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Funny / Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

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  • As your relationships with the other Hudie members grows, it becomes very clear that your character enjoys teasing and gently trolling his new friends in the hacker group and it never gets old watching them react to this.
  • Early on in the game Ryuji will tell you to wait for him in Erika's room. Entering it will cause Erika to start beating the player over the head with her plushie/keyboard animal.
  • Midway through the game, you will head to confront Rie on the roof of the Met Building. Rie tries to play on Erika's fears of not being the 'real' Erika as many of her memories are digitized and reside in EDEN online. Erika's response is to walk forward and smack Rie to teach her what real pain is. This leads to an all out slap fight between the two which the player character and Detective Matayoshi can only watch in bemusement.

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