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YMMV / Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

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  • Alas, Poor Villain: Alphamon and Yuuko to Crusadermon. It's subverted right afterwards.
    Crusadermon: What makes you and I so different?
    Alphamon: ...
    Yuuko: Farewell, Crusadermon... No... Miss Rie.
    Crusadermon: ... *Beat, then speaks in Rie's voice* This is it! Our final, final farewell, it seems. You mustn't cry, even if it's sad! Tee-hee!
    Yuuko: I always hated the stupid way you talked. the fakeness of it? The attempts to sound younger? You were ugly and pathetic, in all honesty.
    Crusadermon: Oh, my, my, my! So unexpected! Tee-hee! And I, how I felt about your adorableness? Or should I say, your brazenness? Impertinence? Gloominess? Your lame personality? You make me want to puke! I ABHORRED YOU!
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  • Angst? What Angst?: Mirei informs Rina of the dangers of going into parallel worlds since it leaves one's body behind while you enter a digital state. Rather than be freaked out, Rina instead gets excited because she thinks it makes her more like a Digimon
  • Arc Fatigue: After the reveal of Yuuko being "Yuugo" and the revelation of her past, along with Rie's true identity about halfway into the game, the plot slows down massively in your search for the Royal Knights and, although some major things happen, it doesn't fully kick up again until Kyouko reveals herself as Alphamon in chapter 18.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Base-Breaking Character: Nokia. People will either find her amusing or annoying.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Dianamon, gotten from beating all seven bosses from the Seven Demon Lords DLC. By the time you are strong enough to finish these brutal bonus bosses, you have access to far more powerful digimon. Add to this the fact that you can't even start the DLC until near the very end of the game, and Dianamon has very limited usage and just isn't worth using over other endgame Digimon. (She is, however, a staple for multiplayer if you care for it, due to her special attack's ability to cause Sleep.)
  • Breather Boss:
    • The main story's fight with Barbamon: a nice, straightforward battle after the brutal ones against the likes of Dynasmon and Bancholeomon. While Pandemonium Lost can deal stunning amounts of damage and heal off just as much, it's telegraphed a mile away by Magic Binge!, which has the added effect of slowing Barbamon to a crawl so you can smack him a bunch of times before guarding, dealing more than enough damage to offset the effects. Bring in a Digimon with Magic Charge Field and keep the Intel boosts up, and you can lower the damage even further. To make matters even worse for the poor Demon Lord, you have backup in the form of Veevee, who hits deceptively hard for his level and comes equipped with Speed Charge Field, allowing you to get in even more hits while Barbamon is slowed down! Overall, the battle is more long than it is difficult, and if you bring in enough SP-restoring items there's very Barbamon can really threaten you with.
    • Duftmon/Leopardmon, for all his buildup, is nowhere remotely close to as difficult to the boss that comes before him: Eater Adam. Leopardmon's a fast and deadly opponent, but his stance switches are easily dealt with using a balanced team, his attacks don't hit nearly as hard as Adam's, he can't heal and is far less durable and keeping your speed and intelligence stats up will mitigate his speed and damage output, while setting up a powerful magic user to nail him.
    • Imperaldramon Paladin Mode: compared to his predecessors, he's not nearly as cheap or gimmicky. Bringing along a Sakuyamon to negate his boosts will keep his damage within manageable levels, and once he goes berserk and starts spamming Omni Sword, a Digimon like Jesmon or Craniummon and their damage-negating moves will completely shut it down: from there, it's a matter of sitting back and waiting until he wears himself out, or barring them Safety Guards on all your Digimon will help wait out the storm.
  • Catharsis Factor: Given he can be a very difficult boss (as one of the game's Bonus Bosses added in DLC), seeing Lucemon essentially have a Villainous Breakdown once he reaches his final form (going from calmly calling you arrogant for challenging to outright yelling and swearing to eradicate you) can be rather cathartic. Especially once he completely burns himself out and can be finished off in whatever way the player desires. Even more so if one takes what happens if you let him have another turn before finishing him (simply "Silence" with nothing else happening) as him knowing he's finished and there's nothing he can do about it. Even if the player has no trouble, given how monstrous Lucemon canonically tends to be in the anime, it can still be this trope.
  • Demonic Spiders: Vikemon. Encountered near the end of the game, these Mega-level Digimon combine colossal health pools with the ability to use X-Heal, creating a cleric with insane staying power: they can make themselves and the other teammates they show up alongside nearly impossible to kill.. About the only way to properly deal with them is through the Dot status, making them unable to cast X-Heal.
  • Disc-One Nuke: PlatinumSukamon. While it has pretty pathetic moves and stats it has an ability that while it is in battle it double the amount of EXP gained by the entire party. And this ability stacks. This can easily raise your Digimon to levels where they can Digivolve much earlier than they normally should. What makes it better is that one of the Digimon you can obtain as your starter can Digivolve directly into PlatinumSukamon.
    • Gatomon, BlackGatomon and Clockmon's signature attacks do a fixed amount of 150 damage, which is a huge boon in the early game where 150 is a particularly large amount, and can slice through bosses that have high defense but low HP (such as Eaters). Naturally, it doesn't take long for the HP counts to get to the point where 150 becomes peanuts. Devimon usurps this, as his attack does 200.
  • Game-Breaker: If you have a Digimon that can inflict the "Dot" status (which removes a Digimon's ability to perform skills, leaving them able to only guard or use regular attacks), you've basically won yourself a ticket to cruising through almost all the regular Random Encounters in the game, because no field Digimon can cure themselves of Dot status unless they're accompanied by another Digimon that can cure status effects. Unlike other status effects, Dot doesn't wear off over time, so you can exploit this all you like. Of course, this means the Dot status can be turned against you (particularly with Eater's second form, which has an attack that forces your entire party into this status), but the difference is that you have items to cure this, and wild Digimon won't.
    • Mastemon, although incredibly difficult to obtain (she's one of the Digimon who requires 80 ability), has a signature move that reduces the HP of all enemies on the field by 25%, ignoring all resistances and including bosses. This means that you can effectively cheese bosses and encounters by whittling down their health until their HP is so low that you can just use normal attacks anyway. That said, this is only effective for the main game; the Royal Knights and Seven Great Demon Lords still have multiple measures to be a challenge even with Mastemon in your party (although she's still an incredibly valuable asset).
    • Although any Digimon that can do significant "penetrating" damage (damage dependent on either the INT or DEF stat) qualify as this by default, Lilithmon takes a special position for her Phantom Pain doing an obnoxious amount of damage. She's another 80-ability Digimon, but put in the work to get her and she utterly mows down the rest of the game. Same goes for Belphemon Rage Mode, but it requires even more space in the party for being treated as one level higher and doesn't get defensive benefits for focusing on the attacking stat like in the case of Lilithmon.
    • As this game runs on a Combatant Cooldown System and speed functions as the One Stat to Rule Them All, speed boosting digimon like MetalGarurumon are like king in the online battles.
  • Genius Bonus: People particularly familiar with Digimon franchise lore will likely notice some early hints at some later reveals; in particular, many fans noticed even before the game's release Mirei's black and white cats being blatant parallels to her Angewomon and LadyDevimon, and Kyouko's car suspiciously having Alphamon's color scheme.
    • If you're proficient in the franchise's DigiLetters, you'll be able to decode a message from the Phantom of the Boy in White from early in the game that hints at his true situation: "Hurry and find me."
    • Arata's online handle "Blue Box" refers to a type of phone phreaker.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Arata using his new Eater power to consume a weakened Gallantmon, who from the start was humanity's ally, for the sake of his new lust for power.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Rie Kishibe's voice and speech pattern get very grating almost immediately. It gets slightly better when she becomes Crusadermon. It seems to be this in-universe as well:
    Yuuko: I always hated the stupid way you talked. the fakeness of it? The attempts to sound younger? You were ugly and pathetic, in all honesty.
  • Sequel Difficulty Drop: The game is probably the easiest out of the Story series to date, as bar a small amount of strategy the game is rather easy with the exception of the Bonus Bosses. That said, what made the previous games particularly hard was that they were rather prone to some major game balancing issues and a heavy reliance on Level Grinding. The international release adds a Hard Mode for those who feel It's Easy, So It Sucks!.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Because of the above-mentioned gameplay balancing (especially compared to other Digimon games), along with its focus on a more detailed and mature story along with some incredibly detailed art assets, this game has received the highest Famitsu score of any Digimon game to date (34/40, the previous record-holder being Super Xros Wars Red and Blue at 32). It is also the first Digimon game to receive generally favorable reviews from Western critics (most previous games in the franchise were reviewed mixed to negative), earning it a 75 on Metacritic (the highest rated games before this were Digimon World DS and Digimon Rumble Arena 2, both at 71).
  • That One Attack: Any attack that can inflict party wide status conditions can be disastrous for those unprepared. For example: on Hard Mode, Eater EVE's second unique attack which it starts using at half health. Not only does it do an insane amount of damage to the entire party and heals itself, like with all the other Eaters, but it also inflict Sleep on any that manage to survive it, easily causing a Sleep-lock that can cause a Total Party Kill. It's also painful to look at it as well as it involves the Bound and Gagged Yuuko squirming around while the Eater feeds on her despair.
  • That One Boss:
    • BanchouLeomon, who has not one but two attacks (one of which is an Area of Effect attack) that can easily OHKO you without warning, so you'd better have a ton of revive capsules handy. He compensates for this by not having terribly high HP and defense, but it doesn't mean much when he's constantly killing you in the first place.
    • Ebemon is evil. Just...evil. Far and away the most gimmicky boss in the game, he delights in shuffling everyone's types with his gibberish-named techniques. Going in with a team of Vaccine-type Digimon to counter his Virus-type is suicide, as the Bug condition turns them into Data-types leaving them at the mercy of Ebemon's utterly overpowered Brain Rupture attack. And just when you think you can bring in a Digimon that prevents Bug, you learn EBEMON CAN CAST BUG ON HIMSELF. There is no counter for that trick in the whole game. And just when things couldn't possibly get any more aggravating, Ebemon has a move that can heal himself for a hefty 500 health. Have fun!
    • Crusadermon's Fist Of Athena will tear you to pieces. About the only saving grace is that she might decide to attack Gaioumon instead, but other than that it's a death sentence to anything that doesn't have a Safety Guard on it. Even if said Safety Guard does defend the recipient, Crusadermon's so fast that she can simply attack again and finish them off. This is even worse during the Great Case missions, where she's teamed with Dynasmon, who can easily finish you off as well.
    • Eater Adam takes everything horrible about Eaters and turns it up to 11. Its Tyrant Cluster is its killshot, dealing insane amounts of damage and healing up just as much, and as its HP drops it starts using steadily-stronger boosts beforehand that will lead to even greater damage output and healing.
    • Kentaurosmon during the Great Case missions. He's not hard, having Lilithmon can mow him down in just a few turns. The only problem is that it's incredibly hard to get ONE attack off, since his absurd speed lets him get dozens of turns in a row to decimate your party.
    • Gankoomon and Jesmon from the Great Case missions- especially Jesmon, who is actually faster than Gankoomon. His support skill, Aus Generics, gives him a 25% increase in evasion and speed when his HP is less than 25%. He also has Anti-Bug, which removes Bug and heals some HP back- because the game knows that you're gonna try and use Character Reversal on him. When he's not busy using standard hit-all attacks, he uses Judgment of the Blade, which inflicts 4-6 hits on a single Digimon, upwards of 800+ HP worth of damage. If you bring a Digimon that does 2.0 or 3.0 times the damage, he will usually use Weltgeist before said Digimon gets a turn. It negates all damage until his next turn.
    • Lilithmon from the DLC, given not only does she have her penetrating attack, but she spams full team status effects, including panic. Having Status Barrier and spamming it is about the only chance you have.
  • Woolseyism: While it can be quite haphazard occasionally, the translation has times where it is clear they changed some puns or speech mannerisms to better fit with international culture. Not to mention the changes to the names of some Digimon from previous entries appear once again, like "Lordknightmon" to "Crusadermon" is back in play to put more emphasis on their aggressive personality, religious aspects, and cross motif.


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