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All this time, you're not really playing as the gender you've picked.
You either play as a boy or a G.I.R.L.
  • Jossed as you can see your "real" character model several times in addition to you digital one and it also changes to match your choice. Even the dialog not changing much between the two doesn't fit this as everyone would see and think of you as a girl regardless, so it's just a typo.
  • Hacker's Memory clarifies that everyone's supposed to make their avatar match their real appearance.

Arata is a Time Lord.
He runs off into danger for no apparent reason, he hacks things, and he calls himself Blue Box. The evidence seems clear.

Postgame, Eden still exists, but was far less popular without the digimon-based hackers drawing people's attention.
  • That or it's Far Less Advanced that it was during the game.
If there is a third game, then Etemon will get a new Digivolution.
He got the Digivolution MetalEtemon in the first game, KingEtemon in the second game, in the third game he will get the Ultimate level Digivolution Etemon Chaos, which can Digivolve into MetalEtemon.

True Mastermind Edition.
If there's a third game in Cyber Sleuth, it will focus on The Man Behind The Eaters who's a Digimon setting up the chaos infecting EDEN and even Kamishiro Enterprises.
  • My guess is Eater-Bagramon, a Bagramon fused with Eaters. His human host is the creator of Eaters, with intent of wiping the hackers' competition out.

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