with audible crunching noises while he screams for life.
  • The mere fact that Arcadiamon is in this game would qualify in and of itself, but it makes it debut by mind-controlling Ryuji during his Heroic BSoD and then eating a multitude of Digimon and hackers' data to grow more powerful, and each Digivolution is more monstrous than the last. Even after Chitose and Keisuke break Ryuji from its control, Arcadiamon wastes no time in absorbing its former thrall. By the time it reaches its Ultra form, it completely dwarfs the Rainbow Bridge.
  • As grim and sobering the sight of the Eater-infected Digital World and Yggdrasil was, it somehow is not as bad as the sheer carnage of Eater EDEN. This is what happens when there is no one to hold back the Eaters' all-consuming hunger. The entirety of EDEN has been shattered beyond repair and is completely corrupted, down to the Pure Breed and Humanoid forms being the only enemies encountered in the area. It is easily the most apocalyptic-looking locale in the game and a testament to just how corroding the Eaters can be with no limits.

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