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Awesome / Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

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  • The fact that the game got a Western release at all is due to Bandai-Namco seeing a petition from fans and agreeing to it.
  • When the player first chooses their Digimon, a Kurisarimon chases the starters away, with the player chasing after them. When the player finally catches up to them they get in between the Kurisarimon and the starter, an act that Yuugo considers suicide! Though taken by this resolve you display, Yuugo decides to turn the suicide into a Curb-Stomp Battle in your favour by summoning a Machinedramon to help you fight.
  • Omnimon's debut. Complete with ass-kicking pose.
  • All seems lost. The main character has vanished, Nokia and Yuuko are about to be attacked by Eaters, and Crusadermon seems victorious. Kyoko, in the real world, shifts gears in her car and TELEPORTS herself into the Digital World! How? Because like Crusadermon, she's a Digimon wearing a human. A Digimon that turns out to be Alphamon!
  • The Final Battle with Leopardmon is about to begin with him being about to transform into something nigh unbeatable...when Nokia arrives and reveals she successfully got every hacker group to work together to hack his power source and Reverse the Polarity, draining most of his power. Silly though she may me, Nokia pulled through.

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