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  • A minor thing, but the chatroom scene when you start up the game has Arata's avatar as a grumpy gnome looking thing. It fits so perfectly with his character, it's hysterical.
  • Arata's first appearance in the game.
    Nokia: Ghosts, right? How unscientific. Not like I'm scared or—
    Arata: Boo!
    Nokia: YEEEEEEK!
  • The scene transition at the end of Chapter 1 involves the PC being forced to drink Kyoko's coffee. S/he hits the floor after tasting it. This is after a warning not to drink it, mind you.
    Matoyoshi: No, thank you! There's no case today! No need for coffee!
    Matoyoshi: I fear the day is coming when I'll be forced to actually taste her coffee.
    • The scene is perfect in its simplicity and that makes it all the funnier.
    (black screen) *gulp* [Beat] *thud!*
    • Kyoko is completely incapable of creating any kind of coffee that isn't horrible. Ingredients include mayonnaise, soy sauce, ketchup, beans... Basically anything not meant to go in coffee. Later on, Arata tries the coffee. The second you leave the office, you hear something from inside the office. The game labels this sound "Arata's Death Cry".
    Arata: Gaaah! Oh god... My throat! Oh no, is... Is this how it all ends?
    • A plea from Nokia persuades her to try twice as hard to make a good blend of coffee. Nokia claims this is evidence she's trying to destroy humanity.
      • A later cutscene mentions that Mirei Mikagura invented a blend involving balsamic vinegar for her. The main character finds this terrifying.
      • She later mentions a Hatcho Miso Cream Cheese Wasabi blend. Nokia's reaction is pure horror.
    • Given a Call-Back at the end of a later chapter when the PC is asked to go get some more beans from K-Cafe, lamenting the horrible concoction she's going to create next.
    • The PC on the subject of coffee.
    Main Character: Coffee is scary.
  • Early on, Gabumon and Agumon say that Nokia smells familiar. When she brings this up, the PC takes this as an invitation to sniff her. Saying that she smells vaguely sour gets an angry reaction, but if you say Nokia smells nice, then she slowly backs away with a nervous expression.
    • In general, a lot of the PC's actions when they're not being awesome or clever range from mild quirkiness to insane madness.
  • Etemon's "music" as usual, is horrible. However, the owner of the records shop says it has a certain quality that makes it interesting. Basically, she's a hipster.
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  • Nokia pushes you to save Agumon and Gabumon early in the game, claiming that you're her disciple.
    Gabumon: Nokia, you're maybe not so cool after all.
  • Some of the But Thou Must! choices can be pretty amusing, like when the PC is asked to chase down a stalker
    "Stalker?! Unforgivable!
    "Die, stalker, die!"
  • When travelling through a Digital Shift with Arata in Chapter 4 he asks what it's like being a Cyber Sleuth just before going down a staircase, before feigning the idea is boring. When you actually enter the next area he violently screams about how much he wants to know what it's like and admitting how cool it sounds.
    Arata: I mean, a cyber sleuth? A digital detective?!
    (Moments later)
    Arata: Let's talk about this cyber sleuth thing. Not because I think it's interesting, or I want to try it out. It's plain intellectual curiosity. A piqued interest. Nope. That's enough. I've lost interest already. (Walks away) Crap.
    (Moments later)
    Arata: Argh! Okay, I want to know! I want to know! What cases have you solved?! What's your boss like?
  • In Chapter 9 Arata has finally composed his master plan to get into a top secret room housing Kamishiro's most confidential data. The password is changed every day and that day happens to be rie_kishibe*totes_adorbs. According to Kyoko, the previous one is not suitable for minors.
    • The password in the Japanese version is rie-chan_moemoe and in the German translation it's rie_k*super_kawaii. Both are pretty hilarious as well.
    • Actually using the password lands the protagonist and Arata in... A frilly princess style bedroom with portraits of Rie all over the place. The first thing you find is Rie's underwear before finding out the top secret files are on a diary with a cringe inducing name.
      • Given Arata's reaction to Rie's panties and his initial assumption that they were scraps of fabric it could be assumed that they're some pretty trashy underwear, which either says some things about Rie or says some things about Crusadermon.
  • One chapter has you being tasked with finding a lost Tokomon. Some exploring later you find a cutscene with Yuuko looking into the distance. The camera then pans up to show Tokomon on her head with a triumphant fanfare.
  • In Chapter 10, after WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon become Omnimon, Nokia out of the blue addresses him as GaruruGreymon. Seeing him taken aback by this, she asks if he'd prefer GreyGarurumon.
    Omnimon: I am Omnimon. You can call me that.
    • Arata gets WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to stop going into Under Zero by tossing them a piece of meat since they were starving, leaving Nokia to chase after them.
  • Arata and Kyoko discuss the Paradise Lost Plan. Nokia is completely lost by their technobabble, and for some reason decides to call Arata "Geeta". As in, Geeky Arata. Kyoko rolls with it.
  • Arata, on the subject of being a national fugitive.
    Arata: One more item off my bucket list. Excellent.
  • In Chapter 14 a little girl befriends two Digimon, who apparently think that Digivolution involves yelling "DIGIMON DIGIVOLVE TO..." at the top of their lungs, which makes for an effective meta joke for longtime fans of the anime in particular.
  • People unfamiliar with Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode and familiar with Digimon lore in general will most likely find Rina Shinomiya's antics during Chapter 15 a mix of funny, oh god what, and pure awesome. Rina, a teenage girl, channels Masaru Daimon and leaps twenty feet in the air to kick Barbamon in the face. For those unaware, Barbamon is both a Mega level Digimon and the digital embodiment of the sin of Greed.
    • Rina on the subject of alternate dimensions.
    Rina: Yeah, I get it! Not really, but okay!
  • Mirei notes that being a digital being is much better than being flesh and blood, and says that it's unfortunate that a body is left behind when a half-digital being is created. When called out on it, she claims it was a her from another world. Worlds where she did and did not say unfortunate.
  • After the second trip into Asakusa's Digital Shift, the scene will change to the K-Cafe. Yuuko, the main character, Nokia and Kyoko are sitting at a table. Meanwhile, Omnimon, effectively three times Nokia's size, is just chilling on the cafe's counter like that's a completely normal thing to do. Also, the conversation below.
    Yuuko: Excuse me, but do we have an actual plan here?
    Nokia: How about the Do What Feels Right At The Moment Plan?
    Omnimon: Of course. It's an Improvise on Individual Initiative Plan!
    Yuuko: What a pair of idiots.
  • After the second Examon encounter, you discuss how best to handle Arata. Kyoko's suggestion? Use your crouching lunge attack. And then your character nods, as if that makes perfect sense to them.
  • A random nickname from the protagonist results in Yuuko being called "Yuuko the Blackhearted".
    • Later, Kyoko asks if you accidentally summoned another version of Yuuko. Other possibilities include creating a doppelganger, which she dismisses since doppelgangers can't open their mouths, and using bilocation to create a copy of herself through sheer force of will.
  • Chapter 19 lets you chat with Rina and Kentaurosmon. Apparently, they've done nothing but restaurant hunting since you last saw them a few chapters back.
    Kentaurosmon: Can we see something other than restaurants? Ever?
    Rina: There is nothing as wonderful as a hunger taming food adventure!
    Rina: Does that mean you don't want to?
    Kentaurosmon: I never said that.
  • A lategame quest has a Wargreymon who says they can use black magic. Given how Wargreymon is bright yellow and orange, uses fire moves and has the symbol for courage on its back, this is hilarious. Made even better with the implication that this means it was likely trying to digivolve into a BlackWargreymon and failed but is still in denial about it. After the battle he even claims that it's the one day of the year that his supposed magic is the weakest, so you didn't actually win before running away.
    Wargreymon: I am the personification of darkness!
    • The fact that he acts like a mix between an edgy teenager and a Chuunibyou despite being a Mega just adds to the hilarity.
    • Also, he's not really wrong about his 'dark magic' - fighting him reveals that he does actually know a lot of Dark-type moves!
  • The plan to stop Leopardmon is to invert the Digital Lines, so that instead of absorbing energy, he'll actually have it drained from him. That's not funny, what is funny is Nokia summing the whole thing up as trolling him. And it works.
  • After rescuing Arata, Nokia shows up. Yuuko says that if she'd called them, they'd be able to give her orders without her climbing all the way up. Nokia realizes that Yuuko's right and moans about it. All of this is said in front of a powering up Leopardmon, by the way. The absolute absurdity of the situation causes Arata to have a laughing fit.
  • On a somewhat hilarious meta level, if you have Mega Digimon at level 80 or so, you can listen to all of Leopardmon's banter about how he is the strongest Royal Knight before instantly one shotting him.
  • Travelling into Easter Adam has you chasing Arata in a similar way to how you chased Yuuko when she was stuck in Eater Eve. You'd expect it to end in a similar manner, talking them round and making them understand how much you value them as a friend? It seems to be going that way when... WHACK! The Player Character punches them and when you both emerge you and Arata proceed to whale on each other while Yuuko and Alphamon watch on in bemusement.
  • A lategame quest has Jimiken making a comeback tour. When Etemon finds out, the sheer fury he has that this one-hit wonder is still around forces him to Digivolve. He does a whole speech about it, too. Shortly followed by Metaletemon and Jimiken actually meeting, and the universe imploding from too much ham.
  • Rina asks to fight you, in a "Special place". After a bit of searching, it's revealed to be Asakusa, somewhere the two of you have never been together. Why? It's where Rina first had dozeu. That's it. That's the whole reason.
  • One of the DLC Missions has you fight some Digimon as part of a theater play. When Princess Digimoon (Nokia) is taken hostage by Leomon, he threatens to kill her. All three of your responses are essentially "I don't care". Nokia takes extreme offence to this and orders Leomon to destroy you. Once the battle is over, a wicked soul destroys him. Enter the true villain of this story, Gluttonous Beelzemon... Portrayed by Yuuko.
    Yuuko: I... I don't think I'm cut out for this role, to be honest.
    • She then gets really into the role after being promised ramen. Gluttonous Beelzemon then introduces the five Digimon Shoguns of Hell! They're all different kinds of Numemon. Once you defeat them, they mention more groups to fight, like the Seven Heroes, the Ten Fighters, the Twelve Devas... the PC's reaction? Walk away, because this is officially too weird for them. By the way, all of this is topped off by having music usually used for serious moments playing.
    • The entire thing is capped off by the PC's reactions throughout the entire thing. It's a constant mix of complete exasperation, surprise, shock and general confusion. It's glorious.
  • Another DLC quest has you encounter the Knights of Justice! A Superstarmon, a Starmon, and a Justimon, who proclaim to be the instruments of good against the darkness. They even get a kickass sentai pose!
    Rosemon: ...
    Blackwargreymon: ...
    Myotismon: ... Are you insane?
    • The above mentioned trio proceed to JOIN the Knights of Justice since their goal the entire time was to make a movie. Even better, the "Bad Guys" might be even more into making the movie than the Knights of Justice.
  • Yuuko mentions how strong Arata's Digimon is somehow runs offtrack into this.
    Yuuko: To be kind of honest, it's kind of a turn off. You're a nerd.
    Arata: Hey! Don't call me a nerd! I'm a geek!
    • This later results in Nokia calling him a self-proclaimed non-geek.
  • Suedou's final theory. "Theory Proving the Existence of a God Who Creates Dice Rolled By A God of Dice!"
  • At the end of the game, Alphamon begins giving exposition really fast. Apparently, they get a rush when they give an Info Dump.
  • Jimiken's very first appearance. He acts so over the top it's a wonder the scenery is still intact. That's not even mentioning how he speaks in leet.
  • Yuuko needs to pretend that the MC is her friend when investigating the company. She acts like an unmotivated Tsundere due to pulling up files on friendship. And then, when the MC activates their Stealth Hide and she needs to make an excuse, she claims they're playing hide-and-seek.
  • One of the first hints you get of Yuuko not being completely cold is her drooling over a gourmet food competition poster. When she realizes that you're staring at her, there's at least ten dialogue boxes of silence before she sprints off. Once you read the poster, your PC gets these dialogue options.
    Main Character: Did I... Did I hear her mouth water over this?
    Main Character: She did. Her mouth was definitely watering.
    Main Character: Nobody's mouth would water over this.
  • The case "I'm Not a Flower Person" is pretty much humor from beginning to end. Apparently a bunch of flower pictures are appearing on a guy's cell phone without him knowing why. As one would expect, a Digimon is behind the photos: to be accurate, a Lilymon taking selfies. After defeating Lilymon, she reveals she's got a crush on the guy, and refuses to leave the phone, claiming she'll hang up his calls if he ever talks with pretty girls. The guys reaction to the borderline-Yandere Ultimate-level Digimon haunting his cell phone is remarkably blase, and casually admits he doesn't have to worry about his calls being disconnected over conversations with pretty ladies: he's gay.
  • One case begins with a salaryman entering the detective agency, with Kyoko almost immediately telling him that they don't need a magazine subscription, or Internet connection, or a fire extinguisher. The man then (rather irately) explains that he's a client, not a salesman. Kyoko's reaction is a silent mix of a Beat and Oh, Crap!, after which she gives the man the usual "welcome to the Kuremi Detective Agency" speech as if nothing had happened.
  • During the case to help Ryota find a present for his girlfriend, Kyoko has you go around asking your friends for their input. While it's all pretty humorous, Arata's takes the cake: his idea of a romantic present is poison and a dagger, in the vein of Romeo and Juliet...and then he reveals he was just trolling you and suggests a ticket to an amusement park. Arata's such a weirdo overall that it's likely more than one player actually started to believe him at first...
  • A certain sidequest has you helping a Piedmon get a job at the circus. Yes, you did in fact just read that sentence. And to make matters funnier, the Piedmon is actually really shy and nervous. Anyone who grew up with the first anime series is liable to be left in stitches at this iteration of one of the foulest villains in the franchise.

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